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									  " letters
Send your letters to Union News, AEEU, Hayes Court,
West Common Road, Hayes, Bromley, Kent BR2 7AU or
                                                            WHO WROTE THIS
e-mail to please include a   I write in reference to your supposed poem in the last issue of Union News
daytime telephone number (not for publication).We           – I’m sure you are aware by now that this is not an original poem but
reserve the right to edit or shorten letters.               rather a song by The Who, from their 1960s album Quadrephenia (Issue 29,
                                                            Readers letters page 25).
The success at Nissan owes as much to our single            I would just like to quote Morrissey:
engineering union representation as the
Government intervention. Acting as one in the               if you must write prose or poems
negotiations, plus the strong recognition of                the words you use should be your own
flexibility among the workers, gave a good head              don’t plagiarise or take on loan
start.                                                      there’s always someone, somewhere with a big nose who knows
                           Jim Reddell, Brentwood           and who trips you up and laughs when you fall

Editor’s note: Sunderland’s Nissan plant is indeed          So, thanks for a great magazine and here’s to only original stuff
a success story. Union News looks at the                    from now on.
background to developments which led up to the                                                                   Emily Nelson, Norwich
new Micra contract being awarded to the plant on
page 14.                                                    UNION CARD
                                                            Having read with much interest the letter and photo sent to you from
FIRST CLASS                                                 J M Richards, Romford, in the February Union News, I also have all my
I would like to thank the AEEU for the first class           contribution cards from the day I joined in 1937 as an apprentice turner.
legal representation that my late father Mr Jeffrey            I retired in 1984. I was granted the award of merit in 1978 from being
Goodlad received in winning his compensation                Branch Treasurer for 28 years. My branch was one of the early Manchester
claim against his former employers British Rail for         branches, but unfortunately has to close in 1984.
exposure to deadly asbestos material.                                                                               A Simth, Manchester
    Dad had worked for the same employer all of
his working life, 45 years as a fitter at the Plant
works in Doncaster. He was diagnosed as having
the lung disease Mesothelioma about two years
ago as a result of exposure to the asbestos
material used in the construction
of locomotives and coaching stock that he had
worked on during in his employment at the
railways. He died shortly after.
    My father had also been a lifelong member of
the AEEU and had been Branch Secretary of
Doncaster No2 branch for a number of years. He
was always extremely proud to have served the
organisation in this small way, it was his
enthusiasm that encouraged me to join the union
25 years ago when I was an apprentice.
                          Paul Goodlad, Doncaster

With ref to Bro Peter Seymour’s letter (Union
News, issue 29), I find that my record of
membership is identical. I joined in March 1941,
aged 15, at Lewisham Branch, and carried very               Seeing the collection of union cards reminded me of the one I received in
many branch officers’ positions and was happy to            1949 which I found a few weeks ago. Just before I got called up for
have been a member of the AEU until my                      National Service, after finishing my apprenticeship. The weekly contribution
retirement. Keep the Union News coming, I look              was 5d per week, when I joined in 1946 I think it was 2d, but my week
forward to them.                                            wage would have been around 18/-.
                Richard John Reeves, Basingstoke                                                                  Ken Molland, Brough

 Unionnews April 2001
 " letters
MEMBERSHIP RECORD                                    PROVISION OF AVC’S
I wish to sincerely thank the AEEU and               I work for the MOD as a technician and like many other I opted for AVC’s to
particularly my Coventry District Secretaries        supplement the shortfall in my pension.
Office for the recent award to my son and myself        Since the near collapse of Equitable Life assurance society who I have my
for long serving badges.                             AVC with, is it feasible that the Government make good any shortfall in
   I received my 60 years membership award and       comparison with Scottish Widows as both these assurance companies were
my son his 40 years making a total of 100 years      sold to us as an AVC sponsored by PCSPS.
and we are still going strong! The badges               CSAVC has offered to transfer my profits fund to a money without
themselves are beautiful. Is this a 100 combined     incurring the 15 per cent MVA only a 0.5 per cent management charge. This
years membership a record?                           I have done until a permanent solution is found.
                          P McDonough, Nuneaton                                                           Morris Rowlands, Staffs

Editor’s note: We’ve looked into this and it seems   Editor’s note: The Union cannot give financial or investment advice, however
that the combined 100 years is certainly an          members have raised concerns regarding Equitable Life’s provision of AVC’s.
achievement, although we’re not sure if it’s a       This issue was discussed in the last issue of Union News (Feb. 2001, No 29)
record. So, do any of you know different? Are you    and further developments affecting members will be communicated.
part of an AEEU family tradition? If so, and you
have a story to tell, let us know your story and
how working practices have changed through the       REPRESENTATION
generations.                                         I have been a member of the Union for 15 years and I have never asked for
                                                     help. I recently had a problem at work, but when I rang the head office
DONATIONS                                            number, which is on all the newsletters I was sent from person to person and
I would like to send the thanks from the members     then told to ring another number and was told someone would ring back,
and charities thanking the AEEU and Maryport         but they didn’t. Who should I ring if I want some help?
Branch for the donations and gifts. They are                                                                  T Curle, Lancashire
Turning Point Workington, Maryport Hospital
Fund, Bounty Ladies Darts Team, Joe Telford          Editor’s note: Your first port of call should always be to your local
Great North Run, R Lightfoot and Son Young           workplace representative or shop steward. If they can’t help, or if there is no
Sportman.                                            Rep. or shop steward at your place of work, then you should contact your
   Also, the retirement of M Cole RO Whitehaven      regional office where there
Office. We would like to wish M Cole all the best    will be a full-time regional
on his retirement, presented with a clock and gift   official who deals with your
from Maryport Branch. Good luck M Cole.              industry. The phone number
                         F H Thornside, Maryport     of your regional or ‘contact’
                                                     office is on the front of your
                                                     membership card.In the last
WARTIME MEMORIES                                     instance, contact the Union’s
Re: article in Union News (November 2000, No         head office.
28) of Mr Ken Smith (Merchant Navy) and his
exploits on submarine cables.
                                                     STEEL JOB LOSSES
                                                     Since October 1999 Corus has slashed around 10,500 jobs in England and
During late 1943 I was a serving seaman on
                                                     Wales, and that figure does not include the job losses that will feed through
board the escort ship ‘HMS Southern Pride’ and
                                                     into company’s suppliers and contractors and into the local communities.
we escorted and guarded his ship the Lady
                                                     What is the Union doing to help our members in the steel industry?
Denison Pender’ for six months based at Recife in
                                                                                                                   B Sutton, Lincs
      Jack Layfield, Ex-Royal Navy Patrol Service,
                                                     Editor’s note: Sir Ken Jackson and Bob Shannon, National Officer for the
                                                     Metals Industries, have been talking with government and Corus seeking to
                                                     minimise the effect of the restructuring. We have a policy of no compulsory
                                                     redundancies, but if there have to be redundancies, it is on a voluntary basis
                                                     and on the best possible terms. We are still negotiating and we are also
                                                     drawing up claims for funding in support of retraining. In addition, we are
                                                     seeking partnerships with companies such as EXi Telecoms to provide new
                                                     jobs where we have been unable to stop redundancies.

                                                                                                                  April 2001 Unionnews

It’s Simple It’s Easy It Counts
A POSTAL VOTE is essential if you are unable, or unlikely
to make it to a polling station. more and more people are
using it as a convenient way to register their vote.

AEEU have organised on our web site
an application form for a postal vote, just fill it in
andsend it to your local council registration office.
(Found in Yellow Pages or Telephone Directory)

Application for a postal vote

       Yes, I want to vote by post rather than at the polling station

 Full name

 Address on register

 Present address if
 different from above                                                                         postcode

 Telephone no. (if any)                                                   e-mail

 Please give here the address to which
 your ballot paper should be sent                                                                postcode

       My application is for all parliamentary and local government elections for an indefinite period.
 Alternatively:           I would like my application to be for the election(s) held on           /           /

 Or:           for the period from             /           /            to          /        /              (insert dates)

 Postal votes can be cancelled at any time. Return the completed form to AEEU,
 Hayes Court, West Common Road, Hayes, Bromley, Kent BR2 7AU.

 Your signature                                                                    Date           /            /

 Unionnews April 2001
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     name of the
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    1. All the competitions                                                        to give away.
 featured on these pages are                                                       Just let us know the answer to the following question:
 open to all AEEU members in
the UK and Ireland, excluding                                      q Which diminiative Hollywood star is the
AEEU employees and members
        of their families
                                                                   voice of Homer’s brother?
 2. The prizes offered are as

                                  and the winner is...
    stated and cannot be
     exchanged for cash.                                                                                             If you weren’t a winner last time have a
3. The judges’ decision is final                                                                                      look what’s on offer in this issue. Good luck!
and no correspondence will be
         entered into.            Get away from it all                                    Cullum of Herts, B Hogg of            and Phillips are the companies
 4. Winners will be notified       E Wakefield of Lincs, was our                            Co Durham and K Noden of              that collaborated to invent the
immediately after the closing     lucky winner for the holiday                            Cheshire.                             compact disc.
date and their details will be
published in the next issue of
                                  vouchers. Here is his entry:                            Behind bars
        Union News.               ‘My wife is the one I’d like to                         S Montague of Harwich,                Film wordsearch
 5. No responsibility can be      take, on a really smashing                              S Smith of Leeds and                  We had an enormous response
 accepted for circumstances       weekend break. I’m eighty this                          D Gedge of Devon all knew that        to our film wordsearch and lots
 beyond the AEEU’s control.
                                  year, and sprightly still. Although                     Peter Medak was the answer we         of you spotted our deliberate
 6. Proof of posting cannot be
                                  I pop the occassional pill. We’ve                       were loking for. Well done!           mistake! Of course, the film title
 accepted as proof of delivery.
No responsibility will be taken   had fifty four years of married                          Enjoy your video selection.           ‘Rocky’ has no ‘e’ – apologies
    for any entries delayed,      life, and I bless the day she                                                                 from our wordsearch setter.
damaged or wrongly delivered.
                                  became my wife.’                                        Personal spin                         So, the winners from last time are:
   7. Entry into any of the
                                  Congratulations to him and here                         S Hazell of Luton came up with        W Allen of Cheltenham, A Straw
 competitions featured here
                                  are our runners up R Winstanley of                      the correct answer for last issue’s   of Humberside and G Maguire
 implies acceptance of these
    terms and conditions.         Liverpool, J Clark of Cheshire, A                       CD prize.The answer was Sony          of Glasgow.
        Unionnews April 2001
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                                                                                                    Membership number

                                                        Solution to wordsearch
                                                        ‘Films’ in Issue 29 of
                                                        Union News

                                                        Send your entry with your name, address and union
                                                        No. to: Union News, AEEU, Hayes Court, West
                                                        Common Road, Hayes, Bromley, Kent BR2 7AU.
                                                        The winner will be the first correct solution opened .

