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Surgical Scrub Caps Are A Big Hit

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					                                                                 June 2009

                                     A Quarterly
                                   Publication for
                             Care Wear Volunteers

   Surgical Scrub Caps Are A Big Hit!

           Please submit         In This Issue:
               newsletter        A Letter From Bonnie  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 2-3
         articles, photos,       A Message About Surgical Scrub Caps  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 9
                                 Doctors Test New Weapon Against
                                 Eye Disease That Strikes Preemies  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 15
          and stories to:        Kathy Vish’s Stitched With Love  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 24                Crochet Column by Sara Greer  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . page 30
Letter from Bonnie
  Spring greetings to everyone reading this June 2009 quarterly newsletter for Care Wear Volunteers . I hope that you
are well, safe, and enjoying the transition into summer. I, for one, am amazed how quickly this year is flying by.
  We have included some wonderful photos and updates on surgical scrub caps in this issue . Many thanks to everyone
who adopted this project and mailed caps to Chaplain Vaughn . He was really pleased to receive them and so were the
medical staff members who received them! This is a simple sewing project that does not require huge quantities of
fabric . I thought it was just perfect as a project for Care Wear Volunteers . Although the focus of this organization is
hospitalized children, we have branched out in other directions to lend a hand where it will comfort hospital patients .
  Again, a lovely note & photo from the parent of an infant who received a Care Wear Volunteers knit/crochet hat .
Everyone wants to see the infants wearing the donated hats, booties, etc… Wonderful to hear that parents appreciate
  If you hear that someone is not receiving the quarterly newsletter, please ask if that person returned the form that
was included in the December newsletter . I have extra copies of the March newsletter and am happy to send a copy
to anyone who missed that issue . Of course, I will restore names/addresses to the mailing list so that future issues
are not missed . Groups may submit names/addresses in one envelope . PLEASE write clearly and do not abbreviate
names in the address . You may be familiar with the abbreviation, but I don’t know every town in ID, OH, MI, and
TX!!! PLEASE write clearly so that I can enter the correct name, street address, and town . Sincere apologies when I
make errors entering the information. When forms were returned there were some corrections to first and last names.
  Please be sure that you send me change of address notices so that your newsletter is not sent to the Dead Letter Box
of the Post Office. Bulk-rate mail is not forwarded or returned.
  Last June I shared photos of my niece who volunteered for a half-year work assignment in Kabul, Afghanistan . She
returned safely from that assignment, but is again in Kabul for a three-month assignment . At the last moment, her
house & cat sitter fell through so I volunteered to assist . Her home is about 15 minutes east of Frederick so it is not an
inconvenience for me. At age 64 I am finally entering the 21st century---learning to use the programmable thermostat
in her house, learning to use & recharge her cell phone, and learning how to set/unset her house alarm system . All
goes well, however, I’ve had a few visits to the vet office for a sick cat! I am now writing chapter five of my best-seller
comedy novel, “What the House Sitter Never Knew!” Just joking!!! It did take some time for me to adapt to a differ-
ent bed, two different cats, different noises, an alarm system, etc . As I write this I’ve been living in two places for six
weeks . I am looking forward to returning full-time to my husband, my own cat, my condo, to one grocery list, etc! My
car is a mobile warehouse—with coats, jackets, shoes, and other “stuff” in it!! Karyn returns June 8th .
  Care Wear Volunteers received thanks from a number of hospitals . Here is a summary:
  Frederick Memorial Hospital (FMH) sent sincere thanks to Marva Legel for her knitted ponies and
black and white striped knitted ZEBRA (photo in this newsletter) . The knit pony pattern is an excel-
lent way to use 4 ply yarn in “adult” colors . Marva has been producing knit ponies for a number of
years---in navy, brown, grey, olive, black, etc… . Bright colored tails, manes, and blankets make them
very very cheerful . The black & white pony (Zebra) was an adorable variation and was a great hit at
  Beth Israel Hospital sends thanks to the Ladies of Fanwood Presbyterian Church for large
deliveries of quilts, afghans, sweaters, hats, booties, bears, dolls, balls, etc… The monthly lists
of items delivered are a tribute to the ladies who participate in this effort . BRAVO to all of
them!!! Thanks to Peggy Ficken for keeping me posted .
  The New London Family Hospital Medical
Center sent thanks to Shirley Marsh for
             Continued on page 3
Letter from Bonnie
Continued from page 2
sweaters she knit & sent . The hospital was delighted to be able to distribute sweaters to families in need .
   Cooper University Hospital (Camden, NJ) sent thanks to Diane (no last name included in the letter) for making &
donating beautiful hats and baby blankets . “…Your generosity has really brightened our family’s faces . When we are
able to hand them a beautiful gift for their ill infant or their infant has recently passed away, it makes them realize
how much so many people care about their stressful times . I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate
your thoughtfulness .”
   Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital (Cleveland, OH) sent thanks for handmade hats, booties, blankets, and
layettes for their “…weeniest patients . I thank you very much . You are so caring and thoughtful to continue sending
items to Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s NICU . Best of health to all and think spring!”
   For an interesting article about volunteers who participate in Care Wear Volunteers . The Hermit is the son of a Care
Wear Volunteers participant .
                             http://hermitjim .blogspot .com/2008/10/more-series-moment .html
   Anyone in the Penndel, PA area might wish to join “Stitching Angels” that is meeting at Thursday nights at 7pm in
the Panera Bread meeting room . To begin, this group will focus on blanket & hats to be given to local hospitals and
prayer shawls for distribution through a local church . Contact Helen Susko (mygardenhome@hotmail .com ) for more
details .
   The next newsletter is the September 2009 issue . Enjoy the summer! I thank you for all that you do to warm and
comfort those in need .
                                                      With best wishes,
    Aunt Bonnie
    My unit (Joint Intelligence Operations Center-Afghanistan, ISAF
  [International Security Assistance Force]) has recently started working
  with Arghandab Hospital, here in Kabul. JIOCA is working specifically
  with the children’s burn unit and the preemie unit . As you can imagine,
  they are desperately in need of everything but certainly the same types
  of things that our US hospitals need -- small caps and booties, blankets,
  robes, etc .) . Anything that the volunteers of Care Wear could provide
  would be gratefully received .                                                          Care Wear
    Until the end of July, packages can be mailed to Erin McGrew; HQ                    Volunteers, Inc.
  ISAF JIOCA; APO AE 09356 . Postage is charged only from your                             Bonnie Hagerman
  individual location to NY. If postage is not possible for those with fixed                c/o Hood College
  incomes or limited circumstances, while I am here I will try to help                   401 Rosemont Avenue
  reimburse postage--upon request . Donors requesting assistance with                 Frederick, MD 21701-8575
  postage should contact me (Karyn .L .Spertzel@afghan .swa .army .mil) or             Telephone: 301-696-3550
  Hagerman@hood .edu before mailing packages to Erin . (Frederick area               Email: Hagerman@hood .edu
  participants can deliver completed items to Bonnie Hagerman at Hood                      Fax: 301-696-3952
  College, Frederick MD . Donations will be mailed in boxes she sends to              Website: www .carewear .org
  Erin .)                                                                             Care Wear Volunteers is a
                                                                                    501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                     page 3
                                                                                                    Please see
                                                                                         http://www .crochetcabana .com/
                                                                                                 charity/index .htm

                                                                                         For Information
                                                                                         On Making Items
                                                                                          For Preemies
                                                                                        PLEASE NOTE: Hospital requests
                                                                                          vary and preferences for color,
                                                                                          style, etc . . will vary from one
                                                                                        hospital to another . Always check
                                                                                        with the hospital to which you are
                                                                                        sending layette items—if you have
                                                                                                        questions .
            These are very easy samples. Submitted by Meta Van Duzer.
                         BRAVO to this wonderful group!

                 Volunteer Uses Knitting Skills To Help Children
                                              Ruth Bielanski of Milestone              for hospitals to donate to pediatric
                                            Borough was looking for volunteer          patients .
                                            opportunities when she discovered            One of the reasons Bielanski
                                            Care Wear, a nationwide group of           was attracted to the project as her
                                            volunteers who knit, crochet or sew        younger son Keith was born with
                                            handmade baby items that are do-           hydrocephalus, a condition of water
                                            nated to hospitals .                       and swelling on the brain .
                                              Through Care Wear she has creat-           “We spent a good deal of time
                                            ed 12 fitted fabric covers for isolettes   in hospitals for occupational and
                                            in the neonatal intensive care unit        physical therapy over the years,” she
                                            at the Children’s Hospital of New          said . “Maybe that had something
                                            Jersey, located on the grounds of          to do with my choice of a volunteer
  Enclosed is an article that appeared      Newark Beth Israel Medical Center .
                                                                                       project .”
in a local newspaper and a photo of           “The isolette covers are used to
                                                                                         The other Bielanski children are
Diane and me .                              protect sick or premature infants
                                                                                       drawn to caring for others: Elder son
  Since the article, I have made 50         from light and sound as they would
                                            be protected in the womb,” accord-         Kevin teaches special needs children
isolette covers for the hospital . In ad-                                              in Arizona and daughter Karen is
dition, my daughter has graduated as        ing to Diane Marconi, developmental
                                            coordinator of the neonatal intensive      scheduled to graduate in May from
an RN and works in an emergency
                                            care unit .                                the Rutgers College of Nursing .
room department at Jersey City
                                              Bielanski makes the quilted covers         A librarian at the Manville Public
Medical Center .
  I will continue to sew items for          by hand; each one takes about 1 1/2        Library, Bielanski has made sewing
those in need as time permits .             hours to sew and uses 4 yards of           her lifelong hobby as it was passed
  Thank you for all you do for              fabric . She has used fabrics in green,    on to her by her sisters . She enjoys

