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					                             Traveling Times
    Vol. 10 No. 2_____________Boeing Employees’ Travel Club Newsletter__________February 2003

                                        Uluru (Ayers Rock) Australia
                         The conclusion of the Australian Adventure is on pages 2 & 3.
                             Also, see the San Antonio, TX trip report on page 6.
                February Meeting                                                2003 Calendar
Chinese New Year falls on February 1 and is the                Thank you for your comments during the Focus
“Year of the Ram.” We will celebrate this event                groups at the January meeting. You have been
with a program on China and Japan at our next                  very helpful in planning this year‟s calendar.
meeting. Ken Christopherson, a retired Pacific
                                                               Please carefully review the Let‟s Go pages (4 & 5)
Lutheran University history professor, will share a
                                                               in this issue. Based upon your input, we are
variety of historical information about the places
                                                               arranging a wide variety of exciting trips for your
included on our October China trip itinerary. He
                                                               enjoyment. They vary from one-day happenings to
has been to China three different times and has
                                                               three-week tours and from cultural events to
some fascinating stories to tell. Barbara and Gary
                                                               stimulating adventures. Sign on the interest sheets
will have the coffee pots going, so plan to join us on
                                                               at the meeting to indicate those trips that are
February 13 at our General Meeting.
                                                               especially interesting to you.
                                                             would like to share, please contact our Sunshine
February Greeters: Frances Chin and Mabel Lum                chairperson Karen Armstrong, work: 425-965-6651 or
will greet our members and guests this month. Thank          e-mail: Karen will send
you, Fumi and Richard Yamasaki, for your friendly            greeting cards on behalf of the club as appropriate.
greetings to members and guests in December.
                                                             Membership expiring? Look for your expiration
Badges: Please wear your badges or carry your
                                                             date on the label of this newsletter. If your date is
retirement cards (if you have one) to the meetings.
                                                             highlighted, please renew your membership today.
This helps to avoid security issues.
                                                             (see pages 7 & 8.) Every member is important and is
Member News: If you have news (good or bad)                  someone‟s favorite traveling companion. Don’t lose
about yourself or another club member that you               your membership!

