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      News and views from across the University Issue 16 March 2008

            Raise a
            ...to students past. Iconic
            images from the alumni
            archives. Page 8
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        What’s inside

                                                                                                                          Looking back at the
                                                                                                                          campus past.

                                                                           14                                             7
                                                                           Faith and                                      The tough
                                                                           ser rasequi
                                                                           ethics                                         get going
                                                                           ipsusto dui eugue
                                                                           Chaplain gets bursary                          Blood and breaks at
                                                                           lummy nontin ut
                                                                           for study tour.                                Tough Guy.

         Features                                                                                       4 International cinema
                                                                                                        Film student wins
        3 Educating Kieran                                                                              prestigious award.
        University Park provides the backdrop
                                                                                                        10 Hooray for
        for new film.                                                                                   Hollywood
                                                                                                        Thoughts on the new
                                                                                                        Hollywood Studies MA.
        7 Rough and tumble
        The Vet School team take on the                                                                 14 Tackling a killer
        Tough Guy challenge.                                                                            The search is on for a
                                                                                                        meningitis vaccine.

        12 Rev your engine                                                                              21 Ringing
        Motorcycle simulator under construction.                                                        the changes
                                                                                                        Bellringers celebrate
                                                                                                        golden anniversary.
         Contact: Tara de Cozar, Exchange magazine, University of Nottingham, King’s Meadow Campus, Lenton Lane, Nottingham, NG7
         2NR e-mail: exchange@nottingham.ac.uk tel: 0115 846 8545 fax: 0115 951 5733 download at www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange
         picture credits: Big Dream Productions, Martin Kirk, Liquid Library, Rob Lambert, David Gardner, National Blood Service, Mike Beard.

         Exchange magazine is printed on Revive 50/50 paper made from 50 per cent recovered waste.

        2                                                                                                                  Exchange: March 2008
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        University news

                                                                       oy meets girl. Girl         Business School in 2006 when

                                                              B        dumps boy. Boy tries
                                                                       desperately to get her
                                                                       back, learning valuable
                                                              lessons along the way. It’s a
                                                                                                   he met Daniel, a film student at
                                                                                                   the University. He was looking
                                                                                                   for a script — and Daniel just
                                                                                                   happened to have one.

                                                              familiar story, but one that’s
                                                              been given a new twist by a          Tackling bad press
                                                              Nottingham production                Nottingham was subject to
                                                              company featuring former             some bad press at the time, and
                                                              students of the University.          Kal thought that by showing

                                                              The Education of Kieran, a           the city and University in a
                                                              feature-length romantic              good light, the film would
                                                              comedy following the fortunes        prove the headlines wrong.
                                                              of the eponymous lead                “A group of us thought it was
                                                              character, features University       unfair that Nottingham should
                                                              Park as a backdrop. The main         be getting this adverse publicity
        University Park is the star                           characters are postgrad              considering what a fun and
                                                              students at the University, and      beautiful University we were
        in a new film made by                                 the setting was key to Big           at,” he said. Filming has taken
        former students.                                      Dream Productions, the
                                                              company behind the project.
                                                                                                   place over the past two years,
                                                                                                   with final shooting on campus
                                                              “I thought it would be a great       over the coming months.
                                                              idea to use all the talent that      But does Kieran get the girl?
                                                              we had at the University to          We’ll have to wait for the final
                                                              show the city and the                cut to see. Big Dream
                                                              institution in a good light,” said   Productions are considering
                                                              Kal Dhaliwal, who started the        taking the film to the Cannes
                                                              project with scriptwriter Daniel     Film Festival, so keep an eye
                                                              Smith-Rowsey. “We wanted to          out in cinema listings for this
                                                              show it as it was for us — a         locally-made romance.
                                                              really exciting place to be.”        For more information visit
                                                              Kal was doing an MSc in              www.educationofkieran.co.uk
                                                              Operations Management at the

                                                                    The Education of Kieran film crew on University Park.

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        University news

                                                                                                              Cinematic insight
            // News in brief                                                                                  Nandana will fly to America
                                                                                                              to pick up her prize.
            on top
            The Nottingham University
            Business School MBA is among
            the ten best in the world on
            value for money, according to a
            new league table published by
            the Financial Times.

            Nottingham is one of just 15
            UK business schools to appear
            in this prestigious ranking.
            The school appears in 76th
            position overall — up from 93rd
            last year and 100th in 2005.

            Following the announcement of             Never mind the
            this year's academic promotions
            at campuses in Nottingham —
            which saw 27 appointments to
            Professor, twenty promotions to
            the role of Associate Professor
            and Reader, and 38                        PhD student wins major international film
            appointments as Associate
            Professor — the University has            prize for work on Hindi cinema.
            announced promotions at the
                                                                study into the right wing            Filmmakers had their work cut out for

            Malaysia campus.
                                                                stranglehold on Indian cinema        them. They had to reshoot certain scenes if
            Two new Professors are                              has earned a University student a    the censors demanded it, and it wasn’t
            appointed — Dr Tan Hui Boon                         major international film prize.      unusual for crowds to descend on cinemas
            of Nottingham University                  This month Nandana Bose will fly to            to physically stop people seeing certain
            Business School becomes                   America to collect the student writing prize   films.
            Professor of Business Economics           from the illustrious Society for Cinema and    This pressure came to a head seven years
            and Finance, and Dr Andy Chan             Media Studies.                                 ago, when 15,000 protestors halted
            of The School of Chemical and             Nandana’s entry was a chapter from her         shooting on the film Water in Varanasi.
            Environmental Engineering                 thesis, The Cultural Politics of the Hindu     They issued death threats and burned the
            becomes Professor of Fluid                Right and Hindi Cinema —1992-2002.             main set to the ground.
            Mechanics. Five colleagues have           Nandana’s extensive research took her to       Roberta Pearson, Professor of Film Studies
            been promoted to the post of              the censorship board in Bombay. There she      in the School of American and Canadian
            Associate Professor.                      scoured thousands of letters of complaint,     Studies, supervised Nandana’s PhD: “I am
                                                      mostly from political parties.                 delighted that the Society for Cinema and
                                                      “These letters give an amazing insight into    Media Studies has recognised the
                                                      the times,” she said. “They show the way       excellence of her research and writing. She
                                                      films were made and how much pressure          is one of the best doctoral students in the
                                                      was put on the censors.”                       Institute of Film and Television Studies,
                                                                                                     and we expect her to go far.”

        4                                                                                                                   Exchange: March 2008
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        University news

        Keeping an eye
        on things
        University lecturer plays a part in keeping the Antarctic clean.

