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					CITY OF EAST WENATCHEE COUNCIL MINUTES                                                      JULY 22, 2008

                          CITY OF EAST WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON
                             MAYOR STEVEN C. LACY, PRESIDING
                                        JULY 22, 2008
                                         6:30 P.M.


Councilmember’s Present:, Councilmember McCourt, Councilmember Barnhart, Councilmember
Hendricks, Councilmember Johnson, Councilmember Buckner, Councilmember Raab, Councilmember
Bremmer, and Mayor Lacy.

Staff Present: Dana Barnard, Devin Poulson, Brandon Mauseth, Joan Sims, Randy Harrison, Nick
Gerde, and Ralph Aiken III.



Mike McCourt, 343 N. Georgia Avenue, asked if the Street Department would look at a hedge that has
grown over the right-of-way along 4th Street NE. Mr. McCourt also asked if the City had taken any action
with regards to a previous request to look at placing a crosswalk on Grant Road at Georgia Avenue. He
said that a lot of elder people would like to see a crosswalk installed in that intersection.

Infrastructure and Operations Manager Brandon Mauseth said there is a process in which the property
owner is sent a letter giving them a set amount of time to remove the vegetation and if the property
owners do not comply within the allotted time given them, the Street Department would then remove the
vegetation and bill the property owner.

Mayor Lacy said the crosswalk on Grant Road is a more difficult proposition and will require more study
because sometimes crosswalks are more dangerous if they are placed in an area that may create a hazard
rather than a solution. Mr. Mauseth said he has been looking into this as well at the 10th Street NE and
Grover Avenue area.

Mike Bocatch, 331 Valley Mall Parkway, said he was present at this meeting due to an article in the
Wenatchee World dated July 10, 2008, titled, “New plan, new players for Eastside Sports Facility”, he
said if the Boys and Girls Club takes over the project and managing the fields, he is concerned that the
senior adult softball will be excluded from the entire project. Mayor Lacy said this was not placed on this
agenda. However, Council has received information in their packet which will be discussed during the
Mayor’s Report.

Mr. Bocatch said he is part of the Golden Age Softball League which currently has 210 players, with an
average increase of 20 players per year. He said there are fifteen teams registered for 2009. They
currently promote three weekend tournaments at Walla Walla Point Park that would probably double if
they were allowed to use the Sports complex softball facility. The practices at the Sports complex would
bring in ball players which would bring in more revenue to the City. The current shortage of available ball
fields at Walla Walla Point Park and Hydro Park for adult softball causes the season to end in mid July.
He added those who are members of the Golden Age softball league will be taking part in an end of
season picnic being held at the Hydro Park Picnic area on Monday, July 28, 2008, at 6:00 pm and invited
Council to attend.

CITY OF EAST WENATCHEE COUNCIL MINUTES                                                        JULY 22, 2008

Councilmember Raab suggested the Golden Age Softball League also consider looking into usage of the
fields in the School District and offered to contact the League President to put him in touch with the
School District.


08-07-04        A presentation by Apple Valley Honda and Erlandsen Engineers requesting permission to
                Lease City owned property for a proposed expansion of the Apple Valley Honda

Councilmember Barnhart requested to be recused from the discussion due to a potential conflict of
interest. Mayor Lacy said that to be recused from the discussion the Councilmember does not participate
in the discussion, however, they do not need to leave the room.

Eric Smith, Engineer with Erlandsen & Associates, Inc., has been working with Apple Valley Honda on
selecting their new car dealership, and in developing their facility they would like to improve the
visibility of the site. He said Apple Valley Honda are in the process of completing it’s due diligence phase
in evaluating the proposed purchase of four acres of property currently owned by Park Place Investments
located at the southwest corner of the 3rd Street/Highline Drive intersection. The proposed improvements
will consist of the construction of a new sales/service facility and associated car presentation area. In
order to enhance their visibility plus access to the facility, the ownership has been discussing alternatives
to either relocate or bury the existing drainage Pond #4 which is located directly north of their proposed

Apple Valley Honda is proposing to tight line flows through Pond #4 directly routing the flows to Pond
#5. The rerouting of the flows would allow the subsequent filling of Pond #4 further permitting the
ground to utilize for commercial activities. Apple Valley Honda would like to enter into an agreement
with the City to either purchase or lease this section of property reclaimed by the construction. No
structures would be placed on top of the pipe along with an easement that would be dedicated to the City.

