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									                                        7th January 2009


       The Criminal Justice pathway for alcohol related
New Alcohol Arrest Referral Scheme

From 1st December 08 a new alcohol arrest referral scheme was launched. This
new scheme now operates in all Police stations across the county of

Following a successful funding bid, specific alcohol workers are now in post to
assess those arrested for alcohol related offending. A caution plus scheme will also
be introduced to compel those suitable to attend sessions with workers and be
referred on where necessary.

For those going into the Court system the workers are able to identify those
suitable for the Alcohol Specified Activity Requirement (ASAR) or Alcohol
Treatment Requirement (ATR) and provide advance information for Pre-Sentence
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The offenders will be offered the opportunity to commence the relevant programme
prior to sentence to demonstrate their willingness and motivation to address their
offending behaviour.

Emma Tomlinson, Probation lead for substance misuse interventions, said: “The
National Audit Office report regarding the supervision of community orders in
England and Wales (February 2008) recognised that inadequate investment was
made by Criminal Justice partnerships into addressing alcohol related offending
behaviour, and that there was an inequality nationally in terms of available

“Therefore Partnership agencies across Northamptonshire have developed a
robust provision that addresses all levels of alcohol use, from brief interventions
delivered by offender managers to intensive treatment delivered through
detoxification and intensive psychological and social interventions”.

“Offenders will be assessed on arrest to determine the level of intervention
required, and offered an opportunity to engage immediately with a programme.
This in turn will inform the sentencing process of the offender’s likelihood to
engage with a community based sentence”.
“Alcohol use is a major contributory factor in terms of offending, from domestic
violence to car crime. Addressing the issues that affect people’s behaviour by
targeting interventions at the cause of the problems will serve greatly to reduce
crime and create a safer community”.

Notes to editors:

        The alcohol Specified Activity Requirement (ASAR)
       The Alcohol Specified Activity Requirement (ASAR) was launched on the 05.11.07.
       ASAR meets the needs of lower risk offenders with lower intensity drink problems.
       Includes assessment, minimum of 6 sessions addressing alcohol use and its impact on behaviour.
       Oasys Alcohol Score 3 or less Oasys risk of reconviction score 99 or less. Alcohol Audit 8+
       The Northamptonshire Probation Area has not been set any performance targets in relation to the
       Since the beginning of this financial year 121 requirements have been imposed against a predicted
        160 to 180 for the year, 60 have been successfully completed (success defined as those have
        completed the agreed number of sessions).
       There have been 13 which have not been successful due to revocation/further offending.
       A small number have also been converted to Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATR) where
        offenders were identified as dependant drinkers in need of detox treatment.

        Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATRs)
       Main purpose – Rehabilitation (CJA implementation guide)An order of the Court imposed with a view
        to “the reduction or elimination of the offender’s dependency on alcohol” (CJA implementation
        guide)Order is run in conjunction with a treatment provider: NPA model will be Aquarius providing non
        medical intervention, counseling and access to detoxification programmes
       ATRs are for dependant drinkers with medium/high risk of re-offending and high treatment need. The
        offender must be motivated to undergo treatment and demonstrate a willingness to comply
       Oasys Alcohol Score 4+ Oasys Risk of Reconviction Score 41+ Alcohol AUDIT Screening Tool 20+
       ATRs will run over a minimum of 6 months. This will include 14 sessions by Aquarius and referral to
        clinical intervention and offender manager intervention through supervision to address offending
       If the offender reaches the minimum score for a programme and requires further relapse prevention
        work a referral should be made to a relapse prevention programme(OASP).
       The Offender Manager makes arrangements for the offender to commence the specified alcohol
        treatment, within the timescales indicated to the court at the time of sentence The offender is
        instructed to attend for treatment in accordance with the treatment schedule and if they fail to comply,
        the offender is subject to breach proceedings.
       ATRs commenced in June 2008 with a target to have 15 successful completions by the end of March
        2009. A proxy target of 30 commencements was set by the Northamptonshire Probation Area.
       To date there have been date there have been 21 commencements (approximately 5 being
        conversions from ASARs) and 1 successful completion.
       As Requirements are only just beginning to reach the potential completion stage it is a little difficult to
        predict performance at the present time but given the number of commencements there can be some
        element of confidence in achieving the target..


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