                                                                                                                               April 2001 Unionnews
                                                                                                                                                          Members wishing to

                                                                                                                                                          advertise in the small ads
                                                                                                                                                          section of Union News are
                                                                                                                                                          requested to make a
                                                                                                                                                          donation of a minimum of
                                                                                                                                                          £3.00 to the Union’s
                                                                         ONLY £3 TO UNION MEMBERS                                                         Centenary Fund, PHAB,
                                  free golf, communal pool,                  Please tick the category that your advertisement is
     HOLIDAYS                     tennis       courts,       near
                                                                                                                                                          which helps people with
                                                                                                 intended for                                             physical disabilities to buy
PORTUGAL, ALGARVE. Two            attractions.                                                                                                            equipment that will give
bedroom apartment, one                        ¤: 01745 833 426           s CARS    s MISCELLANEOUS s HOLIDAYS                                             them greater
double, one twin, lounge,         FOR HIRE, caravan, nice site,          s SERVICES s HOUSES       s WANTED                                               independence. All you
kitchen, bathroom, satell-        near swimming pool, shops,             Write out your advertisement on the form below. Maximum number of                need to do is complete the
ite. October/May £220,            lots of night life, nice beach,        words: 30. Telephone numbers count as one word. Please use block capitals.       form on the left and send it
June/September           £320,    bus service, near site                 Only forms with membership numbers will be included.                             to us – with your cheque
July/August £420 per week.        Hembsy, Norfolk.                                                                                                        or postal order made
        ¤/fax: 01606 836 740                 ¤: 07944 923 473                                                                                             payable to
CORNWALL, Perranporth.            TENERIFE. Playa De Las                                                                                                  ‘The Centenary Fund’ – by
Holiday Flat. Sleeps four, 2      Americas. Private one bed-                                                                                              the deadline stated below.
adults, 2 children. Close to      room apartment To Let.                                                                                                  We reserve the right to
shops, beach and golf             Couples preferred. TV, swim-                                                                                            withhold or edit any
course, central for touring       ming pool, tennis. Adjacent                                                                                             advertisements deemed
Cornwall. Private parking.        new golf course. 5 mins walk                                                                                            unsuitable for inclusion.
            ¤: 01872 572 067      to the sea. Flights arranged
TORREVIEJA – Costa Blanca.        if required. ¤: 01246 419 280
2 bedroom apartment with          WEYMOUTH BAY (Haven
large      terrace,       BBQ.    Site) Three bedroom caravan
Communal swimming pool,           sleeps 8, indoor and outdoor
all amentities within walking     heated pools, plus enter-
distance – hour drive             tainment, gas electric and
Alicante airport. Discounts,      bed linen included. For                I declare I am a s member s retired member
long lets, pick-ups arranged.     details      ¤: 01722 716 551          Union membership number
                                                                                                                                                           For inclusion in the next issue
       ¤: Cahrina: 01202 671      FRENCH RIVIERA, Antibes.                                                                                                 of Union News send by
                 585/686 675      Between Nice and Cannes.               Name                                                                              1 June to: Union News Small
CAP D’AGDE, South of              Six berth mobile homes to                                                                                                Ads, AEEU, Hayes Court, West
France, Languedoc region.         let beautiful threee star site,
                                                                         Address                                                                           Common Road, Hayes,
Apartment sleeps 2/4. All         bar restaurant, disco, take-
                                                                                                                                                           Kent BR2 7AU.
amenities lovely sandy            away, swimming pool, beach
                                                                                            Postcode                                                             All forms must be
beaches and golf nearby.          300 yards. ¤: 0113 293 7637
                                                                                                                                                           accompanied by a cheque for
Lively resort with lots to do.    NORTH WALES, Llanllynfi.
                                                                         Telephone                                                                         at least £3.00 made payable
            ¤: 01483 892 099      Comfortable B&B. Reason-                                                                                                 to ‘The Centenary Fund’