others .                                    navy and cranberry covers, plus a          working on projects while she is
                  Ruth                      gingham check in pink and blue . She       watching television .
                                            purchases all the material herself .                                    Messenger
                                              She also has made stuffed animals                            September 4, 2008
page 4                                                                       hagerman@hood .edu
   Dear Bonnie,
   In memory of my dear friend
Pilar Barradas who passed away last
summer I organized a small group
of volunteers to help with one of the
most worthy organizations: Care
Wear Organization . Its members are
recruiting other volunteers among
their relatives and friends hoping to
maximize our effort to help others .
At this point we get together once
a month to share in the projects we
had worked on and to plan what we
need to accomplish . In January with                  Dear Bonnie,                                         were Beryl Scott, our leader from
the help of the December newsletter
we made twelve surgical caps that                     In December, a group of ladies                       Maine; Yvonne Buchanan, New
were mailed to hospitals overseas .                 started a Care Wear Group in Travel                    Brunswick, Canada; June Dawson,
We donated several knitted and cro-                 World RV Park, Clearwater, Florida .                   Ontario, Canada; Joanne Spencer,
chet hats and a crochet baby blanket                We met every Tuesday for an hour to                    Ohio; Arlene Priestley, Sue Lawless
to the hospital in Dayton, OH . This                knit, crochet, sew and socialize . We                  and Shirley Pincumbe, Michigan .
week we are sent two burial gar-                    made booties, hats, bibs, blankets,                    This is such a worthwhile ministry,
ments, two blankets, two pair of boo-
ties, and two hats to the Family Birth              burial gowns and angel pockets for                     we thank you for starting it .
Center in Battle Creek, MI .                        babies in the neonatal unit of All                       Enclosed is a picture of most of
   On behalf of the members of our                  Children’s Hospital in St . Petersburg,                the items and three of our workers:
group we commend you for orga-                      Florida . We also had several lap                      Arlene Priestley, Michigan; Beryl
nizing Care Wear Volunteers Or-                     blankets . In March we donated over                    Scott, Maine; and Shirley Pincumbe,
ganization and for keeping all of us                200 handmade items .                                   Michigan . Enclosed also is a check
informed by e-mails and the newslet-
ters . We truly appreciate what you do                Most of us will soon be heading                      to help defray the cost of postage,
for others .                                        north for the summer . However, we                     printing and whatever else is needed .

              �                                                                                                             �
                Sincerely,                          plan to continue our work at home                                    Sincerely,
            Lydia Hernandez                         and when we return to Florida in the                             Shirley Pincumbe
                                                    fall . The ladies who donated items

4/28/2009                                         Hospital List Revisions                                                                       Page 1 of 1
State       Hospital Name                       Address                   Phone                                        Needs
 MD Vindabona Nursing Home           6012 Jefferson Blvd.              301-371-7160 Anxious to receive LARGE TERRY CLOTH BIBS. Also, Lap Robes
    Attn: Shirley Dayhoff-           Braddock Heights MD 21714                      & Shawls. Contact Shirley regarding other needs.
    Activities Dept

 MO Cox Health, Neonatal ICU         Attn: Nurse Manager               417-269-6628 KIMONOS-small & medium, hats/booties (all sizes), (Pre) mittens,
                                     3801 South National Ave                        children's bed socks, blankets, P & ft burial gowns, bibs, bears, diaper
                                     Springfield, MO 65807                          shirts, flannel mattress covers, quilts (dark one side), burp cloths,
                                                                                    incubator covers. Janice Edgar, RN.

 OH Samaritan Hospital               1025 Center Street                419-289-0491 Needs blankets and a few hats. Contact Jill Hartson, Volunteer
    Attn: Volunteer Coordinator      Ashland OH 44805                               Coordinator.

 OH Akron City Children's Hospital   One Perkins Square                330-543-8424 Flannel blankets, handmade afghans, burial gowns, hats & booties.
    Manager, Volunteer Services      Akron, OH 44308-1062                           Contact JERI, Volunteer Coordinator.

 PA Abington Memorial Hospital,      Attn: Heather Campbell            215-481-2490 Preemie & Full-term hats & booties, sweaters, blanket/quilts for
    Volunteer Resources Dept         1200 Old York Rd                               Pediatrics, hand puppets, stuffed animals, comfort pillows,
                                     Abington PA 19001                              mastectomy bags & blankets/quilts for adults, walker bags. Heather

 VA Inova Fairfax Hospital for       Attn: Patient Care Director       703-776-6401 Burial gowns for FT infants. Contact Claire Pagano.
    Children, NICU                   3300 Gallows Rd.,
                                     Falls Church, VA 22042

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                                                          page 5
Letters I Enjoy Receiving...

  Hello,                               the article I wrote . I wanted to let         Hello Bonnie,
  My name is Marcia Linton . I’m       you also know that our home office            I just made my first delivery
the Enrichment Coordinator (Activ-     in Oregon has picked up the story for       yesterday of 17 caps to the Poudre
ity Director) at Pinegate Gracious     a nationwide article in our company         Valley Hospital NICU .
Retirement Living in Macon, GA .       wide newsletter . I’ll send you a copy        They were glad to see me .
Our resident Mary Kay Huber-Leslie     when it comes out .                           Thanks again for the great pat-
introduced me to the Care Wear           Above are some pictures of our            terns!

program and we love it . Mary Kay      group working on Care Wear .                  Bettina Rosbrook
informed me that she forwarded you                  Marcia Linton                    PS above is a picture of the
a copy of our local newsleter with                                                 ‘goods’ ;-)

                                       4 days . Dur-
                                       ing her stay at
                                       the NICU a
                                       nurse named
                                       Michelle gave
                                       Coralyssa the
                                       hat and burp
                                       cloth . Coral-
                                       yssa has been
  Hello . My name is Kimberly          wearing this
Jorgenson . I am e-mailing to thank    beautiful hat
a very special person for making a     everyday to her
beautiful baby hat and burp cloth .    doctor’s ap-
I’m not sure how to contact this       pointments and
person, but I do have the name that    even around
was in the bag . The name is Jerri     the house . I
Johnston and I received this hat and   would like to
burp cloth at the Grand Forks Altru    thank Jerri
NICU in North Dakota . My daughter     for the kind-
was born on February 21st, 2009        ness that she has given and just let         If you could please pass this mes-
and was transferred to the NICU        Jerri know that this will be treasured     sage on to Jerri that would be great!
that same day . She was born 4 weeks   by us, as I plan to keep the hat for       Thanks so much!

early, weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces,     Coralyssa in her little treasure chest .           Thanks so very much!
and 19 1/2 inches long, but with       This act of kindness reminds me that                Kimberly Jorgenson
many prayers and God’s blessings,      we have a very kind God and I feel
she was able to come home after just   very blessed .

page 6                                                                  hagerman@hood .edu
Letters I Enjoy Receiving...
   Hello! My name is Ellen La Que           them both in her memory box . These
and I just wanted to take a minute          days I am a busy stay-at-home mom
and write to you about CareWear . I         and I’m getting ready to have my
found your site through Bernat .com         third and final C-Section to deliver
under charities . I think it is awesome .   my last child, Isabelle Ann, at the
I was doing some research for a class       end of April . I really love to crochet
that I teach here in the town where I       most of all, but I’m also staying busy
live with Scotia-Glenville Continu-         knitting a blanket for Isabelle - I
ing Education in Scotia, New York . I       hope to finish it before she arrives!
teach beginning/intermediate knit-          CareWear seems so wonderful, I love
ting and crochet classes . That is my       that someone can be a member just
very part-time income producing gig .       by participating - that is so refresh-
I also started making pairs of booties      ing . I will be honored to make some         A recent photo of Madison, grand-
for the City Mission of Schenectady,        things for a hospital . I have to decide   daughter of Denny Kelly (Australia) .
NY- also local to me . They are a           if I would make them for Baystate or         Madison is a lovely child and a

local shelter that assists women,           for Albany Medical Center (where I         happy one to have Denny as her
men, and women with children to             will deliver soon) . I can at least plan   grandmother!
“start over” with their lives . That is     to eventually make some things for
what I do for my own head and heart         both if I can work in the time along
and to show my 5 year old daughter          with caring for 3 kids! It’s nice to

what it means to care about and give        know that places like CareWear exist
to others . That was an important           in the world .
lesson that my mother taught me . I
have two children, Caroline who is 5
and Kevin Jr . who is 18 months . My           Dear Bonnie,
second child Jeanette was born in              Our group of Care Wear vol-
2005 and unfortunately passed away          unteers, named “The Ohio Spir-
when she was just under a month old .       ited Hands” as of March 10, met
She had a hypoxic episode during            at Jenny’s house on Tuesday . Our
my delivery and consequently spent                                                       February 7, 2009
                                            newcomer Mary Ann Lowry was                  Dear Bonnie,
two weeks on life support at Baystate       present (Welcome aboard Mary                 Our group (3 of us) continues to
Medical Center in Springfield, MA.          Ann!) . Everyone was ready to share        make blankets and caps for two
Jeanie was 7lbs .15oz . and looked          the gifts brought in for the Angels at     of our local hospitals . Last year’s
so huge next to the preemies in the         the Miami Valley Hospital Neonatal         contribution was 89 blankets and 43
NICU . After the tests determined           Care Unit in Dayton, OH .                  caps .
that her brain damage was severe we            Carol Liepold, one of the members,        I am enclosing a picture of Opal
removed her from life support and           graciously volunteered to deliver the      Kennedy, who turns 102 today . She
she passed away after just under 23         following items to the hospital;           is the force behind our continued
hours of breathing on her own . A                     2 blankets                       effort to contribute to this cause .
birth story people think would be un-                 1 afghan                         For her birthday celebration, Opal’s
common today, nonetheless became                      25 hats                          granddaughter plans to take her
our story . When I read that the hospi-                                                shopping–which is her second love
                                                      4 pair of booties                after crocheting . With the aid of a
tals needed Full term sized garments                  8 pairs of slippers
it really struck a cord with me . I also                                               walker, she can outlast most of us .
                                               We will continue to meet every            I have enclosed Opal’s and my
checked out your Patterns page and          second Tuesday each month .                name and address to continue receiv-

realized that I have one of the Little              Keeping you informed,              ing the CareWear Newsletter . We

Pumpkin Hats that was given to me                      Lydia Hernández                 look forward to each issue .
for her (which I loved, even though it                                                                  Betty
was too small for her to wear) along
with a small Halloween quilt . I keep

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                          page 7
   Cozy’s Corner:                          I received the enclosed letter from Cooper Hospital in NJ . I wanted to share
                                        it with you .
      Crochet                              I sent approximately 40 hats, 20 pair booties, some sacques, baby afghans

  Wheelchair Wrap
                                        and sweaters .

