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									                                                  America's Credit Union
                                                                                                                             Summer 2005

Preserving the Defining                                               New Mexico Governor Richardson
Moments of the Movement                                               Speaks at America’s Credit Union
by Dan Mica, President/CEO CUNA                                       Museum
                             Credit unions were founded               The Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, delivered an
                             on the principal of financial            address at America’s Credit Union Museum in Manchester, New
                             independence. Immigrant mill             Hampshire on Wednesday, June 8 as part of a breakfast event
                             workers from Manchester, New             co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Credit Union League and
                             Hampshire and their pastor at            the New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources. The
                             St. Marie’s Church, Monsignor            Governor, who was on a two-day visit to the Granite State,
                             Pierre Hevey, started the first          has been mentioned by some as a potential Democratic Party
                             U.S. credit union in 1908 as a           presidential contender in 2008.
                             way to save money and access
                             credit at a reasonable cost.             Governor Richardson came to the Museum in order to
                             Monsignor Hevey’s vision                 recognize the contributions made by the French Canadian
                             of financial choice for the              community to the culture of New Hampshire. He gave part
                              Manchester, New Hampshire               of his presentation in French (which he minored in at Tufts
                             mill workers is now enjoyed by           University). The audience was made up of people active in the
more than 86 million people across the country.                       Franco American community in Manchester, New Hampshire,
                                                                      credit union leaders, and Trustees of America’s Credit Union
Credit union history is rich with vibrant stories about the pursuit   Museum.
of financial freedom. The cooperative values created with the
first credit union almost 100 years ago are the building blocks       In introducing Governor Richardson, New Hampshire Credit
for an industry with a structure and uniqueness un-paralleled         Union League President Daniel F. Egan, Jr. spoke of the pivotal
in U.S. financial services today.                                     role the French Canadian community played in bringing the
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The spirit of the credit union movement comes to life at
America’s Credit Union Museum. As credit unions continue our
fight against attacks from banking trade groups, the Museum
provides a mechanism to underscore the value of credit unions
in the United States. The Museum is designed to tell the human
side of the credit union story. America’s Credit Union Museum         (Left to Right) Gordon A. Simmons, President, Service Credit
awakens a sense of pride about the credit union movement.             Union and Chairman of the New Hampshire Credit Union
                                                                      League; Peter C. Hildreth, NH Bank Commissioner; Governor
America’s Credit Union Museum complements our work at the             Richardson; Van McLeod, Commissioner, NH Department of
Credit Union National Association (CUNA). The exhibits in the         Cultural Resources; Daniel F. Egan, Jr., President, New Hamp-
Museum highlight the history of the movement and explain              shire Credit Union League.
the philosophy of credit unions. Cooperative spirit, service
to members and financial independence – all important                 (L to R): Gordon A. Simmons, President, Service Credit Union and Chairman, America's
components of the first U.S. credit union – can be seen               Credit Union Museum; Peter C. Hildreth, NH Bank Commissioner; Governor Richardson; Van
throughout the defining moments of the movement. The                  McLeod, Commissioner, NH Department of Cultural Resources; Daniel F. Egan, Jr., President,
Museum preserves these moments.                                       New Hampshire Credit Union League.
  America's Credit Union Museum

A Great Day for America's Credit Union Museum
What constitutes a great day for America’s Credit Union
Museum? If you ask Executive Director Peggy Powell she will
probably tell you November 18, 2004, the day the Museum
hosted a meeting of the Association of Executive Senior Officers
(ACUSO). That’s when ACUSO pledged $25,000 to the Museum
over the next five years. “Credit unions are founded on the
principle of mutual self help, and the Museum does an excellent
job of reflecting that heritage,” stated ACUSO Chairman, Shirley
Laliberte. “As an organization dedicated to supporting credit
union professionals in building their own expertise and
knowledge of the industry, we are pleased to offer our support
to the Museum in this way.”

November 18 was also the day the Museum received a $50,000
pledge from Digital Federal Credit Union. Tom Ryan, Digital’s
COO, announced the credit union’s support while attending the
ACUSO meeting. According to Ryan, “We think the Museum is
doing a fantastic job of preserving the credit union story on the
site where America’s credit unions began.”                          Digital Federal Credit Union Attendees (L to R): Eileen Galligan, Rob Routson, Jim Regan, Steve
                                                                    Mackowitz, Tom Ryan, Kris VanBeek, Time Garner and Rich Hayward Seated: Peggy Powell,
                                                                    and Digital FCU President/CEO, Carlo Cestra
On the same day Jane Melchionda, President/CEO of Eastern
Corporate Federal Credit Union (EasCorp) committed an
additional $15,000 to EasCorp’s support of the Museum.
This gift, in combination with those previously made, brings
EasCorp’s total contribution to the Museum to $25,000.

“To receive this level of support from credit union organizations
all at one time is amazing,” said Powell. “I’m overwhelmed.”
Financial support is vital to ensuring the success of the Museum.
To learn more about America’s Credit Union Museum and how
you can help preserve the history and philosophy of the credit
union movement, please contact Peggy Powell at (603) 629-
1553 or at

                                                                     (L to R): George Dow, EasCorp, Shirley Laliberte, Quincy Credit Union, Tom Ryan, Digital
                                                                     Federal Credit Union, Mark Warner, Triangle Credit Union, Peggy Powell, America’s CU
                                                                     Museum, Paul Pijanowski, Crescent Credit Union, Jane Melchionda, EasCorp, and Andre
                                                                     Spinneit, Unified FCU
Museum Success Boosted by Recent Financial
and Historical Donations
                                                                                                  America’s Credit Union Museum recently received numerous
                                                                                                  financial commitments as well as artifacts and memorabilia.
                                                                                                  Leading the way were CUNA, $45,000, payable over a three-
                                                                                                  year period, CUNA Mutual Group, $25,000, and US Central,
                                                                                                  $15,000. Much of the success of the Museum can be attributed
                                                                                                  to the continued leadership and generous support of these
                                                                                                  national organizations.