                                AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE
                                          A Brief Report (continued)
                                             by Lee Ann Johnson
Tenting in the outback of Australia! Clean dry air, undefiled landscape, beautiful red dessert as far as the eye
could see. A once in a lifetime experience! After we moved our large suitcases into corners of our tents, Ben
(our driver-guide) whisked us off to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre where we met a park ranger and
Christine, an Aboriginal Anangu guide. As we walked through the cultural center, Christine taught us in her
native language (interpreted by the park ranger) about Uluru‟s sacred significance, Tjukurpa (chook-orr-pa) or
their creation story and rules for living, and local bush foods and medicines used by her people. Christine then
led us on the Mutitjulu (Moot-it-joo-loo) Walk (1 km) explaining the how each mark, crack, hole and shape on
Uluru relates to Kuniya (powerful spirit-creature) and their creation story. At the end of the track, we saw a
Perendie dragon (large four-foot long lizard) sunning itself on a rock by the ancient Mutitjulu waterhole at the
base of Uluru. Viewing sunset on Uluru is a MUST for all visitors, and after parking the bus in the appropriate
spot, Ben set a table with Champagne, crackers, cheese and apples, the traditional sunset viewing fare. Back
at camp we enjoyed a delicious barbeque dinner, celebrated Fran Chin‟s birthday with a homemade birthday
cake, and turned in early in preparation for the next day‟s early morning.
Up at 4:30 a.m. with stars bright (several saw the Southern Cross) in the dark sky, we went to see sunrise on
Uluru complete with traditional morning snacks by Ben. Before breakfast and the hot sun, we walked around
Uluru‟s base, an activity that Mavis and others had long been looking forward to doing. Many of us walked the
longer circuit and the rest walked the shorter route on the ancient path that reveals the natural beauty of the
sandstone monolith called Uluru. The climbing route was closed due to weather conditions. After an excellent
camp breakfast, we drove to the Olgas or Kata Tjuta (Kar-ta choo-ta) meaning many heads, a 36-dome rock
outcrop. Ben, very knowledgeable about the area, provided us with much interesting information on the
folklore, the natural flora and fauna, and the geological explanations for these dramatically beautiful landmarks.
In spite of the late morning heat, several of us walked into Walpa Gorge (2.6 km) following a now-dry stream
bed where we clearly saw the pebbles, cobbles, and boulders forming the conglomerate composition of the
domes. It was very different from the fine-grained sandstone composition of Uluru.
Dressed in our best clean clothes and sandals, we were picked up at 5:45 p.m. for the Sounds of Silence, a
desert style formal dinner. We were driven out into the vast desert on a dirt road and dropped off beside a
large red sand dune. After climbing to the top of the dune, we discovered perfect views of both Uluru and Kata
Tjuta with the sun dropping down to the horizon. Serenaded by an accomplished Didgeridoo musician, we
were served Champaign and hors d‟oeuvres while watching the sunset coloration on both mountains. When
the sun was fully gone, we were led by candlelight down the other side of the dune to a cleared flat area
festooned with torches and candlelit tables covered by white linen cloths. We were seated, our servers and
chef were introduced and our gourmet meal explained. Fresh warms rolls and our choice of beverage to start
followed by pumpkin soup. Then came the main course buffet featuring kangaroo, crocodile with spinach,
buffalo, chicken, steak and barramundi accompanied by various salad and potato dishes. After we finished the
main course, all of the torches and candles were extinguished leaving us in total darkness. Suddenly, there
was a voice and a flashlight pointing out various constellations in a beautiful clear star-studded sky with no
other lights to spoil the view. A telescope was provided for those who wanted a closer look. Later, with
candles re-lighted, we enjoyed sweet treats from the dessert buffet before heading back to camp. Truly, this
was a night to remember.
On our way to Alice Springs next morning, Ben suddenly pulled the bus to the side and ran back down the road
for something. What had we lost? He climbed back onto the bus with ??? a Thorny Devil. Rarely seen in the
wild, it‟s a lizard with spikes on its back and camouflage coloration to blend in with its surroundings.
Continuing on to Alice Springs, Ben filled our ears with interesting Australian Outback trivia. For instance,
camels were brought to the outback for desert transportation and, when no longer needed, were turned loose
to roam. Now Australia has the only wild camel herd in the world, and exports camels back to Africa and Asia.
Several of us took camel (dromedary) rides at Stuart Wells (population 12), our lunch stop.
Alice Springs, capital of the Red Centre and original symbol of Australian pioneering spirit, was founded as a
telegraph station in 1870 because of its position halfway between Darwin and Adelaide. In the last 20 years, it
has grown to a population of 30,000 due primarily to tourism at Ayers Rock. Upon arriving in Alice Springs, we
stopped at the Reptile Centre where we were introduced to many varieties of lizards and snakes found in the
Australian Outback. Some of us were brave enough to hold a lizard or let a huge snake crawl across our
shoulders. Next, we toured the Royal Flying Doctor Service base where short wave radio and airplanes are
essential tools for handling medical emergencies. Then we visited the School of the Air, largest of its kind in
the world, which broadcasts lessons and interacts with elementary students via short wave radio and the
Internet. These famous Outback organizations provide their much-needed services to people who live on
remote stations and in isolated communities in the great expanse of central Australia. Last stop was at the
ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corp) World War II Memorial perched high on a hill with a lovely view of
Alice Springs in the Tolt River Valley below the MacDonnell Ranges. Dinner, a relaxing evening and a good
night‟s sleep at the luxurious Ridges Hotel made for brighter faces the next day.
Sydney is Australia‟s most beautiful city with a population of four million and a mostly sunny, mild climate. Paul
provided statistics, facts and information as he drove us from the airport to Holiday Inn on Darling Harbour.
“Australia‟s economy is one of the strongest in the world right now.” and “A „blew‟ is slang for a mistake or
error.” and “There are no slums in Sydney because the municipal counsels have standards for each area.”
Darling Harbour has become one of the city‟s premier attractions with two original museums, an excellent
aquarium, entertainment areas, gardens, parks, water displays, restaurants and cafes, a shopping center and
the monorail. Next morning we were on our own to explore this lovely city, go up the 1,000 foot Sydney tower
for the view, visit the museums or see the aquarium where visitors walk through clear plastic tunnels with fish
and sharks swimming all around.
After lunch, our whirlwind city sightseeing tour included two cathedrals, Queen Victoria Building (now a
beautiful indoor shopping mall), the business district, The Rocks (oldest section of city), Circular Quay
(pronounced “key”) that is the hub of Sydney‟s ferries and the place where the „First Fleet‟ settlers landed in
1788, Customs House (the only surviving historic building), historic terraced homes with wrought iron balcony
lace made from ballast from early settlers‟ ship holds, 1.2 km long Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison (a small rocky
island in the middle of Sydney Harbour) where dangerous prisoners were confined in the early days without
guards because sharks in the water prevented escape, the famous Opera House with 1,000 rooms, Parliament
Building, Royal Botanical Gardens where our group picture was taken with the Opera House and Harbour
Bridge in the background, Queen Victoria statue, Mrs. Macquarie‟s bench carved out of rock so she could
watch for ships entering the harbour, King‟s Cross, Woolloomooloo, Rose Bay and Watson‟s Bay with beautiful
single family homes, Macquarie‟s Lighthouse on South Head at the mouth of Sydney Harbour and famous
Bondi Beach on the Tasman Sea. Back to the Opera House we went for a fascinating backstage tour before
attending a performance of Dickens play “Great Expectations.” We completed the evening with a delicious
four-course gourmet dinner at The Aria restaurant.
Next morning, after a stop at the Olympic Stadium for a photo shoot, we visited the Australian Wildlife Park
where we had our pictures taken with koalas and kangaroos. We also saw emus, a wombat, penguins, a flying
fox, Tasmanian Devil, Echidna, Dingoes, a variety of indigenous birds and snakes, saltwater and freshwater
crocodiles, varieties of lizards, and several nocturnal animals. Later, we gathered for a lovely dinner cruise
around Sydney Harbour with perfect weather, a fitting way to say goodbye to Sydney and Australia. But wait!
Some of our group needed one last adventure! Twelve people opted to climb the Harbour Bridge next morning
before boarding our afternoon flight home. Why? It‟s another “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. Safely aboard
our flight, we arrived in San Francisco before we left Sydney. Clever time trick! Can you figure it out?

