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					                Funded by:
      Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,
        New Jersey Health Initiatives

               Developed by:
  New Jersey Department of Human Services,
       Division of Disability Services


New Jersey Coalition on Women and Disabilities
I.   Introduction                                                 strangers. Abusers can be
                                                                  anyone from any race,
                                                                                                     her or force her to do
                                                                                                     something against her
 Women with disabilities                                          educational level, cultural        will. Any woman who
 are at higher risk than                                          or religious background,           lacks power or perceives
 other women for abuse                                            socioeconomic level,               that she lacks power is at
 and violence. Women                                              gender, sexual orientation,        risk for abuse.
 with disabilities are                                            occupational group, and
 abused 3 to 10 times more                                        any city or state.                 There are many types of
 often than peers without                                                                            abuse. Some examples
 disabilities and are forced
 to endure abuse longer                                          A . What is abuse for
 and in more ways by                                                 women with                      ✔ Physical abuse (hitting,
 more abusers than women                                             disabilities?                     beating, slapping, or
 without disabilities.                                                                                 biting)
                                                                  Abuse is an effort by one
                                   backgrounds; women of                                             ✔ Verbal abuse
 Although any woman                                               person to exert control
                                   color; women from                                                   (criticizing, belittling,
 with a disability has the                                        over another. It is more
                                   disadvantaged                                                       blaming, shouting)
 potential to be abused, in                                       likely to occur when there
                                   backgrounds; women who
 some types of disability                                         is inequity in a
                                   are isolated because of                                           ✔ Emotional abuse
 the risk is increased.                                           relationship or a
                                   age or limited mobility;                                            (isolating her from
 Women at increased risk                                          difference in the ability of
                                   and women who are                                                   others, demeaning or
 for abuse include older                                          one person to control or
                                   dependent on others for                                             ridiculing)
 women with disabilities                                          influence another person.
 and adults and children                                          Having a disability often          ✔ Sexual abuse (forcing
 with developmental,                                              puts a woman at a                    a woman to have sex
                                   Abusers can be family
 cognitive, and sensory                                           disadvantage in a                    against her will, rape,
                                   members (parents,
 (vision and hearing)                                             relationship and less able           exploiting her sexually,
                                   siblings, and children),
 disabilities; women with                                         to resist the efforts of             inappropriate touching)
                                   partners, hired caregivers,
 disabilities from other                                          another person to control
                                   personal assistants,
 cultural, ethnic                  healthcare providers, or
                               1                                                                 2
✔ Financial (stealing her       ✔ Keeping her from          ✔ Forging her name to           ✔ Because of fear of
  money, insurance,               getting food or water,      documents without her           serious harm and loss
  other resources such as         bathing, using the          knowledge or against            of resources
  property, belongings)           toilet, or caring for       her will
                                  herself                                                   ✔ Because they may not
✔ Withholding access (to                                    ✔ Intimidating or                 know how to respond
  family members,               ✔ Isolating her and           coercing her                    to abuse and violence
  health care, medicines,         preventing access to
  friends or coworkers)           community and             ✔ Controlling her               ✔ Because they rely on
                                  services                    reproductive decisions          others for
✔ Removing/destroying                                                                         transportation, care,
  assistive devices             ✔ Exploiting the            ✔ Failing to provide              health insurance,
                                  woman’s power of            contracted services             and/or housing
                                  attorney; making            (neglect, fraud,
                                  decisions that affect       cheating her)                 ✔ Because they fear loss
                                  her against her will                                        of custody of their
                                                            ✔ Preventing a woman              children
                                                              from communicating
                                                              (limiting her access to       ✔ Because they fear
                                                              phone, TTY, language            deportation or arrest
                                                              board or electronic             due to immigration
                                                              speaking device or              status
                                                                                            ✔ Because they fear
                                                                                              being rejected by their
                                                           B . Why do women with              family, community,
                                                                                              cultural or religious
                                                               disabilities who are
                                                               being abused stay in           group
                                                               abusive relationships
                                                               or situations?

                            3                                                           4
C . What are the                 ✔ Lack of resources           ✔ Communicating in a              ✔ Causes other
    barriers to help               (financial or housing)        different language,               disabilities (both
    among women with                                             (i.e., Spanish,                   physical and mental
                                 ✔ The type and degree of        American Sign                     health)
    disabilities that are
                                   disability causes a           Language)
    being abused?
