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 Student Services Panel
Student Health Service

          Hudson Health Center
          2 Health Center Drive
          Athens, Ohio 45701-2979


Student Health Service
  (Ground, 1st, & 2nd floors of Hudson)

Counseling and Psychological Services
  (3rd Floor Hudson)

Health Promotion Programs
  (355 Baker Center)
Student Health Services

Provides primary care to all enrolled students.
OU student insurance is not required to utilize the
  health center services.
         Primary Medical care
         Minor Surgical Procedures
         Imaging
         Laboratory
         Allergy Injections & Immunizations
         Pharmacy
         GYN Clinic
         Physical Therapy
         Psychiatry
Student Health Services
Operating Hours

    Monday & Tuesday              8am-7pm
   Wednesday & Friday             8am-5pm
            Thursday              9am-5pm
             Sunday               1pm-5pm

No patients will be checked in a ½ hour prior to closing.
Summer and Holiday breaks hours will vary.
Health History Form

   This form is in the “Guide to Academic Success”
    booklet that students have received.
   Form must be completed and returned to Hudson
    Health Center.
   Actual dates of immunizations are needed.
   Add notes from your physician if needed.
   Attach a copy (front & back) of your current insurance

   None are required at this time. (New State law, July 1,
    2010, Hepatitis B and Meningitis immunization will be
    required for any student living in a residence hall.)

   Meningitis and Hepatitis B are strongly recommended.

   Immunizations are available at Hudson by appointment.
Fees and Charges
   There are charges for medical services provided through the
    Student Health Service. We will bill the student „s medical
    insurance company for them. Each time they visit we ask for
    their updated insurance information.

   Each quarter your student bill will include the $40 WellBeing.
    This fee works with you medical insurance and is considered
    pre-payment of your office co-pay and/or co-insurance

   You will not need cash at Hudson. Charges for pharmacy and
    any co-pays or co-insurance will be charged to your student „s
    account. SHS will bill your insurance for provider visits, lab,
    and x-ray. We do not bill insurance companies for pharmacy.

   Confidentiality

   Emergency Care

   First Aid Kit

   A copy of your health insurance card and information
    about any special requirements for students covered
    by HMO, PPO, etc.
    Counseling and Psychological

   Educational Counseling
    –   Study habits, panic about exams, discouragement
        about academic progress

   Career Counseling
    –   Explore personal needs, interests and aptitudes.

   Personal Adjustment Counseling
    –   Personal worries, depression, lack of confidence,
        fears, unsatisfactory relationships.
Health Promotion Programs

    Educational programs on:
    Nutrition/Healthy Eating
    Alcohol/Substance Abuse
    Sexually-transmitted
    Sexual Health &
    Contraception
    Stress Management
    Sexual Assault Risk
    Accident and Sickness Insurance

   All domestic students taking 7 credit hours or international students
    taking 1 or more credit hours are required to have a health
    insurance plan while they are enrolled in the University.
   All students are automatically billed for a health insurance plan
    offered by Ohio University.
   Domestic students who are covered by a comparable insurance
    plan may waive the University-offered plan; you can do this
    electronically when you receive your electronic fee bill.
   You must waive the insurance by the deadline waiver date
    indicated for that quarter.
   The WellBeing health fee is different from the insurance fee. If you
    have private insurance you can waive the insurance plan, but you
    may not want to waive the health fee.
Student Health Service

          Hudson Health Center
          2 Health Center Drive
          Athens, Ohio 45701-2979

         Ohio University
Office of the University Registrar
                 Chubb Hall First Floor
                 Athens, OH 45701
                 Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F
Highlights of
Registrar Responsibilities

   Registration
   Schedules
   Enrollment Verification
   FERPA and access to your student‟s education
   Grades
   Other Important Services
   Important Deadlines
   Check University Email Reminder

   Course offerings are online at Registrar‟s Web site

   Today students will register themselves on the Web
    after an advisor has reviewed the student‟s schedule

   For future quarters students meet with advisor to:
    –   Learn registration time and registration access code
    –   Discuss DARS report and plan education at Ohio University

   Schedule will be sent to student‟s University email
    account prior to quarter opening, after first week of
    quarter and again, on the 15th calendar day of the

   Please encourage your student to review his/her
    schedule for accuracy

   Your student may view his/her schedule online and
    may request a schedule from MySchedule on our
    Web site
Enrollment Verification

   Once your student is registered, he/she may
    go online to print or email an enrollment
    verification letter

   Many times your insurance companies will
    ask for such letters to continue coverage for
    your student

   Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
   Guarantees privacy of student records. Any
    institution receiving federal funds must comply.
   FERPA rights transfer to the student when attending
    a postsecondary institution, regardless of age
   Student must give written permission to the
    University to release confidential information
   Grades and schedules are confidential information

   We strongly encourage communication between the student
    and you:
    –   Grades and schedules are emailed to the student
    –   If you are interested in knowing this information, ask (or tell) your
        student to forward that information directly to you
    –   If you are providing financial support to them, make it part of the deal
        with them to tell you how they are doing

   Parents may obtain confidential records in one of three
    –   Student shares the information with you
    –   Student signs a consent to release form (available on our Web site)
    –   Student is financially your dependent (proof of dependency required)

   Your student will receive an email grade report
    approximately one week after the official quarter
    closing date.

