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					Ventura County Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board Meeting         MINUTES – Sept. 24, 2009, Page 1 of 5

                                                   September 24, 2009

                                                        NEXT MEETING:
                                                  Mon., Oct. 26, 2009
                                                   6:30pm – 8:30pm
                                    Ventura County Behavioral Health Training Room
                                       1911 Williams Drive  Oxnard, CA 93036

                  Note: The Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board has not yet approved these minutes. There
                  may be additions/deletions or corrections before the minutes are accepted in final form.
Ventura County Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board Meeting                    MINUTES – Sept. 24, 2009, Page 2 of 5

       Sept. 28, 2009 Meeting Attendance Roster
        ADAB Members Present:                                              ADAB Members Absent:
        Jeanne Rothman, Chair                                              Jack Edelstein
        Denise Brown                                                       Jerry Harris
        Maria Monica                                                       Hailey Wiggins
        Debora Schreiber, RN
        Irene Totten                                                       BHD Staff Present:
                                                                           Cheryl Dugan, Advisory Board Secretary, VCBH
                                                                           Anita Catapusan, ADP/DUI
        Guests:                                                            Patrick Zarate, ADP/DDP Division Manager
        John Rivera, VCBH ADP Recovery Classroom


                                      DISCUSSION/CONCLUSIONS                                       RECOMMENDATIONS /ACTIONS         RESPONSIBLE

I.       Call to Order
            The Chair called the meeting to order at 6:35p.m.                                      None                              None
II.      Approval of the Agenda – 5 min.
            The Chair asked the Board for any discussion or changes to the agenda.                 The Agenda was approved.          None
III.     Approval of the Minutes – 5 min.
            The Chair asked the Board for any discussion or changes to the minutes.                The Aug. 24, 2009 Minutes         None
                                                                                                   were approved as written.
IV.      Public Comments
            None                                                                                   None                              None
V.       Chair Announcements – 5 min.
          A) None                                                                                  None                              None

VI.      ADP/DDP Division Manager’s Report – 5 min.
          A) ADP/DDP Division Manager’s Report
            1. There will be a Brown Bag seminar sponsored by NAMI and VCBH on Fri., Oct.          Treatment works: If someone       None
               9, 2009 from 12pm – 1pm. The film “A Revolving Door” by Marilyn and Chuck           you know needs help, call 805-
               Braverman will be shown. The film is about a man’s struggle with dual               981-9200.
               diagnosis. The man’s parents will be present for a question and answer
            2. VCBH ADP gave a presentation on alcohol and drug treatment and prevention
               (current trends / resources) to Ventura Unified School District counselors,
               nurses, psychologists, school administration, etc.
            3. VCBH ADP will give a presentation on Sept. 29 on Teens and Drugs to the
               City of Oxnard Human Resources’ employees (parents.)
            4. There will be a presentation at Cal State Channel Islands University on Oct. 1 -
               A 5 Part Alcohol and Other drug series presented by VCBH DUI, Treatment and
               Prevention; to foster our mutual goals in reducing the effects of underage and
               binge drinking
            5. The Recovery Happens Conference will be Sept. 29 and will focus on Rx and
               OTC Abuse: Prescription for Change. UCLA treatment experts and law
               enforcement will be presenting.
            6. There will be a DUI SUMMIT on Nov. 5th from 8:00-12:00 Noon at the
               Ventura Beach Marriott - 2055 Harbor Boulevard, Ventura.
            7. SAMHSA statistics were noted:
                PUBLIC FUNDING FOR AOD TX 1991 62% 2001 76%
                PRIVATE INSURANCE                  2001 only 13% for AOD Tx
                Of the 23.2 million who need AOD Tx, Only 2.4 million per yr can access
                Over 30% of those who didn’t receive cited lack of health insurance as major
                reason….Public Programs (VCBHD ADP) provide safety net for public.
            8. SAMHSA awarded funding for the Juvenile Drug Court grant (1.2 million -
               $400k per year.)
Ventura County Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board Meeting                   MINUTES – Sept. 24, 2009, Page 3 of 5
VII. Time Certain Items & Presentations -35
      A) 6:45pm ADP Recovery Classroom
        1. John Rivera, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, gave a presentation on the VCBH           The complete presentation may
           ADP Recovery Classroom.                                                            be viewed at the ADAB link at:
           • Ventura County Probation Agency, Office of Education (Gateway School), 
             and Ventura County Behavioral Health (Oxnard ADP)
           • Court Ordered Program (one year to 18 months)
           • Alternative to serving commitment in Juvenile Hall
           • ADP provides six AOD groups per week
           • Individual Therapy and Family Therapy - minimum of once every two weeks
           • crisis sessions as needed
           • Classroom size: Twenty Seven students Maximum - Average about 24
           • Individual sessions are conducted two times per week
           • Students switch off from regular class to AOD groups throughout the day
           • Living in Balance /ADP Adolescent Program Curriculum/SAMSHA’s Anger
             Management/SAMSHA’s Cannabis Youth Treatment Series
           • School attendance must remain above 85% with at least a “C” average GPA
             and be working toward school credits, graduation, diploma, or equivalent
           • Drug testing one time per week (random.)
           • Court Reviews are held every two - four weeks.
           • The client must have a minimum of 30 days clean and sober with no new
             violations of probation in order to advance to Phase II.
           • The client will be required to participate in a productive activity such as
             employment, or job training program approximately 15 hours per week
           • The client must be clean and sober for a minimum of 60 days and have no
             new violations of probation in order to advance to phase III.
           • In order to graduate from Recovery Classroom, you will have a minimum of
             90 days clean and sober with no violations of probation.
           • Participate regularly in groups and share what they have learned in their
             recovery and treatment.
           • The client will lead an alcohol and drug counseling group prior to graduation
             from the program. They will research an appropriate topic of their choice, and
             discuss it in group.
           • Maintain employment, community service, education, vocational training or
             other productive activity.
           • Write a letter to the Recovery Classroom team sharing what you have
             learned in the program.
           • Upon completion of Phase III the Recovery Classroom team will review for
             possible termination from probation.
             Total Tests Given = 541
             511/541= 95% Clean
             30/541=5% Dirty

VIII. New Business – 15 min.
      A) District Reports – What’s New in Your District?/Legislative Updates
        1. Maria Monica reported that A.A. is having a lot of conferences this fall - they are   ADAB members will report         ADAB
           very active.                                                                          back about activities in their   Members
        2. Irene Totten (District 3) reported that she observed an impressive sobriety           district.
           checkpoint in Camarillo and relayed that at the check point there was a
           prevalent sign giving information about driving under the influence. The sign         The ADAB Executive               Jeanne
           also provided a phone number for a group called the Responsible Alcohol               Committee will discuss which     Rothman
           Policy Action Coalition (RAPAC.) RAPAC is a multi-agency volunteer group that         month will be dedicated to
           raises awareness about and addresses problems with alcohol in the                     Board Training.
           community. Ms. Totten contacted the agency and was told that RAPAC would
           be willing to give a presentation to the ADAB.                                        The ADAB voted to allow the
        3. ADP/DUI Division Manager, Patrick Zarate relayed that the sobriety checkpoints        ADAB Executive Committee to
           are part of the California AVOID program to reduce driving under the influence        review the letter and decide
           and bring awareness to the issue through enhanced sobriety checkpoints. The           whether or not to send it at
           City of Oxnard has contracted with a private organization to provide education        their next meeting. M/S/C
           and prevention efforts in regards to driving under the influence. A combined
           county-wide symposium is being planned for Ventura County with Oxnard as a
      C) ADAB Site Visits
 Ventura County Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board Meeting                   MINUTES – Sept. 24, 2009, Page 4 of 5
       1. The Chair relayed that the ADAB may reinitiate site visits and she explained
           how the process works. There is a form that Board members use to evaluate
           the programs they visit. The ADAB site visit form was distributed. A month will
           be dedicated to Board training.
      D) East County ADAB Meeting (ACTION)
       1. The ADAB discussed holding a Board meeting in the East County in November
           and making it a Board Training meeting. It was noted that the November
           meeting falls on Nov. 23 which is the week of Thanksgiving. No Board
           members expressed that they would be unable to attend that day.
       2. The ADP/DUI Division Manager offered to host a walk through of the East
           County DUI program for Board members prior to the meeting.
      E) Legislative Update – AB244 (AOD and Mental Health parity) (ACTION)
               The ADAB discussed the AB244 (AOD and Mental Health parity) legislation
                 and whether or not to send a letter in support of the legislation.
IX. Old Business – 10 min.
      A) ADAB Presentation Schedule – Jack Edelstein
       1. The ADAB recommended a presentation from a medical professional on the               The ADP/DDP Division            Patrick
           effect of methamphetamine abuse and addiction, including detox and                  Manager will follow-up with     Zarate
           treatment.                                                                          Dr. Woods regarding a
       2. Potential Presentations:                                                             presentation on medical
               Oct. 26th – Ventura County Office of Education – tentative (curriculums        aspects of methamphetamine
                 used)                                                                         addiction.
               Nov. 23rd – Casa Pacifica Wraparound - tentative
       3. It was recommended that the ADAB determine where the meeting will be held            Presentations will be           Jack
           (East or West County) prior to coordinating the presentation.                       coordinated by Jack             Edelstein
      B) Recovery Happens Conference Sept. 29                                                  Edelstein.
       1. The Chair reminded members of the Recovery Happens Conference on Sept.
           29 . Jeanne Rothman, Debora Schreiber and Jack Edelstein will be present at
           the ADAB table during the conference.
      C) Discussion/Preparation for 2009-2010 Goals                                            The ADAB goals and              Jeanne
           The ADAB discussed the recommended goals for 2009-2010. The Board                   suggested objectives will be    Rothman
           adopted the following two goals:                                                    presented by the Chair at the
         1. Review the Behavioral Health Department's Alcohol and Drug Programs                next ADAB meeting for a vote
              and those programs sponsored by community providers and partners in              of the full Board.
              order to identify services provided, outstanding programs, programs in need
              of improvement, and gaps in service. Based on the results of the review,
              make appropriate recommendations to the ADAB Director and the Board of