                                   woman with cognitive,                                         ✔ Leads to greater
                                   psychiatric, mobility or    ✔ Cultural, religious,              poverty
 ✔ Difficulty in obtaining
                                   multiple disabilities to      ethnic backgrounds
   help may make it hard                                                                         ✔ May lead to post-
                                   rely on others for such       that do not allow for
   for women with                                                                                  traumatic stress
                                   things as finances,           women with
   disabilities to escape                                                                          disorder (PTSD)
                                   transportation,               disabilities to publicly
   and protect themselves
                                   communication, and            report/seek help about
   from abuse                                                                                    ✔ Imposes risk of
                                   daily living activities;      an abusive situation
                                                                                                   physical injury, harm,
 ✔ Lack of knowledge               the more severe the
                                                                                                   and death
                                   disability the greater      ✔ Lack of “safety net”
   about disability issues
                                   the risk                      for immigrant women
   among those who
                                                                 with disabilities
   provide domestic
   violence and sexual
                                                                                                E . What can women
                                                                                                    with disabilities do to
   assault services                                           D . What does abuse                   help themselves?
 ✔ Lack of knowledge                                              do to women with
   about abuse among                                              disabilities?                  ✔ Leave the abuse
   those who provide                                                                               situation or
   disability services                                         ✔ Causes fear, emotional            environment
                                                                 distress and isolation
 ✔ Lack of accessible                                                                            ✔ Educate oneself
   shelters and accessible                                     ✔ Puts women and their
                                                                 children at risk (i.e.          ✔ Learn more about
                                                                 custody and child                 abuse (what is it, etc.)

                             5                                                              6
 ✔ Take proactive steps to
   empower oneself
                                    otherwise physically
                                    hurt by someone?
                                                               5. Within the last year,
                                                                  have you been
                                                                                                 III .   Know Your Rights

 ✔ Reach out to women’s          2. Within the last year,         intimidated, coerced,
   shelters, other women,           has anyone forced you         or manipulated to do
   religious communities            to have sexual                things that made you
   (church, synagogue,              activities?                   fearful and/or do
   temple, or mission)                                            things you did not
                                 3. Within the last year,         wish to do?
 ✔ Identify possible abuse
                                    has anyone prevented
 ✔ Learn about available            you from using a           6. Within the last year,
   resources and services           wheelchair, cane,             were you humiliated or         A . Basic Rights
                                    respiratory, or other         shamed, called names,
 ✔ Join a support                   assistive devices?            overly criticized, or           ✐ You have the right to
   /counseling group for                                          otherwise belittled?              live an independent,
   abused women                  4. Within the last year,                                           active, and full life
                                    has anyone you depend      7. Within the last year
 ✔ Offer support to other           on refused to help you                                        ✐ You have the right to
                                                                  has anyone done
   women who are being              with an important                                               live without violence
                                                                  anything to make you
   abused                           personal need, such as                                          or abuse
                                    taking your medicine,
                                                                                                  ✐ You have the right to
II .   Assessing Abuse -
                                    getting to the
                                    bathroom, getting out
                                                               If you said “yes” to any of
                                                               these questions, you are
                                                                                                    have safe and healthy
                                                                                                    relationships with
       Are You Being                of bed, bathing, getting   being abused and should              persons of your choice
       Abused?                      dressed, or getting        ask about available
                                    food or drink?             support and resources and          ✐ You have the right to
 1. Within the last year,
                                                               a safety plan.                       your own sexual
    have you been hit,
                                                                                                    identity, sexual
    slapped, kicked,
                                                                                                    orientation, and gender
    pushed, shoved or
                             7                                                               8
✐ You have the right to                                       ✐ You have the right to           ✔ You have the right to
  quality physical and                                          say “No” to anything              have a personal
  mental health care                                            that makes you feel               assistant or caregiver
                                                                uncomfortable and                 who doesn’t hurt you
✐ You have the right to                                         to have that right                feelings and doesn’t
  access transportation                                         respected                         hurt your body.