                                                                          ntarctica is the          Dr Lambert spent 12 days

                                                               A          ultimate destination
                                                                          for anyone interested
                                                                          in natural history.
                                                               “But it also challenges those
                                                               people who visit to think
                                                                                                    onboard a cruise ship making
                                                                                                    its first voyage to Antarctica.
                                                                                                    His job was to monitor the
                                                                                                    running of the ship and the
                                                                                                    conduct of its crew and
                                                               broadly about our                    passengers as they sailed
                                                               responsibilities to all life on      through one of the largest and
                                                               Earth.” That’s the view of Dr        most fragile wildernesses on
                                                               Rob Lambert, a lecturer on           earth. “Serving as an IAATO
                                                               tourism and the environment at       observer is the best kind of
                                                               the University, who has just         public service, where I am
                                                               returned from the Antarctic in       confident that the sustainable
                                                               his role as an observer for the      tourism report I compile will
                                                               International Association of         make a difference.”
                                                               Antarctica Tour Operators
                                                               (IAATO).                             The Antarctic tourist season
                                                               Dr Lambert, a member of the          runs from October to April and
                                                               Business School’s Christel           has flourished in the last thirty
                                                               DeHaan Tourism and Travel            years – growing from around
                                                               Research Institute, says the         6,000 visitors in the mid-1990s
                                                               relationship between nature          to 35,000 in 2006.
                                                               and people is complex and            The region supports immense
                                                               constantly changing, and great       marine biodiversity, including
                                                               positives can come from              numerous species of seabirds,
                                                               tourism in Antarctica. He            including iconic penguin and
         Antarctic inspiration
                                                               believes those lucky enough to       albatross species, as well as
         The region supports huge                              experience it could become           seals, whales and countless
         marine biodiversity.                                  ambassadors for the region to        billions of marine invertebrates
                                                               help develop a ‘constituency’ of     that fuel the food chain there.
                                                               support for Antarctica.              The region was afforded special
      “I believe there’s a huge                                “Few people get the
                                                               opportunity to visit this
                                                                                                    protection under the 1959
                                                                                                    Antarctic Treaty and the
       sense of goodwill that                                  extraordinary place and those
                                                               who experience it first hand
                                                                                                    adoption in 1991 of the
                                                                                                    Environmental Protocol. This

       could be passed on to the                               return home with a powerful
                                                               sense of wonder and concern
                                                                                                    designates Antarctica as a
                                                                                                    natural reserve devoted to

       rest of society.”                                       for the myriad threats that it
                                                               faces,” he said. I believe there’s
                                                               a huge sense of goodwill for the
                                                                                                    peace and science and ensures
                                                                                                    that human activities, including
                                                                                                    tourism, do not have adverse
        Dr Rob Lambert, Antarctic observer                     region that could be passed on       impacts on the Antarctic
                                                               by these tourist ambassadors to      environment, or on its scientific
                                                               the rest of society.”                and aesthetic values.

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        University news

        For all faiths
        and none
        Rev John Bentham is set to explore research ethics in US and
        UK universities — and considers the role of religion in higher
        education today.

                 eligion and ethics go hand in hand.

        R        And bridge building and
                 networking are at the heart of the
                 role of University chaplain —
        whatever your faith.
        Now Anglican chaplain John Bentham is
        set to use these skills, built up over ten
        years at the University and his work in the
        Meadows area of Nottingham, in a study
        tour of US and UK universities.
        A bursary from Ecclesiastical Insurance is
        allowing John to take sabbatical leave and
        travel to the US with his family. The trip
        will take place during the summer term.
        “I take an interest in the ethical issues
        surrounding research, visiting facilities and
        talking to staff,” said Rev Bentham. “I’ll be
        visiting a number of US and UK
        universities, and may also take in a visit to
        a European institution. I hope that by
        seeing alternative systems in action, I can
        return with some good practice to input
        into our processes.”
        The trip will also feed back into Rev
        Bentham’s work as a member of the
        University’s Ethical Review Committee.

        Building bridges
        Rev Bentham has been a chaplain at the
        University since 1998. He trained for
        ministry at St John’s Theological in              — a non-judgmental listening ear.”              place of religion and spirituality in society
        Bramcote — not a million miles away from          Rev Bentham works with Jewish and               and academia,” he said. “For example, Prof
        his current base in the Portland Building on      Muslim colleagues to ensure that the            Hugh Goddard’s lecture on the relationship
        University Park.                                  spiritual needs of the University are met.      between Christianity and Islam last term
        But how does he see the role of a                 “We aim at the beginning of the University      was standing room only. The issue of where
        University chaplain in 2008, serving a            year to help students settle into a religious   we come from and the origin of life will not
        diverse community of students and staff           community that is right for them,” he said.     go away. Neither will the need to carefully
        from across the world?                            And he feels strongly that religion still has   consider our value systems and beliefs —
        “Chaplains are bridge builders, networkers,       a key part to play in a University.             and how it affects every aspect of our lives,
        working for the benefit of the institution        “It might appear at times that we               research and education.”
        and of individuals,” he explains. “We offer       Europeans are becoming increasingly
        pastoral care to those of all faiths and none     secular, but I note a rising interest in the

        6                                                                                                                         Exchange: March 2008
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        University news

                                                                                                        Main pic: Competitors in the mist.
                                                                                                        Left: Matt receives treatment for
                                                                                                        his breaks. Top right: Thomas
                                                                                                        Foster surveys the competition.
                                                                                                        Bottom right: Dr Gardner soldiers
                                                                                                        on, despite a head injury...

        Blood and breaks
        Vet School tough guys (both male and female)
        take on a gruelling physical challenge and live to
        tell the tale — but only just.

                   broken leg, a cut on the head and      competitors who completed the course he

        A          11th place were the results of this
                   year’s attempt by a team from
                   the School of Veterinary
        Medicine and Science at the annual Tough
        Guy Challenge.
                                                          came 22nd by finishing in one hour and
                                                          five minutes — despite a blow to the head.
                                                          “I was negotiating an obstacle and another
                                                          competitor accidentally hit me on the head
                                                          with his elbow — it split the skin but soon
        Second year student Matt Chesworth was            dried up. Hurt though.”
        taken to hospital by ambulance with a
        broken leg after falling in the mud during        The Nottingham Vet School team — David
        the SAS-style cross-country race. He              Gardner, Michael and Chris Bellamy,
        twisted his ankle, toppled over and               Anthony Emley, Adam Heeley, Matt
        snapped his leg in three places.                  Chesworth, Emily Hatton and Thomas
        Dr David Gardner said: “I saw and heard it        Foster — finished 11th out of 68 and were
        happen. Matt slipped at the top of a bank         one of only four teams in the top ten with
        and tumbled down, as he slipped forward           ten or less members.
        one leg got stuck, twisted and broke his
        lower bones. Then he tumbled into a lake
        and had to be lifted out. It was all a bit
        difficult really.”

        Despite being the oldest in the team David,
        a Lecturer in Developmental Physiology at
        the Vet School, set the pace. Out of 2,869

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        University news

        Retro stylings
        The Development Office has printed a set of greetings cards
        featuring student photos taken between 1950 and 1976. Do you
        recognise any of the participants?
                   s a keen amateur photographer

        A          and resident of Hugh Stewart
                   Hall from 1957 to 1960, physics
                   student Colin Webb was the
        inevitable choice for the hall’s rugby shot.
        “It was natural that I should photograph all
        the sports teams,” he recalls. “In fact,
        nearly all the photos from that three-year
        period hanging in the common room are
        Though our March cover shot is a little
        different to the formal team shots...
        “The spoof rugby team photo was set up at
        the request of some of the Hugh Stewart
        team themselves after I had shot the formal
        team photo — and Dr Neil (the Hugh
        Stewart hall warden at the time) had
        disappeared back into the warden’s
        lodgings,” he added.
        “During my schooldays I earned extra
        pocket money by selling my photographs
        of sports teams, weddings, and amateur
        dramatics. When asked by my headmaster
        what career I intended to follow, I said I
        wanted to be a news magazine
        photographer — but he said, ‘Rubbish, you
        are going to be a physicist.’
        “He was right of course, but I have always
        been involved in optics. I was the first
        graduate student in the world to complete
        a doctorate in laser physics, and ended up
        as the Professor of Laser Physics at Oxford.
        “I spent three — yes, three — very happy
        years at Hugh Stewart Hall and of course
        got to know Dr and Mrs Neil quite well.
        They asked me to photograph their pet
        dogs and monkey for the family album.”
        Yes, you read that right — a hall warden
        with a pet monkey. We’ve included Prof
        Webb’s shot here (top right), though it
        doesn’t feature in this card pack. Maybe a
        possibility for future packs?
        A pack of six retro cards is available, priced
        at £4.99, from Sue Daley. E-mail
        susan.daley@nottingham.ac.uk or call ext

        8                                                          Exchange: March 2008
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        University news

                                                “Rubbish, you’re going to be
                                                 a physicist...”
                                                     Alumnus Colin Webb’s school headmaster on
                                                     hearing he wanted to be a photographer.