         2.     Continue to work collaboratively with the Mental Health Board (MHB) on
                issues of mutual concern and conduct a joint meeting of the MHB and ADAB
                at least once during the year.

              The ADAB also discussed the following “Objectives” / areas of focus:
                 Increase ADAB membership.
                 Public education of alcohol and drug issues.
                 Monitor emerging trends in regard to Alcohol and Drug issues in Ventura
                 Continue to identify worthy individuals and outstanding programs for ADAB
                   recognition awards.

         3.     The objectives (and how to attain them) will be re-visited at the next meeting.
                Concern was expressed about how to carry out the objectives with limited
                membership on the ADAB.

X.    Committee Reports – 10 min.
Ventura County Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board Meeting           MINUTES – Sept. 24, 2009, Page 5 of 5
      A) Executive Committee – Jeanne Rothman                                         Information
      1. The Executive Committee discussed goal planning, upcoming presentations,
          legislation and planned the general meeting agenda.
      B) Budget Committee –Jerry Harris
      1. No report given.
      C) Co-Occurring Disorders Committee – Maria Monica
      1. The Co-Occurring Disorders Committee will meet on Sept. 29 and have a
          presentation on the VCBH IDDT (Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment
          Program) outcomes.
      D) Education Committee – Jack Edelstein
      1. No report given.
      E) Update on School Project – Haley Wiggins
      1. No report given.

XI.    Board Comments/Activities – 10 min.
         A) Debora Schreiber and Jack Edelstein will attend the Methamphetamine Task          Information
            Force Meeting on Mon., Oct. 19 , 2009.
XII.   Adjourn
       Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm. Recording Secretary: Cheryl Dugan                         Next ADAB mtg.: Sept. 28, 2009

                     Alcohol & Drug Advisory Board Meeting Attendance 2009

               Board Members           Jan.   Feb.     Mar.     Apr.    May     June   July       Aug.      Sept.   Oct.   Nov.   Dec.

District 1     Debora Schreiber         X         X        X        X       A    X      X          X        X
Sup. Bennett
               Hailey Wiggins           A         X        X        X       X    A      A          X        --

District 2     Jack Edelstein           X         X        X        X       X    A      X          X        A
Sup. Parks
               Jeanne Rothman           A         X        X        X       X    X      X          X        X
               Maria Monica             --        --       X        X       X    X      X          X        X
District 3     Wendy-Joy Moses          A         A        A        X       A    A      --         --       --
Sup. Long
               Cassie Sorenson          A         A        A        A       A    A      --         --       --
               Irene Totten             X         X        X        X       X    X      X          X        X
District 4     Denise Brown             --        --       --       X       X    X      X          A        X
Sup. Foy
               Raymond Cruz             X         X        A        X       X    X      A          --       --
               Jerry Harris             X         X        A        X       X    X      X          X        A

District 5

Member –at-
Large Rep. 1
Youth          Katie Rice               A     X        A        A       A        A      A          --       --
Youth Rep. 2

Present = X
Absent = A
Not yet Appointed or no longer on the Board = - -

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