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To:     Bob Kahn
From: Steve Byone
Date:   July 11, 2007
Re:     July 2007 - Finance Executive Summary

Financial Statistics – YTD June 2007
   • As reported last month, ERCOT Financial Summaries now include detailed
      analysis and variance reporting one month in arrears while financial statements
      continue to be provided on a current month basis.
   • Revenues from the System Administration Fee continue to run below budget
      (primarily due to cool weather). However, given close management of expenses,
      we still project an ability to maintain base operations within the approved fee of
      $0.4171. Our next update of the total year forecast will be completed toward the
      end of the summer.

2008 Budget Preparation
   • 2008 Budget preparation is running about a week behind schedule; this is due to
      the extra effort necessary to prepare a detailed budget for the next two calendar
      years. Given this delay, preliminary budget information was not available for
      advance distribution to the Board as originally contemplated. We anticipate
      sending out preliminary budget information to F&A Committee members by close
      of business Friday, July 13th.

Audits & Controls
  • No new developments.

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