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									Wedding Planner Guide: For Your Outstanding Wedding
The wedding planner guide is a critical item to have to help ease the anxiety that can occur when planning your wedding day. The bride especially
envisions her special day to be perfect, but we all know that things can quickly turn bad when out of the ordinary things happen. There are
tremendous amounts of details that every wedding shares-no matter how big or small the ceremony and reception are.

I remember going to a friend's wedding and the groom had come back to the table and started frantically going through his gift envelopes. He was
absolutely livid and unprepared, this being his first and only wedding, when he found out he had to pay tips to the Maitre De, the wait staff and other
vendors. He thought this would all be included in the cost of the reception. But instead he had to dip into his honeymoon budget and grease a few

Today's bride and groom are, for the most part, young and have no experience when they enter into a first marriage. For my friend, it was appalling
that he had spent so much money on his wedding reception and it didn't even include everything. He certainly would have benefited by using a
wedding planner guide that told him to get all his contracts in writing and know precisely what is included.

No bride or groom wants to have the unexpected misfortune happen on their wedding day. Photographers or videographers who don't show up on
time, or worse, don't show up at all.

That is why it is crucial to stick with a wedding planner guide when you are trying to plan the most important day of your life. Imagine the anguish of
looking back on your wedding and not having pictures to remember your day.

An important aspect of planning your wedding is to know what needs to get accomplished first and how long you will have to do that. The more time
you have before your wedding day, the easier it will be to plan. One year is good basis for wedding planning. If you do find yourself in a time crunch,
you may want to look at utilizing a wedding planner or wedding consultant to assist you.

The wedding business is a huge profit making industry, but that doesn't mean you have to cash in the farm to pay for them. If you pick your wedding
date that is at least one year in the future, you can start saving money on your current bills and give up those expensive dates at restaurants.

Networking with other brides can help save money too. They can sometimes help you find good sales as all brides love to talk to other brides.
Bargaining is best when you have several brides working together. And stick to your wedding planner guide to assist keeping you on track.

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