Jennie-O Turkey Store's (JOTS) 2008-09 Annual Commodity Planner by Kittibitti


									  Jennie-O Turkey Store's (JOTS) 2008-09 Annual Commodity Planner Instructions

JOTS has developed a Commodity Turkey planning tool for our school customers to
utilize in planning their annual, and month by month demand for turkey, based on
menu needs, and JOTS further processing of USDA's A-534 Bulk Turkey, into the
finished products that meet the schools menu needs.

We have developed 2 versions of the Annual Commodity Planner, one for Food Based
Schools, where serving size is based on Meat/Meat Alternate serving sizes, and
the second version for Nutrient Standard Based Schools, where the serving size
in based on ounces.

The Planner has 3 tabs (worksheets):

Annual Plan calculates DF pounds and finished cases needed based on product
selection, serving size, ADP, and number of menu's per year. Monthly
Purchase/Delivery Plan spreads demand by product by month.

Product Reference Chart lists all available products, and key product

How the 2007-08 Annual Commodity Planner Works

(IMPORTANT! Both Planners contain macros that allow the user to easily
clear/remove an individual product from the Annual and Monthly Plan tabs. A
macro is activated by clicking the red arrow to the left of the product to be
removed. If, upon clicking the red arrow, you receive a warning message that
macros have been disabled, you must change a security setting to allow you to be
prompted to enable macros. Close the Planner workbook(s) but leave Excel open.
Select Tools > Macros > Security, and select the Medium security level. Now,
each time you open a spreadsheet that contains macros, you will be prompted to
Enable or Disable the macros. You should Enable the macros in the Planner

Tab 1: Annual Plan

The Annual Plan was developed for you to determine what your annual consumption
of USDA Bulk Turkey will be, in both DF pounds and finished cases, based on the
JOTS products you choose to menu, and number of menu occasions these products
receive times your ADP. This plan will tell you how many pounds to divert for
the following school year from USDA, and how many cases per month should be
shipped to you by your commercial distributor or contracted warehouse.

The Annual Plan has 2 Charts to help you plan/determine your total turkey needs,
which are explained below.
Chart 1: Annual Product Utilization Plan

With 4 well thought out inputs you will be able to understand the number of DF
pounds of USDAs A-534 bulk turkey needed to divert to JOTS, and the number of
finished cases to be delivered by your distributor of choice of each desired
product from Jennie-O, and rolled into a total annual plan, so you are prepared
to order/survey for the 2007-2008 school year. Lets get started:

First, select the products from Jennie-O that you want to menu throughout the
school year, using the drop down box under the heading "CODE". All of our
products are listed there, you will need to scroll down to see them all.

If you do not know our product codes, click on the cell that reads Code Ref, and
a window will open and display all products available to you with product
descriptions and codes.

We do have a very useful Reference Chart (Tab 3) if you want to print it our or
refer back and forth to it to help make product choices for the menu.

Second, under the heading "MT/MT ALT", using a drop down box, you need to select
the portion size you will want to serve: Food Based in M/MA's (2, 1.5, or 1)
Nutrient Standard in ounces (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)

Third, under the heading "SERV/MEAL", type in the number of meals you serve,
(aka: ADP).

Fourth, under the heading "MENU/YR", type in the number of times throughout the
school year you would menu the particular product you are planning for.

After these 4 inputs, the chart will calculate the number of servings needed,
the number of cases of finished goods you will need to order throughout the
year, and your "DF" pounds that would be used, both in terms of White Bank, Dark
Bank, and Total (keeping in mind the 56%/44% Ratio of Dark to White we are
aiming for).

Chart 2: Annual Utilization Summary

This chart summarizes your product plan, and gives you a comparison of your
"ACTUAL" percentages of specific meat blocks, versus the "IDEAL" percentages of
each meat block, per our Full Substitution Whole Bird Commodity Plan.

Tab 2: Monthly Product Purchase/Delivery Planner
Once you have an Annual Plan, we ask that you plan your cases needed by product
by month, within the school year, so we can use this as a tool to make sure we
deliver to you the cases needed, when they are needed, to meet your menu demand.

It is our intention to coordinate these needs with your commercial distributor,
or state contracted warehouse, so they have the necessary inventory on hand and
available to ship per this schedule.

For that purpose we have developed a Monthly Planner, which is available under
Tab 2. Simply click on Tab 2, and the Monthly Planner is shown. It is already
loaded with your Annual Plan, and we ask that you plan the annual case needs in
the actual months in the school year when you will menu them.

Under the header Annual Total, you will see your total cases by product from Tab
1, and we ask that you manually type in the number of cases you want in the
month you want them. At the far end of this chart you see Monthly Total, and the
Annual Total must equal the Monthly Total, or the total will appear in RED.

Tab 3: Product Reference Chart

The last Tab, Tab 3 of course, is simply a Product Reference Chart that gives
you a listing of all our products that are available in our Commodity Program,
and all of the following key information:

Number of "DF" LBS in a finished case Number of "Finished" LBS in a case

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