                                                            Always glad to help those less fortunate,
                                                                             Diane A

  I have tried to find out how to
contact the person that designed this
wrap but have been unable . I have
one nearly finished and I plan to
make more for Frederick Hospice
and some local nursing homes . This
works up so quickly if anyone is
looking for a pattern that is simple
and one that would really stay on the
shoulders of a bedridden person or
one in a wheelchair .
 http://needleworkersroom .blogspot .

 com/2008/12/wheelchair-wrap .html

     UPDATE from Jean
      I had another email from
   Frederick Hospice . They don’t
   want any of the shawls in the
      pattern I linked you to re-
    cently . (ABOVE) They want
   plain shawls that can be used
                                                      Hospital Change of Address
     for both men and women . I                                    The Children’s Hospital
    really like that shawl but the                                 13123 East 16th Avenue
   plain ones are easier anyway .                                    Aurora, CO 80045
   I’m glad I only sent them one
   of those shawls, the rest were                 Sue Dagg is still program assistant in the Volunteer office,
               all plain .                              but her new phone number is 720-777-6685 .

page 8                                                                  hagerman@hood .edu
                       A Message About Surgical Scrub Caps...
  “Wow! You and ladies of the OWC         Possibly Tripler Army Hospital in         they can use the scrub caps . . .they are
of Frederick went over and beyond         Hawaii where he was once assigned .       treating some of the most horribly
the call of duty! I’ve received several   Bob is a joker and likes to pull one’s    disfigured burn patients you can pos-
boxes with a large variety of styles      leg . He called last week and said        sibly imagine . When I was nursing,
and designs . The OR and Dental sec-      that he was going to call “Michelle”      burn patients were the hardest ones
tions are thrilled . They’re planning     (acted like he is on a first name basis   for me to take care of so my heart
to have a “Scrub Cap Party” later         with our new First Lady, LOL) so I        goes out to all the medical personnel
today to pass them out and I made         thought he was joking with me . He        who work with them . They recently
them promise to provide photos . I’ll     called again a couple of days ago         treated an American female civilian
send copies as soon as possible . Also,   and said though he hadn’t spoken          working for our government who
you should be receiving a thank you       directly with “Michelle”, he did          was in Afghanistan to help assess
directly from those sections . Thank      speak with her secretary and gave         the needs of the country in terms of
you again for your overwhelming           her the information about our care        infrastructure, hospitals, schools, etc .
support! You’re amazing!”                 package project to include the scrub      Some insurgents (possibly Taliban)
               Blessings,                 cap project . He warned me I might        threw acid on her and she was badly
           Chaplain Vaughn                be receiving a call from Mrs . Obama      burned, med-evac’d to Brook AH,
    THOMAS B . VAUGHN, JR .               since she has a project to support        and later died . Perhaps you read
            CH (MAJ) USA                  military families . ( Wouldn’t that be    about it in the newspaper?
       Task Force 115 Medical             something if it happened? . . . .Don’t      We’ll keep plugging along! As you

            Camp Cropper                  hold your breath! ;-)                     saw from the photos, the soldiers
            APO AE 09342                     I’m still trying to get contacts at    were delighted to receive the scrub

                                          Landstuhl Hosp . in Germany . This        caps!
                                          is where some of the wounded are                           Joanne
   Chaplain Vaughn said that the          sent first until they are stable enough
scrub caps he had received to date        and able to make the trip back to
would go to the OR and Dental             the States. They often fly families of      Ma’am,
Clinic at his Combat Support Hospi-       the wounded to Landstuhl when the           First of all I would like to Thank
tal which is the TF115 in Baghdad .       wounded are in critical condition .       you for all that you do for soldiers,
I’m assuming these photos were            This hospital is not far from where       and what you have done for us here
taken there but will check on it to be    we lived while in Germany . Maybe I       in Iraq . Through the chaplin, MAJ
sure . (TF = Treatment Facility)          can make a contact with the medical       Vaughn, we received scrub caps . We
   I have a friend and former military    depot where Jim used to be the com-       work in dental and some people don’t
associate of my husband’s who still       mander and see if they can provide        think we need them but it is nice to
has a few hospital contacts . He lives    any help with this .                      have something to protect our hair .
in San Francisco . He is going to see        Brook Army Hospital in San An-         We all have long hair!! Ms . Ruth
what he can find out as far as other      tonio, Texas is where the burn unit       Bielanski is the name I received for
contacts at military hospitals and        is . This is the hospital where Mike,     sending these scrub caps but there is
if they could use some scrub caps .       my first child was born. I’m hoping                        continued on page 10

            Please make a note of my new email address for JOANNE HUFF (Surgical Scrub Cap Project):
                                                  jmh1957@comcast .net
                      I will be discontinuing the earthlink address when I have contacted everyone .
  I have a box full of scrub caps in my possession . Some made by the OWC members and friends, and some sent by
    Elaine in PA . She has called me on a couple of occasions and the Seniors she is working with are going to town
         making them . She sent some to a plastic surgeon who is going to Ecuador to do some charitable work .
   I’m still waiting to hear from MEDCOM, (Medical Command, Headquarters) about whether or not we can send
               some to the major Army hospitals . You know the military . . .mountains of red tape to climb!

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                          page 9
  A Message About
   Surgical Scrub
continued from page 9
no email . I would like to Thank her
so if I could get an address or email
address I would appreciate it!! Again,
from the 115th CSH Dental Clinic
we thank you very much!!!
              Thank you,
             Erica Thomas
          SPC Erica Thomas                   A photo of some of the 70 scrub caps we have sent off so far. Photo by John

         AKA SPC Awesome                      Headley, spouse of one of our Care Wear groups at Falls Senior Center.
        TF 115 Dental Assistant                                          ~Elaine Pendleton

                                                                                    wanted to do and would she have a
                                                                                    use for these dolls? She said, “Yes,
                                                                                    but could they come with clothes?” I
                                                                                    said, “Sure, I’ll contact you when we
                                                                                    are done .” Well, I started on the dolls
                                                                                    doing the sewing and then taking a
                                                                                    few at a time with stuffing over to
                                                                                    the LTC home where mom helped
                                                                                    me stuff them . She was so happy to
                                                                                    have something to do . The dolls were
                                                                                    easy, we made 75, but what was I go-
                                                                                    ing to do about the clothes? Having
                                                                                    a surplus of yarn rests, I figured out
                                                                                    a crochet dress, shirt, and pants pat-
                                                                                    tern and was able to make enough,
                                                                                    just using my scraps, to dress all the
  Bonnie,                                which is behind Cooper Hospital, to        dolls . I will try to write down the
  My mother having suffered a few        see if they could use the dolls . The      directions for the clothes and email
strokes leaving her paralyzed on         person I spoke with said that unfor-       them to you . Try is the operative
one side, misses being able to knit      tunately they were advised no stuffed      word . It makes sense that anywhere
and crochet . In the past we made        animals or toys…a sanitary matter…         using the dolls would want clothes
baby blankets, hats, and booties .       but he referred me to the Child Life       too. When I notified Ms. McCarthy
Her roommate at the LTC facil-           Coordinator at Children’s Regional         the dolls were done she said, “The
ity spends her days crocheting and       Hospital which is in Cooper Hospi-         dolls and clothing will work beauti-
sewing which makes mom miss it           tal . Cooper Hospital holds a special      fully with the medical play sessions
all the more. I thought a stuffing       place in my heart because it is where      we do with the children .” The dolls
                                                                                    are scheduled for drop off on May
project would be a good idea to give     my stepdaughter worked . She use to
                                                                                    11 . The attached is a picture of my
her a sense of purpose . I decided       deliver the baby items we made to
                                                                                    mother with a sample of the dolls
we would make the medical dolls          the NICU, unfortunately she passed

                                                                                    and clothes .
in different skin colors, but before     in 2006 . Killed by a drunk driver . I                       Barbara
we started I contacted The Ronald        contacted the Coordinator, Barbara
MacDonald House in Camden NJ             McCarthy and explained what I

page 10                                                                    hagerman@hood .edu
           An Urgent Request From                                                 Hospital Unveils
       Abington Hospital, Pennsylvania...                                           $2.5 Million
                                                                                  Expanded Infant
                                                                                   Care Facility
                                                                               Facility adds six beds, im-
                                                                               proved respirators and
                                                                                  ValleyCare Health System debuted
                                                                               its $2 .5 million expanded Neonatal
                                                                               Intensive Care Unit to hospital staff
                                                                               Thursday with the goal of treating
                                                                               more patients at the only Tri-Valley
                                                                               hospital equipped to handle new-
                                                                               borns .
                                                                                  In collaboration with UCSF Chil-
                                                                               dren’s Hospital, ValleyCare spent the
                                                                               past four months redesigning and
                                                                               expanding its NICU from four to 10
                                                                               beds .
                                                                                  “This allows us to not send as
                                                                               many babies to other hospitals,” said
                                                                               Dr . Henry Lee, a neonatologist at
                                                                               ValleyCare . “It is going to allow us
                                                                               to care for more babies that need
                                                                               help .”
                                                                                  Gina Teeples, director of maternal
                                                                               child services, said ValleyCare deliv-
                                                                               ers roughly 1,500 babies per year
                                                                               and admits about 250 to its NICU .
                                                                               ValleyCare provides up to Level
                                                                               2 care for newborns, on a scale of
                                                                               three .
                                                                                  The unit features improved respira-
                   I was saddened to learn of the passing                      tors, incubators and lighting control .

