shaun by kaitao05


									I really think we should protect the triton we know it
should be left alone and not be taken. How would you
like it if people came and took away the kiwi from us?
That is how other people feel about the triton. It is
already on the brink of extinction and we don’t want it
to become fully extinct, so let’s help protect the triton
and let more tritons come so that they are not on the
brink of extinction. Today it is rare to find a triton.
How sad is that.

We also need to save the triton because it eats the
Crown of Thorns. The Crown of Thorns wrecks the
coral reefs. We need the triton because it eats the
Crown of Thorns. The coral reef is a beautiful place to
see the fish and other marine creatures so we really
need to save the triton so that the environment remains
the same. The coral reefs are where islanders get their

The triton is also used in ceremonies. If the triton was
extinct the ceremonies will not be the same and the
Samoans would be sad. They might not be able to earn
money and not be able to buy food.
These are the reasons that I have got to protect the
triton. The triton is a wonderful shell that is used for a
lot of things. It is a part of Samoan cultures

This triton shell.

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