                                        Main pic: Derby Hall, summer 1976,
                                        photographer unknown. Top right: Dr Neil and his
                                        pet monkey. Bottom left: Florence Boot float 1975,
                                        photographer unknown. Bottom middle: Skating
                                        on the lake 1960/61, donated by David Richardson.
                                        Bottom right: Lake battle 1956. Photographer,
                                        Gary Ellis, donated by Bob and Judith Parfitt.

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        Why Hollywood?
                                                             he recent strike by Hollywood              the Star Wars franchise alone earning more

        Dr Paul Grainge,
        Associate Professor
        in the School of
                                                             screenwriters offered a rare glimpse
                                                             of an industry that, for all its popular
                                                             significance, we still know little
                                                     about. As film and television production
                                                     ground to a halt, and the Oscars wavered,
                                                                                                        than the GDP of most African states. With
                                                                                                        Disney a flagship of global capitalism,
                                                                                                        Mickey Mouse is on the agenda — as
                                                                                                        corporate symbol, copyright property,
                                                                                                        theme park attraction and merchandized
        American and                                 some important questions were thrown into          toy. The MA considers how exactly
                                                     relief. Who does the entertainment                 Hollywood operates as an industry and
        Canadian Studies,                            industry really depend upon to keep its            creative system, but also examines the role
        talks about the                              business going? Where is the money made
                                                     now that ancillary profits, such as that
                                                                                                        of Hollywood in history and everyday life,
                                                                                                        posing two essential questions: ‘what is
        importance of                                made from DVD, far outstrip box-office
                                                     revenues? What impact does Hollywood
                                                                                                        Hollywood?’ and ‘where is Hollywood?’

        Hollywood in today’s                         have on other regions of the world when            These questions are not as simple as they
                                                     its global operations are suddenly fused?          seem and are forcing changes in the very
        world.                                                                                          conceptualization of film and television
                                                     Mickey Mouse and proud                             studies as a discipline. In a historical
                                                     These questions, among others, are central         moment when Hollywood no longer makes
                                                     to a new MA in Hollywood Studies being             film but ‘entertainment software’, and
                                                     launched by the Institute of Film and              where it is no longer based in Los Angeles
                                                     Television Studies in September 2008. The          but is dispersed throughout the world —
                                                     Institute has run a successful Master’s            making it difficult to define what an
                                                     degree in Film Studies since 1998, but is          ‘American,’ ‘British’ or ‘Chinese’ film might
                                                     now launching the first degree in the UK to        actually be — there is a need to take stock,
                                                     focus specifically on Hollywood as one of          and move beyond the easy clichés which
                                                     the dominant world producers of film,              govern thoughts about ‘Hollywood.’ Aside
                                                     television and screen media. Mickey Mouse          from making the term stand for ideas about
                                                     you say. Well, yes. Entertainment is now           cultural and aesthetic value, as is often the
                                                     the second largest US export sector after          case, we need to understand, in every
                                                     aerospace. The worldwide revenue of the            sense of the term, the big picture.
                                                     major film studios was $41 billion in 2003,

        10                                                                                                                      Exchange: March 2008
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                                                                                                                              Karen Knight
                                                                                                                              Contracts Manager
                                                                                                                                                            Hemsley — the
                                                                                                                                                            acclaimed fine
                                                                                                                                                            dining restaurant
                                                                                                                                                            which is open to
                                                                                                                                                            visitors and to all

                                                                                                                                                            members of the
                                                                                                                                                            University — is
                                                                                                                              launching its latest menu with two courses
                                                                                                                              now just £12.50. The new options at the
                                                                                                                              smart University Park restaurant follow
                                                                                                                              extensive customer feedback. Diners can opt
                                                                                                                              for a range of excellent wines priced under
                                                                                                                              £10 a bottle, or can choose to accompany
                                                                                                                              their meal with wines by the glass.
                                                                                                                              Lunch is served each weekday from 12pm till
                                                                                                                              2pm and reservations are not required for a

           News and views from around                                                                                         spur of the moment treat or for that short
                                                                                                                              notice business rendezvous. Hemsley was
                                                                                                                              recently praised by The Gourmet Society as
           the University                                                                                                     one of “Nottingham’s best kept secrets” with
                                                                                                                              “imaginative, delectable food and attentive
                                                                                                                              service.” Visiting reviewers praised the
                                                                                                                              “lovely setting”. “simply delicious food” and
                                                                                                                              “exemplary service.”

           Nathalie Thomas                                                  Hannah Ward-Salt                                  Ruth Kneale
           Schools Liaison and Events Manager                               Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers                      Counselling Service
                                       The University’s                                            University employees                                     I thought you
                                       undergraduate Open                                          with children under the                                  might like a
                                       Day team would like                                         age of 16 who pay for                                    brief update
                                       to hear from any                                            registered childcare                                     about the
                                       members of staff who                                        could save money by                                      Nottingham gift
                                       may be attending                                            joining the Busy Bees                                    boxes
                                       Open Days with their                                        Childcare Voucher                                        distributed as
           sons/daughters over the coming months.                           scheme. Childcare Vouchers are non-taxable        part of the 2007 Operation Christmas Child
           We would be really interested to hear about your                 and National Insurance exempt and each            project. This year from the UK we sent 1.3
           experiences at other universities, and receive                   parent can request up to £243 worth per           million boxes. From Nottingham we collected
           copies of programmes and other literature you                    month (£55 per week), simply by exchanging        and despatched 13,745 boxes — over 100
           may have picked up. In addition, we’d like to hear               the same amount of their salary.                  from the University.
           how you enjoyed your overall experience and if                   As Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers can be
           you have any great ideas we could use – please let               claimed by both parents, the potential family     I’m heading back out to Kosova in June to
           us know!                                                         savings could be up to £2,392 per annum,          help run a summer camp for children from
           Alternatively, you may have really disliked an                   depending on individual circumstances,            extremely poor and marginalised families,
           aspect of your day – again let us know and we’ll                 leaving you with a little extra to splash out     living in the slums outside Gjakova. I’m busy
           avoid those elements here at Nottingham. If you                  on the finer things in life!                      fundraising — I need to raise £1,100 — so if
           would like to share your experiences, please                     Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for         you have any ideas, do let me know. If you’d
           contact Nathalie Thomas (ext 68283) or Jenny                     any type of registered childcare, including       like me to bake some cakes for you to sell in
           Wardrop (ext 68284) in Marketing.                                nurseries, nannies, childminders, au pairs, out   your school or dept just ask!
           Please note: we will shortly be advertising for staff            of school clubs and holiday schemes.
           helpers to support the University-wide Open Days                 To find out how much you could save with
           in June and September. For further details, please               Busy Bees childcare vouchers, call 0800 430
           contact one of us on the above numbers.                          860 or visit www.busybeesvouchers.com