                     Ester Elian
                                    of                                            Funding for the redesign came
                                                                               from grants and a wine auction Val-
                                                                               leyCare has held the past few years,
                                                                               Teeples said .
                                                                                  The expanded unit is set to begin
 of Skowhegan, ME on February 26th after a long battle with C .O .P .D .       admitting patients Tuesday . For more
 Esther’s husband George wrote that “…This year was extremely hard for         information, contact ValleyCare at
 her to breathe and to get around . She missed very much not being able to     925-847-3000 .
 knit and sew for Care Wear…”                                                                          Robert Jordan
   Sincere sympathy to George and all of the family . Esther will be                                February 20, 2009
 missed . Esther designed the pattern for the hospital gown for the Surgical
 Dolls requested by Johns Hopkins Children’s Center . She made MANY
 of them—to the delight of young patients at Johns Hopkins!

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                  page 11
Lace Ribbon Gown
                                                      Repeat these four       SLEEVES Make 2
                                                      rows for 8-10"
                                                                              Cast on 24. Knit 4 rows in garter
                                                      BODICE                  stitch.
                                                      Next Row (Right
                                                                              Next Row: knit across, increas-
                                                      Side): k19, (k1,
                                                      k2tog 12 times),        ing one stitch in every other stitch
                                                      k19 (60) sts            (36 stitches). Purl back.
                                                      Knit 5 more rows        Pattern rows:
                                                      (3 ridges garter st)
                                                                              Row 1: k10, p2, k5, p2, k5, p2,
                                                      Next Row (Right         k10
                                                      Side): k14, bind off
                                                      6 sts, k20 includ-      Row 2: p10, k2, p5, k2, p5, k2,
                                                      ing the one on the      p10
                                                      needle, bind off 6
                                                      sts, k14 sts            Row 3: decrease 2, k7, p2,
                                                                              *k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k2tog, p2, re-
                                                      Side Back: keep-
                                                      ing the garter st       peat from * one more time, pk10
                                                      border, knit these      Row 4: decrease 2, p7, k2, p5,
                                                      14 sts in stockinette   k2, p5, k2, p8
                                                      st for 2"
                                                                              Decreasing rows:
                                                      Next Row (Right
TLC yarn or any soft pastel yarn                      Side): bind off 2       Row 1: knit
Size 7 needles                       sts for shoulder, knit to end of         Rows 3, 5 & 7: k1, k2tog, knit
24" of ribbon to sew ties for the                                             to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1
neck                                 Purl one row. 12 sts. Put these 12
                                     sts on a holder.                         Rows 2, 4, 6, 8: Purl (26
soft material to line the pattern                                             stitches)
rows                                 Front: 20 st. Knit in stockinette
                                     st for 2".                               Knit 8 more rows in stockinette
2 3/4" x 9"
                                     Next Row (Right Side): bind              stitch.
a rosette or bow for the front       off 2 sts for shoulder, knit to end
bodice                                                                        Knit 2 together across row, purl
                                     of row.
                                                                              back. Knit one row, bind off
SKIRT                                Bind off 2 sts for shoulder, purl
                                                                              (wrong side).
Cast on 72 stitches. Knit seven      to end of row. 16 Cut yarn. Put
rows in garter stitch (knit every    these sts on a holder.                   Sew in shoulder seams, weave in
row). Begin pattern. Use markers     Repeat directions for second             all loose ends.
to identify the beginning and end    side back, reversing the shaping         Sew two ribbons on neck back
of the pattern.                      and remembering to keep the 4
                                                                              turning under raw edges. Sew
Row 1: k28 stitches, place           edge stitches in knit stitch.
                                                                              rosette or bow on front center of
marker, p2, k5, p2, k5, p2, place    NECK
marker, k28                                                                   bodice.
                                     Put all (52) sts on needles.
Row 2: k4, p24, (at marker) k2,                                               Measure backing material to cover
                                     Rows 1 and 2: (beginning on
p5, k2, p5, k2, p24, k4                                                       the front panel of stitches plus
                                     right side) knit across
Row 3: k28, p2, k2tog, yo, k1,                                                about 1/2" .Turn under 1/2" of
                                     Row 3: k4, *yo, k2tog, repeat
yo, k2 tog, p2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo,   from * across, end k4                    the raw edges of cotton mate-
k2 tog, p2, k28                                                               rial and tack along edges of front
                                     Row 4: knit across. Bind off.
Row 4: repeat row 2                                                           panel of the gown as backing.
page 12                                                            hagerman@hood .edu
    New Listing
  The Hospital List
    Vindabona Nursing Home
     Attn: Shirley Dayhoff—
         Activities Dept
       6012 Jefferson Blvd
   Braddock Heights MD 21714

   Requesting LARGE TERRY
   CLOTH BIBS, Lap robes, &
     shawls for their patients .
                                         Hi Bonnie,                              All of our supplies are obtained by
                                         Having been a former resident of      donations from the community, such
         Contact Shirley to
                                      Maryland, I have had the pleasure of     as craft store coupons, money and
        discuss other needs .
                                      meeting you and attending the fun        donations of yarn and supplies . A .C .
                                      filled Make a Difference Day. Now        Moore, Michaels and Care Wear
                                      may I introduce to you the Stitches      have been most generous in their
                                      Witches of Matthews, N .C . that try     support and encouragement . We owe
                                      in their small, but dedicated way, to    our thanks to all and it is their gener-
         New                          continue your idea of “make a differ-    osity that enables the Stitch Witches
       Hospital/                      ence” .
                                         If you visit our clubhouse on
                                                                               to continue their work for the benefit
                                                                               of others .
      Organization                    Friday morning, you will meet a            At this point, we are just under

                                      group of women who enjoy fellow-         1,000 items and still counting . . .
        Listing                       ship, laughter and sharing stories as                Mollie Kromer
                                      they knit and crochet together . Some
  Living Hope Women’s Centers         come weekly to work, and others
  Hope House Maternity Home           come to get yardage and supplies and
       Attn: Kimberly Hash,           then do work at home .
        Executive Director               In the beginning most of our knit-
         100 East Huning              ting was done on Knifty Knitter
      Show Low, AZ 85901              frames but gradually we are learning
           928-537-9032               to use circular needles, straight nee-
        FAX 928-532-8104              dles and crochet hooks . The items
      lhwc@womenscpc .org             we give to charity usually consist of
       www .womenscpc .org            small projects that don’t have to be
                                      a certain size–baby hats, adults hats,
 Needs: Infant and toddler clothing   blankets, chemo hats, scarves and
        up to size 4 Toddler          other small items . All are donated
                                      to local organizations such as Pres-
   FYI: Participation in pre &        byterian Hospital Matthews, Oncol-
 postnatal classes earns points to    ogy Specialists of Charlotte, Blessed
 exchange for donated apparel for     Assistance Day Care, Charlotte
          the new baby .              Mens Shelter, Warm Up America
                                      and Levine’s Children Center in the
                                      name of our community only .                       Cap & Booties
hagerman@hood .edu                                                                   page 13
                                                                                
                                          Caps and Booties
                            A variation of a LOVELY crochet pattern for preemie hats.
                    This style is recommended because of the added stretch that each hat has.
                                                  turn - 34 scs.
                                                  Rows 2-56: Sc in blo of
                                                  each st across. Ch 1 turn -
                                                  34 scs.
                                                  Using tapestry needle,
                                                  weave remaining yarn in
                                                  end st of every other row
                                                  along the 56 row por-
                                                  tion, pull thread tightly and
                                                  whipstitch to firmly secure
                                                  top of cap crown.
                                                  Do not fasten off. Hold
                                                  wrong side of row 1 and       of Row 7, do not ch 1) Fasten off.
     Easy                                 right side of Row 56 tog, sl st       Weave ends on wrong side.
     This crocheted stocking cap and      with crochet hook, or use tapestry FOOT: Pick up working yarn. SC
 the blo of
     booties can be made for prema-                           
                                          needle and go through                 in end st of next 8 rows of leg, sc
 the 34 cor-
     ture, newborn and 3 to 6 month       Row 56, matching
     olds. You will need 1/2 ounce                            
                                          responding sts. Fasten off, weave
                                                                                in end as of next 7 rows of instep,
                                                            sc in blo of next 5 scs. Sc in end
     Coats & Clark’s “red Heart                               
                                          in end. Make a small pompom for st of next 7 rows of instep, sc in
     Softspun” baby yarn in blue and      crown, or crochet a rosette.
     white, sizes E, F, and G crochet                         
                                                                                end st of next 8 rows of leg. Ch 1
                                          ROSETTE: Ch 9, dc in 4th st           turn - 35 scs.
     hooks.                                                   
                       from hook, 9 dc in same sp. Work Rows 2-7: Sc in blo of each st
     Gauge:                F crochet
 Using sizeinch 6 sc rows 10 dc in each remaining st. Fasten across. Ch 1, turn - 35 scs.
     hook, 5 sc equal 1
                                          off, pull both strands of yarn to
     equal 1 inch.                                            
                                          wrong side of cap and knot sever- ROW 8: Sk first st, sc in blo of
                                          al times. Rosette may be secured      next 14 sts, (sk one st, sc in blo of
     Note: Size E crochet hook is used                        
                                          more firmly by stitching edges in     next st) 3 times, sc in blo of next
     for premature size.
                                          several places. 
                                                                                12 sts, sk one st, sl st in last st. Ch
     Size F crochet hook is used for                                            1, turn - 29 scs.
     newborn size.                        BOOTIES: Leg: Ch 15.
 of work) Sc
                                          Row 1: (Wrong side
                                                                                ROW 9: Sk first st, sc in blo of
     Size G crochet hook is used for
            
