Fund Raising Ideas

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					Fund Raising Ideas
On-Site Activities
Bake Sale
Conduct a bake sale/contest incorporating the tastiest recipes of your
employees and clients. Individually wrap and price the baked goods. Pricing
should be consistent (four cookies for $1 or two brownies for $1). If you choose
to have a baking contest, then you need to design an entry form and
determine a fee for participation. Select categories: most extravagant, the
most chocolate, ugliest, prettiest, most creative, healthiest, etc.

Car Wash
Select a location and time that will offer significant public exposure. To
enhance interest, invite mascots from the local high school, popular DJs or
other identifiable community figures to participate. Be prepared with an
alternative plan in case of inclement weather.

Coin Canisters
Obtain coin canisters form your local hospital. Place them on your counters
and ask clients for donations to benefit their Children's Miracle Network

Jail and Bail
During their “time” jailbirds such as managers, staff or board members call on
employees and family members to collect donations for their bail. Designate
an afternoon, or gather a few employees and make their jail time an all-day

Kisses for Kids
While this fund raiser fits well with a Valentine’s Day theme, it can be effective
any time of the year. Buy Hershey’s Kisses or Hugs candy and wrap a handful in
colorful netting (available at craft and fabric stores). Tie the package with a
ribbon and display them in the lobby or at the tellers’ windows. Sell them for a
few dollars.

I Won’t Come Down
Invite a manager or supervisor up on the roof of your office and refuse to come
down until employee and/or clients have raised a specific amount for their
Children's Miracle Network hospital. Funds could be raised through client
donations on the spot or in a campaign prior to the event as well. The
manager could also raise funds by hanging a bucket over the edge of the
building with a sign stating his or her purpose. If you get the word out
effectively, such an event can generate significant publicity for your business.
Dunk Tank
Rent a dunk tank and give employees and clients a chance to dunk their
favorite manager or co-worker for a donation. A dunk tank can also enhance
outdoor events such as cookouts, carnivals, bake sales, etc.

Create a Cookbook
Solicit both clients and employees for their favorite tasty recipes. Model the
book after other cookbooks and include sections highlighting hors d’oeuvres,
entrees, desserts, etc. Sell the cookbook to staff and clients with all proceeds
benefiting their Children's Miracle Network hospital.

Trash & Treasure
A yard sale is a great way to get rid of all that perfectly good stuff they just
don’t use anymore and help local kids at the same time. Advertise the sale in
advance and have employees commit to take responsibility for any items they
do not sell.

Conduct raffles or chance giveaways among employees, clients or other
business affiliates. Solicit donations from vendors and local businesses to use as
prizes. Remember that the less money you spend on prizes, the greater your
overall donation can be.

Employee Activities
Crazy Hat Contest
Let employees design wild hats to wear on a specified day. For a set donation,
each participant will be entered into prize categories. Winners can be
determined by vote, by committee or by an elected manager.

Dress Down Day
Select a day in which individual staff can wear jeans, T-shirts of other attire that
differs from your usual dress code for a specified donation to Blair E. Batson
Hospital for Children. Put up signs or banners to announce the event.

Shaved Head Challenge
A manager challenges employees to raise a predetermined amount for
Children's Miracle Network. If employees raise the funds in the allotted time, a
male manager could promise to shave his head or a female manager could
promise to cut or dye her hair. When the challenge is met, have employees
nearby to help shave, dye or cut. Take lots of pictures!

Talent Show
Let employees share their hidden talents! Choose a location, organize and
agenda of acts and select a panel of judges. Charge and entrance fee for
each act and separate fee for spectators.
Holiday Events & Promotions
Breakfast and Photos with Santa/Easter Bunny
Sponsor a seasonal community breakfast and photo session where children
can spend time with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc. Charge either an
entrance fee or dining/photo fee to cover expenses. Donate the proceeds to
your Children’s Miracle network hospital.

Christmas Tree Festival
Ask community groups or other local businesses to donate decorated
Christmas trees, wreaths and other holiday decorations to sell. Display the trees
in a public hall on specified days and support the event with holiday music,
food booths and other vendor items to create a festive boutique atmosphere.

Egg Hunt/Cake Walk
Have local children enter an Easter egg hunt or cake walk during the Easter
holiday season. Design a creative way to gather donations with the event.

Holiday Flower Sale
A holiday flower sale is a great opportunity to team with a local florist to help
hospitalized kids in your community. Sell poinsettias during the
Christmas/Hanukah season, roses for Valentine’s Day, spring bouquets for
Mother’s Day, etc. Provide a flower delivery service along with the promotion
to create additional funds.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Drive
Buy wrapping paper in bulk or contact distributor that specializes in gift-wrap
sales for nonprofit groups. Involve staff wrapping gifts for a small fee donated
to your Children's Miracle Network hospital.

Helpful Fund Raising Hints

1. Establish a committee to plan and execute fund raising activities
2. Enlist support from senior management
3. Establish a budget and set goals
4. Select a fund raiser that best fits your business or group
5. Develop a fund raising calendar for the year (aim for 2-3 campaigns per
6. Design campaigns big enough to be exciting, yet small enough to be
7. Set a challenging, yet attainable fund raising goal
8. Remember the three P’s: Plan, Promote & Publicize

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