                   for details.   able rates, week-end special
CUMBRIA, Allonby. Well            offers, beaches, fishing,
equipped house, garden and        walking, climbing, boating.       Superb skiing in westen-                    DAWLISH WARREN, first                 Luxury 3 bed caravan, nice
garage in the centre of           Near Snowdonia National           dorf. Voted best resort                     floor flat in attractive              site, club house, laundry
seaside village over-looking      Park. Ideal for day trips to      whole of Europe. Hotel £17                  complex.       Caters      for        room, Café, 5 mins from sea.
Solway Firth. Sleeps 4,           Dublin, Ireland. For details      pppn B&B, Skischool £50 for                 maximum six persons. Close            No all male or female groups
children welcome, no pets,                    ¤: 01286 880 446      4 days.                                     to all amenities. Sorry no            allowed, no dogs. For
no smoking, close to Lakes        FLORIDA, DISNEY. Luxury           Mobile: 0043 6642 841347                    pets or young single sex              availability and very reason-
and Scotland.                     four bedroom, three bath-               ¤/fax: 0043 5334 2017                 parties. For details                  able rates.
            ¤: 01900 881 497      room villa with private pool,     COSTA DEL SOL. Timeshare                                ¤: 0117 975 4506                      ¤: 020 8402 2272
SKEGNESS,         Winthorpe.      two lounges, dining area, air     for sale. 2 bedroom town                    FRASERBURGH,                NE        ARBROATH, Seaton Estate.
Large 3 yr old caravan, two       conditioned, 15 mins from         house. Sleeps 6, two weeks                  Scotland. Anchorage guest             Luxury 6 berth 2000
rooms, main en suite, Very        Disney.                           banked, fully equipped                      house. Small family B&B. all          caravan. All mod cons, easy
large grass frontage, safe for    ¤: 0191 250 1305 for details.     kitchen. Price £1300 ono.                   rooms central heating, TV,            access to St Andrews and
children. Near Butlins,           COSTA BLANCA. 1 bedroom                       ¤: 0121 552 4225                tea/coffee facilities. Comfor-        Carnoustie golf courses,
beach. Gas and electric           apartment for sale, Torre-        ORLANDO, FLORIDA. Luxury                    table lounge, near shops              restaurant,       clubhouse,
included. £150 p.w.               vieja, shared pool, near          new four bedroom, two                       and beautiful sandy beach.            entertainment.
            ¤: 01302 841 384      sandy beach, first floor,         bathroom villa. Sleeps 10.                  Open all year.                                     ¤: 01382 812 142
CAERNARFON.          Privately    arrange your own inspect-         Own pool and jacuzzi. Air                               ¤: 01346 515 913          EXCHANGE my timeshare
owned self catering holiday       ion.visit. Make me a              conditioned. 10 mins from                   NEWQUAY,         CORNWALL.            appartment in the 4 star
chalet. Fully equipped            reasonable offer.                 Disney, 5 mins to Golf.                     Situated on the cliff directly        Park Hotel, Sliema, Malta,
microwave, shower, utensils,      ¤: 01480 474 878 for further      ¤:/fax: 01642 325 652 for                   above Newquays harbour,               for a similar timeshare in the
sleeps 3/5. Pets welcome.         details                           brochure                                    enjoying magnificent unin-            UK preferably in the West
Site offers pool, bars, shop,     SCOTLAND, near Inveraray,         BERWICK UPON TWEED. 2                       terrupted views of New-               Country.
mile from town centre. Level      Mid Argyll. Detached well         bedroom flat adjacent                       quays beaches and harbour.                     ¤: 01792 420 041 (A.
access to chalet.                 equipped, centrally heated        promenade. All inclusive,                   Only minutes from beachs,                                 Richards)
            ¤: 01254 262 559      cotage, sleeps 4, beautiful       beautiful area for walking,                 shops, golf and fistral beach.        PRIMROSE VALLEY (Haven)
BROCHURE with holiday             loch/hill views and ideal         bird watching, 7 golf courses                           ¤: 01637 876 855          Luxury 8 berth caravan,
properties in S.W France,         touring base. Open all year.      nearby. Midway Edinburgh                    FLORIDA, KISSIMMEE. 3                 veranda, TV/video, CD hi-fi,
many with swimming pools.         Pets welcome.                     and Newcastle. Tourist                      bedroom villa for rent sleeps         microwave,       patio    set,
Nick Preston:                                 ¤: 01546 886 261      board commended. Week-                      8, private pool, near Disney.         loungers, iron, hairdryer,
            ¤: 01248 810 005      LOUTH,       LINCOLNSHIRE,        end breaks available.                                   ¤: 01639 884 650          electric fan, electric heater,
COSTA DEL SOL, one                quiet       village,      cosy,               ¤: 01289 306 183                RICHMOND, North York-                 high chair, cot, superb
bedroom apartment To Let in       converted s/c barns. All mod      FLAMINGO LAND, Holiday                      shire.      Self      catering        entertainment, bed linnen,
residential area, close to        cons, sleeps 2/4, ideal for       village, theme park, zoo.                   bungalow, comfortable, well           passes included. No pets.
shops       and     sea      in   walking, touring and bird         New three bedroom caravan.                  equipped, full gas central                        ¤: 01302 890 912
Benalmadena. Long or short        watching,       coast     (6m).   TV, video, microwave, fridge                heating. Sleeps 4, all fuel,          NORTH DEVON Coast,
term let. ¤: 01246 455 833        Available all year. Pets          and many more essentials.                   bedding, towels provided.             Ilfracombe. Comfortable 3
FLORIDA, ORLANDO, 2               welcome. ¤: 01507 327 209         Bedding included. Free gas,                 From £160-£310 week.                  bedroom        accomodation,
bedroom, 2 bathroom air           AUSTRIA, TIROL Alps. Ski          electric.    Most      weeks                       ¤:/Fax: 01748 824 271          sleeps 6, central location,
conditioned villa, sleeps 4-6,    school and snowboard.             available. ¤: 0191 421 2726                 HERNE BAY, Whitstable.                fully equipped, close to
                                                                                                                                                         April 2001 Unionnews

beach and harbour, linen                      ¤: 01709 873 176     SCOURIE SUTHERLAND,               IRELAND,        CLONAKILTY,      all amenities. From £15.
included. Excellent rates.        BALEVULLIN,        ISLE    OF    Scotland.        3    bedroom     West Cork. If your prioity is                 ¤: 01637 872 871
       ¤: 01271 867 655 (day)     TIREE. Traditional crofters      cottage, c.t.v’s, central heat-   old fashioned hospitality,       FLORIDA, DISNEY. Three
01271 867 386 (eves)              cottage. 2 minutes from          ing, fully equipped, sleeps 6,    good Irish breakfast/-           bedroom villa, superb
LANZAROTE, near the               beach, basic, but ade-quate      pets welcome for details.         vegetarian. Comfortable en-      accomodation, free pool,
peaceful       resort    Playa    accomodation, sleeps 4, 2                      ¤: 0141 586 6120    suite bedroom, walks,            heating, theme parks, 20
Blanca.      Two      bedroom     bedrooms, lounge, shower         FLORIDA, GULF COAST, Villa        beaches and golf. Also           mins, flights and car hire
detached house with patio,        /toilet £150 per week.           for rent. Three bedrooms,         available one bedroom self       arranged, competitive week-
BBQ, garden, roof terrace on      Longer lets available.           two bath-rooms, private           catering apartment.              ly rentals, from £335.
quiet complex with large                      ¤: 01475 794 048     screened pool. Close to                    ¤: 00353 23 344 36              ¤/fax: 01202 686 154
pool. Phone for details.          FRANCE,           NORTHERN       beaches, golf, fishing,           IRELAND,        CLONAKILTY,      CONWAY,             CARDINAL
            ¤: 0117 946 6444      Dordogne. House sleeps 8,        restaurnants and shops.           WEST CORK. Charming 2            CLUBMAN. Folding camper
BATH BREAKS £99. For              mill sleeps 10. Mostly en-                ¤/fax: 01493 781 479     bedroom       18th    Century    1990. 6 berth. Electrics, 3
three nights. En-suite B&B        suite, swimming pool, lakes      MOBILE HOME to let on             cottage. Fully equipped with     way fridge, microwave,
for two persons. Excellent        for fishing, all within four     French Riviera. Six berths,       cosy open fire, all home         heating, water pump, ward-
breakfast, ideal location,        acres of private land open all   well equipped on large five       comforts, very private, ideal    robe, awning, toilet tent and
also self catering and            year. Brochure available.        star site, two pools,             location for walks, beaches,     cloakroom, hookup lead.
special xmas shopping             ¤: 01480 217 860                 complexes entertainment,          golf and touring. Mary Reilly:   Garaged, extras. £2,750,00.
breaks. ETB highly com-           CORNWALL             RIVIERA,    sports facilities, good                    ¤: 00353 23 344 36      ¤: 01442 240 1221 or: 07977
mended ‘The Pilgrims’.            Towans       Hayle.     Three    beaches, ideal for families.      LARGE THREE BEDROOM              373 354
            ¤: 01225 310 204      bedroom bungalow with sea        Phone/fax: 02476 334 071          house for sale, two garages,     DISNEY, FLORIDA. Virgin’s
WEST WALES, Cardigan.             views, short walk to three       ORLANDO (LINDFIELDS)              large garden close to            quiet country crossing
Comfortable        bungalow,      miles of golden sands, fully     luxurious four bedroomed          schools and amenities.           estate, 20 mins from
sleeps 4, garage grounds,         equipped. Dogs welcome.          villa. Disney 5 miles. Heated     £200,000 freehold, 6 berth       attractions, luxury villa. 3
semi rural location, ideal                    ¤: 01326 565 891     screened pool, air-con,           caravan for sale, shower,        beds, 2 baths, solar heated
base for beaches, places of       POPPLE       VIEWS.      Well    laundry, 2 tv’s, table tennis,    toilet, refrigerator, ground     pool, air-con, satellite tv,
interest, walking area. One       equipped self catering           beautifully          furnished,   rent paid, insurance paid.       video, audio-unit, help with
small dog accepted. Sorry         house sleeps 5. Available all    ‘winnie the pooh’ room,           £5,000. ¤: 0208 472 8160         flights, car-hire, attraction
no babies, night storage          year. Sidmouth 10 min drive.     facilities for disabled guests,   FRIDAYTHORPE,                    tickets, sleeps 6/8. Booking
heaters. ¤: 01239 612 427         Pubs/restaurants in village,     quiet neighbourhood.              YORKSHIRE Wolds. Well            2001/2002.
GREAT YARMOUTH, Haven,            country and riverside walks,                  ¤: 01429 263 467     equipped, self catering                      ¤: 01708 769 645
California Cliffs. Luxury 8       good base to see Devon.          LAKE DISTRICT, Ullswater,         cottage, peaceful location       SCOTLAND, WICK, CAITH-
berth caravan. TV, micro-                     ¤: 01273 418 149     comfortable central heated        situated centrally between       NESS. Holiday Cottage, fully
wave, all mod cons, free gas      Florida, Orlando. New three      two bedroom cottage,              York and East Coast ideal for    equipped, sea view, pets
and electricity. Passes           bedroom, 2 – bathrooms,          sleeps four, bed linen            touring of walking, linen and    welcome. £80-£130 per
included. Swimming pool, 3        luxury villa. Sleeps 8, with     provided, private parking,        heating included, sleeps 5.      week, includes electricity
bars, tiger club and wonder-      own pool, cable tv, air-cond,    open all year, short breaks                   ¤: 01377 288 255     and linen. ¤: 01955 609 191
ful entertainment. Sorry no       8 mins from Disney, from         available, dogs welcome.          TERRACE COTTAGE over-            CARAVAN LETTING. 3 beds,