Councilmember Raab asked if they have spoken with Douglas County Assistant Engineer, Jennifer
Lange, regarding these ponds as they relate to the Storm Water Utility.

Mr. Smith said that they have not spoken with the Storm Water Utility. He said the analysis is based upon
Jennifer Lange’s in-depth analysis of that facility, in 2001. Ms. Lange analyzed the system as the basis for
the 3rd SE Street drainage system to determine how the system would function

Council discussed which ponds are active and how the storm water is routed through them.

Dan Sims, representative of Apple Valley Honda, along with his father, Vern Sims, and General Manager,
Todd McLaughlan, would like to move their Honda dealership from Wenatchee to East Wenatchee. He
said that the current lot was built in the 1970’s, they are now on an undersized lot that will not be able to
meet their franchise requirements in 2010, at which time Honda has the option to no longer supply them
with cars. Mr. Sims showed photos of the type of facility they intend to build. The photos depict a facility
they built two years ago in Bellingham, Washington. He said they also have a facility in Burlington,
Washington that looks very similar. Honda anticipates an increase in sales after they move to a larger
facility which must be at least four acres in size. Mr. Sims added they would like to lease the property
with an option to purchase, however, they would like to fill in the detention ponds to asphalt over it and
use for display.

CITY OF EAST WENATCHEE COUNCIL MINUTES                                                        JULY 22, 2008

Councilmember Johnson said from his perspective he would like to hear from the Storm Water Utility
committee before making a commitment. He would also like to look forward 30-50 years and if the
prognostication was that 30-50 years from now, if the City needed that space, would that change their
plans. Mr. Sims said that if they were to lease the property they would like to lease with an option to buy
it sometime in the future.

Mayor Lacy said in listening to this discussion it appears that there may be a ratification of these plans by
the Storm Water Utility. He suggested that if Council is interested in a negotiation to occur they should
give approval with a contingency, giving Apple Valley Honda the ability to negotiate with the City in
order to move forward on this project.

Councilmember Johnson reiterated his concerns with regards to the Storm Water Utility as there are times
when things occur that we do not anticipate.

Council Action: A motion was made by Councilmember Bremmer, second by Councilmember Buckner,
to allow City staff to negotiate with Apple Valley Honda for the sale or lease of this property. The motion
carried, 6-0. (Barnhart recused)


Mayor Lacy stated that at the previous Council meeting he would provide Councilmembers with a
strategic plan outline of the Sports complex along with a letter from Ted Woodard, Senior District
Manager at Waste Management, and a letter from Bill Tsoukalas, the president of the Washington State
Alliance of the Boys and Girls Club.

Mayor Lacy said the changes that have occurred to the strategic plan are positive in the sense that it gets
the City out of management business when it comes to that kind of a program. When he first started
having discussions with Waste Management as well as the SpotsPlex and others in the community about
this potential proposal it was with the idea that he favored it as a result of a long standing policy that the
City has, which encourages the development of recreational tourism as an economic resource for the
valley. The City of East Wenatchee has had a standing written policy that encourages the recreational
tourism as the primary economic driver in the valley, understanding that the City still has substantial
reliance upon agricultural, and not discounting it, but understanding it is the future for our area
economically and in terms of better economic vitality.

Mayor Lacy said he started looking for ways that he could further that policy and when this project came
up it fit right in because of the opportunity to serve the outlying communities when it came to the idea of
sports tournaments. Not just youth sports, but also with respect to adults and to the extent that the project
would fit adult use, and has not heard anything yet that would indicate that the City would not have the
flexibility to build this project to accommodate adult use. However, at this time the City does not have the
project designed and until that happens we can not answer that question. The proposal does not exclude
the idea of serving adult use on these sports fields.