         Have your say: Write to Tara de Cozar, Exchange, University of Nottingham, King’s Meadow Campus, Lenton Lane, Nottingham,
         NG7 2NR, e-mail: exchange@nottingham.ac.uk tel: 0115 846 8545 fax: 0115 951 5733.

        www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange                                                                                                                                             11
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        University news

        The world’s most advanced motorcycle simulator is currently
        being built at the University. Road safety organisations are
        already interested in the potential results.
                                                                              state-of-the-art           much more sophisticated than

                                                                 A            motorcycle simulator
                                                                              capable of giving
                                                                              valuable information on
                                                                 rider and road safety, motorcycle
                                                                 design and motorcycle engineering
                                                                                                         current gaming technology
                                                                                                         provides that allows us to capture
                                                                                                         data from a rider performance and
                                                                                                         research perspective.”
                                                                                                         By putting the rider into tailor-
                                                                 is currently under construction at      made scenarios and measuring
                                                                 the University.                         both their and the motorcycle’s
                                                                 The simulator — which is the first      performance, the simulator will
                                                                 of its kind in the world — will         produce valuable data, both for
                                                                 consist of a Triumph motorcycle         academics and the motorcycle
                                                                 mounted on a unique rig designed        industry.
                                                                 and built at the University. This       Anything from hazards — such as
                                                                 interactive moving platform will        children or animals running out
                                                                 then be linked to driving               into the road — to different light,
                                                                 simulation software that will           traffic and weather conditions can
                                                                 project different scenarios onto        be programmed into the simulator,
                                                                 huge screens in front of and            allowing researchers to measure
                                                                 behind the motorcycle, recreating       the responses of different riders
                                                                 a realistic riding experience for the   riding exactly the same scenarios.
                                                                 motorcyclist.                           The simulator will also feature a
          Main pic: Dr Alex Stedmon (centre)
                                                                 This unique system will allow           rear road view projector, which
          with the students that are building the
                                                                 engineers to study aspects of           will be viewable through the
          rig. Below: The simulator up close.
                                                                 motorcycle ergonomics and rider         motorcycle’s mirrors. This
                                                                 human factors. This covers all          provides a more realistic riding
                                                                 aspects of motorcycling, from           experience as well as allowing
                                                                 motorcycle design and rider             riders to perform lifesaver checks
                                                                 equipment to rider behaviour and        — glances over the shoulder to
                                                                 competence and road safety.             check the way is safe and clear.
                                                                 Dr Alex Stedmon, a lecturer in the      Final year mechanical engineering
                                                                 School of Mechanical, Materials         students have designed and built
                                                                 and Manufacturing Engineering,          the rig along with integration
                                                                 said: “The simulator offers a           software that will be used on the
                                                                 unique research tool on a number        simulator, which is expected to be
                                                                 of levels. The motorcycle allows        up and running by June.
                                                                 riders to operate controls and lean     The development of the simulator
                                                                 as they would in the real world.        has been part funded by a New
                                                                 “We’ve taken guidance from              Lecturers Grant. The simulator has
                                                                 bikers about the important factors      been supported by Triumph, who
                                                                 in developing a simulation of real      provided a Daytona 675 for use
                                                                 riding. What we are building is         within the rig.

        12                                                                                                           Exchange: March 2008
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        University news

                                                                                                        // News in brief

                                                                                                        The University has again been
                                                                                                        confirmed in the intercontinental
                                                                                                        higher education elite, in the first
                                                                                                        global tables published this year.
                                                                                                        Shanghai Jiao Tong University's
                                                                                                        'Academic Ranking By Broad
                                                                                                        Subject' ranks Nottingham
                                                                                                        research in Clinical Medicine
                                                                                                        and Pharmacy 29th best in the
                                                                                                        world. Nottingham is one of
                                                                                                        only five British institutions in
                                                                                                        the world top 30 for Clinical
                                                                                                        Medicine and Pharmacy, with
                                                                                                        Oxford, Cambridge, University
                                                                                                        College London and Imperial
                                                                                                        College London.
                                                                                                        The new table — which reflects
                                                                                                        the number of alumni and staff

        Fancy (giving)
                                                                                                        winning Nobel Prizes and Fields
                                                                                                        Medals, the volume of highly
                                                                                                        cited researchers within the
                                                                                                        faculty, and the number of

        a pint?                                                                                         articles published in the most
                                                                                                        prestigious academic journals —
                                                                                                        also places Nottingham in the
                                                                                                        world's top 50 for agricultural
        Give blood on University Park.                                                                  and life sciences, and the
                                                                                                        world's top 100 universities in
                                                                                                        the social sciences. Arts and
           t takes just ten minutes but the feelgood     and Transplant Unit. “That’s why the

                                                                                                        humanities subjects are not
           factor will stay with you all day — and       National Blood Service is so keen for new      included in the Shanghai Jiao
           you even get a cup of tea and a biscuit       people to come forward, give blood — and       Tong rankings.
           at the end of it.                             help save a life.”                             The Times Higher Education
        So, if you’re aged between 17 and 60,            Your donation will be 470ml, which is just     league table ranks Nottingham
        healthy and weigh more than seven stone          under a pint. It takes between five and ten    70th in the world overall. The
        12 pounds, there’s no excuse for not giving      minutes to take the blood, but a health        University has risen more than
        blood. Particularly when the National            check and questionnaire will take place        70 places since the table was
        Blood Service is collecting donations on         beforehand to make sure that it’s safe to      first published in 2004.
        University Park.                                 take blood — and that the blood is safe to
        The service will be at the University Sports     take.
        Centre on Thursday 17 and Monday 21              Each donation is separated into three
        April between 10.30am and 3pm. Call 0845         component parts; red cells, platelets and
        7711 711 to book an appointment — and            plasma. Red cells are used to treat a range
        make sure you have a good breakfast on           of people including those that lose blood in
        the day.                                         surgery and in accidents, while platelets
        “Every day around 7,000 patients                 can be used to help treat cancer patients,
        nationally rely on the blood given by            and plasma is often used to treat burns
        volunteer donors to help them, and yet           patients.
        only five per cent of people who could give      Visit www.blood.co.uk for more
        blood actually do,” said Craig Taylor,           information.
        Communications Officer for the NHS Blood

        www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange                                                                                                     13
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        University news

        Stopping a killer
        in its tracks
        Researchers win £200,000 grant from Meningitis UK
        to develop vaccine.