✐ You have the right to
  develop and relate to
                                                             B . Relationship Rights        IV .    Safety Planning for
                                                                 These rights are                   Women with
  others as sexual beings
                                                                 part of a healthy                  Disabilities
✐ You have the right to                                          relationship:
  privacy                                                                                       The most dangerous time
                                                              ✔ You have the right to           is when a woman tries to
✐ You have the right to                                         be respected                    leave the abuser. It is
  marry, and decide                future and make                                              very important for women
  whom to marry                    personal life choices      ✔ You have the right to           living with domestic
                                                                be treated and spoken           violence to think about
✐ You have the right to         ✐ You have the right to         to like an adult                safety and to be prepared
  have children or not            have access to                                                in advance for danger.
                                  community services          ✔ You have the right to
✐ You have the right to                                                                         The longer domestic
                                                                be treated in a caring
                                                                                                violence goes on, the
  legal representation          ✐ You have the right to         way
  and full protection of                                                                        more dangerous it
                                  birth control
  your legal rights                                           ✔ You have the right to           becomes. Remember,
                                ✐ You have the right to         be treated as a valuable        more than 4,000 women
✐ You have the right to           determine who signs           person                          a year are killed by their
  make or participate in          all documents that                                            abusers! The safety-
  decisions that affect           relate to you, including                                      planning checklist will
  your own life,                  financial documents                                           help you plan a safer
  determine your own                                                                            escape from the abuser.
                            9                                                              10
A . Safety Plan                   ✔ If time permits, utilize      destination (i.e. long            traceable documents to
                                    friends, the emergency        distance phone bills or           the Internal Revenue
 ✔ Your safety is of the            department, shelter,          other literature about            Service. If possible, try
   highest priority. Save           police, and house of          domestic violence                 to set aside as much
   yourself if you are in           worship (church,              services).                        money as you can. If
   danger. Your life is             synagogue, temple,                                              you have joint
                                    mosque or mission).        ✔ Change your payee -                accounts with your
   more important than
                                                                 (if you have one) on               spouse or partner, try
   anything else.
                                  ✔ If you are thinking          your SSI/SSDI benefit              to take all of your
 ✔ Identify a trusted               about leaving, do not        to someone you trust               money out and put it in
   person (or persons)              let your abuser know         other than the batterer.           your own account. It
   who can help you                 of your plan to escape.      You (or a caseworker               may seem sneaky or it
   develop a plan and               Be careful not to leave      from a domestic                    may even be risky to
   ultimately leave an              clues regarding your         violence shelter,                  you, but it may mean
   abusive relationship.                                         disability service                 your survival. If
                                                                 agency or Adult                    possible, bank
 ✔ If you have resources,                                        Protective Services)               statements should be
   time, etc., establish a                                       will need to contact the           accessible online so no
   Plan A and a Plan B                                           Social Security                    statements are mailed
   (Plan A would be                                              Administration (1-800-             to your home.
   implemented if you are                                        772-1213) to change
   not in any immediate                                          the payee name.                 ✔ Plan for assistance
   danger; Plan B would                                                                            with personal care
   be implemented if you                                       ✔ Open a checking                   tasks. Be prepared to
   are at immediate risk                                         account in your name              receive this assistance
   and in danger.)                                               only. Have your                   from someone else
                                                                 benefit checks direct             besides the batterer.
                                                                 deposited into that               Ask several friends,
                                                                 account. A savings                family members or
                                                                 account will generate             faith community
                             11                                                             12
  members for help if              first she/he does not         church, synagogue,               special or paratransit
  possible so that one             respond or assist, call       temple, mosque or                services. A doctor or
  person is not over-              again and ask for a           mission) who would be            caseworker can certify
  taxed.                           status report or for an       able to let you stay             your disability if you
                                   explanation about why         with them or lend you            have seen them for
✔ If you receive                   services have not been        some money to make               services before. This
  Medicaid/Medicare                initiated. If they still      the transition.                  may be done by mail.