Mayor Lacy said it does add to the project in a great way, the ability to serve the community in ways
other than just outdoor sports. It also has a potential to serve our youth in terms of winter activities, and
mentorship activities through the Boys & Girls Club (BGC). From that standpoint he likes the direction
this project is going. He added that if he could speak for Mr. Ted Woodard at Waste Management he
knows that they like the direction because Waste Management is the driving funding source of this and
their interest is primarily in becoming a partner with the City to provide a benefit to the youth of the
community. Therefore, it is enhanced by the entrée into this project potentially of the Boys & Girls Club
(BGC) and the Cal Ripken, Sr., Foundation (CRSF).

CITY OF EAST WENATCHEE COUNCIL MINUTES                                                        JULY 22, 2008

Mayor Lacy said a letter form Mr. Woodard indicates that Waste Management would be in a position to
start funding the project by September 1, 2008.

Mayor Lacy said in order for the BGC to build the sports complex they have to be in a position to have
control of it for the purpose of the construction period. Then the idea would be to turn over the completed
or improved facility back to the City then turn around make an agreement with them on the facility so
they then could manage it.

Councilmember Hendricks said that it was a bold statement to say that there would be “no cost” to the
City of East Wenatchee. Mayor Lacy said that this was developed by Mr. Tsoukalas, president of the
Washington State Alliance of Boys and Girls Club.

Mayor Lacy said the reason he supports the “no cost” to East Wenatchee statement because the total
anticipated cost of this project is going to be funded by a host fee from Waste Management. The City will
not be spending any taxpayer dollars. He added his intent is to build the sports complex within the
confines of the amount of money that the City will receive from Waste Management. The City is going to
have to develop a buildup plan on this project with the amount of host fee money that they will receive, so
it gives him the confidence to say to that there will be no cost to the taxpayers of the City.

Mayor Lacy clarified that the host fee arrangement is one that is not available to the Eastmont
Metropolitan Parks District, but he has been looking for a way to involve the Eastmont Metropolitan
Parks District (EMPD) in this project in the standpoint of local play options because he thinks it is their
way of trying to serve the local community. While they would not be the owners of the facility, it was his
hope at one point to involve them from the standpoint of trying to mange some local play, not outside
tournament play, but the same kind of services that they currently provide to the local youth community.

Bud Adams of the Wenatchee Valley SportsPlex said the facility is going to provide the ability to attract
tournaments for youth and adults. The fields at this point are very low key design and able to
accommodate soccer, baseball, softball and little league baseball all the way up to higher levels of
baseball play where the field is bigger. He added the facility will have a kitchen, an after school program
and a learning center. The other important key is what the CRSF would provide, which involves a
regional training center where kids from Seattle would come over on behalf of the CRSF, in which they
would be housed here and take part in use of the fields.

Mayor Lacy said there are a lot of groups in the community that, as they hear about this project have
contacted him indicating a desire to have some participation or perhaps use of a facility like this including
Dan Shaffer with the Wenatchee Valley Rams Football Organization, who wanted to know if there was
any possibility of incorporating their program along with this. The Wenatchee Valley Rams currently play
out of the Eastmont stadium but have some limitations on what they could do.

Council Action: A motion was made by Councilmember Bremmer, second by Councilmember Barnhart,
to allow the Mayor to continue negotiations on a contract with Boys and Girls Club, the Cal Ripken Sr.
Foundation and Waste Management to develop an indoor/outdoor sports complex at no cost to the City.
The motion carried, 6-1 Hendricks abstained.

Council discussed the differences between the YMCA and the BGC. They also questioned the number of
years the BGC would lease and operate the facility.

Mayor Lacy explained that in our community the poverty level youth population is not all Hispanic but a
sizeable portion of it is Hispanic on both sides of the river, while the YMCA does great things and has

CITY OF EAST WENATCHEE COUNCIL MINUTES                                                        JULY 22, 2008

scholarships for youth it has never been able to put together programs that are free without participation
of the community. He said the BGC could offer a benefit to the community that no one else could provide
because the City could do something with a potential funding source of up to millions of dollars a year
while having economic benefit to the community.

