DDD Provider Letter by gyv12087


									                                       STATE OF NEW JERSEY
CHRIS CHRISTIE                                                                       Jennifer Velez
                           DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES                               COMMISSIONER
                        DIVISION OF DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES                      Kenneth W. Ritchey
KIM GUADAGNO                               PO BOX 726                               Assistant Commissioner
                                      TRENTON, NJ 08625-0726                        TEL. (609) 631-2200

                                      April 9, 2010

 Dear Provider:

 As you are aware, the Federal Government is in the process of completing the 2010 Census. In
 response to the census, the Division has received several inquiries from Provider agencies.
 These types of inquiries primarily focused on concern about how to both ensure compliance with
 HIPAA and also provide constitutionally mandated census information to representatives of the
 U.S. Census in a valuable and meaningful way. Accordingly, the Division has reviewed this
 matter and has determined that it is appropriate to share individuals’ MIS numbers and birth
 dates. We have been advised by representatives of the U.S. Census that this information would
 be sufficient to gathering the requisite information for census compliance.

 Thank you for you attention to this matter.


                                      Kenneth Ritchey
                                      Assistant Commissioner

 c: Shawn McInerney
    Mary Monteschio
    Ellen Casey
    Steve Smith
    Cece Lentini
    Patricia Fettweis
    Linda Gately
    Robert Harbold
    Jenny Zayschly
    Natalie Swiatek

                                      New Jersey Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

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