     Tenting at Ayers Rock                Donna with lizard        Twelve brave souls on top of Harbour Bridge
  LET’S GO!!!
         Club Sponsored Trips 2003                                     Central California Coast, May TBD
                                                                 We are looking into a trip that would include America‟s
    Auburn Dinner Theater, February 16, 2003                     castle, San Simeon and several other scenic
Wait list only. Dinner seating at 2:30 p.m. and                  attractions near San Luis Obispo, California
performance at 4:00 p.m. Address is 10 Auburn                    BETC Focal: Rod Call, 425-255-8550
Avenue, Auburn. Transportation is on your own.
BETC Focal: Mavis LaBounty, 206-878-3514 or                       Las Vegas & SW National Parks, June 4-10                                     Play and dine in Las Vegas. The Southwest National
                                                       Parks tour includes a sightseeing tram tour of Zion
        Cloverdale Harness Races, Sat. Feb. 22         National Park, a full day trip to north rim of Grand
Always a popular and fun event. Enjoy the „all-you-    Canyon with a Chuck wagon cookout dinner and
can-eat‟ buffet while watching the harness races from show, a sunset excursion to Bryce Canyon‟s Coral
the comfort of your table. Betting windows are nearby. Pink Sand Dunes park, a scenic cruise on lake Powell
Rate: $49.00 pp. Make checks payable to Alki Tours. to Rainbow Bridge National Monument and more.
BETC Contact: Mavis La Bounty, 206-878-3514            Includes: RT airfare, two full breakfasts, four
Travel Agent: Alki Tours, 206-935-6848 or 1-800-895- continental breakfasts, six dinners, two shows.
ALKI. Be sure to tell Alki that you‟re with BETC.      Rate: Approx. $985 ppdo, insurance optional.
                                                       Deposit: $100 pp due March 4; Final payment due
      Issaquah Village Theater, Sun. March 23          April 15. Make checks payable to Color Country.
Tickets must be purchased on or before Feb. 13.        BETC Contact: Karen Armstrong, 425-965-6651 or
Matinee at 2:00 p.m. for “The Ark.” This bright new
musical brings “Noah and His Boat of Many Animals”
to life on stage. You know the story—but you‟ve never            
                                                             Holland to Hungary Cruise, June 20- July 5
experienced it this way! You won‟t forget this foot    A video presentation last summer of Vantage's 16-day
stomping, hand clapping, inspirational musical voyage. grand style river cruise piqued many members
Rates: $34.20 pp; seniors 65 or over: $30.60 pp        interest. Well, now is the time to sign up for it.
Make checks payable to BETC and mail to:               Rate: from $3,499 plus airfare
Jane Bentley, P. O. Box 212, Renton, WA 98057          Deposit: approx. $250, payable Feb. 13.
BETC Contact: Mavis LaBounty, 206-878-3514 or          BETC Focal: Bill Jury, 206-244-2813
 Skagit Tulip Festival, Wed. April 16                           ? Mystery Trip, July 11 – 13, 2003
                                                                 The dates are firm, but the details are in negotiation.
Enjoy magnificent tulip and daffodil fields in full bloom.
                                                                 The first clue and facts will be given at the meeting.
A WSU trained guide will give interesting information            Rate: TBD. Deposit: around $150 pp, due Feb. 13.
and cultivation hints. Also included are Art in the              Make checks payable to Priceless Sunset Journeys.
Barn, shopping in La Conner and a salmon barbeque.               BETC Contact: Judy Bosnake, W: 425-294-6603, e-
Included: RT by deluxe Motorcoach, WSU trained
                                                                 mail:, H: 425-432-0789
guide, lunch and taxes. Pickup Renton Hilton Garden              Travel Agent: Kathleen G. Tansey, Priceless Sunset
Inn, Boeing Oxbow lot, Everett pickup TBD.                       Journeys, 253-630-7755, or
Rate: $38.00 pp members, $40.00 pp non-members
Make checks payable to Priceless Sunset Journeys.
BETC Contact: Lee Ann Johnson, 253-852-3454
                                                                      Seattle to Osaka Cruise, Sept. 20 – Oct. 10
Travel Agent: Kathleen G. Tansey, Priceless Sunset               Cruise for 19 days, stops at Juneau, Glacier Bay,
Journeys, 253-630-7755, or                       College Fjord, Seward (Anchorage), Dutch Harbor,
                                                                 Sapporo, Vladivostok, Pusan, Nagasaki, Osaka.
    Renton Carco Theater, April TBD                              Included: RT air, transfers, port charges, all meals.
“The Odd Couple,” Neil Simon‟s hilarious comedy is               Rate: under $3500.00 ppdo, balcony cabin
about a slob and a neat freak. Theater is located in             BETC Focal: Jane Bentley, 425-271-6237 or e-mail:
Carco Park east of I405, exit 4 on Maple Valley Hwy.   
Rate: approx. $25.00 Includes: Meal and play                     Travel Agent: Lisa Caulfield of Travel Professionals
BETC Focal: TBD                                                  (206) 236-0990 or 1-800-523-8559

