Policy Procedure for patient complaints about lost or damaged by Takeme


									                                                                     Policy 087

    Procedure for patient complaints about lost or
                 damaged property
1      There are notices throughout the hospital advising patients that the Trust does
       not accept
       liability for items that are lost or damaged.

2      Patients should be advised that all property should be named. However, there
       are some cases where the Trust has contributed to the loss (eg pyjamas sent to
       Laundry, dentures thrown into clinomatic etc).

3      Each complaint must be considered individually.

4      All staff should be aware of the importance of ensuring the safe-keeping of all

       It is the decision of individual directorates whether property lists are completed
       on admission. Documentary evidence should be made to confirm that patients
       have been advised that any valuables must be placed into the           hospital safe.
       Should patients wish to keep any items, they must be informed that they do so at
       their own risk.

5    Any reports of lost property should be reported to and investigated initially by the
     Manager and, if necessary by the individual Directorate Manager. A claim
     form (copy attached) should be completed by the claimant in cases when
     compensation is requested.

6    It is the Directorate Manager s decision as to whether an ex-gratia payment of
     is appropriate.

7      The Directorate Manager will liaise directly with the patient (or their
representative) and
       if a compensation payment is considered appropriate, will request a cheque from
       and forward this to the patient. If they turn down the request for compensation,
they must
       inform the patient of their reason for doing so.
8       The matter will be dealt with by the Patient Services Manager if the patient (or
        representative) is dissatisfied with the action taken by the Directorate Manager.


                Procedure for compensation claims for
                    lost/damaged property by staff

        1       On occasions, staff will request compensation for personal property that
                has been lost or damaged during the course of their working duties.

        2       Each claim will be considered by the Directorate Manager involved.

        3       Should the Directorate Manager consider an ex-gratia payment
                appropriate, they will
                request a cheque from Finance and inform the member of staff.

        4       Should the Directorate Manager turn down the request for compensation,
                they will
                inform the member of staff of their reason for doing so.

        5       Any appeals by members of staff should be dealt with through the Trust s
                Grievance Procedure.
Review date : May 2004

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