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					WebEx Pilot Rollout

April 30, 2009

 • During the March 2009 RMS Leadership meeting it was
   suggested that RMS may want to consider the use of WebEx
   conferencing for some of its Working Group and Task Force

 • Retail Client Services accepted the action item to research the
   availability of using WebEx for selected meetings and run a
   pilot program to determine the effectiveness of WebEx
   conferencing in supporting these goals.

 • The goal of this pilot is to identify if WebEx conferencing could
   reduce travel expense for Market Participants and ERCOT
   employees and increase participation and interaction in the
   stakeholder process for these meetings.

Pilot Program

  •   Due to resource constraints, the WebEx conferencing pilot program
      will be limited to working groups and task force meetings that are
      currently supported by facilitators from Retail Client Services.

  •   During March and April time frame, all Retail Account Managers
      obtained WebEx licenses and were trained on facilitating WebEx

  •   During the April and May time frame, Retail Client Services meeting
      facilitators will discuss the availability of using WebEx conferencing
      with their working group and task force leadership to identify
      meetings where the WebEx conferencing could be made available.

  •   The Pilot is expected to run through the end of 2009, at which time a
      cost benefit analysis will be conducted to determine the future
      offerings of WebEx conferencing.

Pilot Metrics

 • A survey will be sent to all participants following
   each WebEx conference to assess their satisfaction
   in using the service.

 • Survey results will be compiled by Retail Client
   Services and used in the final cost benefit analysis.

Survey Questions

•   Were you able to connect to the WebEx and dial-in and view all
    presentations using the information provided without difficulty?
     – Yes/No
         • If No, please describe your experience (description box)
•   Did the WebEx improve your ability to participate and interact during
    the meeting?
     – Yes/No
         • If no, please explain
•   Please provide any cost savings you had as a result of using WebEx?
    (comment box)
•   Based on your WebEx experience in this meeting, would you attend
    future meetings via WebEx in lieu of in-person?
•   General Comments (comment box)
•   Email/Meeting/Date (required)
     – This will allow additional assistance for issues or contact for additional
        explanation of comments if needed

Survey Location

The survey can be completed by navigating to: