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									                                          A member of the Far West Ski Association
                                          and the National Ski Council Federation,
                                           representing 33 ski and snowboard clubs

                                                           June 2010

Inside this issue:
                                    PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
President’s message         1-2
                                                     We‘ve started something new for you and your members to
Schedule of Activities      2                        benefit from! You‘ll find out what it is after this brief overview
                                                     about the Bay Area Snow Sports Council (BAC).
Meeting minutes             3-4

Travel Director             4-5                      Your ski/snowboard club and its members are an inte-
                                                     gral part of some amazing organizations.
Winners of BAC Man &
Woman of the Year           6
                                                      First of all, there is your club, which does activities all year
DSUSA Event/Special                 Dennis Heffley
                                    BAC President    long. Your club members pretty much know each other and
Offer                       7
                                                     they have a great time within their inner circle of activities.
30 Seconds to Success 8
                                    Then your individual club belongs to the Bay Area Snow Sports Coun-
Being a Member              9
                                    cil ( which is made up of 29 clubs having approximately
BAC/DSUSA Oakland                   7,000 members around the greater San Francisco Bay Area. That‘s a lot
A’s game                    10      of clubs and people. Racing, travel, fund raising for Disabled Sports USA
FWSA & Holidaze Ski                 and a number of other fun things are planned all year long for you to en-
Cruise to Antarctica/               joy and participate in.
Registration form           11-12

FWSA Sun Valley, ID                 In turn, our Bay Area Snow Sports Council is a strong member of the
2011 Ski Week/History       13-14   FarWest Ski Association ( which is comprised of 10 Ski
                                    Councils & 45,000 members across the Western United States. Travel,
Ski Trip                    15      racing, conventions and educational opportunities are just part of what
                                    you can experience at the FarWest level.
Romanian Adventure          16

BAC Officers                17      Then there is the National Ski Council Federation
                                    ( This organization is made up of 29 ski/
BAC Meetings:                       snowboard councils across the entire United States and has over
                                    300,000 members! The NSCF has a Mission Statement which says,
June 14- General Meeting            “The Federation's mission is to strengthen councils, with industry
7:30 at the New Englander
San Leandro
                                    participation, so they may better serve clubs through improved
                                    communication, education and benefits, and to influence issues
June 21 - Board Meeting             relevant to snowsports and ski clubs.” In other words, the NSCF
7:30 at the New Englander
San Leandro
                                    pools together the leadership of the 29 ski/snowboard councils along with

 June 2010                                                                                    
                                                     While this information has been previously
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                  shared with the clubs in the BAC, the BAC Board
                                                     of Directors understands that these amazing re-
including input from the Ski/Snowboard Industry sources are not being utilized to their full extent
to better all of us!                                 by the clubs. Therefore, this is the first month
                                                     where we are sharing information from the Lead-
So what does this mean to you and your               ership and Educational Sections of the BAC,
club?                                                FWSA & NSCF web sites and printing them in
                                                     our BAC Newsletter! While you read this and fu-
Through all of these Non Profit / Volunteer run      ture articles, think about how you can implement
organizations there are a number of great bene- these ideas within your club. If you want more
fits (travel opportunities and discounts) along with great information like this, utilize the association
knowledge and educational information available web sites listed above!
to you and your club members.
                                                     While reading this edition of the BAC newsletter
You can access any of these web sites either di- you‘ll see that we are doing another BAC/
rectly or through links located on the BAC web       Oakland A’s Baseball Game / Fireworks Show
site. Also on the BAC web site you‘ll find many      benefiting Disabled Sports USA! This event
pages of the benefits available to you and your      takes place on September 3, 2010 at The Oak-
club members along with the BAC Hot Sheet list- land Coliseum. Please read the included flyer for
ing upcoming events across our Council. Please more details and to have your club order tickets!
contact Dennie Warren (BAC Communica-                WE ONLY HAVE 100 SEATS AVAILABLE TO
tions Director), Scott Bowker (BAC Marketing THE BAC!
Director) or myself to add your events to the
BAC Hot Sheet!                                       There are already many plans made and being
                                                     worked on for this upcoming season.
At the National Ski Council Federation web site
there is a ―members only‖ section which contains Please share with us what you and your club are
material that has been brought together from re- doing and we look forward to posting that infor-
sources across this nation. You and your club        mation in our newsletter and on the BAC web
members have access to all of this!                  site!

