Budget Planner Before you start planning for your big by Kittibitti


									Budget Planner
Before you start planning for your big day, you need to know exactly how much money
you have to work with, and what will be allocated to each aspect of the wedding. As
a general rule of thumb, about 45% of the budget should be allotted to the reception.
This will include location, food and beverages. Ten percent should be allotted to
flowers, ten percent to photography, ten percent to wedding attire, and another ten
percent to music. The final fifteen percent of your budget should be allotted for
stationery, gifts, favors, and other accessorizing details.

Fees and Rentals                       Notes                            Estimated $
Ceremony location fee
Officiant’s fee
Marriage license                                                                        Flowers                     Notes       Estimated $
Reception-site fee                                                                      Ceremony decorations
Food                                                                                    Bride’s bouquet
Cake                                                                                    Maid of Honor’s and
Bar                                                                                     Bridesmaid’s bouquets
Rentals                                                                                 Flower Girl’s accessories
Couple’s transportation                                                                 Corsages
Guest’s transportation/parking                                                          Boutonnieres
Tips and coat check                                                                     Reception centerpieces
                                                                                        and decorations

Photography                            Notes                           Estimated $
Engagement portrait                                                                     Wedding Attire              Notes       Estimated $
Photographer’s fee                                                                      Bride’s dress
Wedding album                                                                           Headpiece and veil
Parent’s album                                                                          Bride’s shoes
Additional prints                                                                       Lingerie
Videography                                                                             Jewelry and accessories
                                                                                        Hair and makeup
                                                                                        Groom’s tuxedo or suit
                                                                                        Groom’s shoes
                                                                                        Groom’s accessories
Stationery                             Notes                           Estimated $      Bride’s and groom’s rings
Save the date cards
Invitations and envelopes
Seating cards, place cards                                                              Gifts and Favors            Notes       Estimated $
menu cards, thank you notes                                                             Maid of Honor’s gift
Favor cards                                                                             Bridesmaid’s gifts
Calligraphy                                                                             Best Man’s gift
Postage                                                                                 Groomsmen’s gifts
Guest book                                                                              Child Attendants’ gifts
                                                                                        Bride’s Parents’ gifts
                                        Subtotal                                        Groom’s Parents’ gifts
                                                                                        Ring pillow
Music                                  Notes                           Estimated $
Ceremony music
Cocktail-hour music
Reception music

                                        Subtotal                                        TOTAL

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