                                                                                next 11 sts, (sk one st, sc in blo of
     3-6 month size.                      in second ch from hook, sc in         next st) 3                   of
                                                               sts. Sktimes, scslin blo lastnext
All rows are working in the BACK each st across. Ch 1, turn - 14           10          one st, st in         st.
                                          scs.                
                                                                                Ch 1, turn - 24 scs.
     LOOP ONLY (blo) of each st to
     create ribbing for stretchability.   Rows 2-20: Sc in blo of each st
                                          across. Ch 1, turn - 14 scs. At
                                                                                ROW 10: Sk first st, sc in blo
     You may alternate colors, working end of Row 20, do not fasten off. of next 12 sts. With right sides
     two rows of blue, two rows white. (WORKING YARN)         
                                                                                facing, sl st corresponding sts of
     When changing colors, work new                                            bottom edges tog. Whipstitch re-
     color into last two lps of ending sc INSTEP: With edge facing where maining portion of foot and leg in
     of previous color. Do not fasten                          Fasten off,
                                          color is carried across, join (NEW    same manner as cap.
                YARN) in end st of 8th row of leg. weave in ends.
     off when changing color; carry                           
 same st as
     across.                              Row 1: Ch 1, sc in                         (adapted from a pattern in
  next 4 rows.
                                          joining sc in end st of                      Workbasket Magazine,
     CAP: With blue yarn, ch 35.
     Row 1: Sc in second ch from
                                          Ch 1, turn - 5 scs.                        April 1988, pp. 18-19).
     hook, sc in each st across. Ch 1,    Rows 2-7: Sc in 
                                                              blo of each st         WITH ALTERATIONS IN
                                          across. Ch 1, turn - 5 scs. (At end          (CAPITAL LETTERS).
     page 14                                         hagerman@hood .edu
                              Doctors Test New Weapon Against
                              Eye Disease That Strikes Preemies
   Thomas Lee painstakingly scrapes            If the laser therapy fails, scar tissue      But the OCT images are uncover-
away spider-web-like tentacles deep         can cause the retina to detach -- but        ing damage that specialists who ex-
inside a premature baby’s eye, scar         removing that tissue is risky, because       amine the babies’ eyes using standard
tissue that is pulling apart the infant’s   a slightly wrong move can cost vi-           magnifying lenses couldn’t see, said
retina .                                    sion . Hence the quest to diagnose           Lee, who presented preliminary data
   “It’s like you’re peeling back the       sooner which babies are getting into         at a recent eye meeting .
layers of an onion,” the surgeon, of        trouble, and to determine when and              This scar tissue forms in strands
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,            how to intervene .                           that appear, in Lee’s scans, much like
says in describing a mysterious dis-           Step 1 of the preemie research uses       spider silk but pull with remarkable
ease’s damage to the baby’s eye .           a technology called optical coherence        force . Retinas that doctors thought
   Now a few doctors around the             tomography, or OCT, which beams              were lifting only on the edge often
country are testing a new tool that         light to create a map of the back of
                                                                                         already have damage in their crucial
enables them, for the first time, to        the eye, showing the retina’s layers
                                            in exquisite detail . In recent years,       centers, he said . More surprising is
watch how this disease that blinds
hundreds of premature babies every          eye doctors have begun offering this         that eyes that passed standard ex-
year begins its sneak attack behind         exam to adults, who rest the chin in         ams can have retinal layers literally
their tiny eyelids . It is technology       a big machine that directs the light         stretching apart until they tear . Even
that offers hope of one day helping to      into their eyes . That is unusable for       if the retina does not detach, vision
save more children’s vision .               babies, so Lee and Toth are test-            is lost because those layers lose the
   Already the researchers are aston-       ing a new handheld high-definition           ability to properly pass information
ished to learn how much damage              version, from North Carolina-based           entering the eye to the brain .
this disease -- called retinopathy of       Bioptigen . Doctors just swaddle the            “The doctors, including me, we just
prematurity, or RoP -- can do before        preemie and hold the scanner over            don’t see that” damage with standard
today’s standard preemie eye exams          the eyes for a few minutes .                 tools, said Duke’s Toth . “It’s some-
signal a reason to worry .                     Step 2: In Los Angeles, Lee uses          thing we hadn’t realized was much
   “We can see just amazing things in       the OCT images to help decide                more widespread, and [happens]
these young children’s eyes that we         which preemies need surgery -- and           much earlier, than we thought .”
never suspected,” said Cynthia Toth         then cuts away the scar tissue using            But Toth gives parents a big cau-
of the Duke Eye Center .                    a special endoscope, an ultra-thin           tion: Discovery of unexpected
   New understanding of this eye            probe from New Jersey-based Endo             damage does not necessarily mean
disease is crucial . About 16,000 pre-      Optiks that lets him see behind the          it is time to operate . Some types
mature babies a year get some degree        iris, deeper than standard surgical          may clear up . That is why the scans
of RoP, and the number is rising . The      microscopes .                                are research tools, to learn how RoP
smaller the preemie, the bigger the            “Trying to look into an eye that has
                                                                                         behaves .
eye risk, and doctors are saving more       RoP and operate is like driving on a
                                                                                            “Does that mean we go in earlier or
and more of the estimated 28,000            highway right behind a tractor-trailer
babies a year who are born weighing         with only five feet between the two of       wait for a while? It’s still too early to
2 3/4 pounds or less .                      you at 70 miles per hour . If your view      know,” said Mary Elizabeth Hartnett
   RoP can destroy the retina, the          is not good, it’s like driving in the        of the University of North Carolina
eye’s innermost layer . Mild cases          rain with the windshield wipers off          at Chapel Hill, a doctor who is not
can resolve on their own, but there         with the same truck in front of you,”        involved in the research but has seen
is no sure way to save vision once          Lee said .                                   Lee’s data and calls it promising .
aggressive RoP strikes . Laser therapy         The question is whether either of         “The stakes are high when you’re
decreases but does not eliminate the        the tools helps -- by diagnosing ba-         operating on these little infant eyes .”
chance of blindness, and many babies        bies in trouble sooner, or by improv-                        By Lauran Neergaard
who do not go blind still experience        ing the eye surgery’s precision . It is                              Associated Press
severe vision loss .                        far too soon to know .                           Tuesday, April 14, 2009; Page A05

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                             page 15
    If you are a member of Costco,
         please send an e-mail to:
         connection@costco .com
         In the subject line, write
          “Changing the World .”
          In the e-mail message,
    1 . State that you are a participant
 in Care Wear Volunteers, and
    2 . Write about what you do (knit,
 crochet, &/or sew) and where you
 donate your finished items.
    I recently submitted information       BERNAT BABY                                  1st row: Work shell in next single
                                           BABY AFGHAN TO CROCHET                       dc of previous row. 1 dc in center dc
 about Care Wear Volunteers and                                                         of next shell. Ch 1. Rep from *
 hope that this project will be se-                                                     ending with 1 dc in 3rd ch of ch 4.
 lected to be included in an article       MEASUREMENTS
                                                                                        Ch 4. Turn.
 in one of the Costco magazines .          Approx 36 x 48 ins [91.5 x 122 cm].
                                                                                        2nd row: 1 dc in first st. Ch 1. *1 dc
 This would be excellent public-                                                        in center dc of next shell. Ch 1.
 ity that could result in many new                                                      Work shell in next single dc. Rep
 “recruits” to our effort . If a good      Bernat Baby (50 g/1.75 oz)                   from * ending with (1 dc. Ch 1. 1 dc)
 number of current Costco mem-             7 balls                                      in 3rd ch of ch 4. Ch 4. Turn.
 bers indicate that they are also                                                       These 2 rows form pat.
 Care Wear Volunteers participants,        Size 3.5 mm (U.S. E or 4) crochet            Cont in pat until work from beg
                                           hook or size needed to obtain
 it may help!                                                                           measures approx 44 ins [112 cm]
                                           gauge.                                       ending with a 2nd row of pat. Ch 1.
    If you don’t have e-mail and are                                                    Turn. Do not fasten off.
 a Costco member, you can mail a           GAUGE
 postcard to The Costco Connec-            4 shells and 10 rows = 4 ins [10 cm].        Border
 tion, PO Box 34088, Seattle, WA                                                        Next round: *Work 145 sc evenly
 98124-1088 .                              ABBREVIATIONS                                across end of afghan. Work 3 sc in
                  Thanks,                              corner. Work 258 sc evenly along
                  Bonnie                                                                side. Work 3 sc in next corner. Rep
                                           INSTRUCTIONS                                 from * once more. Ss to first sc.
                                           Ch 209.                                      818 sc.
                                           Foundation row: 1 dc in 5th ch               Next round: 1 sc in first st. *Miss
                                           from hook. Ch 1. *Miss next 2 ch. 1 dc       next st. 5 dc in next st. Miss next st.
                                           in next ch. Ch 1. Miss next 2 ch. (1 dc.     1 sc in next st. Rep from * to last 3 sc.
                                           Ch 1) 3 times in next ch - shell made.       Miss next st. 5 dc in next st. Miss
                                           Rep from * to last 6 ch. Miss next           next st. Ss to first sc. Fasten off.
                                           2 ch. 1 dc in next ch. Ch 1. Miss
                                           next 2 ch. (1 dc. Ch 1. 1 dc) in last
                                           ch. Ch 4. Turn.