                                                                     t can kill in four hours and

                                                                  I  more than 300 people in the
                                                                     UK die from it every year —
                                                                     and hundreds more are left
                                                                  with permanent disabilities.
                                                                  Now researchers will work on a
                                                                  potential vaccine for meningitis
                                                                  B, thanks to a £200,000 grant
                                                                  from the medical charity            The team has identified a series
                                                                  Meningitis UK.                      of autotransporter proteins —
                                                                  Although vaccines exist to          proteins which are secreted
                                                                  protect against some strains of     from the surface of Group B
                                                                  meningitis, there is still no       meningococci — which could be
                                                                  vaccine to protect against all      used to create antibodies that
                                                                  strains, including the most         will then kill the bacteria.
                                                                  common in the UK — Group B          The grant will be used to fund a
                                                                  meningococci. This is responsible   two-year research post,
                                                                  for almost 90 per cent of all       examining each of the proteins
                                                                  cases and is most common in         produced by the bacteria for the
                                                                  children under the age of five.     potential to create effective
                                                                  The team, led by Dr Karl            antibodies. The genetic code for
                                                                  Wooldridge (pictured top right),    each protein will be cloned and
                                                                  a lecturer in the Centre for        tagged, allowing the protein to
                                                                  Biomolecular Sciences, aims to      be produced in large amounts
                                                                  develop a vaccine against this      and purified for further study.
                                                                  strain of the bacterium. Group B    “If we identify one or more of
                                                                  meningococci mimic molecules        these proteins that give a good
                                                                  in the human body, which            protective response we would
                                                                  makes developing an effective       ultimately move to human
                                                                  vaccine against this strain very    trials,” said Dr Wooldridge. “This
       “By identifying a range of active proteins                 difficult.                          would hopefully demonstrate a
        we could develop a vaccine that targets                   Researchers worldwide are
                                                                  searching for alternative
                                                                                                      positive immune response to the
                                                                                                      vaccine. By identifying a range
        all strains of group B meningococci”                      antigens — molecules that can
                                                                  stimulate an immune response
                                                                                                      of active proteins, rather than
                                                                                                      just one, we could develop a
        Dr Karl Wooldridge, Centre for Biomolecular Sciences      — on the surface of the             vaccine that targets all strains of
                                                                  bacteria, which could be used as    the group B meningococci.”
                                                                  a basis for a vaccine against
                                                                  meningitis B.

        14                                                                                                        Exchange: March 2008
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        On campus

        The BASF house (right) with
        the Stoneguard house under                                                                    // Campus news
        construction in the background.

                                                                                                      M1 traffic
                                                                                                      Traffic restrictions are currently
                                                                                                      in place as part of the M1
                                                                                                      widening scheme. Speed limits
                                                                                                      of 50mph have been imposed
                                                                                                      on both the southbound and
                                                                                                      northbound sections between
                                                                                                      junction 26 at Nuthall to
                                                                                                      junction 27 at Annesley.
                                                                                                      Traffic is confined to three
                                                                                                      narrow lanes with no hard
                                                                                                      shoulder. The restrictions will
                                                                                                      be in place until autumn.
                                                                                                      Three lanes will be maintained
                                                                                                      between 6am and 8pm every
                                                                                                      day and a free recovery service
                                                                                                      is in place. This covers north
                                                                                                      and southbound carriageways

        Future perfect?                                                                               between junction 25 at
                                                                                                      Sandiacre and junction 28 at

        New on-campus ‘ecohouse’ opens its doors.
                      alking past the School of the     Creative Energy Homes project, initiated by   Spring has
        W             Built Environment on
                      University Park, you could be
                      forgiven for thinking you’d
        strayed onto the beginnings of a new
        housing development.
                                                        Prof Saffa Riffat, provides a platform for
                                                        the school’s partnership with industry to
                                                        explore different approaches to low carbon
                                                        house design. The BASF House is a very
                                                        significant step towards the Government’s
                                                                                                      Sunday 4 May sees University
                                                                                                      Park displaying a feast of tulips
        But what you’re looking at is — literally —     goal of all new housing being zero-carbon     and other spring flowers as part
        the bricks and mortar of one of the             by 2016, underlining the importance of        of the National Garden Scheme
        University’s key research projects.             cross-sector collaboration and the School’s   opening. A second opening in
        January saw the opening of the first of six     leading role in this process.”                August will feature late
        ‘ecohouses’ that are set to be built on         Architect Derek Trowell said: “The two        summer’s exotic blooms.
        University Park — fully-functioning homes       most significant aspects of our brief have    For more information contact
        which will influence how houses are             made the house different in appearance        Grounds Manager Ian Cooke on
        constructed in the future.                      from more conventional housing. Firstly,      ext 13649, or email
        The Creative Energy Homes project was set       the house is intended to be extremely         ian.cooke@nottingham.ac.uk
        up by the school to stimulate sustainable       energy efficient and to have as near as
        design ideas and promote new ways of            possible zero carbon emissions. Secondly,
        providing affordable, environmentally           the house is intended to be extremely
        sustainable housing.                            economical and affordable. The key effect
        The first of the homes was designed and         of these two important briefing
        built in collaboration with BASF.               considerations is that the house has a
        Stoneguard, Roger Bullivant Ltd and E-on        compact floor area and relies as much as
        are also involved in the project —              possible on passive solar design to keep
        providing funding, expertise and innovative     costs down.”
        ideas.                                          Energy efficiency will be carefully
        Brian Ford, Professor of Bioclimatic            monitored once the house is occupied by
        Architecture and Head of School, said: “The     university staff or students.

        www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange                                                                                                 15
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        Focus on: department

        Focus on...
        Physical Recreation
        and Sport

        If you’ve decided 2008 is the year to            opportunity for the students to become          “The idea really is to get everyone active,”
        become more active, the Department               part of the local community.                    said Nigel. “That doesn’t have to mean
        of Physical Recreation and Sport is              “Sutton Bonington is a unique campus, and       competing in the Olympics. Even if you get
        there to make it that much easier.               there’s a real sense of community here. The     up and go for a walk at lunchtime!”
                                                         sports centre offers a focal point for that,”   As Nigel explained, you don’t have to
        Whether it’s a bit of exercise at the gym or     added Nigel.                                    break into a sweat to get involved. “Some
        in the swimming pool, American football or       You don’t have to be a world-beating            of the clubs need staff to help them with
        tai chi, there’s a varied programme of           athlete to take advantage of the facilities     driving,” he said. “It’s a great way to get
        sports on offer at the University.               on offer, but there are several top sports      involved. You could get away for the
        The department runs all sports facilities        men and women at the University,                weekend for example with some of the
        and events during vacations as well as term      including a Taekwando world champion            walking groups.”
        time. Staff aim to provide a range of            based at Sutton Bonington.
        opportunities for all levels of abilities -
        recreational through to the elite athlete.       Top ten                                           The department at a
        This year has seen widespread expansion          The University has consistently finished in
        too. Brand new facilities were opened            the top ten out of over 140 competing
        recently at Sutton Bonington. The £2.4m
        sports centre now offers a wide range of
                                                         institutions in the British Universities
                                                         Sports Association Overall League
                                                                                                           • The University is a member of
                                                                                                               the British Olympic Passport
        sports and health activities, including          Championship Table. Last year we finished             Scheme, which means access for
        basketball, weights, squash and a climbing       in fifth place.
                                                                                                               Olympic atheletes to facilities for
        wall.                                            Emma Beddoes won the Universities
                                                         Squash Championships and was a member
        “The new centre is heaving,” said Assistant      of the Great Britain team that won the            •   There are three levels of
        Director of Physical Health and Sport Nigel      World Student Championships. She was                  membership — gold, silver and
        Mayglothling. “We’re even seeing students        also named BUSA sportswoman of the                    bronze.
        up on a Sunday morning!”                         year. Katherine Wyld was selected to              •   Visit the department website at
        The centre is also available to residents in     represent Great Britain at the XXIV World             www.nottingham.ac.uk/sports
        Sutton Bonington, which provides a unique        University Games in Bangkok.