                                                             Rate: Approx. $5500 ppdo to approx. $7200; AARP
                                                             members receive a discount of $150.
           Japan-China – October 5 – 26
              2003 Trip of the Year                              Fabulous France, Spring 2004
A China and Japan deluxe tour for an affordable              Twelve days in the Land of Romance including three
price? Yes, definitely! Please see page 9 for a full         days in Paris and nine days cruising on the Rhone
description of this exciting 22-day tour. Optional           River through Provence. Extensions available.
extension: a Yangtze River cruise for approx. $800.          Rate: Approx.: $2500. Pre- and post-trip options
Rate: Under $3300 ppdo                                       about $4-500 extra. Sign up at February 13 meeting.
Deposit: $250 required to hold your reservation.             BETC Contact: Karen Armstrong, 425-965-6651
BETC Focals: Jiin Chen, 425-255-1865 or            

                                                              WWII European Trip, 2004 and Mavis LaBounty, 206-878-
3514 or
 Historic U.S. Trip, November TBD                           To Commemorate the 60th anniversary of VE Day, we
                                                             are considering this trip. Please indicate your interest
Eight days in Virginia and Gettysburg. Details will be       by contacting Jane Bentley, 425-271-6237
available at March‟s meeting.
Rate: approx. $2500.                                                 POLICIES FOR CLUB
BETC Focal: TBD                                                         SPONSORED TOURS
 Christmas Markets of Europe, December TBD                     Tour escort costs may be defrayed. BETC
                                                             cancellation policies are negotiated with carrier(s) and
Riverboat trip stopping at some of Europe‟s best
Christmas markets. Optional extension likely Vienna.         vendor(s) at the time of contract and will vary with
BETC Focal: TBD                                              each trip or event. Portions of a trip may not be
                                                             refundable. BETC will continue to encourage “wait
There is a possibility of two Antarctica Trips.              lists” to help find replacements for cancellations.
See Below. To assist in planning, please let us know            Non-Members are welcome to come on any trip.
which trip you are most interested in by signing the         For most trips, a small fee for non-members will be
Show of Interest Sheet at the Meeting or contacting          added: $2 for short trips (1-2 days), $5 for medium (3-
Jane Bentley at 425-271-6237 or hjbphb@attbi                 6 days) and $10 for trips lasting seven days or more.
                                                             Also, a release form must be signed.
    Antarctica -– January 29 – February 9, 2004        Remember: Your only guarantee of a place
Fly to Buenas Aires, spend two nights with city tour,  on any trip is to put down a deposit.
depart for Ushuaia, board Orient Line‟s Marco Polo.
Cruise Drake Passage, Lemaire Channel, Neumayer                OTHER INTERESTING
Channel and Cape Horn; visit Deception Is., Cuverville
Is., Port Lockroy, Paradise Harbor and Half Moon Is.       TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES
Landings by Zodiac boats weather permitting.                           Not Club Sponsored
Includes: RT air, 2 nights hotel, 8 nights on Marco
Polo, on-board gratuities                                         Mariners Spring Training, Mar. 3- 8
Rate: Approx. $5100 ppdo to $7300.                     BETC has released their option. Contact Alki directly
                                                       for availability. Rate: $949 ppdo, Travel Agent: Alki
     Antarctica and Chile February 11- 29, 2004        Tours, 206-935-6848 or 1-800-895-ALKI.
Fly to Santiago, then to Puerto Montt; board
Norwegian Coastal Voyage‟s MS Nordnorge. See                        Alaska Cruise with Land Tour
Chiloe Is., Castro Lakes & Glaciers; Puerto            Aug. 25 – Sept. 7, 2003
Chacabuco; Caleta Torte and Puerto Eden, Strait of     See Fairbanks Denali National Park, Anchorage;
Magellan, Beagle Channel, Cape Horn, Drake             board Holland America‟s MS Veendam, cruise through
Passage, Half Moon Is., Lemaire Channel, Neumayer College Fjord, Gulf of Alaska and Glacier Bay; stops in
Channel, Port Lockroy, Paradise Harbor and Buenos      Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan; end in Vancouver, BC.
Aires. Ship is limited to 300 passengers.              Included: Riverboat tour, scenic rail tickets, Denali
Includes: RT Airfare via Lan Chile, cruise, hotel with National Park entrance, Tundra Wilderness Tour,
breakfast, Port charges, transfer fees, services of    motorcoach, cruise passage, accommodations.
expedition guide; Travel Insurance.                    Rates: start $2300 ppdo plus air; cruise only available.
Excludes: Optional excursions in Chile and Argentina Travel Agent: Kathleen G. Tansey, Priceless Sunset
                                                       Journeys, 253-630-7755, or