   Fall Quarter grades will be emailed:
       Wednesday, December 2

   Your student may view grades online or request an
    email grade report from MyGrades on our Web site.
Other Important Services

   Please have your student update the following online
    at Update MyAddress on our Web site
     – Emergency contact information
     – Address Changes (off-campus)
     – Cell Phone Number Changes
     – Parent email addresses
   Academic Calendar - Important dates and
    deadlines (available from our Web site in a printer-
    friendly format)
   Undergraduate Catalog – Important policies and
    degree requirements for all majors
Important Deadlines
   Monday, September 7 – Last day to cancel Fall Quarter classes
    to avoid paying partial fees

   Tuesday, September 8 – Classes start for Fall Quarter

   Tuesday, September 22 (15th calendar day)
    –   Last day to add a class (instructor‟s permission required)
    –   Last day to remove a class from student‟s academic record with
        possible fee adjustment
    –   Last day to change college/major for Fall Quarter

   Monday, October 12 – Last day to drop a class (course remains
    on academic record with WP/WF grade with no fee adjustment)
University Email

   Students should check University email account

   Important information is sent to this email account
    such as schedules, grades, eBill notifications,
    announcements from the Dean, etc.
         Ohio University
Office of the University Registrar
                 Chubb Hall First Floor
                 Athens, OH 45701
                 Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F
The Ohio University Police
            135 Scott Quad
            Athens, Ohio 45701
Who we are:

   Full-service/full-time police department

   25 sworn police officers commissioned by the State
    of Ohio to serve and protect Ohio University.

   Community oriented philosophy

          We are here to help and educate
Who we are:

   24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 a year
    (always open!)

    –   Help is always just a phone call away
    –   740-593-1911
Other Safety Services

 - Athens Fire Department
- 911
- Emergency phones located
throughout campus
- SAFE-T Patrol
What we do:

   Enforce the laws of the State of Ohio and the
    policies of Ohio University

   Patrol campus – greens, residence halls,
    parking lots, academic buildings, library

   Foot patrols, marked cruisers, bikes
What we do:

Heavy enforcement of alcohol on campus – Why?

         Drinking age is 21
         Sexual assaults
         Physical assaults
         Vandalism
         Health concerns
         DUI
         Accidents
What we do:

   Work closely with Residence Life and Judiciaries

   Crime prevention programs in residence halls
     – Self-defense (RAD)
     – Personal safety
     – Theft prevention (biggest problem at OU)
     – Sexual assault prevention
     – Alcohol and other drug problems
The Ohio University Police
            135 Scott Quad
            Athens, Ohio 45701
  Ohio University
Residential Housing
         Chubb Hall 060
         Athens, OH 45701
            Top 10 Topics
       from Residential Housing

1. Everything you need to know is at

2. Two-year post high school residency
               Top 10 Topics
          from Residential Housing

3.   Housing and dining contracts are
     binding for the entire year; billed

4.   You can change your meal plan during
     Orientation, but after the first day of
     class you can only increase your plan.
               Top 10 Topics
         from Residential Housing

5.   There are RA’s on every floor of each
     residence hall.

6.   Room changes are possible after the
     second week of the quarter.
               Top 10 Topics
         from Residential Housing

7.   Only lofts through will be
     allowed. See Housing website for

8.   Renter’s Insurance is encouraged.
              Top 10 Topics
         from Residential Housing

9.   Bobcat Cash can be used in food
     venues, laundry centers and on-campus
     retail stores.

     and #10….
                  Top 10 Topics
          from Residential Housing

10.   Move-in times
       Last name A-F, Sept. 3, 9:00-2:00
       Last name G-K, Sept. 3, 2:00-7:00
       Last name L-R, Sept. 4, 9:00-2:00
       Last Name S-Z, Sept. 4, 2:00-7:00

*Residence Halls close at 6:00 p.m. on November 24, 2009
  Ohio University
Residential Housing
         Chubb Hall 060
         Athens, OH 45701
Ohio University Bursar’s Office
                010 Chubb Hall
                PO Box 960
                Athens, OH 45701
Bursar Responsibilities

   Billing
   Monthly Payment Plan Administration
   Collections
   Processing Refunds/Overages
   Working with Third Party Student Sponsors
   Student Organization Banking

   Ohio University utilizes an eBill system – Access
    through the eAccount link on the Bursar Web site
    –   Students log in with their Oak ID and password
    –   Authorized users log in with user ID and password set up by
        their student

