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					Draft Articles of Incorporation
The Illinois Secretary of State offers simple Articles of Incorporation (Form NFP-102.10) that you
may fill out to incorporate as a nonprofit organization. Form NFP-102.10 will satisfy state
requirements for nonprofit incorporation, but not federal requirements for tax exemption. You
must add an Addendum that contains these key requirements.

Your Articles of Incorporation establish these important items:

1. Name. This is the name that is unique to your organization in Illinois. If you have Reserved
Your Corporate Name , the name you have chosen will be available when you file your Articles.

2. Registered Agent. Your Registered Agent performs two essential functions. First, he/she
receives an Annual Report each year from the Secretary of State, and must return it with current
information in order to keep your corporation in good standing. Second, if any one sues you, the
corporation is deemed to have been served when the plaintiff serves your Registered Agent.

3. Directors. You must name at least three Directors and give their addresses.

4. Purpose. You must include a statement of your purpose. The statement should reference
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and it should state (as specifically as possible)
what your purpose will be.

5. Powers and Limitations. You must adopt the specific powers and limitations that the IRS
imposes on all tax-exempt organizations.

If you use Form 102.10 for your Articles of Incorporation, attach an Addendum that contains a
Code-compliant Statement of Purpose and the Powers and Limitations required by the IRS.

File Articles of Incorporation with Secretary of State
These two documents (Form NFO-102.10 and Addendum) complete your Articles of
Incorporation. File them with the Secretary of State’s office at either of these addresses:

Secretary of State                                 Secretary of State
Department of Business Services                    Department of Business Services
Corporation Division                               Corporation Division
501 South Second Street, Suite 328                 69 West Washington Street, Suite 1240
Springfield, Illinois 62756                        Chicago, Illinois 60602
(217) 782-6961                                     (312) 793-3380

Record Filed Articles with Recorder of Deeds
When your Articles are returned with a filing date and Corporate Number, file copies of the
Articles with the Recorder of Deeds for the county in which your Registered Agent has his/her
Registered Office. If your Registered Agent’s office is in Cook County, then record the Articles of
Incorporation at this address:

Cook County Recorder of Deeds
118 N Clark St Ste 120
Chicago, IL 60602-1593

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