  and are low income,              do not respond, ask
  you may be entitled to           to speak to their          ✔ Make sure if you drive         ✔ Call the battered
  personal care                    supervisor.                  an adapted vehicle that          women’s shelter in
  assistance services                                           the adaptations are in           your area (or the
  from the NJ                         Medicaid                  good repair and the              National Domestic
  Department of Human           800-356-1561 (V/TDD)            vehicle itself is in             Violence Hotline at 1-
  Services. Some home                                           reasonable, working              800-799-SAFE (7233)
  health care agencies                Medicare                  order. Have your                 1.800.792.8339 (TTY)
  have rates based on             800-633-4227 (V)              vehicle checked often            to discuss safety
  income. Contact a              877-486-2048 (TDD)             in case the abuser has           planning. Let them
  caseworker or an                                              tampered with it in any          know what your needs
  intake worker and let         ✔ Get a post office box         way. Never leave your            are and that you have a
  them know about your            in your own name and          vehicle with less than           disability. Inquire
  service needs. If at            hide the key or give it       half tank of gas. This           about accessibility. Be
                                  to a trusted friend or        is so that if you need           aware that shelters are
                                  relative.                     to leave in a hurry,             often full. More than
                                                                you have a reasonable            likely, the shelter is not
                                ✔ Assess your own               amount of gas                    turning you away
                                  resources. Figure out         available.                       because of your
                                  if you have people                                             disability. Ask to be
                                  (i.e., friends, family,     ✔ If you live in a major           put on the waiting list
                                  church or synagogue           metropolitan area,               and check back with
                                  members of your               consider applying for            them daily to inquire
                           13                                                             14
   about their status.                disability rights         living arrangements                is deemed safe and
   Remember, safety                   organizations listed in   (i.e. Division of                  accessible. If this is
   planning is very, very             the phone book (i.e.,     Developmental                      not an option APS will
   important at this stage            support groups,           Disabilities). If you              attempt to set up other
   of the process. Stay in            County Offices on         live in your own                   temporary emergency
   touch with your local              Disabilities,             home/apartment, APS                services. Phone:
   hotline. Ask them for              independent living        will send a social                 1-800-792-8820
   help to strategize with            centers, etc.) and ask    worker to investigate
   safety planning. A                 for assistance with       (and a police officer at        ✔ When you leave, write
   woman is much more                 locating accessible or    your request) APS will            a note to the abuser
   likely to be killed upon           other support services.   interview you, others             that says you went to a
   leaving a relationship                                       (neighbors, other                 doctor’s appointment
   than at any other time.         ✔ Call Adult Protective      members of the                    or another place that
                                     Services (APS) and         household) and ALL                will not make the
✔ Keep the battered                  report the abuse. Let      alleged abusers. APS              abuser suspicious.
  women’s shelter or                 them know if your          will file a report with           This will give you a
  domestic violence or               health and safety are at   their office to                   head start.
  other crisis hotline               stake. Ask APS what        determine how to
  telephone number with              the process will be for                                    ✔ If you use a credit card
                                                                assist you. If you
  you. Better yet,                   investigation and                                            after leaving, make
                                                                decide to press charges
  memorize it! Keep                  services. APS will                                           sure that the bill will
                                                                against your abuser
  some extra change                  send a social worker to                                      not be sent to the
                                                                and you fear
  with you for phone                 investigate your                                             residence where the
                                                                retaliation, a report is
  calls. Most shelter                situation. If you are                                        abuser lives or has
                                                                made with your police
  hotlines will take                 living in a service                                          access.
                                                                department so they are
  collect calls.                     provider residence (i.e.   aware of the abusive            ✔ If possible, use a
                                     group home), a report      situation. APS will
✔ Call and talk with                                                                              phone card as the
                                     will be sent to the        assist in relocating you
  other disability related                                                                        card’s central number
                                     service provider           to a shelter, or home of
  service providers and                                                                           should appear on caller
                                     responsible for your       a family/friend which
                              15                                                           16
   ID to avoid tracing the            car key, money or           B . What to Take with                   ✧ Bank books, account
   call. Make a practice              credit card, cell phone,        You When You                          information and
   call using a card.                 driver’s license,               Leave-Checklist                       checkbooks
                                      disability identification                                           ✧ If applicable,
✔ Get a civil protection              and social security          If you can, pack these                   information on
  order that tells the                cards, and all medical       items in advance and                     stocks (including
  abuser that they must               cards.                       leave them at the home of                stock certificates),
  stay away from you                                               a trusted friend or relative.            bonds and individual
  and your children.               ✔ REMEMBER -                    ✦ Identification                         retirement
                                     Leaving an abusive               ✧ Driver’s license or                 account(s), mortgage,
✔ You may need                       relationship is a                  state I.D. card                     etc.
