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               ABOUT US
Since our beginning in 1988, when we started with
a 30,000 square foot facility in Delphos, Ohio, we
have expanded our plant to over 120,000 square
feet. In addition, we have acquired two
manufacturing facilities located in Bristol, WI and
Commerce, CA. These acquisitions enabled us to
expand our line to include butter blends, as well as
Hispanic desserts and many types and sizes of
refrigerated/frozen desserts.
       Mission Statement

To build a customer service driven,
 quality oriented, employee focused
     Lakeview Farms Facilities
 Corporate Office     Manufacturing

   Delphos, OH          Delphos, OH
                         Bristol, WI
                         Commerce, CA
 R&D Test Kitchens

   Delphos, OH
   Bristol, WI
              OUR FACILITIES
 Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are strategically
    located across the U.S. enabling Lakeview to respond
    rapidly and efficiently to our customers needs.
   Manufacturing flexibility allows us to tailor our production
    to meet the exact product specifications our customers
   Adherence to a disciplined regime of quality control and
    audit programs ensures that our customers receive a
    consistent product from order to order.
   Our own nationwide distribution network ensures your
    product is delivered on time in prime condition.
   An extensive commitment to Research and Development
    enables personal involvement in all facets of product
 Retainer Hold Program
 HACCP Program
 Allergen Program
 GMP (Good Manufacturing Policies)
 3rd Party Audits
 Regulated by FDA
 Extensive commitment to both our facilities and
  our personnel, enables us to provide innovative
  ideas and products.
 Personal involvement of experienced Food
  Science and Culinary trained professionals
  allows us to focus product development to meet
  your exact needs.
 A committed R&D team of eight (8)
  professionals, with over 100 years of experience
  in the food industry (technical and culinary).
              OUR PRODUCTS
 Compound Butters
 Hispanic Crema (original and
   Sour Cream & Sour Dressing
   Dips
   Sandwich Spreads
   Sauces
   Glazes
   Gelatins & Puddings
   Hispanic Desserts
     Flan
     Tres Leches
 Specialty Desserts
          Compound Butters
 Custom Recipes

 Butter and/or Margarine based

 Savory (steak butters, seafood butters,
 sauté butters)

 Sweet
  Sour Cream, Sour Dressing, and
   Crema (original and flavored)
 Cultured and Acidified Sour Cream

 Zero Trans Fat Sour Dressing
 Pourable and spoon-able crema

 Original and flavored hispanic crema

 Custom Recipes

 Various pack options (resealable tubs, bulk bag-in-box, squeeze
  bottle, plastic jars, single serve)
           Dips and Spreads
 Custom Recipes

 Sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese and/or
  cheese based products

 Savory dips – both ready to serve refrigerated or
  heat and serve

 Sweet - chocolate, caramel, yogurt or cream
  cheese fruit dips
        Sauces and Glazes
 Custom Recipes

 Finishing and/or dessert sauces

 No-burn glazes

 Various pack options
            Gelatins and Puddings
 Gelatin
      Refrigerated or shelf stable gels
      Bulk pack; single serve; ring molds (gelatin)
      Better-for-you: sugar free, fat free, fortified and/or all natural
      Gel Bites – bulk or single serve; sugar free or sugar sweetened

 Pudding
      Refrigerated puddings
      Bulk pack and single serve
      Better-for-you: sugar free, fat free, fortified and/or all natural
      Dessert component (i.e. pie filling)

 Custom Recipes
              Hispanic Desserts
 Baked Flan – single serve (formulas to meet all price
  points – economy to premium)

 Tres Leches – full cakes and single serve

 Flan Cake
 Layered gelatins

 Hispanic flavored gelatins

 Rice Pudding – bulk and single serve
                 Other Desserts
 Custom Recipes

 Bread Pudding

 Parfaits (cake, fruit prep or pudding, whipped topping)

 Mini Parfait Cups

 Dessert Components (build your own dessert)
    Mousse
    No bake cheesecake
    Crème dessert fillings
 Foodservice
 Retail Supermarkets & Club Stores
      Deli
      Bakery
      Dairy
      Produce
 Convenience Stores
 Branded & Private Label
 Distributed in the United States & Internationally
              CONTACT INFO

Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to Lakeview
Farms. We are looking forward to assisting you with your
growing business needs.
For further information, please contact:

Director of Foodservice Sales
419-695-9925 (Corporate office)

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