NSCF “Members Only” Section: username =                Thank you for being the one who makes the
“skiclub”, password = “member”.                        difference!

                                                       Dennis Heffley

                                 Calendar of Activities
                       June                                      THINGS TO COME
10-13   78th Annual FWSA Convention at Indian Wells,
        CA                                             9/26-
                                                       10/2      Canada/New England Cruise
                        July                           12/29-
                                                       1/12/11   FWSA to Antarctica w/New Year‘s in Bue-
21-25   FWSA Hot Fun Under the Utah Sun Summer Trip              nos Aires
                       August                          29/11     FWSA Ski Week to Sun Valley, Idaho
(no events posted)
                                                        ***For more info/details go to [HOT
June 2010                                      2                                 
                                         DIRECTOR REPORTS
BAC General Meeting                                           quested that those clubs with new officers, fill out the
The Englander – San Leandro                                   form on the BAC web-site and get it to Michelle Night-
7:30 PM, May 10, 2010                                         engale to ensure that the new officers start getting the
                                                              BAC information. Dennis urged all clubs to start plan-
The meeting was called to order by                            ning now for the Ski Shows in November, on both the
President Dennis Heffley at 7:30 PM.                          first and second weekends of that month. BAC trades
                                            Cathy Wilson      advertising in exchange for booth space and is willing
Karen Davis made a motion to ap-       Secretary              to display tri-fold brochures and other marketing ma-
prove the minutes for April. Mary                             terial for your club. Booth volunteers are also
Azevedo seconded the motion and the minutes were              needed. Start working on your materials now. BAC
unanimously approved.                                         is also planning on holding a BAC Ski Show at the
                                                              Englander. Scott has offered to help clubs develop
President’s Report: Dennis Heffley – Dennis noted             their tri-fold. He has templates available.
that Tahoe has gotten more snow and skiing is still
great at Squaw and Mammoth, which are still open.             Oakland A’s Baseball Game: This event has been
Lake Shasta is so full it is close to going over the spill-   held 4 out of the last 5 years. The A‘s are doing well
way. This has been a record snow season. Dennis               and we‘ve decided to attend one of the games again
was recently at Indian Wells for a FWSA meeting and           on September 3rd. This event will be a fundraiser for
he was proud to announce that all incumbent BAC               DSUSA and there will be a tailgate party in addition to
officers ran and were elected to another term. You            the game. Please advertise this event to your clubs,
can see the text of Dennis‘ speech in the recent BAC          so we can make this a very successful fundraiser and
Newsletter. Dennis invited all BAC representatives to         social. This is a fireworks night and we‘ll be in a great
think about running for a position next year and to get       viewing area (Section 108). We only have 100 tick-
involved more this year in learning about the positions       ets, so let‘s sell out.
and possibly helping out. Many clubs have recently
had elections. Dennis welcomed and thanked all new            Benefits: Sandy Kiyomura – Tonight was the due
reps and also thanked all returning reps for attending        date for returned lift tickets to be turned in to Sandy.
the meetings and representing BAC at their clubs.
The FWSA Convention is coming up in June. At the              Travel: – FWSA 2010 Ski Week - Paula Kinahon –
convention, there will be sessions on leadership, how         The Sun Valley trip, at the end of January, has 120+
to grow membership, travel (with Norm Azevedo) and            sign ups so far. If you are interested in signing up
more. In 2007, a great leadership seminar was re-             and have not, please do so quickly since lodging is
introduced to the convention. The seminar was ex-             assigned on a first come/first served basis. The nice
panded in 2009 and will be expanded again in 2010.            thing about Sun Valley is that we will be within close
Since there is a lot of enthusiasm amongst the atten-         walking distance of each other. Norm Azevedo an-
dees for these sessions, FWSA has added orientation           nounced that Far West has a family camp out in
sessions to the seminars on Friday. It is well worth          Ogden, Utah July 21-25th (other lodging is also avail-
your club‘s time and money to ensure some of your             able.) On Sept 4-11th, Far West will run a Cozumel
officers attend these sessions. Far West has ex-              Dive Trip. Dave Meinhardt pointed out that you need
tended early registration for BAC for another week, so        to search for Cozumel on the Far West web site to
please inform your boards. The theme for the con-             pull up the information. There is a New England
vention is ―Thanks for the Memories‖ and attendees            Cruise on Sept 25-Oct 2nd and, starting Dec 29th,
are encouraged to dress up like a celebrity from the          FWSA will be going to Buenos Aires and then on to
―rat pack‖ era! Dennis also handed out a flyer to each        Antarctica. While the FWSA allocation is sold out,
attendee listing all of the organizations that a BAC          additional space may be obtained by contacting Holi-
club belongs to via their membership in BAC. The              daze Tours directly. In March, FWSA will be offering
flyer also contained information on the organization‘s        its International Trip to Engelberg and Interlaken Swit-
web sites and benefits. Dennis encouraged all to visit        zerland. The trip is all inclusive, except for lift tickets
these web sites, learn about the benefits and take the        and some meals. There are many options on the lift
information back to their clubs. Dennis also men-             tickets and their price is in the $50-60 range. There
tioned that he and Paula will start bringing to the BAC       will be two follow on options – to Bulgaria and Roma-
meetings the travel information they collected at the         nia (we will visit many of Dracula‘s [Vlad Dracul‘s]
recent Mountain Travel Symposium. Dennis also re-             sites!) There is skiing available in Bulgaria. Ski

