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Brochure - Recycled Products - The Smart Choice for Consumers and the Enviroment by ezd16766


  The Smart Choice
   for Consumers
and the Environment

      New Jersey Depnrtment of
      ~ n v i r o n k n t n Protection
 Division of Solid and Hnznrdous Waste
Recycled Products Are      ...                Recycled products come in m a n y
                                                                                      Recycled Product Fun Facts

                                              shapes, sizes a n d forms, including:   rn   Old newspapers can be made
rn  High Quality - Recycled products
                                                                                           into new newsprint, building
meet the highest quality standards.                                                        materials and pencils.
Increased demand and major                       Apparel                              rn   Old magazines can be made
changes in technology have resulted in           Ceiling panels                            into paper towels, napkins and
improved products that are                       Paper towels                              toilet tissue.
comparable in quality to products                                                     rn   Plastic soda bottles can be
                                                 Carpeting                                 made into carpet fiber and T-shirts.
made with virgin materials.
                                                 Calendars                            rn   Plastic milk jugs can be made
                                                 Packaging                                 into picnic tables and railmad ties.
    Readily Available - Recycled
                                                                                           Aluminum cans can be made
products are available in major                  Paint                                     into new aluminum cans and
retail stores, building supply centers,          Garden hoses                              window frames.
hardware stores, garden centers,                                                      rn   Glass bottles can be made into
                                                 Asphalt pavement
catalogs and on the Internet.                                                              new bottles and "glassphalt."
                                                 Mulch                                rn   Steel cans can be made into
    Affordable - Recycled products               Plastic trash bags                        new cars.
often cost less than products                    Insulation                           rn   Scrap tires can be made into door
made with virgin materials. Even                                                           mats and playground surfacing
                                                 Retreaded tires                           material.
higher-priced recycled products
may be cost effective because
                                                 Plastic lumber                       Key Definitions
they frequently offer enhanced
durability and reduced                           Copy paper                           Post-consumer material -A finished
maintenance costs.                               Furniture                            product that has been used by the
                                                                                      consumer and collected for the purpose
                                                 Desktop accessories                  of recycling.
    Diverse - There are more than
                                                 Toner cartridges                     Pre-consumer material -Scrap
1,000 types of recycled products                                                      materials generated by a manufacturing
on the market!                                   Door mats
                                                                                      process that are collected and reused to
                                                                                      make new products.
     Visit the NJDEP's Buy Recycled       1                                           Recycled content - The amount of pre-
                                                                                      consumer material and/or post-
     Web site at
                                                                                      consumer material used to manufacture a
          o r call (609) 984-3438                                                     recycled product (expressed as a
          for more information                                                        percentage of the total content).
                                                                                      Recycled product - Any product that is
        about recycled products.
                                                                                      manufactured in part or in whole using
                                                                                      recycled materials.
Did You Know ...

  By purchasing recycled products,
  consumers are helping to create
  long-term stable markets for the
                                          I   $~
                                              0   2
  recyclable materials that are           I
  collected from New Jersey homes,
                                          I   s=

  businesses and institutions.                52
  The purchase of recycled products
  is crucial to the success of New
  Jersey's many recycling programs,                     The Smart Choice
  as well as recycling in general,
  which has proven to be both an                         for Consumers
  environmental and economic
  success story.
                                                      and the Environment
  The State of New Jersey purchases
  a variety of recycled products for
  its government operations,              I
  including recycled copy paper,          I
  paper towels, garbage bags, toner
  cartridges, antifreeze, traffic cones
  and road-construction aggregate.        I

  American businesses demonstrate
  their commitment to buying
  recycled by purchasing billions of
  dollars of recycled-content
  products annually.

  In addition to preserving natural       I   3
                                          '   X
  resources and saving energy,                m
                                              0             New Jersey Department of
  recycling employs almost 27,000             o
                                              K             Environmental Protection
  people in New Jersey and adds           a            Division ofSolid and Hazardoz~s
  almost $6 billion in annual                 2
  receipts to our state's economy             2     

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