pets.       ¤: 01274 598 438      £350pw. ¤: 0191 257 1773                      ¤: 01768 482 469     looking St James Green.          Beauport Park. Hastings,
TENBY, WALES. Luxury 6-8          FLORIDA, LUXURY villa. 4         NERJA, COSTA DEL SOL. 2           Ideal base for families and      34ft long, sleeps 8-10,
berth caravan fully equip-        bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,           bedroom apartment on              larger groups wishing to visit   provide your own linen,
ped. Includes access to club,     lounge, tv den, dining room,     Burriana Beach, fully equip-      Dales Coast, Moors of            large lawn and garden.
indoor pool, entertainment        air conditioning, near main      ped kitchen, lounge with          Yorkshire, sleeps 10 +cot,       Shower, toilet, colour TV, all
on site, beach. Gateway to        attractions, welcome pack,       satellite tv, leading onto a      well equipped and available      mod cons ‘freezer’. £125
Pembrokeshire and nation-         some dates available 2001.       large balcony.                    all year. ¤: 01845 523 522       weekly. ¤: 01303 249 055
ally renowned theme parks.        Taking bookings for 2002.                      ¤: 01202 463 115    SCOTLAND, WEST COAST             SCOTLAND,         ISLE      OF
            ¤: 01792 520 349            ¤:/fax: 0208 422 2305      EXMOUTH, DEVON Cliffs             Highlands. Tradtitional one      LISMORE,        Argyll.   Self
NORWEGIAN Log cabin,              COSTA BLANCA, La Marina,         Sandy Bay. Six berth              bedroom Lochside Croft           catering cottages on West
Snowdonia National Park.          2 bedroom bungalow sleeps        caravan, 3 bedrooms, fully        House nestling in mount-         Coast Island. Lovely walks
Sleeps six, tv, video, ski        4-5. All amenities within        equipped, colour tv, micro-       ains, sleeps 5. Wood fire.       and scenery. £120-£220 per
slope, forest walks, mount-       walking distance. Near           wave        etc,     personally   Well equipped kitchen,           week. Sleeps 5 per cottage.
ain bikes, climbing, fishing,     beach, golf, aqua parks,         cleaned. ¤: 01225 315 402         garden, amenities 1 mile,        E-mail
pub on site with child            washing machine, sat. tv,        FLORIDA, KISSIMMEE area.          bridge to Isle of Skye 9                      ¤: 01631 760 204
facilities, within easy reach     great family location. £100-     3 bedroom, 2 bathroom,            miles.      ¤: 01287 650 819     CORNWALL, PERRANPORTH.
of coastal resorts.               £250 per week. Long/Short        fully equipped, sleeps 8,         NORTHUMBRIAN Cottage             Self-catering cottage. Sleeps
            ¤: 0151 336 2908      Lets.      ¤: 01474 564 094      own private screen pool,          on border of National Park.      4, on a small farm, close to
KESWICK, AARON LODGE.             AUSTRAILA, CAIRNS. Luxury        covered patio area, 5             Sleeps 4, log fire, fully        beaches, golf course, Truro
Original Station masters          one/two              bedroom     minutes to 18 hole golf           equipped quiet country lane      Cathedral, central for touring
house. Quietly set in own         apartments overlooking the       course brochure available.        with beautiful views. Dogs       Cornwall. Pets welcome,
grounds. 5 mins from Town         waterfront, swimming pool,                    ¤: 01925 415 797     Welcome, for brochure            short breaks available. Fully
centre. Offers high quality       spa, BBQ, walking distance       SPAIN,         SOUTH        OF                ¤: 01670 514 132     equipped. ¤: 01872 573 962
accomodation.          En-suite   of Town Centre, airport 10       ALICANTE. Private villa,          ENCHANTING surtainville          FLORIDA, KISSIMMEE. 4
bedrooms, non smoking,            mins. Details contact David.     private       pool,     patios,   Normandy. 2 bedroom cott-        bedroom, 3 bathroom,
private parking, B&B £22-              gardens, sunroof, tv, fully       age sleeps 4+, small hamlet,     luxury villa wil private south
£25 pppn. ¤: 01768 772                        ¤: 020 8751 5501     equipped, 2 bedrooms,             1 hr Cherbourg, 300 m            facing pool. Superb golf and
399                               TWO BEDROOM, 6/8 berth           sleeps 5/6, £100-£400 per         beautiful sandy beach,           country club, setting only 15
BARNHAM BROOM Golf &              static caravan at Skipsea        week not per person, near         heating, tv, ideal holiday       minutes from Disney. Sleeps
Country Club, Norfolk. 2          Sands, Near Bridlington.         beaches.        ¤: 01527 64149    location £180 to £320 p/w.       up to 10 people. Late
bedroom sleeps 6, self            Amenities,       restaurants,    SOUTH SUFFOLK, a warm             brochure available.              bookings available.
catering apartment. 9 March       supermarket, amusements,         welcome awaits you in our                    ¤: 02392 343 455                   ¤: 0118 966 9277
– 16 March. Free unlimited        leisure centre, 5 minutes        cosy, tranquil 17th century       NEWQUAY family run guest         COSTA DEL SOL. Two
golf on 2 18 hole courses.        from beach, free gas-            thatched home. Two nights         house. 2 mins walk from          bedroom apartment, air
Also free tennis, swimming,       /electricity     £180     pw.    double B&B £80, colour            three beaches. All rooms en-     conditioned apartment To
two restaurants. £350. For        Information pack available.      brochure available.               suite, car park, top quality     Let, superior complex,
further details                               ¤: 01924 360 030                  ¤: 01449 741 557     home, cooked food, close to      swimming pool, near golf,