  emergency legal                    process for people with          ✧ Your birth certificate,         ✦ Legal Papers
  services to protect your           disabilities--just like it         along with and your               ✧ Lease or house
  children, especially if            is for people without              children’s certificates             payment information/
  they have visitation               disabilities. For                  (or other family                    deed to the house
  rights. You can ask for            individuals with                   member’s)                           (even if you do not
  supervised visits so the           disabilities, this               ✧ Social Security Card                plan to live there)
  visits will be watched             process can be longer            ✧ Proof of disability               ✧ Car registration and
  by a trusted person in a           because of all the                 (Social Security                    car insurance papers/
  safe place.                        logistics. Leaving an              award letter, doctor’s              documents
                                     abusive relationship is            note, etc.; disability            ✧ Health and life
✔ If using the Internet for          one of the bravest,                identification card                 insurance papers/
  resources, double                  most frightening                   from DMV or state                   documents
  delete your history so             experiences a person               agency)                           ✧ Living Will Directive
  it cannot be traced.               can go through. Being            ✧ Food stamps                       ✧ Children’s school
                                     abused is not your               ✧ Insurance, Medicaid,                records and
✔ If possible, keep on               fault and neither is               Medicare and/or                     vaccinations records
  your person at all                 having a disability.               clinic card                       ✧ Work permits (green
  times (only wear pants                                              ✧ Money, credit cards                 card, VISA)
  with pockets) an extra                                                and/or ATM card                   ✧ Passport
                              17                                                                   18
  ✧ Divorce papers/                    attendants who might        ✧ Cellular phone              ✔ If there is no answer,
     documents                         be willing to help            programmed to 911             do not hang up;
  ✧ Child custody papers               with personal care            (these can often be           waiting is best.
  ✧ Protective or                      tasks during the              obtained for free
     restraining order                 transition period and         through Adult               ✔ If you can’t get to the
✦ Other Important                      also provide you              Protective Services           phone, yell and make
  Disability-Related                   with some emotional           or a local domestic           noise. The neighbors
  Items                                support                       violence program)             may call 9-1-1 for you.
  ✧ Adaptive equipment               ✧ Fixed route bus pass,       ✧ Program your
     (wheelchair, shower               Mobility ID card or           cellular phone with         ✔ Try to keep calm.
     bench, crutches,                  Special Transit ID            ICE (“in case of              When the police arrive,
     communicative                     card                          emergency”)                   show them any bruises
     devices, etc.)                  ✧ Medical records and         ✧ A few changes of              or other injuries you
  ✧ Medications,                       doctor’s phone                clothes for you and           may have, and things
     prescriptions and                 numbers.                      your child(ren)               that the abuser has
     doctor’s orders               ✦ Miscellaneous Items           ✧ Obtain a 911 phone            broken or damaged.
  ✧ Urological supplies              ✧ House, care and               from the American
                                                                                                 ✔ Ask the police to write
  ✧ Service animal and                 office keys                   Automobile
                                                                                                   up a police report.
     needed supplies for             ✧ Small objects to sell         Association for use
     their care                      ✧ Jewelry                       in emergencies              ✔ Talk to the police in a
  ✧ Names and phone                  ✧ Address book                                                place where the abuser
     numbers of home                 ✧ Pictures of you, your                                       can’t hear you or see
     health agencies,                  children,                C . Getting Immediate              you sign.
     caseworkers and                   grandchildren and           Help!
     disability service                the abuser, and                                           ✔ At any time, call a
     providers to assist in            evidence of physical      What to do in an                  domestic violence
     coordinating services             abuse                     emergency:                        shelter in your area.
     for you                         ✧ Children’s small,         ✔ Call 9-1-1. No special          They will be able to
  ✧ Phone numbers of                   favorite toys               number is needed for            tell you where to get
     friends or past                 ✧ Toiletries and diapers      TTY.                            help with legal issues,
                              19                                                            20
   and how to be safe.              ❒ Figure out which       DISABLED PEOPLE.               ✔ Call the following
   You can often find                 rooms in your          THIS ABUSE IS NOT                organizations for
   their phone number in              home are the safest.   YOUR FAULT.                      counseling and
   the front pages of the           ❒ Teach your children    ✔ Contact a support              support.
