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					  Scholarship Name                    Criteria                  Award Amount                Deadline

AFA Teens Alzheimer’s *200 word biography – “How                   $5,000.00            February 15, 2009
 Awareness College Alzheimer’s has touched your
     Scholarship      Life”
                         *1,200-1,500 word essay
                         *copies of birth certificate
   Winner’s Club         www.winnersclubscholarship.visio       One year, non-           Submit between
  Scholarship Fund                              renewable (no          February 1, 2009 and
                         *3.5 GPA                               amount given)              April 15, 2009

                         *Pursuing Education Degree
 Bowling Green State     *Freshman majoring in Biology              $500.00             February 13, 2009
                         *Admitted to Bowling Green
  OCUF- Northeast        *Seniors, planning to participate in      3 Scholarships       February 28, 2009
  Chapter of Credit      post-secondary studies (not           available, 1st place-
      Unions             limited to colleges and                 $1500.00, 2nd/3rd
                         universities)                        place- $1000.00, Bonus
                                                              – One application will
                         * Essay                               be submitted at the
                                                                  state level for a
                                                               $2500.00 scholarship

 Body by Milk SAMMY      *Excellence in Academics,           $7500, Invitation and        March 6, 2009
Award (Scholar Athlete   Athletics, Community Service,       Opportunity to star in
  Milk Mustache Year     Leadership, and Include Milk as     Milk Mustache Ad in
        Award)           part of a Healthy Lifestyle              USA Today
Cleveland Touchdown *Senior who can demonstrate                 Minimum award           February 21, 2009
    Club Charities   need, merit                               $500.00 Maximum
Memorial Scholarship and strong ambition to succeed              award $2000
                     in college
                         *Participation in Athletic Team
                         Program in a Non-Athletic Manner
                         (i.e. team manager, statistician,
                         cheerleader, sports writer, team
                         booster, etc.

                         *2 Letters of Recommendation
                         *2 High School Transcripts
  Cavs and Majestic      Seniors who are pursuing a career       Six - $2000.00
   Steel Community       in manufacturing through                scholarships
 College Scholarships    Cuyahoga Community College,
                         Lakeland Community College or
                         Lorain Community College

                         Applications can be downloaded
                         from the Cavs website
 Minority Journalism     *GPA -2.5                                 $1,500.00             March 31, 2009
    Scholarship          *African-American, Hispanic,        Asian-American, American Indian

                         *750-1000 word Autobiography
                         *Two letters of recommendation
 Cardinal Community      *Member of Cardinal Credit Union       Seven $1000.00            March 5, 2009
    Credit Union                                             scholarships are given
                         *Two letters of recommendation
                         *Letter from a school
                         administrator, work supervisor,
                         community or religious leader,
                         regarding your character and
                         service qualities

                         *Autobiographical essay – 250
                         words or less
 Americans of Italian     *At least one parent of Italian            Four $2500.00         May 15, 2009
      Heritage            descent                                     scholarships
                          *Minimum 2.5 GPA
                          *Financial need
                          *Official Financial Aid Award letter
                          from the college you will be
                          *Two letters of recommendation
  William D. Squires      *Financial Need                            12 - $3000.00          April 4, 2009
     Educational          *Minimum 3.2 GPA                            renewable
  Foundation, Inc.        *Essay                                     scholarships
                          *FAFSA Student Aid Report
                          *Two letters of recommendation
                          *Notarized application
                          *Application which can be found

    Best Buy @15          *Minimum 3.5 GPA                         1000 scholarships     February 15, 2009
 Scholarship Program      *Volunteer community service or          available each is
                          work experience                           worth $1500.00
                          *Application at
  Markowski-Leach         *Minimum 2.0 GPA                                                 March 1, 2009
    Scholarship           *250 Word essay
                          * Two letters of recommendation
 Harriet B. Storrs Fund   *MUST be a Painesville City or               $3,500.00            May 5,2009
      Scholarship         Painesville Township student

                          *Minimum 2.5 GPA
                          *Household income must not
                          exceed $60,000
                          *Accepted into accredited post-
                          secondary school –NOT Lake Erie
                          College or Lakeland College

                          *Final copy of SAR (Student Aid
Leadership Scholarship *C average or better                      Varies by scholarship      April 1, 2009
      Program          *Nominated by Legislature                         Check
                       *Meet college entrance                    www.ohiocareercolle
 American Planning        *Senior                                   $5,0000 dollars       January 15, 2009
   Association            *Essay Topic- Develop a Historic
                          Preservation Plan for your
   ESA Foundation         Varies                                        Varies            February 1, 2009

KFC Colonel’s Scholars *Minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA          Up to $20,000 for           December 1, 2008-
                       *State university or college       tuition, fee, textbooks,        February 10, 2009
                       *US citizen                           room and board
                       *Demonstrate Financial Need
   National Co-op      *Cumulative 3.5 or better on a 4.0           Varies               February 15, 2009
 Scholarship Program scale
                       *Complete required admissions
                       applications material
                          *Typed one page essay – 500
                          words or less describing why you
                          have chosen to pursue a college
                          cooperation education program