 June 2010                                          3                                         
                                                           has asked to have a paper copy of the Newsletter.
BAC General Meeting                                        Dennie noted that having the Newsletter on-line is a
equipment will be able to be left in Bucharest and         great savings for BAC.
picked up after the week‘s tour. In the summer of
2012, there will be trip to New Zealand and Australia.     Announcements:
There will be skiing in New Zealand and a potential
visit to the Great Barrier Reef. In 2012, the Interna-   Paula Kinahon acknowledged Castro Valley Ski Club
tional Ski Week will be to Chamonix.                     for a $2600+ contribution to DSUSA for adaptive ski
                                                         equipment. The ski equipment will have a plaque ac-
Public Affairs: BAC Man/Woman of the Year –Linda knowledging Castro Valley. Castro Valley holds
Indreboe – Linda announced this year‘s BAC Man           monthly raffles at their meetings to raise charity funds
and Woman of the year, who will represent BAC at         and donates 25% of their annual fundraiser to
the upcoming Convention. The judging was in April.       DSUSA. Paula will no longer be the BAC rep for
There were 9 nominees from various clubs: Risa           Castro Valley having taken on a VP position at Castro
Meyer (San Francisco Ski Club), Keith Oatney             Valley for this coming year, but she will continue to
(Snowchasers), Henry Lew (Top of the Hill Gang),         come to BAC meetings as the BAC travel director.
Dennie Warren (Castro Valley), Paul Vlasveld
(Apres), Nancy Ellis (Bota Baggers), Jim Silva (Castro The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 PM.
Valley), Bruce Methven (San Francisco) and Rosalie
Rhodes (Showchasers.) Judges were Kathy Silver,          Respectfully submitted,
Harry Davis and Ralph Sherman. Karen Davis helped Cathy Wilson, Secretary
and Dennis Heffley was the photographer. The win-
ners receive 1 night hotel at the Convention as well as Next General Meeting – June 14, 2010, 7:30 PM at
the Convention registration. The winners were:           The Englander
Nancy Ellis, Bota Baggers & Keith Oatney, Snow-          Next BAC Board Meeting – May 17, 2010, 7:30 PM
chasers. Congratulations Nancy and Keith! Linda pre- at The Englander
sented an Award Plaque to the winners. Since Nancy
was not able to attend the meeting, Dennis will deliver Upcoming Events:
her plaque at the Convention.                                June 10 – 13, 2010 ~ FWSA Annual Convention ~
                                                             Indian Wells, CA
Treasurer: Paul Vlasveld – Paul expects BAC to
break about even this year, since lift ticket revenue is
down. Paul thanked Dennie Warren for getting the
BAC Newsletter on-line and saving us an estimated             TRAVEL DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE
$1,000 in the coming year.                                                   By Paula Kinahon

