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					                                                                                       Majors and Transfers                                87

                            FReSNO CITY COLLeGe MAJORS
                          AND TRANSFeR MAJORS WITH CODeS
        A diverse offering of major and transfer majors are available at Fresno City College. Two-year associate in arts (AA) and associate in
      science (AS) degree programs, plus certificate of achievement (CA), certificate of completion (CC) and certificate (C) programs are listed
                               here. Many of the programs listed are transfer programs as well as two-year programs.
     If the area of study is one of the transfer programs designated by the suffix “T,” Fresno City College transcripts will reflect Associate in Arts
        with a major in Liberal Arts degree. Questions regarding the transfer status of any degree program should be directed to a counselor.

Accounting                                            Archaeological Technician (CA)                   7120      Small Business Management (C)                2030
   Accounting (AS/CA)                          2010   Architecture (AS/CA)                             6810   Career & Technology Center
   Business Accounting and Finance (CC)        2010   Architecture (Pre-Architecture Transfer)         681T      Auto Mechanics, engine Repair (CC)           808V
   Computerized Accounting (CA)                2405   Art                                                        Auto Mechanics, engine Performance (CC)      804V
   Full Charge Bookkeeper (CA)                 2012      Art (T)                                       520T      Auto Collision Repair (CC)                   807V
Adaptive Ornamental Horticulture (C)           1060      Art/Three-Dimensional (AA/CA)                 5202      Clerical Training, Office Assistant (CC)     246V
Administration of Justice                                Art/Two-Dimensional (AA/CA)                   5201      Industrial Training, Warehouse &
   Adult Correctional Officer Core (C)         8941   Astronomy (T)                                    631T          Distribution Careers (CC)                852V
   Basic Police Academy (CA)                   8920   Automotive                                                 Maintenance Mechanic (CC)                    806V
   Basic Reserve Academy (CA)                  8921      Auto Collision Repair Technology (AS/CA)      8071      Manufacturing Mechanic (CC)
   Basic Supervisors (C)                       8924      Automotive Technology (AS/CA)                 8051   Chemistry (T)                                   632T
   Community Service Officer (C)               8930      Auto Technology: GM ASeP (AS)                 805G   Chicano-Latino Studies (AA)                     7661
   Juvenile Correctional Officer Core (C)      8943   Bilingual/Cross Cultural (AA)                    7690   Child Development
   Probation Core Course (C)                   8942   Biological Studies (T)                           610T      Child Development (AS/CA)                    5615
   Requalification Basic Course (C)            8925   Botany (T)                                       611T      Child Development (T)                        561T
   Safety Dispatcher’s Basic Course (C)        8970   Building Safety and Code                                   Child Development Associate Teacher (CA)     5614
African-American Studies (AA)                  7640      Administration (AS/CA)                        8220      early Intervention Assistant (AS, CA)        5617
Agriculture Science                                   Business Administration                                    Family Child Care (CA)                       5571
   Agri-Business (T)                           102T      Business Administration (AA)                  2050      Foster Care (CA)                             5580
   Agricultural engineering Technology (T)     120T      Business Administration (T)                   205T   Communicative Disorders (T)                     546T
   Animal Science-Production emphasis (T)      105T      Business Law (CA)                             2053   Computer Aided Drafting and Design (AS/CA) 3051
   Mechanized Agriculture-Production                     entrepreneurial Ventures (C)                  2041   Computer Aided Manufacturing (AS/CA)            8271
        emphasis (T)                           121T      Human Resources Management Assistant (C)      2052   Computer Information Technology
   Plant Science–Production emphasis (T)       125T      Logistics and Distribution Management (CA)    2054      Computer Information Systems (AS)            2701
   Plant Science–Science emphasis (T)          126T      Retail Management (AS/CA)                     2051      Data entry Operator (CA)                     2713
Air Conditioning (AS/CA)                       8030   Business & Technology                                      Information Systems & Decision Science (T)   260T
   Air Conditioning Technology Overview (CA)   8033      Administrative Assistant emphasis (AS/CA/C)   2212      MCSe Core (C)                                2721
   Commercial Air Conditioning, Heating,                 Business Office Assistant (CA)                2201      MCSe Networking (CA)                         2722
        and Duct Systems (CA)                  8031      Clerical emphasis (AS/CA)                     2061      Microcomputer Software Specialist (AS/CA)    2705
   Digital Air Conditioning Controls (CA)      8034      Computer Applications Software (C)            2202      Microsoft Access (C)                         2707
   Industrial Refrigeration - CARO/ePA                   Legal Administrative Assistant emphasis                 Microsoft excel (C)                          2709
        Section 608 (C)                        8231           (AS/CA/C)                                2102      Microsoft Office (C)                         2711
   Mechanical and electrical Systems (CA)      8032      Medical Administrative Assistant                        Networking/Computer Technician (AS/CA)       2720
American Indian Studies (AA)                   7680           emphasis (AS/CA/C)                       2381      Preparation in Microsoft Office (CA)         2710
Anthropology (AA)                              7100      Medical Billing Assistant (CA)                2242      System Support Specialist (C)                2723
Anthropology (T)                               710T      Medical Billing Clerk emphasis (AS/CA/C)      2421      Web Page Development Option (C)              2741
Apprenticeship                                           Medical Receptionist emphasis (AS/CA/C)       2241      Webmaster (AS/CA)                            2740
   Automotive and Heavy-duty electrical (CC)   9020      Medical Transcriptionist emphasis (AS/CA/C)   2371   Computer Science (T)                            692T
   Automotive Mechanics (C)                    9040      Microsoft Word (C)                            2323   Construction (AS/CA)                            8091
   Body and Fender (CA)                        9080      Office Professional emphasis (AA/CA/C)        2213   Criminology
   Cook (C)                                    9085      Word Processor emphasis (AS/CA/C)             2322      Criminology (AS/CA)                          7700
   Diesel and Heavy-duty Mechanics (CA)        9100   Business Management                                        Criminology (T)                              770T
   electronics (CA)                            9140      Business Finance and Accounting (C)           2031      Criminology/Correctional Science
   Machine Shop (CA)                           9200      Business Finance and Investments (C)          2271          Option (AS/CA/C)                         7731
   Parts Clerk (CA)                            9260      Business Management (AS/CA)                   2181      Criminology/Forensic evidence Option (AS/CA) 7732
   Roofing (CC)                                9300      Human Relations and Communications (C)        2510      Criminology/Law enforcement Option (AS/CA) 8872
   Stationary engineers (C)                    9360      Human Resources and Relations (C)             2520      Criminology/Pre-Academy Training Option (CA) 8923
   Welding (CA)                                9380      Management and Supervision (C)                2182   Culinary Arts
                                                         Personal Finance and Investments (C)          2032      Culinary Arts, Advanced (C)                  5686
                    88           Majors and Transfers

