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									FINANCIAL SERVICES                                                                 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT
   Fundamental Accounting                                                            Keyboarding Production                                                      Administrative Support Team
  Assess entry-level basic accounting principles utilizing manual                   Evaluate entry-level skills in keyboarding and document production.          The team of 2-4 people will function as a office staff to produce a variety of
  procedures. Students analyze, journalize, and post transactions;                                                                                               business documents.
  develop general and subsidiary ledgers; and prepare payroll and
  financial reports
  Advanced Accounting                                                               Fundamental Word Processing Skills                                           Administrative Support Research Project _ Ind. (s)
  Interpret and analyze partnerships, corporate, and/or manufacturing               Evaluate fundamental skills in word processing and document production.      Different cultures are a major formula in the dynamics of the modern office.
  accounting data using manual methods. Students evaluate financial                                                                                              What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these diffferent
  data and budgets, audit inventory and cost accounts, and perform                                                                                               cultures in our workplace? Is this changing the way we do business? Write a
  payroll procedures.                                                                                                                                            5 page essay.

  Computerized Accounting                                                           Advanced Word Processing Skills
  Process accounting data using computerized accounting software.                   Evaluate advanced level skills in words processing and document
  Contestants set up company records on accounting software, journalize, post       production.
  to ledgers and subsidiary ledgers, prepare financial statements and payroll
  records, and perform bank reconciliations. Points are awarded based on
  contestant answers to audit questions, as verified by the financial documents
  produced.                                                                                                                                                      INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  Payroll Accounting                                                                Integrated Office Applications                                               C++ Programming
  Process payroll data using manual payroll procedures. Students                    Evaluate advance level skills in information technologies and the            Evaluate knowledge of working with structured designs, algorithms, and/or
  calculate gross earnings, complete payroll register, post employee                integration of software applications.                                        pseudo code. Use C++ computer language to create, test, and maintain
  records, and prepare payroll income tax forms. NOTE: Circular E,                                                                                               computer programs.
  Employer's Tax Guide (Publication 15), is recommended as a
  resource and is available through
  Fundamental Spreadsheets                                                          Desktop Publishing                                                           JAVA Programming
  Create, design, and test templates for spreadsheet applications that              Evaluate knowledge and skills in using desktop publishing software to        Utilize structured designs to develop software using the JAVA programming
  include variables, reports, and formats. Students enter and format                create a variety of business documents.                                      language.
  data, enter and copy formulas, and print full documents or cell
  Advanced Spreadsheets                                                             Basic Office Systems & Procedures                                            Video Production Team
  Create, design, and test templates for spreadsheet applications that              Evaluate fundamental skills in office procedures, records and file           Create a (3-5) minute video over a local hero. Examples include: someone
  include variables, reports, and formats. Students enter and format                management, and document production.                                         who lived through a major world event, has shown outstanding service in the
  data, enter and copy formulas, and print full documents or cell                                                                                                military, or who goes "above and beyond" in their community.
  Banking & Finance                                                                 Advanced Office Systems & Procedures                                         Computer Security
  Demonstrate and apply fundamental knowledge of the banking                        Evaluate advanced skills in office procedures, records and file              Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental security management tasks in
  industry. This entry-level event tests the student's knowledge of                 management, and document production.                                         Windows and Linux networking environments.
  bank operations, bank services, loans, credit administration, and
  customer service.
  Financial Analyst Team                                                            Legal Office Procedures                                                      PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
  Use analytical and problem solving skills to make decisions and                   Evaluate knowledge of legal terminology and skills needed to prepare legal   Demonstrate knowledge of PC configuration, maintenance, and management
  recommendations using financial reports, both internal and external.              documents and function effectively in a law office.                          as a computer technician.
  The team analyzes and interprets computer reports from a business
  case study. At the conference, teams will be presented with an
  additional element to the scenario that requires revision of their final
  Economic Research Project - Individual (S)                                        Medical Office Procedures                                                    CISCO Systems Administration
  The U.S. and Canada share many commonalities. Canada is the                       Evaluate knowledge of medical terminology and skills needed to prepare       Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental network management tasks in a
  U.S.A.'s largest trading partner and vice versa. Write a 5 page                   medical documents and function effectively in a medical office.              CISCO® environment.
  essay about America/Canada relations. See WSAP for details.