                                                              Wanderlust – The strong desire to
Racing – Dennis introduced Nikki Faitel who de-
scribed the Far West Finals. BAC‘s Singles League
were the first place Champions. Next year, the              FWSA Ski Week 2011 Sun
Championships will be at Alpine Meadows and the Inn
at Squaw Creek will be putting together a lodging           Valley, Idaho, January 22 –
package.                                                                 29
                                                                                                    Paula Kinahon
Marketing: Scott Bowker – Scott encouraged clubs            Experience the magic and mystique of
                                                                                                    Travel Director
                                                                     Sun Valley, Idaho
to use Craig‘s List and announced that the clubs
                                                                    “Roughing it in style”
should feel free to take information from the BAC list-
ing and use it. Richard Lubin, FWSA Safety Chair,          In response to your many questions, I have in-
has had to return to the Walnut Creek hospital with
                                                           cluded a little bit about what Sun Valley has to
another infection. Scott will send an email blast out
with visiting information. But if you want to call Rich-   offer.
ard, you can reach him at the hospital - 925-295-
4000. Richard appreciates visits and calls at home.        Bald Mountain at Sun Valley
He is still paralyzed from the infection a year ago        Acclaimed by top rated skiers and riders around
January. Please let your club members know.                the globe, Sun Valley‘s Bald Mountain affection-
                                                           ately known as ‗Baldy‘ is one of the world's pre-
Communication: Dennie Warren – So far, no one              mier ski mountains. Sun Valley is a fabulous
 June 2010                                        4                                      
                                                or 510 910-2707
BAC General Meeting                                    FWSA Ski Week at Sun Valley deposit is $200
                                                                      per person
destination with over 70 runs calling to snow
sports enthusiasts with the promise of an awe-              Mail check with Sun Valley noted to:
some on mountain experience.
                                                               BAC Travel, c/o Paula Kinahon
Sun Valley Ski Resort is the destination for those                  15447 Heron Drive,
who seek the opulent yet unpretentious ski vaca-                 San Leandro, CA 94579
tion atmosphere.
The Sun Valley Lodge
Built in 1936, the Sun Valley Lodge was con-           2011 FWSA International Ski Week to Engel-
structed from the ground up with every amenity a       berg & Interlaken Switzerland
skier could possibly imagine. The 148-room-hotel
is a complete luxury hotel with an adjoining glass     FWSA recently announced 2011 International
enclosed outdoor pool and Sun Valley's famous          Ski Week to Engelberg and Interlaken, Swit-
outdoor ice rink and terrace. Inside guests enjoy
                                                       zerland with optional post excursions to Bulgaria,
Gretchen's Restaurant, the elegant Lodge Dining
Room, the Duchin Lounge named for Eddie                Bucharest, and Romania. Contact FWSA VP In-
Duchin, Beauty Salon, Spa and Exercise Room -          ternational Travel, Norm Azevedo at 925-944-
and for kids of all ages a bowling alley (six lanes)   9816 for information on this fabulous travel op-
and game room. A Gift Shop and concierge are           portunity. Flyer attached.
located in the Lobby.
Town of Sun Valley/Ketchum
Nothing warms the soul and delights the spirit like    FWSA Antarctica Adventure & New Years
the bounty available from Sun Valley's myriad of       Eve Celebration In Buenos Aires
restaurants. From robust Idaho fare to a taste of
old Italy, you'd be hard pressed to sample all that    We will depart December 29, 2010 for a 15 days
Sun Valley offers in a single stay, but every sin-     cruise with three nights in Buenos Aires for New
gle experience would be well worth the effort.         Years Eve. We then fly to Ushuaia and board the
Sun Valley nights are anything but quiet. From         MS Fram for a 10-day Antarctica adventure. We
easy jazz in a relaxing atmosphere to fresh com-       will be joining other ski clubs and councils. See
edy and first-run stage productions, Sun Valley        attached trip flyer for details. Don't delay! The
promises a variety of entertainment for every          current extension ends November 30th. For in-
mood or occasion. Explore the distinctive corners      quiries about this cruise, contact FWSA V.P. In-
of Sun Valley and browse through a multitude of        ternational Travel, Norm Azevedo at 925-944-
shops and boutiques for magnificent fashions           9816. Here is your chance to explore the White
and gifts along with culinary delights of both bis-    Continent.
tros and fine restaurants.
FWSA Ski Week
Factor in the amenities of FWSA ski week – par-
ties, racing, council night dinner, awards banquet       Trip participants must be a FWSA ski club
& dancing – to round out ski week at Sun Valley               member or direct FWSA member.
week and you‘re in for one fabulous, fun, and
memorable ski vacation.