  Youngstown State         *FAFSA completed between                     Varies             February 15, 2009
     University            January 1, 2009-February 15, 2009


University of Cincinnati             Cincinnatus XIII                   Varies             December 15, 2008
                           *Cumulative 3.2 GPA                                            (including transcripts
                           *Admission Application                                            and test scores
                           *High School Transcript
                           *Test Scores

                              Darwin T. Turner Scholarship
                           *Cumulative GPA of 3.0            In-state tuition and
                           *Minimum ACT score of 24 and/or required fees plus and
                           minimum ACT score of 1090        additional stipend of

                           *Accepted to University of
                           Cincinnati by December 15, 2008
                           *Be accepted into a four-year
                           degree program
                           (including transcripts and test
                           *Two letters of recommendation
                           *Completed Essay selected from
                           two choices
   Ohio University         *Attend Ohio University in the Fall     Up to Full Tuition      February 13, 2009
  Women’s Club of          *Nomination by Teacher or
  Greater Cleveland
                           Guidance Counselor

 Templeton Scholars        *ACT – 28 or above OR                 4 year renewable in-      February 15, 2009
      Award                 SAT – 1240 or above                     state “full-ride”
                           *FAFSA completed by February               scholarship
                           15, 2009
                           *Evidence of personal
                           achievement, leadership and
                           involvement in school and
                           community activities and be a
                           member of a disproportionately
                           represented group

                           *Merit evident by High School
                           Rank and/or Grade Point
 Engineers Foundation *Minimum Cumulative GPA 3.0                       Varies            December 15, 2008
  of Ohio Engineering *Minimum
      Scholarships      SAT: Math=600
                       ACT: Math=29
                       *Citizen of US
Bruegger’s Scholarship *Team members who have been               3 - $5,000 Scholarship     January 1, 2009
                       employed with the company as
                       of October 1, 2008

                           *Written recommendation from
                           your General Manager
                           *Minimum Cumulative 3.2 GPA
                           * Acceptance letter to an
                           accredited College or University
                           *Remain employed with
                           Bruegger’s through August 29,
                           2009 and work a minimum of 500
                           hours in the 9 months preceding
                           the start of college
Union Plus Scholarship *Current and retired members of         Between $500.00-       January 31, 2009
       Program         the OAPSE union – their spouses       $4,000 one time cash
                       and their dependent children                 award

                        *One years continuous good-
                        standing membership in AFSCME

                        *Academic Ability, social
                        awareness, financial need and
                        appreciation for labor
 Ohio Association of    *Ohio Senior                               $1,000.00          January 12, 2009
  Criminal Defense      *Minimum Cumulative 2.5 GPA
Lawyers James Kura      *Acceptance by an accredited, 4
Memorial Scholarship    year school
                        *2 Page Essay on O.A.C.D.L
                         (in guidance office)
                        *Official Transcript
American Municipal
 Power-Ohio, Inc.
   1.Lyle B. Wright     *Receive electricity from an AMP- 4 - $2000.00 –one time      February 20, 2009
     Scholarship        Ohio member community                   scholarships
                        *3.0 Cumulative GPA
                        *Proof of enrollment in an
                        accredited college, university of
                        technical school for next semester
                        (Fall 2009)

                        *Copy of transcript and GPA

2.Richard H. Gorsuch    *Parent of Guardian must be an       3-$2000.00 one time      February 20,2009
     Scholarship        employee of AMP-Ohio member              scholarships
                        municipal electric system

                        *3.0 Cumulative GPA
                        *Proof of enrollment in an
                        accredited college, university or
                        technical school
Quota International of *Any student who will pursue          $1000.00 - renewable       April 15, 2009
    Lake County        study in the following fields-
                       speech, hearing, visually
                       impaired, physical therapy, social
                       work, elementary and secondary

  Janice Southworth   *Essay 1-2 pages topic on form
Memorial Scholarship *2 letters of recommendation
                      *2.5 Cumulative GPA
Lake County Medical *Transcripts                         $1200.00 per year –           March 31, 2009
 Alliance Scholarship *Letter of recommendation        renewable (as long as
                      *Autobiographical paragraph          3.00 average is
                      *Verification from college of          maintained)
                      acceptance into a health-related
                      department (nursing, pharmacy,
                      physical therapy, etc.)