Mayor Lacy said the agreement the City would have with the BGC to build and operate the facility on
behalf of the City is not limited to a total number of years. He said it is a permanent asset, the twenty-five
years simply has to do with the length of time that we would collect a host fee from Waste Management.
His expectation is that it would be paid for and self-supporting long before those twenty five years are up.
So we do not have to depend on Waste Management for operational expenses or having to only operate as
long as Waste Management is giving that host fee, and after ten to fifteen years that host fee will be
coming to the City free with the ability to be used for other things.


                1.       Consideration of Minutes – Regular Session, July 8, 2008
                2.       Consideration of Bills

Council Action: A motion was made by Councilmember Johnson, second by Councilmember McCourt,
to approve the consent calendar as presented. The motion carried, 7-0.

Vouchers audited and certified by the auditing officer as required by RCW 42.24.080 and those expense
reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090 have been recorded in a listing, which has
been made available to Council.

As of this date, July 22, 2008, Council does approve warrant numbers 20426 through 20496 in the total
amount of $150,668.26. Warrant number 20452 was voided.

Council does approve payroll warrant numbers 26530 through 26535, 26536 through 26621, and direct
deposit payroll warrant numbers 00174 through 00193, in the total amount of $313,389.36, paid July 5,
2008, for the month of June 2008. Warrant number 26583 was voided.


08-07-05        A discussion on the preferred method to manage the three maple trees lining 9th Street NE
                in front of City Hall.

Street Superintendent Brandon Mauseth said the Street Crew have been working on installation of
irrigation lines along with an automatic sprinkler system. He said he would like to take this opportunity to
present this report to Council with regards to managing the three maple trees in front of City Hall. He said
Street Maintenance Worker, Bill Cass, had reported that the trees were damaged last year and he is
concerned about how to manage the trees.

Mayor Lacy stated that people love the big trees and if they are removed, the City may hear complaints.

Mr. Mauseth asked Council for directions on how to proceed with the trees. He suggested three options
which include:

    1. Remove the trees and plant new trees offset from the overhead power lines to avoid the need for
       “toping” and letting the trees grow to maturity.

CITY OF EAST WENATCHEE COUNCIL MINUTES                                                      JULY 22, 2008

    2. Plant new trees offset from the existing trees allowing them to grow several years before the
       existing trees are removed. This would allow the new trees time to mature and become
       established but the ultimate goal would still be to remove the existing trees.

    3. Leave the existing trees as is and begin a more aggressive pruning technique to remove the
       damage and decaying wood.

Council discussed the possibility of asking the Public Utility District of Douglas County to install
underground utilities in that area. They also discussed liability of the damaged tree falling on someone.

Council Action: A motion was made by Councilmember Barnhart, second by Councilmember
Hendricks, to accept option number two. The motion carried, 6-1. (Bremmer)


Councilmember McCourt reported on the Chelan County Health District Deficit Reduction
Recommendations stating that there will be a $321,000.00 shortfall for the 2009 budget. She said as well
as cutting some programs and laying people off they will be having a meeting to discuss alternative
options. She said a Health District employee will be attending a Council meeting to explain the budget
cuts and how they would come up with more money. She added, at this time Chelan and Douglas County
are the only entities that put money into the Health District other than grants. Therefore, they would like
for the Cities in both Counties to put in a dollar per person for the City population. The Counties would
then add an additional dollar per person which is at four dollars now taking that amount to five dollars.
Councilmember McCourt added that the First Step program will be picked up by Columbia Valley
Community Health.

Councilmember McCourt submitted minutes from the Chelan–Douglas Health District meetings held on
June 16, 2008, and July 11, 2008.

The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society submitted a 2nd Quarter Summary Report for 2008.

ADJOURNMENT – 8:20 p.m.

Dana Barnard
City Clerk