                                    SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS
                                  By Etta Lewis, Val Perry and Judy Bosnake
Departing Seattle on a rainy/windy Friday morning, Ed & Dee Woods, Marian Thesenvitz, Judy Bosnake, Val
Perry and Etta Lewis arrived in warm and sunny San Antonio. We were greeted by Wally Palafox, our Trieloff
tour guide, and transported to the Homewood Suites, our lovely river front accommodations. Ralph and Jane
Johnson, coming from the east coast, joined us later that same night.
A leisurely first day allowed us to explore the Riverwalk, the mall and other local areas attractions on our own.
During our explorations, we discovered that The Riverwalk has an interesting history. To mitigate flooding, a
bypass tunnel was built under the city. With the flooding under control, the Riverwalk developed into a major
tourist attraction with restaurants and cafes, interesting shops and outdoor entertainment areas. The river runs
3 to 16 feet deep and, due to an elaborate filtering system and constant patrolling, is clean and free of debris.
Hotel restaurants use the Riverwalk ambiance to advantage. Water taxis and tour boats are readily available.
Sunday found us following the Mission Trail - a series of five Spanish missions approximately 10 miles apart or
one day's walk for the early settlers. At the San Juan mission, we saw the aqua duct located near the San
Antonio River that was the „staff-of-life‟ for all of the missions. We visited a working gristmill with horizontal
grinding stones. Because services were being held in the chapel, we were not able to go inside. We then
drove by Mission Conception. Later, we went to the Alamo for more Texas history. A stop at the Mexican
market - two square blocks of shops, cafes, bakeries, vendors, and artist shops - completed our day.
A guided trolley trip around the LJB ranch provided orientation and interesting information. The ranch house
was not open to visitors, as some of the family members were in residence. But we were able to view the
reconstructed home of LBJ's childhood. Moving on, we stopped in the town of Luckenbach (2 or 3 buildings
made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson), and then proceeded to the town of Fredericksburg - a
small German town that is home to the famous WW II Admiral Nimitz Museum. A rainstorm complete with hail
shortened our tour of Fredericksburg and indeed accompanied us back to San Antonio. Rain turning to sleet
caused a fender bender in front of us necessitating a quick stop by the bus to successfully avoid it. But the
pickup/trailer behind us was not as successful. It hit the back of the bus taking out the right rear lights and
bumper and wound up in a jack-knifed position on the side of the road. Scary for all of us! Fortunately, no one
was injured but we were delayed a long time while the police completed their accident report.
Austin, the Texas state capital, was our next day‟s journey and included a stop at the SAS outlet shoe store.
We visited the LBJ Library, toured the University of Texas campus, and drove by the capital building. Stopping
at a highway rest stop on the way back, we were surprised to discover that the roof of the modern building only
extended over the stalls. Real outdoor living Texas style! Our New Year's Eve dinner dance at the Hilton Del
Rio ended on the terrace where we brought in 2003 with champagne and a spectacular view of the fireworks
over the Tower of the Americas - a structure similar to our own Space Needle.
Our last full day in San Antonio included a boat tour of the Riverwalk, a delicious brunch at the Menger hotel
(famous for presidential visits), and a trip to the IMAX for the story of the Alamo. Leisure time on our final
morning allowed us to explore, shop and re-visit our favorite spots on the Riverwalk before returning home.