        16                                                                                                                      Exchange: March 2008
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        Focus on: employee

        Focus on...
        Clare Pickersgill

        Clare Pickersgill is the recently-appointed            Wednesday:                                         team, at the Brewhouse Yard museum. She
        Curator of the University Museum.                      The museum contains a large collection of          gives me a guide of the collections and
                                                               Samian pottery donated by Felix Oswald in the      introduces me to all the staff and
        Sunday:                                                1930s. This is a type of Roman pottery that        volunteers who work with her. I will be
        I undertake some preparations for the                  was often made in a mould producing bowls          changing the case displays in the
        Advisory Board Meeting on Tuesday.                     with a wide range of images as diverse as          University Museum and Richard
                                                               gladiators, wild animals, and floral motifs. The   Chippinton, in the design office at
        Monday:                                                University has won AHRC funding to examine         Brewhouse Yard, has been very helpful in
        Further preparations for Tuesday’s                     the museum’s collection and to look at the         providing me with a list of local suppliers
        meeting. I deal with public enquiries and              study of Samian ware. Samian specialist            of gallery materials.
        also spend some time looking into the                  Gwladys Monteil is currently recording the
        museum’s recent acquisitions. I am                     museum’s Samian collection along with a            Friday:
        currently composing the documentation                  dedicated group of volunteers from the             Emily Gillot and Andy Gaunt, the outreach
        that all museums require — covering areas              University and the Sherwood Archaeological         officers for the County Archaeological Unit,
        such as acquisition and disposal,                      Society in Mansfield. Following on from this       visit the museum today. We discuss a
        accessioning, and emergency planning.                  Christoph Rummel is organising four meetings       variety of collaborative projects including
                                                               which will bring together Roman pottery and        holding an activity day at the University
        Tuesday:                                               Samian specialists in order to discuss the         Museum during National Archaeology
        First meeting of the museum’s Advisory                 current and future study of this material.         Week in July. This will be on Sunday 13
        Committee that will convene once a year. I             Today the first of these meetings is held with a   July so keep a look out for further details!
        discuss my first month as Curator and inform the       small but international group of pottery           Hadrian Ellory Van Decker, Head of
        board of the contacts I have made and of my            specialists present. My own research is with       Corporate and Collections Information at
        future plans. There is currently no archaeological     Roman pottery from Greece and so it is             the National Museums of Science and
        museum for Nottinghamshire, so it would be             interesting to attend this first meeting.          Industry, also visits today and after looking
        exciting to see the University museum fulfilling                                                          at our museum’s collections gives advice on
        this role. It is a productive meeting with the         Thursday:                                          the type of database needed to record
        board being extremely supportive and                   Today I meet up with Ann Insker, the               them.
        enthusiastic about the museum.                         manager of the history and archaeology

        www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange                                                                                                                      17
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        Research briefing

        Brief 1

        The future is clean —
        and green
                                                                        acteria often get a bad    efficiency over time, as the

        Image of a nanofiltration membrane
        taken using atomic force microscopy.                            press, with those found    membranes become fouled with
                                                                        in water often linked to   contaminants. By using
                                                                        illness and disease. But   bioremediation the membranes
                                                               researchers at the University       can be cleaned within the
                                                               are using these tiny organisms      closed system, without
                                                               alongside the very latest           removing the membranes.
                                                               membrane filtration techniques      As well as being highly
                                                               to improve and refine water         effective in the water treatment
                                                               cleaning technology.                process, transforming industrial
                                                               These one-celled organisms eat      liquid waste (metal working
                                                               the contaminants present in         fluid) contaminated with metals
                                                               water — whether it is being         and oils into clean water,
                                                               treated prior to industrial use     ultrafiltration and
                                                               or even for drinking — in a         nanofiltration membranes has a
                                                               process called bioremediation.      useful side effect. The waste
                                                               The water is then filtered          products have a very high
                                                               through porous membranes,           calorific value, and can be used
                                                               which function like a sieve.        as fuel.
                                                               However, the holes in these         Also, by measuring liquid
                                                               sieves are microscopic, and         properties at the nanoscale
                                                               some are so small they can only     researchers are exploring how
                                                               be seen at the nanoscale. Pore      liquids behave at an atomic
                                                               size in these filters can range     level — how they flow and pull
                                                               from ten microns — ten              apart. These results could be
                                                               thousandths of a millimetre —       used in mechanics and industry,
                                                               to one nanometre — a                for example, maximising the
                                                               millionth of a millimetre.          use of oil in an engine. Liquids
                                                               These technologies can be           are also being tested at a range
                                                               developed into processes which      of temperatures, from the very
          The future for clean water                           optimise the use of water —         low (-50 °C) to the very high
          Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes are     whether in an industrial system     (150 °C). Professor Hilal said:
          also being used in work funded by the Middle East    or to provide drinking water in     “This type of research
          Desalination Research Centre, which looks at         areas where it is scarce.           examining the properties of
          creating drinking water from seawater.               The research is led by Nidal        liquids has never been done
                                                               Hilal, Professor of Chemical and    before at this scale.
          By pre-treating the seawater and removing            Process Engineering in the          “By using bioremediation and
          contaminants, the membranes reduce the fouling       Centre for Clean Water              nanofiltration technology
          of machinery in the next stage of the process —      Technologies — a world-leading      combined, the water cleaning
          whether through reverse osmosis or thermal           research centre developing          process is integrated — using
          desalination. This can prevent damage to the         advanced technologies in water      far less energy than current
          machinery, reducing the need for expensive repair    treatment.                          processes. Add to this the
          and replacements.                                    Current membrane technology         recycling of waste products as
                                                               used in water treatment             fuels and you have a greener
                                                               processes can decrease in           technology.”

        18                                                                                                    Exchange: March 2008
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        Research briefing

        M64 — or the Black Eye Galaxy — is                                                                // In brief
        home to a dark band of cosmic dust.

                                                                                                          over profit
                                                                                                          South East Asia's tiger
                                                                                                          economies should prize the
                                                                                                          long-term health of their
                                                                                                          environment above the ongoing
                                                                                                          short-term gains provided by
                                                                                                          foreign firms that pollute,
                                                                                                          economists have claimed.
                                                                                                          Academics believe many South
                                                                                                          East Asian nations have been
                                                                                                          misled into accepting that
                                                                                                          increased pollution is a price
                                                                                                          worth paying for the future
                                                                                                          well-being of their economies.
                                                                                                          But groundbreaking research by
                                                                                                          the prestigious Globalisation
        Brief 2                                                                                           and Economic Policy Centre
                                                                                                          (GEP) at the University’s
                                                                                                          Malaysia Campus shows that

        Exploring the                                                                                     the flow of money from
                                                                                                          overseas cannot sustain a
                                                                                                          nation's economic growth and
                                                                                                          that policy-makers should

        dusty universe                                                                                    consider tightening the lax
                                                                                                          environmental regulations that
                                                                                                          have encouraged much foreign
                  niversity astronomers will be           The University is a leading partner in this