    Unionnews April 2001

sea and amenities. Refer-        taken. Also old fag packets       AIR MILES VOUCHERS £5             luggage and some spares.          container and wheels £550
ence rentals Monte 929           and       tobacco      related    per 100. ¤: 01253 392 034         £2,250 ono. (Plymouth)            ono. ¤: 01904 638 109
Miraflores. E-mail monte-        ephemera and sports rel-          War medals wanted. Army,                      ¤: 01752 813 463      INISHOWEN, Ceili Band 8                   ated postcards such as            Navy. RAF, territorial, police,   FOR SALE, used daily, 1968        piece Scottish Irish callers,
       ¤: 0034 952 930 939       cricket, football and golf etc.   fire service, life saving,        Moris Minor, road tax free,       teach dances, will play
                                 cash paid. ¤: 01772 627 445       death plaques, bravery in         £1,200 ono, two owners            Ceilis, weddings, anniver-
                                 VESPA OR LAMBRETTA                the field. Distinguished          from new, blue.                   saries,     demos,       21’sts,
                                 Scooter to restore non            conduct medal, military                        ¤: 0151 280 2115     marches. PTA’s festivals,
TERRACED TOWN HOUSE,             runner, any condition.            cross. DFC etc. postage paid.     MORRIS ENGINE over                also songs included in
three beds, bathroom, hall,           ¤: 0121 552 7772 (John)                  ¤: 01792 895 033      hauled, can be seen on test       repetoire, based in Glasgow.
two sitting rooms, fitted        SPEEDWAY         programmes       WANTED. William de Morgan         bed. Complete, ready for           ¤: Geraldine: 0141 771 2828
kitchen, excellent condition     wanted, also books, magaz-        Animal, Bird and Snake tiles      use. Fit for 1000cc Traveller.    COOK INDIAN FOOD at
throughout. Area currently       ines, photos, badges, pre-        in Lustre & Porsian colours.      £100 ono. ¤: 01772 720 384        home. Enjoy cooking and
being rejuvenated, handy for     war, 40s, 50s also grass          Also a Martin Brothers Bird       MGB GT 3500 V8 1974 Black         save restaurant bills. Free
M6 and M62, Burnley, Lancs.      track motor cycle racing-         and Pottery (any condition).      chrome bumper, Webasto            recipes. 12 spices and herbs
            ¤: 01282 436 711     scrambles football prog-          ¤: 01388 420 049 or 07977         sunroof, good condition.          in the box. Log onto
TWO BEDROOM cottage at           rammes.                           061 495                           Lots of history, MOT Oct
Barrhill, Ayrshire Scotland.          ¤: Geoff: 01793 619 358      BOXED SET of wood railway         2001, Tax until August.           TMK              MULTIMETER
Central heating, garage, nice    STILL      WANTED.       Eight    curves wanted by retired          £6250 ono.                        Mode/700B, 50kOhms per
village with rail station bus    millimetre Boley etc. watch       draffle for use on preserved                  ¤: 01268 758 495      volt dc. 4k Ohms per volt ac.
service. Cottage has a large     makers       or    instrument     narrow gauge line.                AUSTIN A40 CAMBRIDGE              Voltage range – 0.002V,
garden with views. £30,000       makers lathe or parts to                      ¤: 01388 526 015      black 1955 with MOT, tax          1000Vdc. Current range –
           ¤: 0208 488 8148      complete. Please                  BROOKS MOTOR handbook             exemption, 65,400 miles,          0.5MA 10A dc, 0.01 M.A, 10A
                                             ¤: 01252 870 632      Circa late fifties. Will pay      genuine       mileage,     red    ac. Buzzer for audible
                                 QUARTS CRYSTALS any               reasonable price. Phone           upholstery,      very    good     checking. Instruction man-
     SERVICES                                                      Steve Burke.                                                        ual. £55 including postage.
                                 large types 10x FT243 etc for                                       condition, collectors regis-
THE QUEEN OF HERBS for           frequencys 7000 to 7040                       ¤: 020 8591 3790      tration, JRE. £3,000.                          ¤: 01553 768 855
women ‘Tang Kuei’ (Dong          and 3500 to 3600 mhz for          CIGARETTE CARDS wanted                    ¤: 01952 287 900 for      VOLKSWAGON GOLF, 1990.
Quei).     Also     available,   my homemade valve trans-          by private collector, also                        further details   1300 breaking, all parts
products for health energy       mitters G0JRM.                    wanted,       old    cigarette    FOR SALE. 1984 Skoda              available off black 3 dr, plus
fitness and skincare. All                    ¤: 01284 735 441      packets and bubblegum             Estelle, 1174cc Engine            GTI bits including dash
natural herbal products. For     WHITE STAR Shipping line          cards and packets. All trade      perfect bodywork, very            clocks, arch kit, etc, mini hub
more information                 items. Postcards menus,           cards taken also.                 good, especially under-           puller, new viva H ‘Brake’
              ¤: 01420 86972     brochures, books, plates,                     ¤: 01772 627 445      neath. MOT 12th June. £60.        cables. ¤: 01744 886 065
CRYSTAL SOUND recording          cups, saucers, badges.            AGENTS REQUIRED. Free to          Good Rally car.                   (merseyside)
studio. ¤: 01132 669 189 or                  ¤: 02892 602 390      become an agent, Free to                      ¤: 01224 877925       BRANTRIDGE               PARK,
www.         WOOD WORKING hand tools           become a customer, show                                             Balcombe, West Sussex. For
The one stop place to make       wanted        by     collector.   people how to save money           MISCELLANEOUS                    sale.      Part      timeshare
