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					             World Hepatitis Day &
       National Hepatitis Awareness Week

      Queensland Calendar of Events 2009

                                      Art Exhibition (1)
       Description: An exhibition showcasing art workshops held at Indigenous
                    communities around QLD and run by Nicky Newly (HCQ
                    Indigenous Project Officer). Guest speakers yet to be
                    confirmed. Welcome to the country by local elder and local
                    Indigenous dancers to open the evening. Media welcome.
                    Light refreshments.
       When:          During NAW – Opening night and launch of National and World
                      Hepatitis Day May 19th from 6pm
       Where:         Indij-N-Arts
                      270 Montague Road
                      West End
       For more       Hepatitis Council of Queensland Program
       info:          Nicky Newley 07 3238 5708
                      Vanessa Soper 07 3238 5709


               Launch of the new “ABC of Hepatitis” Training Package (2)
       Description: A brief presentation and display of the new training package
                    that has been developed.
       When:           At Art Exhibition opening night 19th May
       Where:          Indij-N-Arts
                       270 Montague Road
                       West End
       For more        Hepatitis Council of Queensland
       info:           Nicola Hodge
                       07 3238 5710

Gold Coast

                                    Picnic in the Park (3)
       Description:    Picnic in the park
       When:           Week after NAW Thursday 28th May
       Where:          Gold Coast – to be confirmed – either Burleigh or Southport
       For more        QLD Shelter Gary Penfold 07 3393 2433
       info:           Hepatitis Council of Queensland Mekita 07 3238 5704
                        Brisbane Youth Service Jodie Cowie 07 3253 3750
                        QuiHN Lana Pocock 07 3620 8111


                         Various Activities – The Dolls House (4-9)
         Description: 1. Health Awareness activities for people who inject drugs
                      including resources and Hep C testing.
                      2. Health Service Providers networking by displays on hospital
                      notice boards and advertising through Cairns fax alert.
                      3. Presentation by Dr Graeme MacDonald – Director of
                      Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Light catering provided.
                      4. Launch of antenatal pamphlet translated into Thai and Arabic
                      for CALD and migrant communities which will then be
                      5. Distribution of resources to local Aboriginal medical services.
                      6. Smithfield State High School community radio will be doing a
         When:        Presentation by Dr Graeme MacDonald: Wednesday 20 May
                      from 12-1pm. RSVP to Rhondda Lewis 07 4050 6205
                      TBA on other activities
         Where:       Presentation by Dr Graeme MacDonald: Cairns Base Hospital
         For more     The Dolls House, Cairns
         info:        Rhondda Lewis
                      07 4050 6205


                           Importance of a Well Balanced Diet (10)
         Description: There will be a demonstration of meal preparation and cooking
                      while distributing hepatitis resources and in conjunction with
                      Living Strong theme being run by Nhulundu Health Service.
         When:        May 19 and 20 from 9.30am to 3.30pm
         Where:       2 Tank Street, Gladstone
         For more     Richard Geesu
         info:        Senior Health Worker
                      Nhulundu Health Service
                      07 4972 9499

                              Pharmacy Guild Competition (11)
         Description: An advertising initiative involving pharmacists and staff by way
                      of a competition onto the Guild website and answering 6
                      hepatitis related questions.
         When:        TBA
         Where:       In-house Guild
        For more      Meghan Hayes


                                 Prison Awareness Day (12)
        Description: Several community agencies will be running a Hep C
                     Awareness Day following awareness week in two major
                     Brisbane prisons. Including hep B & C information sessions,
                     CPR training and drug support options. Stalls, games, show
                     bags and a lunch will be included.
        When:        28/29 May
        Where:       Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre and Arthur Gorrie
                     Correctional Centre
        For more     Lana Pocock (QUIHN) – 3620 8111
                     Jodie Walton (HCQ) 3238 5701


                        Hepatitis Promotion within the School (13)
        Description: Brief talk on hepatitis in school assembly, display posters
                     around school. Purpose is to raise students awareness of
        When:         18-22 May
        Where:        Charleville State High School
        For more      Amanda Weier
                      07 4656 8888


                                 Love Your Liver Lunch (14)
        Description: Healthy lunch and discussion of hepatitis for youth attending
                     the service and open to friends/family of same youth
        When:         18th May
        Where:        Brisbane Youth Service, 14 Church Street, Fortitude Valley
        For more      Maria Model / Tara van Leent
                      07 3252 3750

Community Activity Grants (21 in total)


                                          C if UR 12
        Description: Needle and syringe Program Health initiative. Providing show
                     Bags containing 5 wheel filters, hand rub, trail mix, information,
                     stickers etc to clients to encourage attendance to hepatitis
                      testing / Hep B vaccinations during hepatitis week and the two
                      weeks either side.
         When:        During NAW
         Where:       35 Gregory Street, North Ward
         For more     QLD Health Sexual Health Services & Needle and Syringe
         info:        Program
                      Angela Cooper
                      07 4778 9603


