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					                                                       PRE-APPROVED CAREER LADDER FORM
                                               COORD, SPECIAL EVENTS (A507) TO EVENTS PLANNER (A519)

Form 2A: To be Completed by Employee and Manager when entering a Career Ladder
                   Submit Original to Human Resources-Compensation for Approval

Employee Name:                                                                             Organization Code:
Department Name:                                                                           Current Pay Rate:
Current Job Title/Grade:                                                                   Estimated Date of Completion:
Length of Time in Current Title:                                                           Estimated Pay Rate after Completion:
Does Employee meet all Requirements of
Current Job? (Yes/No)
(Please refer to Job Descriptions for
complete information on positions)

Coord, Special Events                Events Planner                                    Action Plan                                                             Proposed
Job Code A507 – Grade 8              Job Code A519 – Grade 9                           (How employee will meet additional requirements)                        Completion
                                     (Additional Requirements for this Position)                                                                               Date

Performance:                                                                           Employee must maintain satisfactory or above satisfactory performance
                                                                                       throughout this career ladder progression.

Min. Education:
High School Diploma or GED           Technical Certificate in directly related

Min. Experience:
Three to five years experience       Five to seven years experience directly related
directly related to the duties and   to the duties and responsibilities specified.
responsibilities specified.

Knowledge, skills and abilities as   Knowledge, skills and abilities as stated in
stated in the job description for    the job description for this position must be
this position have been attained.    achieved by the completion of this plan.

(If more space is required, please   Distinguishing Characteristics & Job
attach additional sheets.)           Responsibilities:
                                     a. Strategic, integrated decision making in the
                                         logistical planning of multiple, complex
                                         meetings, conferences and/or other events.
                                     b. Independent determination of event budgets
                                         and overall logistical requirements.
                                     c. Negotiation of terms of vendor service
                                         contracts and contract administration.
                                     d. Planning and coordination of complex
                                      assignments and projects across multiple
                                      organizational units.
                                 e.   Design, development and production of
                                      marketing materials, to include brochures
                                      and flyers.

                                 Other (Department Specific – Optional).

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Manager Signature/Date                  Employee Signature/Date                   2nd Level Manager Signature/Date   HR Signature/Date

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Title                                   Title                                     Title                              Title