   phone book.                        a safe place to run      group in your area.            ❒ Independent Living
                                      if they feel unsafe.     Call the Self-Help                Centers
✔ Call a friend, call a             ❒ Avoid being              Clearing House at 1-           ❒ Mental Health
  neighbor, or call a co-             trapped in a room        800-367-6274 or at                Clinics
  worker to inform the                without a way to to            ❒ YWCA’s
  person of your                      escape.                  find a group in your           ❒ Disability Service
  situation. It is                  ❒ Avoid knives, sharp      area. If there is no              Organizations
  important to try and                corners, or things       support group in your          ❒ Jewish Family
  stay in touch with your             that can burn you.       area, the Self-Help               Services
  circle of friends and                                        Clearing House can             ❒ Hospitals
  loved ones so they can         ✔ Use the safety plan         help you establish a           ❒ Catholic Charities
  help you in case of              checklist to guide you      group                          ❒ Domestic Violence
  crisis.                          when calling police                                           Shelters
                                   during a crisis or        ✔ Call the NJ Division           ❒ County Offices for
✔ Hide or escape?                  escaping the abuser.        on Women hotline - 1-
  ❒ Escape to a safe                                                                             the Disabled
                                                               800-572-SAFE (7233)/
     place such as                                             TTY:1-800-792-8339
     domestic violence       D . Breaking the Cycle
     shelter that has a             of Abuse                 ✔ Access long-term
     secret location so                                        therapy services.
     the abuser can’t            You have the power to
     find you. Some              break the cycle of abuse
     people prefer to            with your abuser.
     stay with friends or        REMEMBER: YOU
     family, but they can        HAVE THE SAME
     be found there.             RIGHTS AS NON-
                            21                                                         22
V.   Resources             ✐ NJ Coalition for
                             Battered Women State
                                                      ✐ NJ Office of Civil
                                                                                     ✐ United Way
✐ Adult Protective           Office: 609-584-8107,      973-648-6262,                  Hotline (Central
  Services:                  TTY: 609-584-0027          TTY: 973-648-4678              Jersey): 211 / TTY:
  800-792-8820*            ✐ NJ Coalition on          ✐ NJ Office of Civil             888-908-4636
✐ Battered Lesbian           Women and                  Rights-Trenton:
  Helpline: 800-224-0211*
✐ Commission for the
                             Disabilities, Inc.:
                                                        TTY: 609-292-1785
                                                                                     VI .   References
  Blind and Visually       ✐ NJ Division of Deaf      ✐ NJ Protection &              ✐ Stop the Violence,
  Impaired: 973-648-3333,    and Hard of Hearing:       Advocacy:                      Break the Silence - A
  TTY: 973-648-4559          Voice / TTY:               800-922-7233,                  Training Guide (2003)
✐ Community Health Law       800-792-8339               TTD: 609-633-7106              C.M. Hughes, MPA,
  Project: 888-838-3180,   ✐ NJ Division of           ✐ NJ State Domestic              Edited by W.H.
  TTD: 973-275-1721          Disability Services:       Violence Hotline:              Abramson, LMSW,
✐ County Offices for the     800-285-3036,              800-572-SAFE (7233),           SafePlace, Austin, TX
  Disabled: 201-336-6500,    TDD: 609-292-1210          TTY: 888-252-SAFE (7233)     ✐ Handbook for Shelters
  TTY: 201-336-6505        ✐ NJ Division of           ✐ NJ Statewide                   Serving Deaf Women
✐ Independent Living         Developmental              Independent Living             and Their Children,
  Centers: See NJ            Disabilities:              Council: 877-917-4500,         2nd Edition, Abused
  Statewide Independent      800-832-9173,              TDD: 609-581-4550              Deaf Women’s
  Living Council             TTY: 800-792-8339        ✐ Office of Ombudsman for        Advocacy Services,
✐ Legal Services of NJ:    ✐ NJ Division of Youth       Institutionalized Elderly:     Seattle, WA
  732-572-9100*              and Family Services:       877-582-6995*                ✐ Intimate & Caregiver
✐ Local Domestic Violence    800-331-3937*            ✐ Office on Prevention of        Violence Against
  Shelter Hotline:         ✐ NJ Division of Youth       Violence Against               Women with
  800-572-SAFE (7233),       & Family Services          Women: 609-292-8840,           Disabilities (July,
  TTY: 888-252-SAFE (7233)   Hotline: 877-652-2873,     TTY: 609-777-0799              2000)-Patricia Erwin,
✐ NJ Coalition Against       TTY: 800-835-5510        ✐ Rachael Coalition:             MA, University of
  Sexual Assault State                                  973-740-1233 ext. 203*         California
  Hotline: 800-601-7200* *TDD/TTY not available       *TDD/TTY not available
                        23                                                      24