                                                                                                          Chew Ging Lee, an Associate
                  studying icy cosmic dust millions       new survey using Herschel, which is the         Professor of Quantitative
                  of light years away — using the         first space telescope to operate in the sub-    methods, used Malaysian data
                  biggest space telescope ever built.     millimetre part of the spectrum, between        to carry out what is thought to
        Experts in the School of Physics and              the far-infrared and microwaves. Much of        be the first-ever study into the
        Astronomy will be using the Herschel              this light — 0.055 to 0.67mm in                 links between Foreign Direct
        Space Observatory, the most powerful              wavelength — cannot penetrate the               Investment (FDI), pollution and
        telescope ever launched into space, as part       atmosphere and so the only way to study it      output.
        of a giant survey to find out more about          is from space.                                  He said: "FDI has been a major
        some of the coldest objects in the universe.      Dr Loretta Dunne is leading the working         engine for the rapid economic
        The Herschel Space Observatory, launched          group on dust in local galaxies. She said:      growth of many South East
        by the European Space Agency this                 “The survey will be a quantum leap in our       Asian countries, but the success
        Summer, promises to take our knowledge            understanding of dust in the local universe.    of these economies has been
        of the far reaches of space to a new level.       Cosmic dust is more than just a nuisance to     achieved at the expense of the
        It will have the largest mirror of any space      optical astronomers. It also plays an           environment.
        telescope — twice the size of the famous          important role in helping hot gas to cool       “Lax environmental policies and
        Hubble — that will detect the 'glow' of           and collapse to form galaxies and stars, and    lenient regulations have
        spacedust at around -250C, rather than the        is the raw building material for planets like   encouraged foreign investment
        light from stars.                                 our own. The Earth is really a giant ball of    in industries which pollute and
        As well as being able to see star-forming         cosmic dust! Discovering how dust is            damage the environment.”
        regions very nearby in our own galaxy, it         created, how long it survives and how
        will be able to see galaxies forming when         much of it is out there, are important
        the universe was in its infancy, more than        pieces of the puzzle of how the Universe
        ten billion years ago.                            came to look the way it does.”

        www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange                                                                                                   19
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        Upcoming events

                                                                                         From the moral to the
                                                                                         environmental, the focus is on
                                                                                         improvement at the University
                                                                                         this month.

        Human Rights                                                                                        // In brief

        Film Series                                                                                         Carbon
        March 2008, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham
                                                                                                            Cutting-edge research into
                                                                                                            reducing the planet’s carbon
                                                                                                            footprint is taking place at the
                                                                                                            University, following the launch
                                                                                                            of the Centre for Innovation in
                                                                                                            Carbon Capture and Storage.
                                                                                                            Director of the centre Prof
                                                                                                            Mercedes Maroto-Valer was
                                                                                                            joined by Prof David Greenaway,
                                                                                                            Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research,
                                                                              Previous year’s screenings    Lord Oxburgh, President of the
                                                                              have proved popular.          Carbon Capture and Storage
                                                                                                            Association and MP Nick Palmer,
                he Human Rights Law Centre has            A student-led initiative, the Human Rights        Parliamentary Private Secretary

                joined forces with Nottingham’s
                Broadway Cinema this month to screen
                the Human Rights Film Series. The
        series includes:
           Taking Liberties, a documentary on the
                                                          Film Series began in 2006. Time is available
                                                          after each screening for discussions on issues
                                                          raised by the film. The films screened are
                                                          chosen for their engaging and provocative
                                                                                                            to Energy Minister Malcolm
                                                                                                            Wicks, at the launch.
                                                                                                            Research at the centre will be
                                                                                                            cross-disciplinary, bringing
                                                                                                            together engineers,
        erosion of basic liberties in the UK over the     Gearoid O Cuin is Student Activities Officer at   mathematicians, bioscientists,
        last ten years                                    the Human Rights Law Centre — he has              geographers and geologists.
        •  Drowned Out, a documentary on the fight        organised this year’s programme.                  Research projects conducted in
        against the building of the Narmada Dam in        “Recent cinema has experienced a surge in         the centre will include the storage
        India                                             the appetite for fantasy films, Lord of the       and conversion of CO2 into
        •  The Devil Came on Horseback, an award-         Rings mania and Matrix virtual violence both      materials and fuels.
        winning documentary on the genocide in            representing cinematic milestones. However a      Prof David Greenaway said: “This
        Darfur                                            more interesting counter-current has emerged,     represents a new development
        •  In This World, a drama-documentary of two      crowned by the successes of films like Blood      for the university that will
        Afghan refugees making their way from             Diamond, Hotel Rwanda and documentaries           support fundamental curiosity-
        Pakistan to London.                               such as Fahrenheit 9/11,” he said.                driven research and also focused
        Guest speakers will introduce the talks. These                                                      knowledge transfer activity, both
        include Chris Atkins, director of Taking          Screenings will take place between 5 and 26       of which have been valued at this
        Liberties, and MC Mehta, an environmental         March. Visit www.broadway.org.uk for more         university for a long time.”
        lawyer in the Supreme Court of India.             info.

        20                                                                                                                  Exchange: March 2008
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        The University has celebrated
        50 years of bell ringing — and
        raised thousands for charity
        over the years.

                                                                          1958 to 2008, Nottingham
                                                                                 he Nottingham University      eight bells and more recently

                                                                          T      Society of Change Ringers
                                                                                 (NUSCR) celebrated its
                                                                                 golden anniversary with a
                                                                          bell-ringing tour of four
                                                                          Nottinghamshire churches.
                                                                                                               they raised another £12,000 to
                                                                                                               add another two bells to the

                                                                                                               NUSCR is one of the oldest
                                                                          Founded in 1958 by two               societies affiliated to the
                                                                          students at The University,          University’s Students’ Union. Its
         The bell chamber at All Saints', c1960. Students are             NUSCR set up home at All             principal aim is to encourage and
        pictured with the Reverend Perkins of All Saints'                 Saints’ Church in Nottingham         develop the art and science of
        and Paul Taylor of Loughborough Bell Foundry                      where they continue to practice      change ringing. The society
                                                                          every Tuesday between and ring       welcomes students from the
                                                                          for Sunday service.                  University and Trent to teach
                                                                          The current President of NUSCR       and practice English change
                                                                          is Teresa Meadows, a geography       ringing and represent
          Ringing the changes                                             student at the University. She       Nottingham at the annual
                                                                          said: “Bell ringing has a wide       Northern Universities
          Change ringing is the art of ringing a set of tuned             ranging appeal as you can see        Association Striking Competition
          bells in a series of mathematical patterns called               from our current students that       each November.
          "changes". It differs from many other forms of                  study a diverse mix of courses       All members across the fifty
                                                                          from archaeology and English to      years have been either
          campanology (the study of bells) in that no attempt
                                                                          physics. The social life that        undergraduate or postgraduate
          is made to produce a conventional melody.
                                                                          surrounds practice ringing and       students, or University staff.
          Today, change ringing can be found all over the                 Sunday services is always fun        Today the society’s 25 members
          world, performed in a variety of places. But it                 and friendly, with many tours to     continue to maintain the bells
          remains most popular in the context where it                    towns and villages across the        and fittings in their home tower.
          developed — English church towers. These typically              country. New members are             Gavin McLeod, a second year
          contain a few large bells rigged to swing freely — a            always welcome whether they          law student and secretary of the
          ring of bells. The considerable inertias involved mean          can ring or not, and are a           society said: “This anniversary is
          that each bell usually requires its own ringer.                 valuable part in retaining a long-   a truly significant event for the
                                                                          standing tradition.”                 society. Fifty years is a long
                                                                          During their 36-year association     time, particularly when one
                                                                          with All Saints’ Church the          considers that the society is
                                                                          society has raised £14,500 to        made up of, and entirely run by,
                                                                          restore and re-hang the original     students.”

        www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange                                                                                                        21
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        What’s on
        From the ruination of Rome to folk and wind music — it’s
        all accessible at the University this month. Visit
        www.nottingham.ac.uk/events for comprehensive listings.