                                     Healthy Wonggans
         Description: Provide the Yulu Burri Ba (Dunwich) community with targeted,
                      culturally sensitive health awareness and education program
                      comprising of health checks, structured exercise and nutrition
                      program information and advice, information kits and
                      counselling and support for community/ family people affected
                      by hepatitis.
         When:        Hepatitis Awareness week May 18th to 22nd
         Where:       Yulu-Burri-Ba Aboriginal Community Health
                      16 Dickson Way
         For more     Yulu-Burri-Ba Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health
         info:        Janelle Murphy
                      07 3409 9596


                              Hepatitis Awareness BBQ Lunch
         Description: A Hepatitis Awareness BBQ lunch directed at Aboriginal and
                      Torres Strait Islander community to promote awareness and
                      education of various treatments, support programs and other
                      organisations that provide services within the Aboriginal and
                      Torres Strait Islander Community
         When:        19th May between 11-1pm
         Where:       Rockhampton CBD river Bank BBQ facilities
         For more     Aboriginal & Islander Community Resource Agency
         info:        Kim White
                      07 4922 7520


                                      Youth Workshops
         Description: Youth workshops to be run in 3 towns. First part of workshop
                      delivering information and conversations around prevention,
                      including safe piercing and body art. Second part of work shop
                      involving young people to design art work around prevention
                      messages relating to Hep C that are then collated into 13 month
         When:        During NAW
         Where:       Biggenden P-10 school (learning centre), Gaynah Youth Centre,
                      Mundubbera Community Development Centre
         For more     Central Burnett Youth Service
         info:        Naomi Roberts
                      07 4140 8880


                          Hep C: You and Me? Be free From Hep C
         Description: Meet and Greet brunch with health education students (20) and
                      hold an information presentation to year 12 students (160)
                      including having positive speakers tell their stories, to enable
                      students to make informed decisions regarding health and
                      hepatitis C
         When:        12th May 10.30am to 12pm
         Where:       Kingaroy State High School Assembly Hall
         For more     Kingaroy State High School
         info:        Robyn Ferling
                      07 4160 0666


                                   Clip „n Slip diary Divider
         Description: Creation of a student designed diary divider delivering relevant
                      information and contact details in relation to Hepatitis C with
                      bright clip, enabling the divider to be moved and seen through
                      out the year.
         When:        During NAW
         Where:       High schools in the Burnett region including the rural
                      communities of Biggenden, Gaynah, Mundubbera, Eidsvold and
         For more     QLD Health Sunshine Coast Wide Bay Health Service District
         info:        Laine Collins
                      07 4161 3571

Eagle Farm

                              Tropical Alternative Film Festival
         Description: Produce PowerPoint presentation ad about hepatitis focused on
                      LGBT community to be shown before the screening of films in 7
                      different locations across Queensland. Reaching over 900
                     LGBT people and their friends.
       When:         During NAW
       Where:        At film festival locations in Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton,
                     Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gold Coast
       For more      QAHC
       info:         Amanda Dean
                     07 3017 1733


                                   Healthy Livers ROCK!
       Description: A stall will be held in conjunction with Rockhampton Sexual
                    health and HIV service at the central Queensland University, the
                    stall will involve distributing button badges with the slogan
                    Healthy livers ROCK! As well as cupcakes with a number from 1
                    to 12 in icing on top. Resources will also be provided to all of the
                    local GP services, including the production of posters and the
                    distribution of resources in the waiting room counters and tables
                    for the public to access for free.
       When:        During NAW
       Where:       Central Queensland University, Rockhampton Campus
       For more     Rockhampton Hepatitis Service
       info:        Candice Coombs
                    07 4920 5561

Burleigh Heads

                             Deadly Discussions on Hepatitis
       Description: Discussion from the in-house doctor and a local Aboriginal
                    Elder will take place at Kalwan Health Service. A healthy
                    nutritious lunch will be provided and information relating to
                    hepatitis will be available.
       When:         During NAW
       Where:        Kalwun Health Services
                     Burleigh Heads
       For more      Kalwun Health Services
       info:         Ken Slater
                     07 5520 6799

Cotton Tree

                                12 Puppet Shows on Hep C
       Description: Puppet shows will be conducted with toys/ objects associated
                    with transmission, shows can be filmed and the proposed
                    groups are Who’s rehab, IFYS youth shelter and Namtec flexi
                    school. During Hep awareness week the filmed shows will be
                     viewed at a BBQ where all participants are invited, healthy food
                     will be served. While providing hepatitis friendly foods that the
                     groups will be involved in preparation.
        When:        19th May 11-1pm
        Where:       Namtec Nambour, Who’s Najara Rehab Nambour and IFYS
                     Youth Shelter Maroochydore
        For more     QuiHN Sunshine Coast
        info:        Nicky Kupfer/Anne Fisher
                     07 5443 9576

