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Course Matrix

 Course Topic                                                                                                                      Discipline/Segment           Level
Drilling Essentials for Non-Technical Professionals                                                                                Business Skills              Basic
National Oil Companies: Growth and Expansion Strategies                                                                            Business Skills              Intermediate
Introduction to Exploration and Production for New Engineers and Non -Technical Professionals                                      Business Skills              Basic
Deepwater Drilling Rigs, Equipment and Operations                                                                                  Business Skills              Basic
Fundamentals of Upstream Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis (PSC, Petroluem Royalties & Taxation)                                 Business Skills              Intermediate
OSV Chartering and Contract Management with Elements of Maritime Law                                                               Business Skills              Basic
Competency & Capability Development in Oil & Gas                                                                                   Business Skills              Intermediate
LNG fundamentals                                                                                                                   Business Skills              Intermediate
Oil and Gas Financial Modelling                                                                                                    Business Skills              Intermediate
Fundamentals of Upstream Oil & Gas Agreements                                                                                      Business Skills              Basic
Production Sharing Agreements                                                                                                      Business Skills              Intermediate
Joint Operating Agreement                                                                                                          Business Skills              Intermediate
Sale and Purchase of Petroleum Interests                                                                                           Business Skills              Intermediate
Oil & Gas Supply and Construction Contracts                                                                                        Business Skills              Intermediate
EPCC Contract Law for Non Legal Managers and Engineers                                                                             Business Skills              Basic
Writing Effective Standard Operating Procedures                                                                                    Business Skills              Basic
Root Cause Analysis                                                                                                                Facilities                   Basic
Pipeline Integrity Management and Defect Assesment                                                                                 Facilities                   Intermediate
Design, Operations and Maintenance of Pumps and Compressors                                                                        Facilities                   Intermediate
 Corrosion Management in Oil & Gas Production                                                                                      Facilities                   Basic
Reliability Centered Maintenance                                                                                                   Facilities                   Intermediate
Rotating Equipment Excellence                                                                                                      Facilities                   Basic
Pumps, compressors and Total Cost of Ownership                                                                                     Facilities                   Basic
Platform Life Extension and Decommissioning                                                                                        Facilities                   Intermediate
Effective Plant Turnaround Management                                                                                              Facilities                   Basic
Subsea Pipeline Engineering                                                                                                        Facilities                   Intermediate
Vibration and Bearing Condition Monitoring                                                                                         Facilities
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling                                                                                                Facilities                   Basic
Writing Effective Maintenance SOP                                                                                                  Facilities                   Basic
Pipeline Hydraulics                                                                                                                Facilities                   Basic
Fundamentals of Petroluem Geology                                                                                                  Geology                      Basic
Petroleum Geology Deepwater Clastic (Turbidite) Depositional Systems                                                               Geology                      Intermediate
Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology                                                                                                  Geology                      Basic
Sandstone depositional systems/reservoirs within a sequence stratigraphic framework: Applications to exploration and development   Geology                      Basic
Characterisation of clastic (sandstone) reservoirs                                                                                 Geology                      Basic
Fundamentals of Petroluem Geophysics                                                                                               Geophysics                   Intermediate
Production Logging                                                                                                                 Petrophysics                 Intermediate
Cased Holed & Productio Log Evaluation                                                                                             Petrophysics                 Intermediate
Image Log Interpretation                                                                                                           Geophysics                   Intermediate
Structural Geology Seismic Interpretation                                                                                          Geophysics                   Intermediate
Safety & Risk Management for Offshore Operations and Production                                                                    HSE                          Basic
Behaviour Based Safety                                                                                                             HSE                          Basic
Hazop                                                                                                                              HSE                          Basic
Integrated Risk Management                                                                                                         HSE                          Basic
Safety Management (ISO9000)                                                                                                        HSE                          Basic
Environmental Management (ISO14000)                                                                                                HSE                          Basic
Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making for Engineers & Technical Professionals                                                Personal Development         Basic
Leading and Managing Generation X and Y Engineers and Technical Professionals in Oil & Gas                                         Personal Development         Intermediate
Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills for Oil & Gas Engineers and Technical Professionals                                 Personal Development         Basic
Negotiation Skills and Strategies                                                                                                  Personal Development         Advanced
Leadership and Team Management Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals                                                    Personal Development         Basic
Finance for Non-Finance Professional in Oil & Gas and Fiscal Systems                                                               Personal Development         Basic
Multi-party Negotiation Skills                                                                                                     Personal Development         Basic
Oil and Gas Project Management                                                                                                     Personal Development         Basic
Project Risk Management                                                                                                            Personal Development         Basic
Introduction to Petrophysics                                                                                                       Petrophysics                 Basic
Formation Damage, Acidizing and Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies and Practices                                                    Production Engineering       Intermediate
Production Optimisation Using NODAL Analysis                                                                                       Production Engineering       Basic
Deepwater Drilling Rigs, Equipment and Operations                                                                                  Production Engineering       Basic
Shallow Water / Deepwater Drilling & Floating Production Facilities Course                                                         Production Engineering       Basic
Shallow Water / Deepwater Drilling , Production Facilities & Installation Techniques Course                                        Production Engineering       Basic
Shallow Water / Deepwater Production Facilities & Operations Course                                                                Production Engineering       Basic
Well Completions and Intervention                                                                                                  Production Engineering       Intermediate
Sand Control                                                                                                                       Production Engineering       Intermediate
Reservoir Engineering School (Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering & Applied Reservoir Engineering)                               Reservoir Engineering        Basic
Enhanced Oil Recovery - CO2 Injection and Waterflooding                                                                            Reservoir Engineering        Intermediate
Drilling Workovers and Completions                                                                                                 Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
High Pressure & High Temperature Wells                                                                                             Well Construction/Drilling   Intermediate
Stuck Pipe                                                                                                                         Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Deepwater Well Control                                                                                                             Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Drilling Essentials for New Engineers                                                                                              Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Fundamentals of Casing and Tubing Design                                                                                           Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Fundamentals of Drilling Fluids (WBM & OBM)                                                                                        Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Fundamentals of Cementing                                                                                                          Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Drill String and BHA design & Optimisation                                                                                         Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Fundamentals of Well Design                                                                                                        Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
IWCF Well Control - Inhouse only                                                                                                   Well Construction/Drilling   Basic
Well Completions and Interventions                                                                                                 Well Construction/Drilling   Intermediate

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