        Birds, Beasts and Flowers
        Date: until Tuesday 25 March
        Venue: Weston Gallery, Lakeside Arts
        Centre, University Park
        Time: Monday to Friday: 11am to 4pm
        Saturday, Sunday: 12noon to 4pm
        Admission: Free

        Ruination: Photographs of Rome
        Date: until Sunday 6 April
        Venue: Djanogly Art Gallery, Lakeside Arts
        Centre, University Park
        Time: Monday to Friday: 11am to 4pm
        Saturday, Sunday: 12noon to 4pm
        Admission: Free


        Russell Kane
        Date: Sunday 8 March
        Venue: Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
        Centre, University Park
        Time: 8pm
        Admission: £15 standard, £7 concessions,        The 2008 Firth                       John Esposito is Professor of Islamic
                                                                                             Studies and Director of the Prince
        £5 restricted view                              lectures                             Alwalweed bin Talal Centre for Muslim-
                                                                                             Christian Understanding at Georgetown
                                                        Date: 10 and 11 March                University, Washington DC — and an
                                                        Venue: Room B63, Law and Social      international commentator on Muslim-
                                                        Sciences Building, University Park   Christian relations in a modern context.
                                                        Time: 5pm                            He will deliver this year’s Firth lectures
                                                        Admission: Free                      on consecutive days at 5pm. The first
                                                                                             — The global resurgence of religion in
                                                                                             politics and international affairs — is on
                                                                                             Monday 10 March, with The world of
                                                                                             Islam and the west: prospects in the
                                                                                             light of 9/11 taking place the following

        22                                                                                                           Exchange: March 2008
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                                                                                                  Becoming a
                                                                                                  nurse drop-in day
                                                                                                  Date: Wednesday 5 March
                                                                                                  Venue: Derby Education Centre, Derby
                                                                                                  Royal Infirmary
                                                                                                  Time: 3.30-7.30pm
                                                                                                  Admission: Free

         Music                                            Lectures and seminars

        Haffner Wind Ensemble                            The foetal androgen theory of            Rivers and royalty in 18th century
        Date: Thursday 6 March                           natural sex differences and              France: geography and the re-
        Venue: Djanogly Recital Hall, Lakeside           autism                                   making of French absolutism
        Arts Centre, University Park                     Prof Simon Baron-Cohen, Cambridge        Mike Heffernan, School of Geography
        Time: 7.30pm                                     University                               Date: Wednesday 5 March
        Admission: £12 standard, £9 concessions          Date: Monday 3 March                     Venue: Room A33, Sir Clive Granger
                                                         Venue: Room A150, Centre for             Building, University Park
        Lunchtime concert                                Biomolecular Sciences, University Park   Time: 4.30pm
        Date: Friday 7 March                             Time: 5.30pm                             Admission: Free
        Venue: Djanogly Recital Hall, Lakeside           Admission: Free
        Arts Centre, University Park                                                              Experiencing the brain
        Time: 1.15pm                                     The effective integration of             Arthur Piper, Centre for Critical Theory
        Admission: Free                                  digital games and learning               Date: Wednesday 12 March
                                                         content                                  Venue: Room B4, Trent Building,
        University Sinfonia                              Jake Habgood, Sumo Digital               University Park
        Date: Sunday 9 March                             Date: Tuesday 4 March                    Time: 3.15pm
        Venue: Great Hall, Trent Building,               Venue: Room B30, The Exchange, Jubilee   Admission: Free
        University Park                                  Campus
        Time: 7.30pm                                     Time: 4.30pm                             A genealogy of iconoclasm:
        Admission: £8 standard, £5 concessions,          Admission: Free                          how Christian and Islamic
        £4 University of Nottingham students                                                      puritans constructed the modern
                                                         Sweetness and light: from                James Noyes, Cambridge University
        Shooglenifty                                     glucose to glycobiology                  Date: Wednesday 12 March
        Date: Wednesday 12 March                         Professor John Simons FRS — Liversidge   Venue: Staff Club, University Park
        Venue: Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts           lecture                                  Time: 4pm
        Centre, University Nottingham                    Date: Wednesday 5 March                  Admission: Free
        Time: 8pm                                        Venue: Room X1, Chemistry Building,
        Admission: £15 standard, £12 concessions         University Park                          Degenerate and weird
                                                         Time: 4pm                                mitochondria of protozoan
        The Gonzaga Band                                 Admission: Free                          parasites
        Date: Thursday 13 March                                                                   Dr Sabrina Dyall, School of Biomedical
        Venue: Djanogly Recital Hall, Lakeside                                                    Sciences
        Arts Centre, University Nottingham                                                        Date: Wednesday 2 April
        Time: 7.30pm                                                                              Venue: Room LT4, Queen’s Medical Centre
        Admission: £12 standard, £9 concessions                                                   Time: 4pm
                                                                                                  Admission: Free

        www.nottingham.ac.uk/exchange                                                                                                        23
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        Spotlight on...

             Breaking the bank?
             ‘Why the subprime crisis is a turning point for the world
             economy’, Leverhulme Globalisation Lecture, Law and Social
             Sciences Building, University Park, Wednesday 5 March, 5pm.
                                                                                            ighteen months ago        Globalisation Lecture series run

                                                                                   E        the term subprime was
                                                                                            restricted to the
                                                                                            vocabulary of bankers
                                                                                   and financial experts. Now it’s
                                                                                   a media buzzword, tripping off
                                                                                                                      by the Leverhulme Centre for
                                                                                                                      Research on Globalisation and
                                                                                                                      Economic Policy.
                                                                                                                      Prof Wolf is associate editor
                                                                                                                      and chief economics
                                                                                   the lips of news presenters as     commentator at the Financial
                                                                                   an indicator of the downturn       Times and a Special Professor
                                                                                   in the global economy. But         at the University’s School of
                                                                                   what is a subprime mortgage?       Economics.
                                                                                   Why, if they are an American
                                                                                   problem, are their effects being   For more information on the
                                                                                   felt across the world? And,        lecture contact Emma
                                                                                   most importantly, what will be     Batchford in the School of
                                                                                   the long-term effects of the       Economics at
                                                                                   current subprime crisis?           emma.batchford@
                                                                                   These questions are set to be      nottingham.ac.uk, or on ext
                                                                                   addressed by Prof Martin Wolf      15620.
                                                                                   as part of the Leverhulme

        Photo of                             Photographed by:
                                             Kevin Lockhart, Operational Support
                                             Assistant, Information Services.

        the month
        Kevin Lockhart took
        this picture of the
        Trent Building at
        sunset just before this
        year’s Chinese New
        Year fireworks display
        at the Lakeside.

        Send in your snaps
        Send your jpegs to

        24                                                                                                                          Exchange: March 2008

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