that great CD recording.         Especially old wooden and         on their telephone calls. Join                                      exquisite        surroundings,
WOULD YOU LIKE to have a         metal planes, single items or     on      line:     www.terra-      MYFORD SUPER 7 Lathe,             facilities include swimming,
better lifestyle? We can         complete kits, cash offers Insert sponser       face plate, 3 jaw, 4 jaw          golf, tennis, fitness, snooker,
present an opportunity to        made. Pattern makers tools        ID 445 478                        chucks, fixed steady coolant      restaurant, bar available, all
help you achieve your            also wanted. Please                                                 pump all in very good             year.        ¤: 01444 482 963
dreams. Interested? For free                 ¤: 01780 751 768                CARS                    condition. £950.                  SEAHOG SEEJEEP. Sport
info.                            FOR PRIVATE COLLECTION                                                          ¤: 01278 789 824      fishing boat. 30 HP mariner
    ¤: 01292 219 519 (24 hrs)    Old railway items, signs,         CHATEAU MOBILE Folding            FOR SALE. Engineers tools 5       outboard        motor.     GPS
SAVE MONEY on your phone         posters, lamps, loco name         Camper. Little used Marine        micrometers boxed as new.         Navigator, fish finder, VHF
calls.    Local,    National,    and number plates, badges,        Ply and canvas, Five berth,       Size 1 to 2, 5 to 6, offers.      radio on snipe galvanised
International and mobile.        wagon plates. Anything            Two awnings, garaged,                         ¤: 01455 220 471      trailer. All in excellent
Free to join, No contract, No    railway. Best prices paid.        stored v.g.c, no reasonable       BELLS WHISKY Decanters            condition and ready for sea.
minimum spend. Free infor-       Can collect. Contact Mick.        offer refused.                    Xmas bells: complete set, 12      £3,500.      ¤: 01772 612 839
mation:                    ¤: 01757 288 517                  ¤: 01707 334 348      in total 1988-1999 (Twelve        PEN DELFIN fruit shop and
¤: 01753 521 252                 WANTED. BUMA portable             FORD FIESTA, 1.6 diamond          bells of xmas) £1150 or offer.    Pen Delfin Tavern, mint
                                 boring machines, models,          white 32,000. Genuine                         ¤: 01530 270 702      condition. £60 the pair.
      WANTED                     GP3 & model Fm also GP1 &         miles, J Reg, this car is in      DO YOU FEEL unwell? Are                        ¤: 0208 859 1952
                                 2 considered. Damaged as          outstanding condition. Must       you constantly tired? Do you      FOR SALE, Booster Tetra
RETIRED MEMBER needs             well.       ¤: 01405 765 557      be seen. £2,000. No offers, it    suffer from arthritis? ME?        road master mobility scoot-
maintenance       handbook       £100 PAID for Norris              was a ladies car.                 MS? Diabetes? Help is at          er. £1000 complete with
manuals for Kerry Model ‘C’.     Carpenters panel plane. £60                   ¤: 01527 878 145      hand. Contact the Natural         charger, weather protection
5” x 23” centre lathe, also      for smaller norris planes. All    VW PASSAT, TDI, sport             Health Service for your free      as new condition.
steadies (fixed travelling).     unusual wooden and metal          FDSH, climate cruise control,     tape.      ¤: 01304 389 770                    ¤: 01707 891 250
Chucks Collets Information/-     planes by Stanley, Mathie-        1997. Fast and Economical.        RUTLAND 500 wind charger,         SMALL 1993 fibre glass
Spares/Change       Wheels,      son, spiers, preston, any old     £10,995. ¤: 01287 639 333         as new, still boxed, £150         damproof 2 berth caravan.
Tooling, – or 1HP, 1 phase       interesting carpenters tools.     1996 HONDA ACCORD. Duel           complete. ¤: 01476 407 165        Most facilities inside plus
footmount motor (revers-                     ¤: 01492 877 380      Fuel converted to use gas         WIGAN CASINO Docum-               good sized awning and
able) faceplate coolant          WAKEFIELD MECHANICAL              F.S.H, MOT, ABS. Save             entary, Granada TV 1998 25        unused spare wheel in
pump.       ¤: 01900 61286       lubricator 4 or 6 feed.           pounds on fuel bills, £5195.      years of Wigan Casino, a          underslung carrier. All sale
WANTED. Early Pre and Post       Klinger – bore AB 40 valve        For further details               copy of this would be greatly     and service paperwork
War cameras in good con-         forged steel body. Hydraulic                  ¤: 01287 639 333      appreciated, please can you       supplied. £935 ono.
dition. Also wind-up or          rivetter for locomotive           KAWASAKI GTR 1000,                help? Price negotiable.                        ¤: 01253 886 064
automatic wristwatch of          boilers. London and South         Streetfighter, D reg, good for                ¤: 01444 473 880      OXYACETYLENE leadburning
same period. Any evening         Western Railway. Loco-            year, T&T, nice paint job,        MONZA, Two berth awning,          touch, as new £45.
please     ¤: 01782 776 465      motive buffers required for       mural on tank, stainless          fridge, heater, cooker, spare                  ¤: 01749 675 046
CIGARETTE            CARDS       locomotive         restoration    pipes, over £1000 spent,          wheel, wheel clamp, porta
WANTED. Any quantity             project.     ¤: 0117 960 9065     bills to prove, plus full hard    potti. Stabiliser bar, water
                                                                                                                                          April 2001 Unionnews

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