          Cap & Booties
                                                                     P.O. Box 40 Listowel ON N4W 3H3
                                                                 "home style… life style… your style.”

page 16                                                                        hagerman@hood .edu
                                          INSTRUCTIONS                                  Cont even until work from divide
                                          The instructions are written for              measures 2½ (2½-3) ins [6 (6-7.5) cm],
                                          smallest size. If changes are necessary       ending with RS facing for next row.
                                          for larger sizes the instructions will be     Neck shaping: 1st row: (RS). 1 sc in
                                          written thus ( ).                             each st to last 4 (5-5) sts. Ch 1. Turn.
                                          BODY                                          Leave rem sts unworked.
                                          Ch 60 (68-76).                                2nd row: Sc2tog over first 2 sts. Work
                                          Foundation row: 1 sc in 2nd ch from           to end of row. Ch 1. Turn.
                                          hook. 1 sc in each ch to end of ch. Ch 1.     3rd row: Work to last 2 sts. Sc2tog
                                          Turn.                                         over last 2 sts. 8 (9-11) sts. Work to
                                          1st row: (RS). 1 sc in each sc to end of      correspond to other side.
                                          row. Ch 3. Turn.                              SLEEVE
                                          2nd row: (eyelet row). Miss first 2 sts.      Ch 18 (20-22).
                                          *1 hdc in next st. Ch 1. Miss next st.        Foundation row: 1 sc in 2nd ch from
                                          Rep from * to last st. 1 hdc in last st.      hook. 1 sc in each ch to end of ch. Ch 1.
                                          Ch 1. Turn.                                   Turn.
                                          3rd row: 1 sc in each st or ch to end
                                          of row. Ch 1. Turn. 59 (67-75) sc.            1st row: 1 sc in each sc to end of row.
                                          4th row: 1 sc in each sc to end of            Ch 1. Turn. 17 (19-21) sc. Rep last row.
CROCHET BABY CARDIGAN                     row. Ch 1. Turn. Rep last row until           Next row: (RS). 2 sc in first st. Pat to last
Chest measurement                         work from beg measures 6 (7½-8) ins           st. 2 sc in last st. Work 3 rows even. Rep
6 mos       16 ins     [40.5    cm ]      [15 (19-20.5) cm], ending with RS             last 4 rows 3 (3-4) times more. 25 (27-
12 mos      18 ins     [45.5    cm ]      facing for next row.                          31) sts. Cont even until sleeve from beg
18 mos      20 ins     [51      cm ]      RIGHT FRONT                                   measures 6 (6½-7) ins [15 (16.5-18)
Finished chest                            Next row: (RS). Work across 14 (16-           cm], ending with RS facing for next row
6 mos       21½ ins [54.5 cm ]            18) sts. Ch 1. Turn. Leave rem sts            and omitting turning ch at end of last
12 mos      24½ ins [62         cm ]      unworked. Cont even until work from           row. Fasten off.
18 mos      27¼ ins [69         cm ]      divide measures 2½ (2½-3) ins [6 (6-          FINISHING
MATERIALS                                 7.5) cm], ending with RS facing for next      Sew shoulder seams.
Bernat Baby Bouclé                        row.                                          Hood: With RS of work facing, join yarn
(100 g/3.5 oz)                            Neck shaping: 1st row: (RS). Sl st in         with sl st to right front neck edge, work
6 (12-18) mos: 2 (3-3) balls              first 5 (6-6) sts. Ch 1. 1 sc in same st as   11 (11-12) sc up right front neck edge,
Size 6.5 mm (U.S. K or 10½) crochet       last sl st. 1 sc in each st to end of row.    17 (19-19) sc across back neck edge and
hook or size needed to obtain             Ch 1. Turn. 10 (11-13) sts.                   11 (11-12) sc down left front neck edge.
gauge. Zipper.                            2nd row: Work to last 2 sts. Sc2tog           Ch 1. Turn. 39 (41-43) sts. Cont in sc
                                          over last 2 sts.                              until hood from beg measures 6 (6½-7)
GAUGE                                     3rd row: Sc2tog over first 2 sts. Work        ins [15 (16.5-18) cm], ending with RS
11 sc and 12 rows = 4 ins [10 cm].        to end of row. Ch 1. Turn. 8 (9-11) sts.      facing for next row.
STITCH GLOSSARY                           Cont even until armhole measures 4½           Next row: (RS). Sl st in first st. Sl st in
Sc2tog = (draw up a loop in next sc)      (5-5½) ins [11.5 (12.5-14) cm], ending        each of next 13 (13-14) sts. Ch 1. 1 sc
twice. Yoh and draw through 3 loops on    with RS facing for next row and omitting      in same st as last sl st. 1 sc in each st to
hook.                                     turning ch at end of last row. Fasten off.    last 13 (13-14) sts. Ch 1. Turn. Leave
ABBREVIATIONS                             BACK                                          rem sts unworked. Cont even on rem 13               With RS of work facing, miss next st.         (15-15) sts until hood from beg measures
                                          Join yarn with sl st to next st. Ch 1. 1      4³⁄₄ (4³⁄₄-5) ins [12 (12-12.5) cm], ending
                                          sc in same sp. Work across 28 (32-36)         with RS facing for next row and omitting
                                          sts. Ch 1. Turn. Leave rem sts                turning ch at end of last row. Fasten off.
                                          unworked. Cont even across 29 (33-            Sew hood seams.
                                          37) sts of Back until armhole measures        Front Edging: With RS of work
                                          same length as Right Front to shoulder,       facing, work 1 row sc evenly up right
                                          ending with RS facing for next row and        front edge, around hood and down left
                                          omitting turning ch at end of last row.       front edge. Fasten off.
                                          Fasten off.                                   Drawstring: Make a chain 50 ins
                                          LEFT FRONT                                    [127 cm] long. Fasten off.
                                          With RS of work facing, miss next st.         Sew in sleeves. Sew sleeve seams. Sew
                                          Join yarn with sl st to next st. Ch 1. 1 sc   in zipper under front edging. Thread
                                          in same sp. Work to end of row. 14 (16-       draw-string through eyelets at bottom
                                          18) sts.                                      edge.

                                                 P.O. Box 40 Listowel ON N4W 3H3
                                         “home style… life style… your style.”

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                                page 17
                                     Arms: Cast on 17 sts beg next 2 rows. 80 sts.
                                     Work even for 2 ins [5 cm], ending with a purl row.
                                     Cast off 23 sts beg next 2 rows. 34 sts.
                                     Dec 1 st each end of needle on next and every following alt row to 26 sts.

                                     Head: Inc 1 st each end of needle on next 6 rows. 38 sts.
                                     Cont even until work from beg measures 10 ins [25.5 cm], ending
                                     with a purl row.

                                     Dec 1 st each end of needle on next and every following alt row to
                                     34 sts, then on every row to 22 sts. Cast off knitwise.

                                     Gusset: Cast on 12 sts. Work in garter st (knit every row) until work
                                     when slightly stretched measures length to fit around outer edge of
                                     Front or Back. Cast off.
                                     With WS of Front and Gusset tog, beg at first st of cast on row, sew
                                     Gusset to Front. Rep for Back, leaving bottom open. Stuff body lightly.
Approx 11 ins [28 cm] high,
                                     Body should be soft. Sew opening closed.
excluding ears.
                                     Ears (make 2).
                                     Cast on 70 sts.
Bernat® Baby Jacquards
                                     Work in stocking st for 8 ins [20.5 cm], ending with a purl row.
(100 g /3.5 oz): 2 balls
#06230 (Spearmint Candy)
                                     Shape ears: 1st row: (RS). (K1. Sl1. K1. psso. K29. K2tog. K1)
Size 3.5 mm (U.S. 4) knitting
                                     2nd and alt rows: Purl.
needles or size needed to
                                     3rd row: (K1. Sl1. K1. psso. K27. K2tog. K1) twice.
obtain gauge. Stuffing.
                                     4th row: As 2nd row.
                                     Cont in same manner, dec 4 sts as before on next and every following
                                     alt row to 22 sts, then on every row to 4 sts. Cast off.
26 sts and 33 rows = 4 ins [10 cm]
in stocking st.
                                     Sew side seam. Sew ears to top of head, pleating cast on edge.

Body (Front and Back make
Cast on 46 sts.
Work in stocking st for 4 ins
[10 cm], ending with a purl row.

                                                           P.O. Box 40, Listowel ON N4W 3H3
                                                           “home style… life style… your style.”

page 18                                                                  hagerman@hood .edu
                                                          ***Shape top: 1st row: (RS). K1. K2tog. Knit to
                                                          last 3 sts. Sl1. K1. psso. K1. 35 sts.
                                                          2nd row: Purl.
                                                          3rd to 32nd rows: Rep 1st and 2nd rows 15 times
                                                          more. 5 sts.
                                                          33rd row: K1. Sl1. K2tog. psso. K1. 3 sts.
                                                          34th row: P3.
                                                          35th row: Sl1. K2tog. psso. Fasten off.***

                                                          Panel B (make 3).
                                                          Work from ** to ** as given for Panel A.

