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					Reiki Energy

Reiki is a healing practice that continues to be practiced for more than a hundred years. By
definition, the Reiki energy that is frequently referred as an essence, symbolizes power, a
transcendental spirit and universal. See Reiki Therapy.

The Reiki energy is drawn through the channel and not sent. Actually, we all have this with
us and all we have to do is go through an attunement process so we can heal ourselves or
other people.

Once you have attained level 1, you'll be able to detect energy problems that can already
tell you if there's an organic problem in your body or with somebody else. As your level of
experience goes up, your power becomes stronger and those who wish to teach what they
have learned to others will have to become masters.

One thing you have to keep in mind about Reiki energy is that it cannot be controlled by the
thoughts. In this case, it could only be done by people who practice it. But people who
practice this believe that their power comes from the Ki. This is actually something that flows
in each of us and by letting it touch the affected part of the body it will heal simply because it
continues to be energized.

The strength of the Reiki power is also dependent on one's thoughts. Negative thoughts will
not do much to improve the situation so you should think positive in order for this to work.

Even though medical science still wants to conduct more research to learn about the Reiki
energy, there are people who are practicing it simply because studies have shown that this
can relax the patient before the operation and make the heal faster afterwards.

How it works or even why some say is because of the power of the mind because how you
think does have an effect on the physical well being of an individual.

The Reiki energy works from the outside in so that there's balance and order to the entire
body. It should be confused with spiritual healing simply because it does not have anything
to do with your faith that makes it efficient.

But people who practice Reiki should keep in mind that Reiki energy that flows is not
intended to replace medical treatment. It can only do so much to help a patient and if
doctors feel that an operation is needed to permanently fix the issue, you should take their
advice because the profession has been around much longer and also the advances in
science have improved the lives of thousands.

If you have a headache, fighting stress or an addiction, Reiki energy can help you deal with
the problem. You just need to think positive and believe.

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