    San Antonio Riverwalk                            The Alamo                         Mission San Juan, TX

             Boeing Employee’s Travel Club Membership Application/Renew Form
Boeing employees, Boeing retirees, and vendors, customers, contract, and government personnel assigned full time
to the Boeing Company, including spouses and dependents of the above, are eligible for regular membership. The
Recreation Unit may verify membership eligibility. For the regular membership application, please complete this
application Form.

Immediate family members (brothers, sisters, parents or non-dependent children) or former Boeing employees
may qualify as associated members. Please refer to Boeing Recreation Associate Membership Application Form
for the qualification clarification. For associate membership application, please complete this Form and the
Associate Membership Application Form.

If you are a guest sponsored by a member traveling with you, please only complete the RELEASE OF LIABILITY
AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT section of this Form (on the 2nd page).

Please indicate your relationship with the Boeing Company:

Regular Membership:             Boeing employees               Boeing retirees           Full time vendors
                                Full time customers            Full time contractors    Full time government
Associate Membership:           Immediate family members                     Former Boeing employees

    Last Name                                              First Name                                         MI

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    Organization             M/S                   Work Phone                          Home Phone

    Mailing Address                                            City                        State       Zip Code

    E-mail Address

This Form is for:                New Member             Renewal                Personal Information Add/Change
Payment Included:                Couple ($20)           Single ($10)           Previously Paid ($0)
Optional: I am interested in participating in the following activities – (Check all that apply)
    Door greeter               Pre-meeting setup           Post-meeting cleanup                Hospitality helper
    Board candidate            Other(Explain)

Make checks payable to B.E.T.C. and mail with the completed membership form to Membership Chairman, P. O. Box
1255, Maple Valley, WA 98038. Please be sure to sign the release and indemnity agreement. For more information,
contact the Membership Chairman.

I wish to participate myself, or with a minor child participate, in courses or activities of the Boeing Employees Travel Club
(hereinafter referred to as the "Travel Club"). In consideration for the right to participate in Travel Club courses or
activities, I acknowledge and agree as follows:
1. I am aware that the Travel Club is an employee recreation club sponsored by The Boeing Company. I acknowledge that participation
in Travel Club activities is entirely voluntary and unrelated to my or any other person's employment or job duties. The term "Travel Club
activities" means any activity organized or conducted by the Travel Club or for which the Travel Club is responsible, including any
transportation for which the Travel Club is responsible.
2. I am aware that Travel Club activities may involve risks and dangers, including the risk of serious injury or death. I certify that I am
aware of and accept full responsibility for all of the risks involved in Travel Club activities, including but not limited to the risks inherent
in travel and in the travel environment, whether caused by weather conditions, snow or terrain conditions, the forces of nature, the
hazards of transportation, the actions or negligence of Travel Club officers, instructors, members or participants, or any other persons,
or accidents or illness in remote areas without medical facilities.
3. I accept my responsibility and the responsibility of any minor for whom I am signing this Agreement to adhere to any rules, policies
and instructions provided by the Travel Club for Travel Club activities.
4. I agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, INDEMNIFY AND DEFEND the Travel Club and The Boeing Company, and their
respective directors, technical directors, officers, instructors, members, employees, and agents, FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY,
5. If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I acknowledge that I am releasing and indemnifying against any and all claims that I may have
as the minor's parent or legal guardian, whether or not the release of the minor's own claims is found to be enforceable under the
applicable law. In the event that the release of the minor's own claims is held not to be enforceable, I AGREE TO ACCEPT FULL
7. I agree that this Agreement should be enforced to the full extent permitted by law. If any section or part of this Agreement is held not
to be enforceable under the applicable law, the remainder of the Agreement shall be enforced. The release and indemnification
provisions of this Agreement do not apply to reckless or intentional acts unless such provisions are permitted by the applicable law.
8. If I am signing this Agreement as an adult participant, I state that I am 18 years of age or older and legally competent to sign this
Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement. I understand that these terms are contractual and not a mere recital. I have signed
9. If I am signing this Agreement for a minor participant (parents or legal guardians must sign for all persons under 18 years of age), I
state that I am the parent or legal guardian of the minor participant signing this Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement and
that I am legally competent to sign this Agreement on behalf of the minor. I have discussed with the minor the risks and responsibilities
of participating in Travel Club activities and represent that the minor is sufficiently mature to understand the responsibility to abide by
the rules, policies and instructions of the Travel Club. I will accompany and supervise the minor during all Travel Club activities. I
understand that these terms are contractual and not a mere recital. I have signed this document of my own free act. I HAVE FULLY
Name ______________________________________                   Signature_____________________________________                 Date ____________

