Lab Zone Easy Planner by Kittibitti


									Lab Zone Easy Planner
This tutorial is intended to get you started with Lab Zone Easy Planner.

When you first install Lab Zone, you’ll have the option of doing a “Typical Instal”l or a
“Full Install”. If you do a “Typical Install”, you’ll need to have the disk in your
computer to run the program. This is because it only installs the program and not the data
files. If you do a “Full Install”, you can run the program and have access to all the files
without the disk. All the files will be saved on your
computer. For this reason, it’s best to do a “Full Install”.

When you open the program you’ll see an opening screen
asking you what you want to do. Click “Menu”.

You’ll see all of the Science Explorer texts listed in the menu
on the left side of the screen.

Opening a Document

Click the     sign beside the title you wish to access.

The     sign will turn into a    sign and the folder icon will
change to an open folder.

The contents of the folder – the chapter titles - will be revealed.

Select the chapter you’d like to access and again click the
sign. That folder will also open and reveal its contents.

Notice that the chapter project resources and major labs are
visible here. They are the titles with the   symbol beside
Select the section you want and click the     sign beside it and the content will be

   Book Title

   Chapter Title

   Section Title

   Contents of Section including
   Discover Activity, Try This
   Activities, Skills Activities etc…

   Chapter Project and Labs

Double-click the resource you’d like to open and it will appear in the pane on the right.

Notice that the Teacher Notes are highlighted in yellow.

Click the     icon at the top of the page and the Teacher
Notes will disappear.

Editing a Document

This worksheet is in a word processor, so you can edit
it. Just highlight the text you want to change and type
in the changes.

Change the text, add alternate equipment or directions,
change the font etc… Make any changes necessary.

Saving a Document

When you are finished changing a document, pull down the “File” menu and
select “Save As”.

Add a letter or number to the file name and it will be
saved in “My Documents” at the bottom of the Text
Menu. Notice the “A” at the end of the title to indicate it
is an “adapted” version of the worksheet.
Adding Your Own Labs

If you have your own labs you’d like to add
to the data base, click the    button in the
menu at the top of the page. A template will
appear on the right side of the page.

By filling out this template and saving the
document, you can add it to the data base.

Searching the Data Base

Click the         tab at the top of the Text Menu. The
search options will replace the Text Menu.

You’ll notice there are six different ways to search the data

Here are your options…

Add a key word to search for a worksheet.

Select an activity by difficulty level.

Select an activity to fit the time you have available

Choose by the type of activity
Find a lab to work on a given science skill.

Or even search for a lab to cover a specific state benchmark.

Once you have set the parameters, click the
button at the bottom of the search menu and you will see a
short description of all the labs and activities in the data base
that match your request.

Double-click on the title to open the resource.

You may combine search criteria, but be careful you don’t
make your search too restrictive.

Finding Help

This tutorial will help you get started. For
further information on the capabilities of this
program, click the       button in the main

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