For information contact me at:

June 2010                                     5                                  
Announcing the results of the 2010 BAC Man and Woman of the Year Contest:
The winners of this annual competition, announced at the May 10 th General Meeting, are Nancy Ellis from Bota Baggers Ski Club
and Keith Oatney from Snowchasers Club. The competition this year was once again quite tough, with 5 competitors for Man of the
Year and 4 competitors for Woman of the Year. All of the competitors have done so much for their clubs and for snow sports that it
was very hard to choose just 1 person from each category to represent the BAC at the FWSA convention in Indian Wells, CA June 10

The nominees and the clubs they represented were:

Woman of the Year:                                      Man of the Year:
Nancy Ellis – Bota Baggers                              Paul Vlasveld – Après
Dennie Warren - Castro Valley                           Jim Silva - Castro Valley
Risa Meyer – San Francisco                              Bruce Methven – San Francisco
Rosalie Rhodes - Snowchasers                            Keith Oatney - Snowchasers
                                                        Henry Lew – Top of the Hill Gang
                                                                                                         Judges: Ralph, Kathy & Harry
The contest judging was done after a fine dinner at Don Jose Restaurant in Castro Valley. Many
thanks to the judges this year: Kathy Silver, Harry Davis and Ralph Sherman. Also helping out was Karen Davis. Dennis Heffley was
the official Photographer. Thank you everyone for taking the time to participate in this year‘s contest.

Here is some information about, and some of the accomplishments of, this year‘s winners:

Nancy Ellis – Bota Baggers
   Member of Bota Baggers for 10.5 years
   Advanced skier with 11 years of skiing experience, skies 40-50days a year!
   Has skied almost every resort in Tahoe, plus many resorts in Utah, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Ore-
   gon, Canada, and Italy
   Currently the Membership Chair and Secretary of Bota Baggers
   Participant in Disabled Sports ―Ski for All‖, a BAC program that generates donations for the program at Al
   pine Meadows.
   As an elementary school principal (18 years), continually involved in school fundraising activities to
   support educational programs for students (e.g., phone bank for school bonds; school carnivals, other            Woman of the Year
   fund raising)                                                                                                        Nancy Ellis
   Assist with annual FWRA raffle at April Championships, a portion donated to the FWSA Athletic Schol
   arship fund to support young racers. Past recipients have been local Tahoe racers.
   2005—current: Member of Travel Staff—Attend ski week and assist with putting on ski week activities, with primary responsibil-
   ity to handle participant registration, ski week races, and children‘s activities. Secondary duties include assisting with all other
   aspects of putting on the ski week, from bus transportation, parties, schedules, activities, etc. as it is a team effort putting on the
   ski week.
   2006--current: Information Services Director, FWSA—responsible for keeping a database of FWSA clubs and officers. Provide
   FWSA officers with addresses for FWSA mailings.

Keith Oatney – Snowchasers
    Member of Snowchasers for 12 years
    Advanced skier with 22 years of skiing experience, skies 25+ days a year
    Has skied almost every resort in Tahoe, plus many resorts in Utah, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Ore-
    gon, Canada, and Europe
    Currently Snowchasers Race Director (since 2001)
    Past Snowchasers President (1999-2001)
    Past BAC Public Affairs Director (2003-2004)
    Past BAC Resort News Director (2001-2003)
    Past Open League Secretary (2004-2007)                                                                             Man of the Year
    Attends DSUSA fund-raising activities such as indoor cart racing, team ability challenges, and at one               Keith Oatney
    time, even an NFL players‘ association challenge
    Participated in most Open League races for 22 years, and counting
    Currently third-place points standing in S03VM class in Open League, and looking for more.
    His passion is to be a ski bum when he grows up

Linda Indreboe
Public Affairs

June 2010                                                   6                                                 
BAC Charities Report – Harry Davis May 2010

From        Disabled Sports USA Far West --
              Phil Bocks Memorial Ability Challenge Ski Race
            Thank you to all of our team sponsors for making this event a huge success!

Bay Area Ski Council, Inskiers Ski Club, Intuit, Joe Lynch, Jonathan Harris, JTM Food Group, Mountain View Fire
Dept., Oakland Fire Dept., Optimist Club, Paul Schulze, Robert Pollack, Robert Spotswood, Troy and Angelique
Griepp plus all of the sponsors who also participated in the race!