   Culinary Arts, Basic (C)                       5684         Human Services                                                   Photojournalism (CA)                          5225
   Culinary Arts, Intermediate (CA)               5685            Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling                             Professional Photography (AS/CA)              5221
Dance (AA)                                        5390                 Option (AS/CA/C)                           7951       Physical Education (T)                           420T
Dance (T)                                         539T            Social Work Option (AS/CA)                      7631       Physical Science (AS)                            6300
Dental Hygiene (AS)                               4580         Humanities (AA)                                    5330       Physical Science (T)                             630T
Dentistry (Pre-Dentistry Transfer)                682T         Humanities (T)                                    533T        Physical Therapy (Pre-Physical Therapy Transfer) 463T
Electrical Systems Technology                                  Industrial Technology                                         Physics (T)                                      633T
   Automation Control Technician (CA)             8179            Industrial Arts (T)                            899T        Political Science (T)                            745T
   CISCO Certification (CA)                       8174            Industrial Arts & Technology (AS)               8991       Public Administration (T)                        217T
   CISCO CCNP Preparation (CA)                    8165            Industrial Technology/Construction Option (AS) 8240        Psychology (T)                                   750T
   Communications Technology (CA)                 8175            Industrial Technology/Construction Option (T) 824T         Radiologic Technology (AS)                       4570
   Control Systems (CA)                           8176            Industrial Technology/Manufacturing Option (AS) 8260       Real Estate
   electrical Systems Technology (AS/CA)          8171            Industrial Technology/Manufacturing Option (T) 826T           Broker/Sales Option (AS/CA)                   2190
   Industrial Controls (C)                        8180            Industrial Technology/Interior Design (T)      828T           escrow Option (AS/CA)                         2310
   Network Security (CA)                          8177         Journalism (T)                                    535T           Housing Management Option (AS/CA)             2340
   Networking/Computer Technician (AS/CA)         8172         Law (Pre-Law Transfer)                            786T        Recreation Administration (T)                    430T
   Wireless Networks (C)                          8178         Liberal Arts (AA)                                  5100       Recreation Leadership (AA)                       4300
Economics (T)                                     720T         Liberal Arts (T)                                  510T        Respiratory Care (AS)                            4610
Engineering (AS)                                  3010         Liberal Studies/Bilingual Teaching (T)            769T        School to Work (C)                               7001
Engineering (Pre-engineering Transfer)            301T         Liberal Studies/Teaching Credential (T)           589T        Social Science (T)                               741T
English (AA)                                      5300         Library Technology (AS/CA)                         5171       Social Work (T)                                  799T
English/Literature (T)                            530T         Life Science (AS)                                  6080       Sociology (T)                                    760T
Fashion Merchandising                                          Life Science (T)                                  608T        Spanish (AA)                                     5510
   Marketing/Home economics—Business Division                  Linguistics (T)                                   536T        Speech Communication (AA)                        5430
        (AS/CA)                                   2151         Marketing                                                     Speech Communication (T)                         538T
Fire Technology                                                   Advertising (C)                                 2113       Students Understanding College, Careers,
   Fire Technology (AS/CA)                        883A            Call Center Telemarketing (CA)                  2115          Employment, Support and Success (C) 7003
   Fire Technology/Basic Fire Academy (CA)        883B            Customer Relations Specialist (CA)              2612       Surgical Technology (AS/CA)                      4572
   emergency Medical Technician I (C)             8842            Marketing (AS/CA)                               2110       Surveying & Photogrammetry (T)                   306T
   emergency Medical Technician I Refresher (C)   8843            Personal Sales (C)                              2114       Teaching