                                                          Work even as follows:
                                                          1st row: Inc 1 st in first st. Knit to last 3 sts. Sl1.
                                                          K1. psso. K1.
                                                          2nd row: Purl.
                                                          Rep last 2 rows until work from beg measures 42 ins
MEASUREMENTS                                              [106.5 cm], ending with a purl row.
Approx 36 x 42 ins [91.5 x 106.5 cm].                     Rep from *** to *** as given for Panel A.
MATERIALS                                                 FINISHING
Bernat® Baby Jacquards (100 g / 3.5 oz)                   Pin Panels to measurements and cover with a damp
06230 (Spearmint Candy) 4 balls                           cloth leaving cloth to dry. Panels should be
Size 4 mm (U.S. 6) knitting needles. Size 4 mm            rectangles approx 5½ ins [14 cm] wide and 42 ins
(U.S. 6) circular knitting needle 36 ins [90 cm] long     [106.5 cm] long.
or size needed to obtain gauge.                           Sew Panels tog: A, B, A, B, A, B.
GAUGE                                                     Lower edging: With RS facing and circular needle,
23 sts and 30 rows = 4 ins [10 cm] in stocking st.        pick up and knit 175 sts evenly across bottom edge
                                                          of Blanket.
ABBREVIATIONS                                             1st row: *K1. P1. Rep from * to last st. K1.                                   Rep last row for seed st pat 6 times more. Cast off
INSTRUCTIONS                                              in pat.
Panel A (make 3).                                         Top edging: Work as for Lower edging across top
**With pair of needles, cast on 2 sts.                    edge of Blanket.
1st row: (RS). Inc 1 st in first st. K1. 3 sts.
2nd and alt rows: Purl.                                   Side edging: With RS facing and circular needle,
3rd row: Inc 1 st in first st. Inc 1 st in next st. K1.   pick up and knit 211 sts evenly down side edge of
5 sts.                                                    Blanket. Work 7 rows in seed st pat as given for
5th row: Inc 1 st in first st. K2. Inc 1 st in next st.   Lower edging. Cast off in pat.
K1. 7 sts.                                                Rep on opposite side edge.
7th row: Inc 1 st in first st. Knit to last 2 sts. Inc
1 st in next st. K1. 9 sts.
8th row: Purl.
Rep last 2 rows 14 times more. 37 sts.**

Work even as follows:
1st row: K1. K2tog. Knit to last 2 sts. Inc 1 st in
next st. K1.
2nd row: Purl.
Rep last 2 rows until work from beg measures 42 ins
                                                                        P.O. Box 40 Listowel ON N4W 3H3
[106.5 cm], ending with a purl row.                                    “home style… life style… your style.”

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                   page 19
                                                                                       Cheryl has been busy making gowns
                                                                                       for Care Wear Volunteers . Here are

                                             Giggyup!                                        her beautiful creations .

                                                    Our pony pattern is very popu-
                                                  lar because it allows participants
                                                  to use 4 ply worsted yarn in adult
                                                  colors (navy, brown, black, grey,
etc…) . A recent delivery to Frederick Memorial Hospital from Marva Legel
included a ZEBRA variation—in black and white . ADORABLE!!!! This
fiberfill stuffed pony is very huggable and is treasured by the hospitalized
children who receive them . If you don’t have a copy of this pony pattern
(Knitting), send a s .a .s .e . to me and I will send a photocopy .

               Note: Marva reduces the pattern for mini-ponies, too.
              Regular pony (left), mini-pony (center), and zebra (right).

                                              If you have patterns, photos, e-mail thank you letters or
             Helpful                          information to share, please send via e-mail if that is pos-
                                              sible . The easiest way for me to deliver newsletter material
              Hint                            to Margie Hunter is via e-mail . Having the mate-
                                              rial in electronic form provides the clearest repro-
    I found a method to straighten            duction in the newsletter . Clarity is lost when hard
     circular needles that are still          copies must be scanned into the computer and time
     coiled up from being in those            is lost when I have to mail envelopes to Margie . For
     plastic packages that you buy            those who do not have Internet access, OF COURSE,
    them in!! Bring a pan of water            I welcome hard copies in the U .S . mail . But, if there’s
                                              a choice, please opt for e-mail to hagerman@hood .edu . Please clearly
   to a boil and turn it off . Put the        PRINT names, text, group name, and location for each photo .
  needle in and let it sit for a short         Remember that I prepare newsletters two months before the distribution
    period of time . Take it out and          month. This September newsletter will be finished and delivered to the
  dry it—holding with pot holders .           printer on August 1. Anything received after Margie & I finish an issue
  Your needle is now straight and             will be saved for the next issue .
 ready to use! I did it this morning           Another “thank you” to Margie for contributing her expertise to Care
         myself and it works!                 Wear Volunteers .

page 20                                                                     hagerman@hood .edu
            Additional Information From
              Joanne Huff (Frederick)
  Bonnie,                                 awhile . Janet is just one of the nurse
  I just heard from CPT Johnnie           practitioners on the Transplant Team
Robbins, Army Nurse, who gave me          at Georgetown . I told her about your
permission to give out his name and       Care Wear Project and volunteers,
address to supporters . If you still      and that we were trying to find a
have time to mention this to your         point of contact at Walter Reed to
CW volunteers, perhaps some of            distribute the caps to the medical
them might like to send some scrub        personnel there, too . She offered
caps, scrub tops, blankets, etc . to      to take some I have here at home
him to distribute to the nurses and       with her to give to the Walter Reed
doctors and patients at his hospital in   staff . I plan to give her some next
Talil, Iraq . His address is:             Thursday, Mike’s next scheduled ap-
         CPT Johnnie Robbins              pointment . at Georgetown University
          B CO TF 10th CSH                Hospital . If you or any of the local
          Interpreter LN OIC              CW volunteers have any they would
            COB Adder, Iraq               like to include with mine to send to
             APO AE 09331                 Walter Reed, please let me know .
  Also, the Nurse Practioner who          I will be happy to pick them up .
saw my son Mike for his appoint-          (CONTACT: JOANNE HUFF, 301

ment . yesterday just completed some      898-7895 or jmh1957@comcast .net )          Sang and June Kim are now the
of her Army Reserve Duty at Walter                          Joanne                  proud parents of twin girls, Katha-
Reed AH but will have to put in                                                     rine Soo-Jin and Meagan Soo-
more time or weekly meetings for                                                    Kyung . June and the babies are
                                                                                    recovering at the Inova Fairfax Hos-
                                                                                    pital . The proud father is learning to
                                                                                    change diapers . Unfortunately these
                                                                                    new arrivals are not wearing Care
                                                                                    Wear Volunteers donated hats . Per-
                                                                                    haps the hospital used commercial
                                                                                    tube knit hats in order to identify the
                                                                                    babies “A” and “B” . I hope that the
                                                                                    twins do receive beautiful handmade
                                                                                    hats before they go home . Sang Kim
                                                                                    is a colleague at Hood College . I
                                                                                    know that you join me in sending
  FAITH HOLCOMBE quickly                                                            best wishes to this new family .
responded when she learned that
these beautiful twin babies had not                 Cap & Booties
received handmade hats at Inova                                                         Care Wear Volunteers received
Fairfax Hospital . To help the parents                                                a check for $73 .45 (payment 6 of
distinguish Meagan from Katharine,                                                    7) from United Way of the Na-
Faith knit the first initial into each                                                tional Capital Area . I have not
hat . SINCERE thanks to Faith for                                                     yet figured out how to determine
her creative and quick response .                                                     the name of the donor, but I send
                                                                                      sincere thanks for a generous
                                                                                              Thanks very much .

