Handling Public Health Emergencies by gyv12087


									Handling Public Health                  Everyone reacts differently to   Here are some ways you can
Emergencies                             a public health risk. These      cope with stress and anxiety:
                                        are normal reactions:
The information in this brochure can                                     • Limit your exposure to graphic
help you cope with anxiety related                                         news stories
to public health emergencies.
                                        tiredness                        • Get accurate, timely information
It is natural to be upset when you                                         from reliable sources
                                        increased pulse
think the health – or the health of
                                        high blood pressure
your loved ones - is threatened.                                         • Educate yourself about the
                                        changes in appetite
                                        unexplained aches or pains         specific health hazard
Pay attention to your own feelings
                                        trouble sleeping
and take care of your own                                                • Maintain your normal daily
                                        stomach aches
emotional needs. You can better                                            routine, if possible
help friends and family members
handle their concerns.                                                   • Exercise, eat well and rest
Uncertainty                             distrust                         • Stay active – physically and
                                        fear                               mentally
Anxiety can be related to fear of the   anger
unknown. It is normal to feel           irritability                     • Stay in touch with family and
anxious and worried about a             sadness                            friends
spreading disease, especially if        depression
there is no known cause or cure.        blame                            • Find comfort in your spiritual and
                                        feeling overwhelmed                personal beliefs
                                        increased stress
                                                                         • Keep a sense of humor
                                        troubling concentrating          • Share your concerns with others
                                        problems at work or school
                                        memory problems
                                        troubling thoughts
                                        concern about health issues

                                        avoiding others
                                        substance abuse
                                        excessive cleaning or washing
                                        being overly cautious
Stay Connected                        Get Reliable Information
The fear associated with a public     When we face uncertainty about
health emergency can push people      health risks, it is important to keep
apart.                                things in perspective.
                                      Get information during public health
People who are normally close to      emergencies from:
family and friends may avoid
contact because they are afraid          •     Your doctor or healthcare
they might get sick or get someone             provider
else sick.                               •     Your local health department
                                         •     The New Jersey Department
It is important to stay connected
                                               of Health and Senior Services
with others. Use the phone, e-mail,
                                               (DHSS) website at
or other electronic means of
                                               (800) 367-6543
If you are anxious about a health        •     The Centers for Disease
risk, talk to someone who can help.            Control and Prevention:
This may be your doctor, a family                1-800-CDC-INFO (4636)          New Jersey
member, friend, member of the
clergy, teacher or mental health
                                                 for assistance in English      Department of Human
                                                 and Spanish
professional.                                                                   Services
                                                 TTY: 1-888-232-6348
If you notice a big change in a
loved one, friend or co-worker,                  E-mail: cdcinfo@cdc.gov        Toll-free HelpLine
reach out to them. Make some time                                               877-294-HELP (4357)
to talk. Watching out for others      This publication available on-line at
shows you care. It can be             www.disastermentalhealthnj.com.           TTY: 877-294-4356
comforting to both of you.
                                             Produced in cooperation with the
                                                New Jersey Department of        Trained counselors
If you or someone you know is                  Health and Senior Services.
having a hard time managing their                                               available free of charge
emotions, seek help from a medical                                              24 hours a day
or mental health professional.


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