The Apple Tree's Discovery

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					            The Apple Tree’s Discovery

There was a little apple tree in a big forest. It was the only apple
tree in that forest.

One night the little apple tree saw stars on the branches of the
 “How lucky those trees are!”, said the little apple tree. ” I want
more than anything in the world to have stars on my branches. I
want to feel special.”

Time passed. There were small white apple blossoms on the
branches of the little apple tree.
Soon the apple tree had many beautiful apples. People walked in
the forest, picked apples and ate them. But the little apple tree
didn’t feel special.

The wind began to blow. An apple fell from the apple tree. It
split open.
The little tree looked down and saw a star in the middle of the
apple. “A star! I have a star! I feel special.”

                       Where is your star?

                        It’s not very far.

               Look inside yourself and you’ll see

           Many wonderful things about you and me.

Match parts of the sentences.                     .‫התאם את החלקים של המשפטים‬

1. An apple fell from the tree and… _____            a) picked apples and
                                                     ate them.
2. The trees in the forest                           b) have stars on its
 are lucky because … ______                          branches.

3. People walked in the forest and…_____             c) it has stars in
                                                     the apples.
4. The apple tree wanted more than anything in       d) they have stars
the world to … __________                            on their branches.

5. The apple tree is special because…                e) split open.

Answer the questions.                                        ‫ענה על השאלות‬

   1.   The apple tree saw its star when______
   a)   it looked up at the sky
   b)   people picked apples
   c)   an apple split open

   2.   An apple fell from the tree after _____
   a)   people ate apples
   b)   the wind began to blow
   c)   the apple tree felt special

   3. Where did the apple tree see the stars?_________________

   4. What made the little apple tree special?_________________

         English                   Hebrew
      In the forest

    On the branches

     Apple blossoms

      Picked apples

       Split open

      In the middle

      Feel special

More than anything in the

   Fell from the tree

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