Melaleuca Cleaning Tips Melaleuca remains conservative when making product by Armaggedon


									                               Melaleuca Cleaning Tips

Melaleuca remains conservative when making product claims. These tips and suggestions
are put together by Melaleuca customers who have handed down these recipes for years.
They are not made with any endorsements from Melaleuca. If you have any concerns,
please test on a small area first.

The following recipes serve a three-fold purpose:

   1. You are changing your household to Environmentally Safer products
   2. You are saving big bucks by avoiding the numerous "specialty" products
   3. You are saving space by using Melaleuca combinations that work!


General Washing     MelaPower         Use only 1/8 to 1/4 cup per wash load in cold or
                                      hot water. May also be used as a pre-spotter.
                                      Use full strength, leaves no ring. Before your
                                      first MelaPower wash, run 1 hot cycle with 1/4
                                      cup to rid machine of sediment build-up

                                      No fillers: Helps keep pipes clean while
                                      reducing build-up in you lint screen and septic
Fabric Softener     MelaSoft          For the average size wash load, add 1 cap to the
                                      final rinse cycle. Another convenient method to
                                      help soften your laundry is to spray a few pumps
                                      into your dryer drum or add 1 cap to a wash
                                      cloth or J-cloth and toss into dryer as a dryer
Cleaning Booster    Sol-U Mel         Add 1 cap to average wash load to deodorize and
or Deodorizer                         disinfect.
Bleach              Diamond Brite     In Hot water, dissolve a cap of Diamond Brite
                                      and add mixture to your wash load. You may
                                      also allow laundry to soak overnight and then
                                      wash as you normally would.
Fine Washables      Tough 'N          Mix 1 tsp to basin of cold water or to the
                    Tender            delicate cycle of washing machine.
Static Cling        MelaSoft          In a spray bottle, mix 1/2 cup MelaSoft with 1
                                      cup water. Spray solution directly to underside
                                      of dress, shirt or anywhere static cling is a
Diaper soak         Tough 'N          Add 1 Tblsp Tough'N tender and 1 capful of sol-
                    Tender Sol-U-     U-Mel in a diaper pail. Add 1 cap of Diamond
                    Mel Diamond       Brite to whiten.
Disinfectant         Sol-U-Mel       Add a boost of cleaning power and disinfectant
Cleaning                             action by adding 1/3 cup sol-U-Mel a 2 gallon
                                     mixture of Tough 'N Tender or MelaMagic
Stuffed Animals      MelaPower       Wash in a mixture of 1/2 cup MelaPower and 1
or Blankets          Sol-U-Mel       cap of Sol-U-Mel, to disinfect.


Laundry              MelaMagic       Add 2 caps to your regular MelaPower wash
Laundry (stains)     Pre-Spot        Spray with full strength Pre-Spot. Let sit for a
                                     few minutes, then launder with MelaPower.
*Early treatment     Hot Shot        Convenience in a bottle. Hot Shot can also be
                                     sprayed directly onto a stain. Allow to penetrate,
                                     rub the stain, rinse with cold water. Once you
                                     are home, you can treat stain with PreSpot and
                                     wash as normal.
Blood stains         Pre-Spot        Spray spot, wait for solution to penetrate, rub or
Grape Juice                          brush, rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary.
Grass Stains                         Wash as normal.
Gum                  Sol-U-Mel       Apply full strength to spot (check first for colour
                                     fastness) rub, then rinse, Wash as normal
Crayon               Pre-Spot        Spray full strength, wait to penetrate, rub or
                                     brush, rinse with cold water then add Sol-U-Mel
                                     to usual wash. Repeat if necessary.
Paint                Pre-Spot        Spray spot with both solutions, wait for solutions
                     Sol-U-Mel       to penetrate, rub or brush, rinse with cold water.
                                     Repeat if necessary. Wash as normal.
Grease               Pre-Spot        Spray spot with both, wait for solutions to
                     Sol-U-Mel       penetrate, rub or brush, rinse with cold water.
                                     Repeat if necessary, wash as normal.
Leather              Antibacterial   Apply a small amount of liquid soap to a soft
                     Soap            brush, brush leather fabric to lift out stains
Markers              Sol-U-Mel       Use full strength. May need second application.
                                     Rinse with wet cloth
(on tile, lino or
Leather              Antibacterial   Apply a small amount of liquid soap to a soft
                     Soap            brush, brush leather fabric to lift out stains
Oil Based Stains     MelaMagic       Dilute 1 part to 8 or less parts water in a spray
                                     bottle or 1/2 cup per gallon water.
(Oil, Grease, Tar)
                     Diamond Brite   Dilute first and add to wash or soak or apply as a
                                     paste to spots

                                     Use full strength to spot (check for colour
                  Sol-U-Mel       fastness first) rub, then rinse

Carpet Spots      Pre-Spot        Mix 1 oz. Pre-Spot, 1/2 cap Sol-U-Mel to 16 oz
                  Sol-U-Mel       spray bottle. Fill with water


Shower Stalls &   Tub 'N Tile     Mix 1 part Tub 'N Tile to 5 parts water. You
Tub                               may also use full strength for heavy cleaning
                                  (Use with a cloth or spray bottle)
(*DO NOT use on
colored grout,,
marble or
Sinks, Counters   Tough 'N        In a spray bottle, add 2 oz Tough 'N tender and
& Fixtures        Tender          fill with water
Toilets           Tub 'N Tile     Turn valve off after rinsing bowl. Spray with
                                  Tub 'N Tile (full strength), let stand then scrub or
                  Diamond Brite   use Diamond Brite on a wet scrubbing pad, then
                                  wipe inside of bowl. Turn valve back on and
Mildew Control    Tub 'N Tile     In a spray bottle, mix 1/4 cup Tub 'N Tile, 1/2
                  Sol-U-Mel       cup Sol-U-Mel to 1 1/4 cup water. Weekly use
                                  will discourage mold and mildew growth. Wipes
                                  out fungus, mold and mildew plus polishes and
Hard Water        Tub 'N Tile     Spray full strength, wait, wipe and rinse. Repeat
Spots (*DO NOT                    if necessary. For maintenance cleaning, use a
use on marble)                    mixture of 1 part Tub 'N Tile to 5 parts water.
Disinfectant      Sol-U-Mel       In a spray bottle, mix 1/8 cup Sol-U-Mel, 1/8
                  MelaMagic       cup MelaMagic to 1 3/4 cup water. Spray, wait,
                                  rinse and wipe dry.


Linoleum &        MelaMagic       Mix 1/8 cup MalaMagic to 2 gallons water. Add
Ceramic           Sol-U-Mel       1 cap Sol-U-Mel to boost effectiveness and to
Hardwood          Tough'N         Mix 1/8 cup Tough 'N Tender to 2 gallons water
Marble            Tough'N         Mix 1/8 cup Tough 'N Tender to 2 gallons water
                  Tender          or 1/2 teaspoon in a 16 oz spray bottle filled with
Paneling          Tough'N         Mix 1/8 cup Tough 'N Tender to 2 gallons water

Sinks              Tub'N Tile or    Spray Tub'N tile full strength, let stand and wipe.
                   Diamond Brite    Repeat if needed. Sprinkle Diamond Brite on wet
                                    sink, scrub and rinse
Counters           Tough 'N         1/3 cup Sol-U-Mel with 2 gallon mixture of
                   Tender,          Antibact. Soap or Tough'N Tender.
                   Antibact. Soap,
                   Sol-U-Mel       (especially after Chicken or Fish preparations)
Enamel Stains      Diamond Brite Mix a small amount of Diamond Brite with hot
                                   water to make a paste. Apply paste, let stand,
                                   scrub and rinse.
Scouring Agent     Diamond Brite Put in an old seasoning shaker