   When eBill is generated, we send email notification
    to student‟s Ohio University email account and
    authorized users email if provided

   Transactions that occur between ebills can be
    viewed from the “click here to view recent account
    activity” link provided on the eAccount.
eBilling Schedule

   Fall quarter ebills will be issued August 17

   Due date is September 3

   The 2009-10 billing schedule can be found at

   A $100 late fee assessment will apply if
    payment is not received by the due date
Monthly Payment Plan
   Fall, Winter & Spring quarters are divided into three
    installments; Summer quarter is divided into two installments

   $75 nonrefundable application fee – covers one academic year
    (Fall through Summer quarters)

   Student can apply online at

   First eBill for Fall Qtr will be available August 17

   Fall Quarter installments due Sept. 3, Oct. 1, & Nov. 2

   $30 late fee assessment for each late payment
Optional Fees
   Student Health Insurance (waiver will cover entire academic
     –   $367 per quarter

   Student Legal Service (must be waived each quarter)
     –   $8 per quarter

   WellBeing Plan (must be waived each quarter)
     –   $40 per quarter

   Waivers can be submitted with the remittance portion of the
    eBill, at the Bursar‟s Office, or online from the “Make a
    Payment” page of the eAccount

   Fall Quarter waiver deadline: October 12, 2009
Payment Options
   Electronic Check
    –   Access through eAccount (eBill) page at
    –   Must use routing # and account # of checking or savings account
    –   Do NOT use debit card number

   Check
    –   In person at the Bursar‟s Office
    –   Via mail – mailing address included on eBill

   Cash
    –   In person at the Bursar‟s Office

   Credit Card
    –   Online only through a third party vendor
    –   MasterCard, Discover, American Express
    –   2.9% service charge
   Credit balances resulting from excess financial aid will automatically
    generate a student refund or overage

   Refunds via direct deposit are issued daily beginning the first week of
    the quarter

   Refunds via check are issued once each week
     –   Checks generated on Fridays beginning the first week of the quarter
     –   These checks are mailed to the student‟s local address

   Students can sign up for direct deposit at

   Funds can be direct deposited to a student‟s checking or savings

   Credit balances resulting from a Parent PLUS loan will be refunded to
    the parent borrower via check
   Download withdrawal request form from

   Submit one withdrawal request per quarter – even if you plan to
    enroll in the monthly payment plan

   If withdrawal will not cover the full balance due, you must remit
    difference by the due date

   It takes CollegeAdvantage approximately one to two weeks to
    process the request and remit funds to Ohio University

   Fax copy of request to Bursar‟s Office if you think payment may
    not reach us by the due date
Financial Aid
   Anticipated financial aid will be reflected on the eBill

   Any adjustments to financial aid must be coordinated with the Office of
    Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (e.g. loans). The eBill must be
    adjusted manually by the student (parent), and the revised amount due
    remitted by the due date

   Scholarships are divided over Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters – 1/3
    each quarter – unless the issuing agency provides other instructions

   Send scholarship checks or award notifications to the Office of Student
    Financial Aid.

   Carefully check online award notice to assure all requirements to
    secure the aid have been met (
Office of Student Financial Aid
       and Scholarships
                020 Chubb Hall
                Athens, OH 45701
                740-593-4141 (option 1)
     Welcome Week and
    Residence Hall Move In

 Check
View a Residence Hall Room!

             East Green                             Back 15-South Green
   If the student is assigned to Bush, Tiffin,      If the student is assigned to Armbruster,
        Perkins, Voigt, Scott, Gamertsfelder,         Atkinson, Dougan, Ewing, Hoover, Fenzel,
           Jefferson or Washington Halls:           O’Bleness, Smith, True, Cady or Wray Halls:
   -Go to Jefferson Hall rooms 242 (single),            -Go to Wray Hall rooms 219 (single),
     230 (double), 241 (triple) 426 (dormer)                 210 (double), 224 (double)

 If the student is assigned to Biddle, Johnson,
            Lincoln, Shively or Read Halls:                   West Green
      -Go to Biddle Hall rooms 107 (double),       If the student is assigned to Boyd, James,
             109 (triple), 416 (dormer)                Ryors, Sargent, Treudley or Wilson Halls:
                                                      -Go to Sargent Hall rooms 126 (single),
                                                             130 (double), 148 (triple)

Front Four-South Green                            If the student is assigned to the Convocation
 If the student is assigned to Crawford,                                 Center:
  Mackinnon, Pickering or Brown Halls:                -Go to the Convocation Center room 370
    -Go to Pickering Hall rooms 233 (single),      *Be sure to follow the signs directing you to
      202 (double), 232 (triple), 231 (quad)           this room as this hall is undergoing minor
                                                        renovations with restricted access areas.

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