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									                 Seminar Overview                                                       Types of Interventions
•   What is an intervention?                                                     • Internal
•   What are the critical features of an intervention?                             – Skill/Knowledge based
•   What are the different types of interventions?                                       – Training
                                                                                         – Job Aids
•   How do you choose an intervention?
                                                                                   – Motivational
•   How do you design your intervention?                                                 – Incentive Systems
•   How do you evaluate your intervention?                                               – Rewards and Recognition

•   How do you revise your intervention?                                         • External
•   How do you implement your intervention?
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        Intervention Classification
                                                                                        Improving Knowledge
                                                                                 • Does not know how to perform a task
    •   Improving Knowledge
                                                                                 • Makes too many mistakes
    •   Improving Motivation
                                                                                 • Learned wrong behaviors
    •   Improving Processes
                                                                                 ?Confuses one step with
    •   Improving Health                                                           another
    •   Improving Facilities

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Sample Knowledge Interventions                                                     Motivational Problems
•   Accelerated Learning achieves faster learning and longer -term
    retention by honoring different learning preferences.                        • Lacks feedback
•   Action Learning involves a problem, a learning team, a process, and a        • No reward or recognition
    commitment to learning.
•   Training Games are contrived activities that feature, conflict, rules, and   • Punishment of appropriated
    winning and losing.
    Online Learning involves the use of interactive strategies on the World
    Wide Web.                                                                    • Performer has values that clash
•   On-the-Job Training is conducted by an experienced practitioner with
    individual learners who are working on assigned learning tasks.                with one another.

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Sample Motivation Intervention                Sample Physical
 Seven Different Approaches
• Compensation and benefit
  systems                                      Interventions
• Rewards and recognition                 • Ergonomics
• Internal and external system            • Automation and
• Team building and empowerment             Computerization
• Interesting work assignments            • Physical Resource Management
• Meaningful tasks                        • Facilities Design
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  Process improvement                            Sorting Criteria

  •   Culture change                      •   INDIVIDUAL vs. GROUP
  •   Project redesign                    •   CHEAP vs. EXPENSIVE
  •   Policy alignment                    •   TOGETHER vs. DISPERSED
  •   Staffing                            •   URGENT vs. LEISURELY
  •   Feedback system

                                      9                                   10

      Health Interventions                    Health Interventions
  •   Energy Management.                  •Energy Management
  •   Employee Assistance Programs.       •Employee Assistance Programs
  •   Nutrition.                          •Nutrition
  •   Win-win Negotiation.                •Win-win Negotiation
  •   Violence Prevention.                •Violence Prevention
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