Name ______________________________________                   Signature_____________________________________                 Date ____________

Names and Ages of any minors under 18 years of age participating in Travel Club activities with you:

If you are a guest sponsored by a member traveling with you, please print his/her name and the name of the trip that you are taking:
Name _______________________________________ Trip Name _______________________________________________

                Boeing Employees’ Travel Club Board of Trustees 2002
President          Jane Bentley         Home: 425-271-6237;
Vice President     Mavis LaBounty       Home: 206-878-3514;
Acting Treasurer Judy Bosnake           W: 425-294-6603; H: 425-432-0789;
Rcdg Secretary Alex Henschel            Home: 425-277-4017;
Newsletter         Bill & Lee Ann       Home: 253-852-3454;
 Editors           Johnson
Membership         Jiin Chen            Home: 425-255-1865  ;                    MC OK-07
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Continued from Let’s Go page 5:
                       Japan – China 2003 Trip of the Year, October 5 – 26, 2003
        Remember the China Trip in 1996 that                    in Zhangjiajie; Dr. Sun Yat-Sen‟s Mausoleum in
everyone raved about? We are going to duplicate that            Nanjing, a silk factory in Suzhou; West Lake in
success story once again in 2003. Yes, a China and              Hangzhou; Yuyuan Garden, the Bund and shopping
Japan deluxe tour for an affordable price will soon             market in Shanghai. A Yangtze River Cruise has
become a reality for our 2003 Trip of the Year.                 been arranged as an optional extension. Included are
        Departing from Seattle to Japan on October 5,           all meals, tours and five-star hotels (where available).
we will visit Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka                    The 22-day Japan-China tour will cost under
and ride on the renowned bullet train between Mt. Fuji          $3300 per person; the six-day cruise extension will
and Toyohashi. Included are four-star hotel                     cost approx. $800 additional. For those members with
accommodations and most meals.                                  limited vacation time, there is a China only option at a
        After visiting Japan for six days, we will fly to       cost of approx. $2300. Airfare confirmation should be
Beijing to begin our 16-day journey in China.                   available by the February 13th meeting. Detailed
Highlights include the Great Wall, Forbidden City and           information will be distributed during the meeting. A
Summer Palace in Beijing; Terra Cotta Warriors in               $250 deposit will hold your reservation. Contact Jiin
Xi‟an; Leshan Giant Buddha in Chengdu; Stone                    Chen or Mavis LaBounty
Grottoes of Buddha in Dazu; China‟s first national park

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              Grady Way, turn South onto
              Oakesdale going under Interstate
              405 and continue past SW 16th
              St. Turn right into the first Boeing
              parking lot off Oakesdale (there is
              a small sign directing you to the
              25-01 building). Enter the door
              on the East side to the left of the
              loading dock. Travel Club signs
              will also be visible.
See map at right for further assistance.

                                                          Map drawn by John Bailey.


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