Caboolture / Redcliffe

                         Hep Aware – Hepatitis the facts not the Virus
        Description: Gift bags containing soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo
                     and a cup, temporary tattoos, hepatitis (A, B, C) info including
                     testing, piercing and tattoo info brochures. Stickers and
                     balloons will be given away. Both sights will have information
        When:        19th May
        Where:       Caboolture Community Health Centre
                     Redcliffe Community Health Centre
                     KYC – Kids Youth and Community, Caboolture
        For more     Caboolture / Redcliffe Community Health Centres – NSP’s
        info:        Kerryn McDermott (Caboolture) / Brian Brincat (Redcliffe)


                         Hepatitis C Service Television Advertisement
        Description: A 15 second commercial will be shown several times during
                     NAW in conjunction with channel seven with the aim of
                     increasing general public and target populations awareness of
                     local hepatitis services, in Bundaberg and Rockhampton.
        When:        During NAW
        Where:       Wide Bay area
        For more     Wide Bay Sexual Health, Sunshine Coast
        info:        Paddy Martin
                     07 4150 2754


                                     Love Your Liver Day
        Description: Intensive information and awareness day for residents who
                     some are living with or are at risk of hepatitis in a drug and
                     alcohol treatment centre. Topics will include prevention,
                     treatment, and management. Activates including exercise, diet,
                      personal stories and a breakfast and lunch that is liver friendly.
         When:        During NAW
         Where:       Logan House
                      Chambers Flat
         For more     Logan House Drug and Alcohol foundation QLD
         info:        Amanda Curran
                      Suzi Schuhmacher
                      07 5546 3900


                                      Soccer Challenge
         Description: In conjunction with National Hepatitis Week activities Big Issue
                      Street Soccer will conduct a round robin Soccer competition
                      with community stockholders invited. This event would include a
                      BBQ dinner.
         When:        Friday 22nd May
         Where:       Lamont Park Riverway Oval
         For more     The Big Issue in Australia
         info:        Cathryn Little
                      0417 833 490


                                      Soccer Challenge
         Description: In conjunction with national hepatitis week activities Big Issue
                      Street Soccer will conduct a round robin Soccer competition
                      with community stockholders invited. This event would include a
                      BBQ Lunch, stalls and activities.
         When:        Wednesday 20th May
         Where:       New Farm Park
                      New Farm
         For more     The Big Issue in Australia
         info:        Susie Edwards
                      07 3036 4427


                                        Hepatitis Display
         Description: Displays of NAW promotional material. A questionnaire will be
                      developed asking relevant questions directly relating to the
                      display and available for anyone to complete. Prizes will be
         When:        During NAW
       Where:         Bamaga Hospital waiting rooms
       For more       QLD Health Men’s and Women’s Health Team and Primary
       info:          Health Centres
                      Shirley Hill
                      07 4090 4235


                          Brochures and Speaking Engagements
       Description:    Speaking Engagements throughout a number of schools
       When:           During NAW
       Where:          Various locations
       For more        Queensland Positive Speakers Bureau
       info:           Helen Ward
                       07 3013 5509


                                     It‟s Easy As ABC
       Description: One night/two day camp for approx 16 participants targeted at
                    18 to 25 year olds. The project intends to bring together
                    relevant stakeholders to deliver information sessions to the
                    participants and facilitate group discussions including one-on-
                    one sessions relating to risks, prevention and management of
       When:          During NAW
       Where:         Jilgi Beach
                      Yarrabah Aboriginal Community
       For more       Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services Aboriginal Corporation
       info:          Tamar Patterson and Dixie Hari
                      07 4056 9388


            Indigenous / Non-Indigenous Community Hepatitis Awareness
       Description: Working with networks Drug Arm, Bridges Club House, Tom
                    Quinn Centre, PCYC and YMCA to deliver presentations and
                    education sessions to the youth at risk who attend regularly.
                    Displays would also be throughout hospital premises at various
                    departments. Competition to win t-shirts will also be conducted.
       When:          Monday 18th to 22nd May
       Where:         Indigenous Well Being Centre
                      Yaamba Rehabilitation Centre
                      Tom Quinn Centre
                      Community Mental Health
                      Goori Jets
                      Bundaberg Aboriginal Corporation for Women
                      Domestic Violence Shelter
                      Wandiny HACC
         For more     ATODS – NSP Bundaberg
         info:        Cheryl Nevin 07 4150 2892
                      Coral Walker 07 4150 2744


                                          Hep Internet
         Description: Outreach Project Officer will be providing computer and internet
                      assistance to NSP clients. The main objective is to provide
                      specific and confidential link to online support and information to
                      Hepatitis B and C prevention, healthy living and treatment.
         When:        During NAW and ongoing
         Where:       QuiHN Office
         For more     QuiHN Cairns and FNQ Region
         info:        Alanna Mendels
                      0411 338 900

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