  Economic Research Project - Team (s)                                              Database Applications                                                        Database Applications
  People are accustomed to living certain lifestyles and different generations      Create, design, and test templates for database applications that include    Create, design, and test templates for database applications that include
  each have lifestyles they prefer which are vastly different from other groups.    variables, reports, and formats.                                             variables, reports, and formats.
  Research how the recent recessionary times have impacted the four main
  generations of our time--Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and
  Generation Z.
                                                                        MANAGEMENT/MARKETING/HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                                                                                                            Students may compete in one individual
Network Admin Using Microsoft                                            Global Marketing Team                                                              and one team event. All members may
Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental network management tasks            "Home Away From Home" is a vacation home-sharing business handling
in a Windows® environment.                                               properties on the Eastern Seaboard. Your firm has been hired to provide a          take all open events. Contest sign up will
                                                                         marketing plan for the expansion in the domestic market and a vision for
                                                                         future global expansion in one country of your choice.
                                                                                                                                                            be on a "first come-first served" basis. All
                                                                                                                                                            team members must be on the same
Computer Networking Technology                                           Entrepreneurship                                                                   roster.
Demonstrate knowledge in fundamental networking concepts                 Develop an operating plan and organizational structure to initiate a small
including network architecture, standards, topologies, protocols, and    business. Competitors are to assume they are presenting their business
security.                                                                plan to potential investors at a bank with the objective of securing financing
                                                                         for their business venture.
Network Design Team                                                      Small Business Management Team                                                   NAME:__________________________________
You have been asked to modernize 2 LANs and introduce a WAN              Aunt Mabel is an avid and excellent baker. She approched your consulting
connection for Regal Food Distributors. Regal has 2 locations            firm for advice in drawing up a plan for going into business as a pie baker.
presently in Dallas, TX and in Kansas City, KS. They have all the        She indicates she has $47,000 to invest. She has chosen to name her
cable drops they need in both locations and want both offices            business "The Upper Crust" and locate in Seattle, WA, focusing on sales
connected full time using a WAN solution.                                to individuals and restaurants. Your consulting firm will explore the needs
                                                                         of this start-up business and present them to Aunt Mabel.

Web Site Design Team                                                     Graphic Design Promotion
The 2011 BPA NLC will be held in Washington D.C. Teams are to            Develop a flyer and logo promoting the BPA NLC in Washington, DC, May
create a Web site about the historical monuments, memorials and          4-8, 2011.                                                                       *Note: If you are signing up for a team event, write
unique points of interest (landmarks, museums, tourist attractions)
around the capital city.
                                                                                                                                                          your team members here, too.
Web Application Team                                                     Interview Skills
Create a social networking site. It may resemble popular social          Assess proficiency in job search and interview situations.                       Open Events                                                           (All
networking sites, however should not be a duplicate of such sites
and must be of your own design.                                                                                                                           students can take these scantron tests)
Digital Media Production                                                 Advanced Interview Skills                                                        Financial Math & Analyst - Open Event
Create a (1-2) minute promotional piece for the BPA NLC in               Assess advanced proficiency in job search, interview situations, and             Assess knowledge of basic math concepts. Students solve practical math
Washington, DC: May 3-7, 2011.                                           portfolio development.                                                           problems related to work and consumer issues.
Fundamentals of Web Design                                               Extemporaneous Speech                                                            Insurance Concepts - Open Event
Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental XHTML coding and syntax.            Demonstrate communications skills in arranging, organizing, and                  Sponsored by the National Association of Underwriters this test covers risks
Scantron and application of creating a webpage onsite.                   effectively presenting information orally without prior knowledge of the         and terms related to insurance concepts.
VB.NET Programming                                                       Human Resource Management                                                        Administrative Support Concepts - Open Event
Evaluate knowledge of working with system design concepts,               Assess interpretation of personnel policies and knowledge of human               Evaluate knowledge of basic administrative support concepts.
program development, and programming logic. Use of VB.NET IDE            resource management.
to create a VB.NET application.
                                                                         Prepared Speech                                                                  Federal Income Tax Accounting Concepts- PS ONLY
Software Design Team                                                                                                                                      Open
You are given the task to design circulation software for a local        Demonstrate communication skills in securing, arranging, organizing, and         Demonstrate knowledge of basic accounting concepts and federal income tax
publc library.                                                           presenting information orally.                                                   procedures.
Computer Animation Team                                                  Presentation Management - Individual                                             Information Technology Concepts - Open Event
Create a visual animation (not to exceed 2 minutes) that promotes        You are a professional event planner for Professional Business                   Demonstrate general knowledge of the information technology industry.
local attractions in Washington, D.C.                                    Associates. You have been contacted by a local business owner who
                                                                         wants to send his employees on an incentive vacation instead of paying
                                                                         cash bonuses. Put together 3 vacation packages for Generation Y.

Parliamentary Procedure Team (S)                                         Presentation Management - Team                                                   Management/Marketing/HR Concepts - Open Event
Demonstrate the use of correct parliamentary procedure through a         Members of your BPA chapter have been asked to visit a nearby city to            Assess knowledge of management, marketing, and human resources
chairman's ability to conduct a business meeting in a democratic         discuss the creation of a BPA chapter at the local school. Create a multi-       concepts.
manner that allows the members of the team to effectively                media presentation that encourages the nearby school's administration to
participate. Examine the team's knowledge of parliamentary               create a BPA chapter.
procedure through oral questions and the objective test.
                                                                                                                                                          Parliamentary Procedure Concepts
Demonstrate the use of correct parliamentary procedure and concepts through
this objective test.

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