Food Services                                                     Retailing (C)                                   2116          Teacher Aide (AS/CA)                          5910
   Child Nutrition (CA)                           5692         Mathematics (AS)                                   6200          Teacher Aide/General (C)                      5970
   Dietary Aide (C)                               5750         Mathematics (T)                                   620T           education Aide/Special education (C)          5981
   Dietetic Services (T)                          568T         Medical Assistant - Clinician (AS)                 2120          Teaching, Bilingual (Pre-Teaching Transfer)   769T
   Dietetic Services Supervisor (CA)              5681         Medical Laboratory Technician (T)                 455T           Teaching, elementary and early
   Food and Nutrition (AS/CA)                     5682         Medicine (Pre-Medicine Transfer)                  684T               Childhood (Pre-Teaching Transfer)         592T
   Food Science/General (T)                       577T         Music                                                            Teaching, Liberal Studies (Pre-Teaching
   Food Science/Sport Nutrition (T)               578T            Music (T)                                      580T               Transfer)                                 589T
   Food Service Management (AS/CA)                5691            Music/Commercial (AS/CA)                        5850          Teaching, Secondary (Pre-Teaching Transfer) 593T
Foreign Language                                                  Music/Guitar (AA)                               5830       Telecommunications (T)                           541T
   French (T)                                     552T            Music/Instrumental (AA)                         5810       Theatre Arts
   German (T)                                     553T            Music/Piano (AA)                                5840          Design/Technical Theatre Studies (AA)         5482
   Russian (T)                                    554T            Music/Vocal (AA)                                5820          Theatre Arts (AA)                             5440
   Spanish (AA)                                   5510         Natural Resources (T)                             683T           Theatre Arts/Drama (T)                        544T
   Spanish (T)                                    551T         Nursing                                                       Theology (Pre-Theology Transfer)                 787T
Forestry (Pre-Forestry Transfer)                  683T            Nursing/Registered (RN) (AS)                    4520       Veterinary (Pre-Veterinary Transfer)             689T
Geography (T)                                     730T            Nursing (Pre-Nursing Transfer)                 451T        Welding Technology
Geology/Earth Science (T)                         640T         Oceanography (T)                                  614T           Metal Fabrication Option (AS/CA)              8371
Graphic Communications                                         Optometry (Pre-Optometry Transfer)                685T           Pipe & Structural Steel Certificate
   Graphic Communications (AS/CA)                 8332         Paralegal (AS/CA)                                  2550              Option (AS/CA)                            8372
   Graphic Design Option (AA/CA)                  8501            Legal Assistant-Clerk (CA)                      2552          Multi-Process                                 8373
   Web Design (CA)                                8502         Pharmacy (Pre-Pharmacy Transfer)                  686T           Welding Design & Fabrication                  8371
Health Information Technology (AS)                4621         Philosophy (AA)                                    5340       Wildlife Management (T)                          612T
Health Science (T)                                450T         Philosophy (T)                                    570T        Women’s Studies (AA)                             7610
History/Political Science (T)                     740T         Photography                                                   Women’s Studies (T)                              761T
Home Economics (T)                                560T            Commercial Photography (CA)                     5222       Zoology (T)                                      613T
Home Economics/Consumer                                           Digital Photography (CA)                        5223
   Education (AS/CA)                              5640            Fine Art Photography (CA)                       5224
Honors (CA)

             AA = Associate in Arts Degree               C = Certificate
             AS = Associate in Science Degree            CA = Certificate of Achievement            CC = Certificate of Completion          T = Transfer only
             If undecided on a major or if major is not listed, choose from: 505 General Studies/Nontransfer (AA) or 510T Liberal Arts (T)

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