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									     EFSP Grant Workshop

Welcome to the Sacramento Regional
Emergency Food and Shelter Program
     Phase 24 Grant Workshop


General EFSP Information
Application, Expenditures, Documentation
Lunch Break
Questions & Technical Assistance

EFSP Staff and Board Members
  909 – 12th Street, Suite 200
    Sacramento, CA 95814

       General EFSP Information

Program Responsibilities
–   National Board
–   State Set-Aside Committee
–   Local Board
–   Local Recipient Organization
Notice of Funding Availability

          Program Responsibilities

National Board
–   Select the Local Board
–   Develop operational manuals
–   Establish criteria for expenditure of funds
–   Ensure guideline compliance
–   Distribute funds
–   Report to FEMA
–   Monitor LRO compliance

       Program Responsibilities

State Set-Aside Committee
– Committee must have National Board agencies and
  state level representative
– Select jurisdictions for funding
   • Priority to non-qualifying jurisdictions
   • Establish formula to support funding decisions
     (submit to National Board)

       Program Responsibilities

Local Board
– Composition
   • National Board representatives, local government,
     homeless, expand to include minorities and to reflect
   • Native American, if required
   • Representatives with expertise in specific areas,
     including utility company, other emergency services
        Program Responsibilities

Local Board
– Board Operations
   • Meets monthly
   • Select agencies for funding
   • Ensure no duplication of service for rent/mortgage
     and utility assistance
   • May restrict National Board guidelines to tailor local
   • Submit required reports to National Board
       Program Responsibilities

Local Board Operations (cont’d)
   • Members must abstain from voting on their own
     agency’s allocation
   • Publicly advertise the availability of funds
   • Awards respond to changing needs in community
   • Special emphasis on the elderly, families with
     children, homeless individuals with mental and
     physical disabilities, Native Americans and veterans
   • Monitoring, training, site visits
   • Reallocate funds, documentation review
         Program Responsibilities

Local Recipient Organization
– Administration (of program)
   •   Be familiar with guidelines
   •   Meet requirements on the LRO Certification Form
   •   Use funds to extend existing resources
   •   May not be a vendor of services to another LRO
       (exception: food banks)

        Program Responsibilities

Local Recipient Organization
– Accountability
   • Submit required reports and documentation on time
   • Must enroll for electronic funds transfer
   • Cannot have any outstanding compliance exceptions
     in any jurisdiction
   • Work with Local Board to clear compliance
   • Maintain documentation as required

    Notice of Funding Availability

Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado

Applications are available via postal mail and online

Applicants must meet criteria set by National Board
Since it is a provisional announcement, we do not
know how much, if any, funding will be available for
either county
     Notice of Funding Availability

Deadline: 4 P.M. on Friday, November 4, 2005
Appeals must be done in writing within 10 days of the
Board meeting at which they were approved
In your appeal, state the reason for the appeal and your
proposed solution
A special meeting of the board will then be called within
10 days


Take a break 


1.   Agency Information & Grant Request Summary
2.   EFSP Summary & Application Process
3.   Applicant Eligibility Standards
4.   Eligible Activities for Funding
5.   Mandatory Attachments
6.   Funding Request Formula Sheet
7.   Agency Income Report
           Program Expenditures

Eligible and Ineligible Expenditures
–   Food
–   Shelter
–   Rent/Mortgage
–   Utility
–   Equipment

            Program Expenditures

                 Eligible                 Ineligible
FOOD             Food purchased from      Funds on account with
                 food bank (shared        vendor.
(direct          maint. fee), grocery     Cash to clients for
expenses / per   store, or distributor.   groceries.
meal)            Vouchers to grocery      Paying the shared
                 store or restaurant.     maintenance fee
                 Per meal allowance for   twice.
                 served meals.            Vitamins and
                 Vegetable seeds and      prescription medicine.
                 plants.                                       17
             Program Expenditures

              Eligible                Ineligible
MASS          Per diem allowance      Decorative or non-
SHELTER       for nights of lodging   essential furnishings.
              ($12.50 /night).        Clothing, except
(per diem)
              Blankets and cots.      underwear.
SHELTER       Vouchers for motel      Payment to another
VOUCHERS      stays, up to 30 days.   LRO for shelter.

             Program Expenditures

              Eligible                Ineligible
RENT &        First month’s rent.     Deposits & late fees.
MORTGAGE      Past due                More than 1 month’s
              rent/mortgage.          rent.
(one month
              One month’s             Payments made to
              rent/mortgage payment   client.
              over 3 month period.    Legal & court fees.
              Past due mobile home    Property taxes.
              and lot fee.            Insurance.
              Rent/mortgage due       Revolving loan
              within 3 days.          accounts.               19
                 Program Expenditures

                 Eligible                       Ineligible
UTILITY          One month’s payment of         Deposits, service, late
                 bill paid no more than 5       fees.
(one month       days before due.               Telephone or cable TV
gas / electric
                 Load of firewood               bills.
/ water bill)
                 Delivery of coal.              Agency’s utility/phone
                 Fill-up of oil/propane tank.   bills.
                 Reconnect fee.                 Payment of more than
                 Payment up to $100 for         one month’s bill.
                 past due service without
                 verification.                                        20
              Program Expenditures

                 Eligible                     Ineligible
EQUIPMENT     Purchase or repair up to $300   Repairs to
PURCHASES,    (essential equipment)           client’s property
              Lease over $300 (essential      (furnace,
              equipment).                     refrigerator, etc.)
              Kitchen appliances for meals    Purchase or
              programs.                       repair of
Require Local Fans for shelters.              property or
Board                                         equipment over
              Repair to mass feeding/         $300.
approval.     shelter site’s refrigerator.
        Program Expenditures

CONSUMABLE   Disaster supplies.
SUPPLIES     Toilet paper, soap and laundry detergent for
             a food pantry.
             Paper goods.
             Utensils, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies
             for shelter/feeding programs.
             Bags for food pantry.

            Program Expenditures

Transportation   Mileage log for use of agency owned/leased
                 van/bus to transport clients to shelter and
                 food or for van to pick up/deliver food.
                 Public transit to shelter and food.
                 Bus ticket to relative’s home.
                 Fuel/repair/maintenance costs to LRO’s or
                 client’s vehicles.
                 Transportation to other services (i.e. medical
                 appointment, legal system).
         Program Expenditures

MISCELLANEOUS   Cash payments of any kind, including
INELIGIBLE      petty cash.
ITEMS           Payments to clients.
                Expenditures outside of spending period.
                Fee for service.
                Disaster related costs.
                Lobbying efforts.
                Encumbering of funds.
                Administration costs.
          Required Documentation

Mass shelter or mass feeding
 Daily per diem schedule ($12.50/night)
 Daily meal schedule ( # meals provided x $ per meal)
   Supporting documentation must be retailed (i.e. cancelled
    checks, invoices, service records and sign-in sheets).
Other EFSP expenditures
 Invoice
 Cancelled check (copy both sides)
   Bank statement required for only front-side copies.
             Characteristics of an
              Acceptable Invoice
Vendor originated
Name of vendor
Name of purchaser
Date of purchase
Itemized (description of each item, number of each
item, cost of each item)
Total cost
        Packaging Documentation
Prepare documentation on a monthly basis
Prepare by category
Attach copy of cancelled check to receipt / utility bill /
landlord letter
Prepare adding machine tape of expenditures
Per diem / meal allowances (prepare daily schedules

            Technical Assistance

 We’ll break for lunch then return at 1:00 p.m. for
       questions and technical assistance.

Thank you for your attendance and participation in
             this EFSP Workshop. 

Please complete the evaluation before you leave.


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