                        *Resident of Lake County
    Lake County         *Resident of Lake County                $1000.00 non-           April 1, 2009
 Agricultural Society   *Member of a Lake County 4-H             renewable
                        organization or member of the
                        Lake County Junior Fairboard

                        *2.5 Cumulative GPA
                        *500 or less word essay
        Kohl’s          *Must have completed a                Ranges from $50.00       March 15, 2009
                        volunteer project                    gift cards to $5000.00
                        *Must be nominated by an adult             scholarship

                        *Any child age 6-18
                        *Application for nomination at
     Lake County       *Students must t be a member of           $500.00         March 31, 2009
Employees Credit Union Lake County Employees Credit
Ruth Hanes Scholarship Union or a relative of a member
                       of the credit union
                        *Senior in Ashtabula, Cuyahoga,
                        Geauga or Lake County

                        *3.0 Cumulative GPA
                        *Must attend a college in Ohio
                        *500 word essay on “The
                        Importance of Education”
  Ohio PTA Memorial     *Scholarship Application                 $500.00         March 1, 2009
     Scholarship        *Letter of recommendation
                        *Official school transcript
   Painesville Rotary   *Must be a Painesville Harvey,     $500.00 two awards     April 1, 2009
      Scholarship       Painesville Riverside or Auburn
                        Career Center Student
                        *Application                       One Vocational/Tech
                        *Transcript                         Prep Student, One
                        *Recommendation letter              Academic/College
                        regarding service to the               Prep Student
  Mary Jane Treichel    *Proof of acceptance to a 2 or 4        $1,000.00         April 17, 2009
  Special Scholarship   year accredited school
                        *Senior at Thomas W, Harvey High
                        *Active Member of a church of
                        worshipping community
                        *Letters of recommendation(3)
                        *Official transcript
                        *Completed application
                        *Financial statement (signed)
National Action Council *Be an African-American, Latino,        $1,500.00        May 10, 2009
    for Minorities in   or American Indian
   Engineering, Inc.    *Be in the top 10% of the
                        graduation class
                        *Have demonstrated leadership
                        *Have been accepted as a full-
                        time student to an ABET-
                        accredited engineering program

                        *Must be nominated by
                        counselor, teacher or principal
                       *2 letters of recommendation
                       *ACT scores
   Jackie Robinson     *Graduating Minority High School                          March 31, 2009
Foundation Scholarship student
                        *US citizen
                        *Plan on attending a 4 year
                        *Must have ACT score of 21
                        *Show leadership potential
                        *Demonstrate financial need
                        * One letter of recommendation
   Charles R. Elmer     *Application                                              April 30, 2009
     Scholarship        *Transcript
                        *One letter of recommendation
                        *Copy of most recent federal tax
                        * Applications can be obtained
                        from the guidance office or by
                        writing to The Charles R. Elmer
                        Scholarship Foundation

                        P.O. Box 1460
                        Painesville, Ohio 44077
    Harvey Alumni        *Two letters of recommendation       * Three - $1000.00    May 4, 2009
     Association                                                 scholarships
                         *Personal Essay
 Roddick Scholarship     *Two letters of recommendation             * Six -         April 17, 2009
                         *Completed application
                         *Statement of educational plan

   Cleveland Area    *A statement that specifies intent           $1,000.00         April 15, 2009
  Minority Educators to pursue a teaching license
Association (CAMERA)
                     *Three letters of reference
                     *Verification of acceptance by a

Council of Educational *Intent to major in a field relating       $1,000.00         April 1, 2009
  Facility Planners    to educational facility planning
   Incorporated        and design
        (CEFPI)          *Letter of enrollment at a college

                         *Achievement and essay form
                         and character recommendation
Jean Chase Memorial *Resident of Lake County                      $1,000.00         April 30, 2009
       Fund         *Transcript
                    *Letter of acceptance from
                         *Must be wiling to provide
                         transcript from your college
                         throughout the year to Jean
                         Chase Memorial Fund
Delta Kappa Gamma        *Female student from Fairport             $600.00          April 24, 2009
 Society International   Harding, Madison, Painesville
Gamma Theta Chapter      Harvey, Riverside or Perry
Memorial Scholarship     majoring in the field of education

    Jane E. Hunter       *Completed application                       $             May 1, 2009
     Scholarship         *Transcript
                         *2.5 GPA
                         *First page of 2008 federal tax
                         *Two letters of recommendation
                         *Letter of acceptance for
                         Freshman to college
   AES Engineering       *Essay on given topic                     $500.00         October 6, 2009
      Solutions          *Submit essay to
Rev. Dr. John P. Davis, *Applicant must be a member of             $1,000            May 1, 2009
     III Memorial       the 2009 graduating class of
     Scholarship        Thomas W. Harvey High School

                         *Must have been accepted at an
                         accredited four (4) year College
                         or University

                         *Must have attained a minimum
                         GPA of 3.0 for the preceding
                         seven (7) semesters.

                         *Applicant will be judged on
                         academic achievement and
                         service to his/her community
PCTA Joseph McSteen * Student at Harvey at least 3                 $1,000           May 15, 2009
Memorial Scholarship years
                         *3.0 GPA
                         * 2 Letters of recommendation
                         *Interview by scholarship
                         committee the week of May 18,
  The Ohio State      *Attending The Ohio State   6 scholarships - total   June 1, 2009
University Balanced   University                  amount given $3,500
 Man Scholarship      *Transcript
                      *Completed scholarship

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