                                    (replaces comet, Ajax, bon-Ami, Vim, etc.)
Conventional       MelaMagic        Apply full strength with cloth (or sprayer) Let
Ovens              Sol-U-Mel        stand 15 minutes. Spray with a solution of 1 part
                                    Sol-U-Mel to 5 parts water. Use a scouring pad
                                    and rinse.
Oven tough spots   Diamond Brite    Mix Diamond Brite with MelaMagic to make a
                   MelaMagic        paste. Apply paste to spots, let soak then scrub
                                    with scouring pad. Rinse.
Rinse Agent        Tough 'N         Mix 1 cap Tough 'N Tender, 2-3 drops Sol-U-
                   Tender Sol-U-    Mel with water. Pour into your rinse agent
                   Mel              dispenser
Drain Cleaner      Diamond Brite    Pour 1/2 cup diamond Brite into drain and follow
                   Tub 'N tile      with 1 cup tub 'N tile. Then allow to stand.
                                    Follow with a flush of hot water.


Jewelry            Tub 'N Tile      Use full strength solution. Allow to soak for 5-
                   Tough 'N         10 min. scrub gently with old toothbrush, then
                   Tender           rinse. (Avoid using on soft stones!)
Silver Cleaner     Diamond Brite    Make a paste using Diamond Brite and Tub'N
                   Tub 'N tile      Tile. Apply to silver. Wait for a minute, then rub
Silver/Brass       Tooth Polish     Apply with soft, dry cloth. Wait for a minute.
Cleaner                             Remove with clean cloth

Inside Air Purge   T36-C5           Every 2-3 months, invert a bottle of T36-C5 onto
                                    furnace filter. Run fan on furnace for 1 hour.
                                    This will kill all airborne viruses and bacteria in
                                    your home. Great during flu season. (Smell may
                                    be unpleasant…so open windows or leave for 1-
                                    2 hours)
Furniture Polish   Renew Lotion     Mix 1 part of each. Use soft cloth to apply.
(White water       Sol-U-Mel
Dusting            Tough 'N         Mix 1 tsp tough 'N Tender to 16 oz. Spray bottle
                   Tender           of water.
Ceilings & Walls   Tough 'N         Mix 1/4 cup of Tough 'N Tender with 2 gallons
                   Tender           of water. Mix 1/4 - 1/2 cup of MelaMagic or
                   or MelaMagic     two gallons of water
Mirrors &          Clear Power       Using the measuring lines printed on the Clear
Windows                             Power spray bottle, fill spray bottle with 1/3
                                    Clear Power concentrate, then fill balance with
Carpets            MelaMagic        Mix 1/4 cup Pre-Spot, 1/2 cup of MelaMagic and
(machine mix)      Sol-U-Mel        1 Tbsp Sol-U-Mel. Pour solution in tray of
                   Pre-Spot         carpet cleaner machine and fill with water.
Venetian Blinds    Tough 'N         Mix 1/tsp Tough 'N Tender and 1 cap Sol-U-Mel
                   Tender           in a shallow tub of water, let sit for thorough
                   Sol-U-Mel        cleaning
Non-Magnetic       Tough'N          In a 16 oz bottle, add 1 tablespoon Tough 'N
Surfaces           tender           Tender, fill with water.
                                    *This repels dust on TV and computer screens.


Plants             Tough 'N         In a 16 oz bottle, Add 1/2 teaspoon tough 'N
                   Tender           Tender, fill with water. Repeat this treatment to
                                    kill aphids.
Tape on windows    Sol-U-Mel        Use full strength to remove tape gum. Follow
                                    up cleaning with Clear Power
Tar on hands       T36-C5           Use full strength.
Insect Repellant   Sol-U-Mel        (AIR) Mix 2 oz. Sol-U-Mel to 16 oz water in a
                                    spray bottle. Spray into the air
                   T36-C5           (SKIN) Add 1-2 drops of Melaleuca Oil to 1
                                    Tbsp Renew Lotion. Mix together and apply to
                   Renew Lotion     skin. Great for Black flies and mosquitoes
Air Freshener      Sun Valley       Sun Valley Concentrated Home & Linen Mist
(smoke, cooking    Concentrated     (Natural fragrances) or Mix 1 part Sol-U-Mel to
odors)             Home & Linen     5 parts water in 16 oz spray bottle. Spray into the
                   Mist or Sol-U-   air as a freshener

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