trans the man on the corner by senorgregory


									Español 2 Traducción (translation) para el 21 de abril     Nombre___________________________Per.________
1. The man on the corner of Avenida 28 de Julio and Avenida Larco was a travel agent. He told me that he
translated a map of Wilsonville into Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. He was very proud (orgulloso.)

2. What time did you pack your suitcase last night? We had to (tener que, conjugate in past) board the cruise
ship at 6:00 am across from the beach, so we packed yesterday afternoon. We also sang a Brazilian song
(canción) about sightseeing.

3. Since no one in my family spoke Japanese, I drove (conducir, j-stem) to the book store between the
department store and the library to buy a Spanish-English-Japanese dictionary (diccionario).

4. When I arrived (llegar, irregular yo), I spent a lot of money and lost my passport. The woman who worked
there also died. It was very sad. She was French.

5. I knew that the police came, but I didn’t know what happened (pasar). I returned to my room and my mom
made a sandwich.

6. We were in Mexico City two weeks. Many people told us that there was (haber) a sunny beach, but our stay
was horrible.

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