                                                                                                  Dan Egan, President, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and
                                                                                                  New Hampshire Credit Union Leagues and America’s Credit
                                                                                                  Union Museum Director, made a presentation to the CEO
                                                                                                  Roundtable attendees at their meeting in May. Egan stressed
                                                                                                  the importance of preserving the history of the credit union
                                                                                                  movement through support of the Museum. To date, 22 of the
                                                                                                  credit unions in attendance have donated a total of $26,000 in
                                                                                                  response to Egan’s presentation.

Pictured with the artifacts presented to the Museum by US Federal Credit Union are: (Lto R)       Hank Klein, former President/CEO, Arkansas Federal Credit
Gordon Simmons, Chairman, America’s Credit Union Museum (ACUM) and President, Service             Union, continues to be one of the Museum’s greatest
Credit Union; Bill Raker, President, US Federal Credit Union; Peggy Powell, Executive Director,   supporters. At the time of his retirement in June, credit unions,
ACUM; and Hank Klein, former President/CEO, Arkansas Federal Credit Union                         organizations, and businesses made gifts to the Museum
                                                                                                  totaling $8,500 in recognition of Hank’s years of service and
                                                                                                  contributions to the credit union movement.

                                                                                                  Roger Kuhns, President of Western Credit Union Group for
                                                                                                  Fiserv, Hank Klein, former President/CEO, Arkansas Federal
                                                                                                  Credit Union, and Bill Raker, President/CEO, US Federal Credit
                                                                                                  Union visited America’s Credit Union Museum in June. On
                                                                                                  behalf of Fiserv, Kuhns presented the Museum with a $25,000
                                                                                                  donation representing Fiserv’s commitment to the credit
                                                                                                  union movement. Fiserv, Inc., provides information systems
                                                                                                  and services to the financial industry, including transaction
                                                                                                  processing, software, and system solutions.

                                                                                                  While financial support is crucial to the future success of
Bill Raker and Roger Kuhns in the first office of St. Mary's Cooperative Credit Association       America’s Credit Union museum, the donation of credit union
                                                                                                  artifacts and memorabilia are also important for they tell the
                                                                                                  story of the credit union movement. During his visit to the
                                                                                                  Museum, Bill Raker, President/CEO, US Federal Credit Union,
                                                                                                  presented Peggy Powell with numerous historical items,
                                                                                                  including US Federal’s original ledger book, for the addition of a
                                                                                                  Minnesota Exhibit in the Hall of States.

                                                                                                  America’s Credit Union Museum belongs to all credit unions
                                                                                                  and is a wonderful resource for historical information about
                                                                                                  the nationwide credit union movement. Please contact Peggy
                                                                                                  Powell, the Museum’s Executive Director, at (603) 629-1553 or
                                                                                        , for more information on how you
                                                                                                  can support your Museum.

                                                                                                  For a complete list of donors to the Museum please visit
Roger Kuhns, (Center) President, Western Credit Union Group for Fiserv, presented Gordon          the Project Development page on the Museum’s website at
Simmons and Peggy Powel with a $25,000 gift to the Museum                               
Governor Richardson (Continued from Page 1)                          A Special Thank You
American credit union community to life. He said, “The people
who came to Manchester from French Canada were determined,           We want to extend our gratitude to the credit unions, state
imaginative, and devoted to the idea of helping their family,        leagues, organizations, businesses, and individuals who have
friends, and neighbors. Our credit union movement was born           contributed to America’s Credit Union Museum. Thank you
out of their understanding of the value of community and             for supporting our efforts to preserve the history of the credit
cooperation.                                                         union movement. As a result of your generosity, more then
                                                                     $2.2 million has been raised toward our $3 million campaign
Governor Richardson applauded the positive influence of credit       goal and we have received new exhibits and artifacts for our
unions and stated that he has always been supportive of credit       collection. Because of you, we look forward to a bright future
unions and that he is a long time credit union member. He said       for America’s Credit Union Museum.
the establishment of the museum was important to preserve
the cultural influence of French Canadians in New Hampshire          To learn more about how you can help support your Museum,
and the United States.                                               please contact Executive Director Peggy Powell at (603)629-
                                                                     1553 or e-mail her at
The breakfast meeting was covered by local TV news as well as
a TV news crew from Albuquerque.

                                                                     Phil Boudreaux, Chairman, Arkansas FCU, presents Museum Executive Director Peggy
                                                                     Powell with a donation honoring retiring President/CEO Hank Klein.

  Governor Bill Richardson speaks on the contributions made by the
                    French Canadian community.
                                                                                            P.O.Box 603
                                                                                            Manchester, NH 03105-0603

 America's Credit Union
   Museum Officers
  Gordon A. Simmons, Chairman

  Paul Mayer, Treasurer

  Lori Waser, Secretary

  Peggy Powell, Executive Director

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