                                               Ski For All
  Thank you Bay Area Ski Council and to everyone who participated in the Ski For All on
  Saturday, March 27th, at Squaw Valley USA! More than $14,000 was raised for Disabled
  Sports snowsports program, making it the most successful Ski For All in many years!

                             SAVE THE DATE: June 18, 2010

                                         Their Spirit Inspires
                     Wounded Warrior Sports Rehabilitation Camp June 15-19, 2010
                                     Their Spirit Inspires Dinner June 18th
                                                  Sacramento, CA

The week of June 15-19, 25 soldiers and marines disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan will receive specialized instruction
in waterskiing, whitewater rafting, paddle sports and adapted cycling. This program is designed as part of their therapy
and re-integration into the community. Please "save the date" for Friday, June 18th, when we honor our participants,
volunteers and honored guests at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

                                         DSUSA SPECIAL OFFER
DSUSA Far West offers a valuable consumer savings card as a way of saying thank you for your
support. The card provides you with a collection of local and national merchants including fine and
casual dining, tickets, hotels, and online shopping that is second to none. The majority of mer-
chants can be used over and over again. A few of the companies you can save with include Burger
King, The Old Spaghetti Factory, ColdStone, Curves, Six Flags, and Regal theaters. Visit the
DSUSA Far West website for your very own card!

$25 Donation or 1-866-593-1920

Harry Davis

June 2010                                           7                                         
                              “30 Seconds To Success”

              Taken from the BAC Newsletter Presidents Message ~ August, 2004.
This article was published in the National Ski Club Magazine Winter of 2004/2005 and can be found in
           The FarWest Ski Association ( and National Ski Council Federation
              ( Web Sites as part of their Leadership Programs

―When talking to various clubs at the local and national level, there is no problem getting people to
visit a club for the first time ~ the problem is retention.

You have 30 seconds (perhaps a little longer) to say ―Hello‖ to a person who is visiting your club
for the first time. Do you remember how it felt when you went to your first meeting? It can be and
many times is very intimidating. Seeing a smiling face, hearing what the club has to offer and
being introduced to other members can do so much for both the visitor and club!

Encourage EVERYONE in your club to keep their eyes open for ANYONE that they don’t
know. If they don’t know them, then that person is new ~ Say Hello!

Make a plan to reward the efforts of advertising your club by making someone visiting your club
happy to become a member of it!

It takes a little effort but the return for both the club and your new members will be amazing. Not
only that, just think of the new friends that will be made!

As I wrote in my first Presidential article ~ Walt Mann is the first person who talked to me at my first
Rusty Bindings meeting ~ he made the difference for me!

The one thing that I ask you to always remember is:

                      “You’re The One Who Makes The Difference”

Dennis A. Heffley
BAC President

June 2010                                    8                                 
                                            BEING A MEMBER
                                                      By Jim Korn

  Member (mem΄bər), n. 1. a person, animal, plant, or thing belonging to or forming part of an organization,
                                         taxon, or other group.

Not sure what a ‗taxon‘ is, but the rest of the definition is pretty clear; a member is a constituent ! Member‘s
groups - - or groups of members - - are a bunch of people having a common aim, which is something they
mutually agree, is for the overall good of all the members. If the aims are clear, progress is usually made in a
positive direction over time. This positive direction results from each member being involved in activity
needed to meet the aims of the group.

- - it usually takes a group to have fun. The Bay Area Snow Sports Council (BAC) is such a group, whose
aim is simply, fun on the snow. BAC‘s constituents are participants in a network of groups, organizations
having parallel aims - - fun on the snow! These are the Far West Ski Association (FWSA) and the National
Ski Council Federation (NSCF). Together, the members of these groups comprise a body of over 1/3 of a
million enthusiasts!



That‘s a pretty good deal, we are part of a large group dedicated to having fun. How do I fit in and get to do
some of this fun? The easiest way is to become informed about the benefits open to me. This knowledge is
available at my ski club meetings, and I can even attend the BAC meetings, the FWSA Convention. These
are all very informative sessions with fun events liberally sprinkled in throughout. I can learn and have fun at
the same time with my friends and Club members.

More info can be found on our web sites!
Bay Area Snow Sports Council
Far West Ski Association:
National Ski Council Federation:
                                 User name: skiclub; Password: member

Being a member is a pretty good deal!

… And it gets even better!

If I volunteer for a little work on an event committee, or to participate in Club Management, I get to meet some
nice people and may even develop some leadership skills helpful in my everyday life. Opportunities are open
for safety people, ski instructors, event organizers, and I will associate with others more skilled than I eager to
teach me how to do the job I volunteered for. Learning is GOOD! I will benefit; I will be a little smarter. I will
have more fun because I‘m a little better at it than I was and I have more great friends. And all it took was to
step up to the plate and learn to swing the bat!

So, exploit your membership! Volunteer to have fun! Read your newsletters, go to your meetings. Get in-

You will be rewarded.

… by the way, taxon is a category such as species or genus.

June 2010                                         9                                      
June 2010   10
June 2010   11
                 HOLIDAZE TOURS, 810 BELMAR PLAZA, BELMAR, NJ 07719

NAME:                                   ADDRESS:

CITY:                            DAY PHONE:                    EVE:

EMAIL ADDRESS:                                 CELL PHONE:

Additional persons:___________________________________________________________


Enclosed is check #:              in the amount of: $     representing my deposit for the above
selected tours.
(A $600 deposit per person is required for each person)

OR: Please charge the indicated amount above to my: AMEX; DISCOVER; MASTER CARD or
VISA. (please circle one) (note that all charges will incur a 3% surcharge)

CARD NUMBER:_______________________________________________________

NAME ON CARD:_______________________________________________________


                          2827 OR
                  ***** Make all checks payable to Holidaze *****

June 2010                                 12                            
June 2010   13

The history of the “American Shangri-La,” as Sun Valley is sometimes referred, is not too different from the magical village of legend. It all
began in 1935, when Count Felix Schaffgotsch, under the hire of Union Pacific Railroad chairman Averell Harriman, set out in search of the
perfect spot for a grand American resort.

The count spent months searching the mountains of the west and surveying many areas that would later become famous resorts, but none of them
met his strict criteria.

Feeling defeated and ready to abandon the search, the Count was preparing to wire Harriman the bad news when he heard locals talking about
Ketchum, an old mining town in central Idaho. The Count postponed his return home and set out for the Ketchum area.

Upon reaching the Ketchum valley, Count Felix Schaffgotsch was overwhelmed by the area and wired his employer, saying: “This combines
more delightful features than any place I have ever seen in Switzerland, Austria or the U.S. for a winter resort."

The Count’s enthusiasm spread to Harriman, who rushed to join the Count, and within days purchased 4,300 acres of what was soon to become
Sun Valley.

Harriman was determined to build Sun Valley into a resort worthy of its breathtaking and majestic setting. "It is not enough to build a hotel and
then mark with flags and signs the things you propose to do in time to come.” Harriman said. “When you get to Sun Valley, your eyes should
pop open. There isn't a single thing that I could wish for that hasn't been provided." Part of what he “wished for” included a timeless lodge
complete with glass-enclosed pools, haute cuisine, impeccable service and nightly orchestra performances.

After just seven months of construction, Sun Valley opened to the public in the winter of 1936. The resort was an instant success. Local wildlife
was seen sharing the mountain with European nobility and Hollywood royalty. Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Claudette Colbert, Bing Crosby and
Gary Cooper were all regulars in the lodge, while world champions including Don and Gretchen Fraser, Gracie Carter Lindley and Andy Hennig
used the mountain for Olympic training.

In 1977, Sun Valley joined the Little America family, under the ownership of R. Earl Holding. Since then, Holding has redefined the standard of
elegance and excellence subscribed to by Harriman. He has lavishly refurbished the Sun Valley Lodge and Sun Valley Inn, from the stairs and
halls to the guest rooms and made profound improvements to the mountain amenities. But Holding’s greatest accomplishment is Baldy’s “triple

"Baldy," says Holding, "is a regal mountain and it is only fitting that she wear a crown radiant with three precious jewels.” Those jewels are
Baldy’s three distinctive and award-winning day-lodge facilities: the Warm Springs Lodge, Seattle Ridge Lodge and River Run Lodge.

Unlike the Shangri-La of legend, Sun Valley welcomes visitors back year after year. The tradition of beauty and service, “roughing it in style” as
Harriman called it, has become the tradition for families across the globe. So, don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of a world champion as
you carve your way down Bald Mountain. And just nod if you hear a familiar voice telling tall tales at the local watering hole. It’s all part of the
magic and mystique that has made Sun Valley the American Shangri-La.

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