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                       page 21
                                    Eco Bunny Blanket                    Row 2: Ch 2, turn, 2 hdc in first
                                                                         st, hdc in each st across to last st,
                                    Crochet Pattern
                                                                         2 hdc in last st – 14 sts.
                                     next st and draw up a loop. Yarn    Rows 3–12: Rep Row 2 – 34 sts
                                     over and draw through all loops     Row 13: Ch 10, turn, hdc in 3rd
                                     on hook.                            ch from hook, hdc in each ch and
                                     NOTES:                              st across – 42 sts.
                                     Blanket is worked with 2 strands    Row 14: Ch 10, turn, hdc in
                                     of yarn held tog throughout.        3rd ch from hook and next 7 ch,
                                                                         hdc in next 34 sts; leave rem sts
                                     Blanket                             unworked – 42 sts.
                                     With 2 strands of yarn held tog,    Row 15: Ch 2, turn, hdc2tog,
                                     ch 2.
                                                                         hdc in next 30 sts, hdc2tog; leave
                                     Head                                rem sts unworked – 32 sts.
                                     Note: Head is worked in continu-    Row 16: Ch 2, turn, hdc2tog,
Lion Brand® Recycled Cotton          ous rnds; do not join or turn.      hdc in each st across to last 2 sts,
Pattern #: 81029AD                   Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in 2nd ch from     hdc2tog – 30 sts.
SKILL LEVEL: Easy                    hook; place a marker to indicate    Rows 17–29: Rep Row 16 – 4
                                     beg of rnd; move marker up as       sts.
SIZE: One Size                       each rnd is completed.
About 17 in. (43 cm).                                                    Row 30: Ch 2, turn, (hdc2tog)
                                     Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around –     twice – 2 sts.
                                     12 sc.
•	482-123	Recycled	Cotton:	Sand	                                         Fasten off.
                                     Rnd 3: *2 sc in next sc, sc in
  (2 balls)                                                              EARS (make 2)
                                     next sc; rep from * around – 18
•		 ion	Brand	Crochet	Hook	-	Size	 sc.                                   With 2 strands of yarn held tog,
  I-9 (1)                                                                ch 2.
                                     Rnd 4: *2 sc in next sc, sc in
•		 arge-Eyed	Blunt	Needles		(1)	    next 2 sc; rep from * around – 24   Rnd 1: Work 4 sc in 2nd ch from
•	Additional	Materials               sc.                                 hook; place a marker to indicate
  Fiberfill stuffing                 Rnd 5: *2 sc in next sc, sc in      beg of rnd; move marker up as
  Small amount of brown yarn         next 3 sc; rep from * around – 30   each rnd is completed.
GAUGE:                               sc.                                 Rnd 2: *2 sc in next sc, sc in
Exact gauge is not essential to this Rnds 6–11: Sc in each sc            next sc; rep from * around – 6 sc.
project.                             around.                             Rnd 3: *2 sc in next sc, sc in
STITCH EXPLANATION:                  Rnd 12: *Sc2tog, sc in next 3       next 2 sc; rep from * around – 8
                                     sts, rep from * around – 24 sts.    sc.
sc2tog (sc dec) Insert hook into st
and draw up a loop. Insert hook      Rnd 13: *Sc2tog, sc in next 2       Rnd 4: *2 sc in next sc, sc in
into next st and draw up a loop.     sts, rep from * around – 18 sts.    next 3 sc; rep from * around – 10
Yarn over, draw through all loops Rnd 14: *Sc2tog, sc in next st,        sc.
on hook.                             rep from * around – 12 sts.         Rnds 5–10: Sc in each sc
hdc2tog (hdc dec) Yarn over,                                             around.
                                     Do not fasten off.
insert hook into st and draw up a                                        Rnd 11: (Sc2tog) 5 times – 5 sts.
loop. Yarn over, insert hook into    Blanket
                                                                         Fasten off.
                                     Note: Work now proceeds in
                                     rows; turn at beg of each row.      FINISHING
     Reprinted with permission                                           Stuff head and sew closed. Sew
         Lion Brand Yarn             Row 1: Ch 2, turn, 2 hdc next 6
                                     sts; leave rem sts unworked – 12    Ears to top of head.
                                     sts.                                             continued on page 19
page 22                                                        hagerman@hood .edu
Eco Bunny Blanket                     •	Lion	Brand	Knitting	Needles	-	
                                        Size 10.5 [6.5 mm] (1)
                                                                             Row 1 P3tog, return st to left
                                                                             needle, cast on 17 sts, p3tog, p
Crochet Pattern
continued from page 18                  L
                                      •		 ion	Brand	Knitting	Needles-	       15 – 16 sts on right needle, 25 sts
                                        Size 8 [5 mm] (1)                    on left needle.
Edging                                                                       Row 2 Turn and p 14, p2tog –
                                      •		 arge-Eye	Blunt	Needles	(Set	of	
With right side facing and 2            6) (1)                               40 sts.
strands of yarn held tog, join yarn                                          Row 3 Turn and p 16.
                                      •	Additional	Materials
with sl st in edge of blanket below     Small amount black worsted           Row 4 Turn and p 12.
head, work sc evenly spaced             weight yarn                          Row 5 Turn and p 14.
around blanket edges to opposite        Small amount fiberfill stuffing
side below head, working 2 sc in                                             Row 6 Turn and p 16, p2tog –
                                      GAUGE:                                 39 sts.
each corner.
                                      Exact gauge is not essential to this   Row 7 Turn and p 18.
Tie hands in knots. With brown        project.
yarn and following diagram, em-                                              Row 8 Turn and p 16, p2tog –
broider straight st eyes, nose and    NOTES:                                 38 sts.
mouth.                                Cuddly toy is worked in one piece.     Row 9 Turn and bind off 18 sts,
                                      Gauge is not important for this        p 1, *sl 1, p 1; rep from * across
Weave in ends.                                                               row – 20 sts.
                                      project. The Head should be
Bunny Blanket                         worked tightly enough to hold the
                                                                             Turn and rep Rows 1-9 for 2nd
                                                                             Ear. At end of 2nd Ear, 12 sts
Buddy                                 BLANKET BUDDY                          remain.
                                      With larger needles, cast on 1 st.     FINISHING
                                      Rows 1-6 Knit into front and           Cut a 10 inch [25.5 cm] length
                                      back of first st, knit to end of row   of yarn. With large-eyed blunt
                                      – 7 sts at end of row 6.               needle, thread yarn through every
                                                                             other st on needle, then back
                                      Rows 7-39 K 3, yo, knit to end         through remaining sts. Remove
                                      of row – 40 sts at end of row 39.      knitting needle and stuff Head.
                                      Rows 40-41 Cast on 12 sts for          Pull yarn tightly to close top of
                                      Paws, knit to end of row – 64 sts.     Head and secure. Following dia-
                                      Rows 42-47 Knit.                       gram, embroider face using black
                                                                             yarn and straight sts.
                                      Rows 48-49 Bind off 12 sts,
                                                                             Weave in ends.
                                      knit to end of row – 40 sts.
                                                                             Tie a knot in each Paw.
                                      Rows 50-61 K 2, k2tog, yo,
                                      k2tog, knit to end of row – 28 sts.
                                      Shape Head
Knitting Pattern                      Change to smaller needles.
Lion Brand® Velvetspun                Row 62 K2tog across row – 14
Pattern #: 50722                      sts.
SKILL LEVEL: Easy                     Row 63 Knit into front and back
SIZE: One Size                        of each st across row – 28 sts.
17 in [43 cm] long, not including     Row 64 *P 1, sl 1, rep from *
ears                                  across row.
MATERIALS                             Rep Row 64 until Head measures             Reprinted with permission
                                      3½ in [9 cm].                                 Lion Brand Yarn
•	580-156	Velvetspun	Yarn:	Pas-
  tel Green (2 balls)                 Shape Ears
hagerman@hood .edu                                                            page 23
Kathy Vish • 1308 Bayshire Lane, Herndon, VA 20170-3606 •                    continued on page 25
                                     Hand Made Layette Items
   Until now, this column has includ-     designs from their artwork . Greet-       Skill Level: Beginner
ed machine sewn projects . I realize      ing cards are also a good source for      Finished size: approximately
that not everyone enjoys sewing with      simple designs . You can also use         36 x 40 inches
a machine . There are many ways           designs on cute kids’ fabrics . Place
to make or embellish baby items           the fabric on a copier and copy in        Supplies:
with hand embroidery . Every baby         black and white to get a line draw-       •	1	yard	cotton	flannel
deserves something handmade to            ing . Appliqué designs and quilting
                                                                                    •	1	package	SINGLE	FOLD	bias	
welcome them into the world . Here        stencils can also be used. The fish on
                                                                                      binding in a matching or con-
are a few projects to get you started .   the receiving blanket is an appliqué
                                                                                      trasting color –OR—strips of
   Hand embroidery can be relaxing        design from EQ5 quilt design soft-
                                          ware . The software lets you size the       fabric cut on the bias, cut 1-inch
and stress relieving . There is nothing                                               wide and pieced end-to-end to
more satisfying than creating some-       design to any size block . This one is
                                          sized to fit in a 5 inch block. www.        be at least 5 yards long
thing beautiful with your own hands .
However, it is time consuming . So if     blockcentral .com is a good source for    •	Embroidery	design,	sized	to	be	
you are one who enjoys the process,       appliqué designs .                          4-6 inches in diameter
hand embroidery may be for you .            Once you have selected a design,        •	Water	or	air	soluble	marking	
   If you haven’t done embroidery for     use a copier to reduce or enlarge the       pen
awhile, or have never tried it, some      design to fit your project. For the re-
                                          ceiving blanket project, a design that    •	Light	box	–OR-	painter’s	mask-
tutorials are a good place to start .
I recommend trying the stitches           is 4-6 inches in diameter is appropri-      ing tape
on scrap fabric first, until you feel     ate . Using a black marker, go over       •	6-strand	embroidery	floss	or	
comfortable to start on a project . A     the lines that will be stitched .           perle cotton in colors to coor-
stitch tutorial can be found at www .                                                 dinate with the flannel and the
heritageshoppe .com/heritage/stitches/    Embroidered                                 binding
stitchmenu .html . This is a written      Receiving Blanket                         •	Hand	embroidery	needle	with	
tutorial with pictures . If you prefer    This blanket has a machine fin-             large eye and sharp point
a video tutorial, go to www .wonder-      ished edge and is decorated with          •	6-inch	diameter	embroidery	
howto .com/how-to-hand-embroi-            hand embroidery. Receiving blan-            hoop
dery-names/ .                             kets can be 30-40 inches wide
                                                                                    •	Thread	to	match	bias	binding	
Choosing a Design                         x 36-45 inches long. Choose a
                                          good quality 100% cotton flannel            or serger thread (matching the
   After you are comfortable with the                                                 blanket or contrasting)
stitches, you need to choose a design .   in a solid color. The edge can be
                                          finished with a serger or with bias       •	Straight	pins,	fabric	scissors,	
Of course you can draw your own
                                          binding.                                    iron
design, or purchase designs that iron
onto the fabric . But there are many
other design sources . For baby lay-
ette items, choose line drawings that
have simple details . Coloring books
are a good source for simple designs .
A web site that has designs for kids
to color is www .edupics .com . The
cat pictured on the receiving blanket
came from this site . If you have chil-
dren or grandchildren, consider using
page 24                                                                  hagerman@hood .edu
Kathy Vish • 1308 Bayshire Lane, Herndon, VA 20170-3606 •            continued from page 24

•	Seam	sealant	or	fabric	glue          the binding, sewing in the groove      using the water or air soluble
•	Rotary	cutter,	ruler	and	mat         of the fold (which will be about       pen. If you don’t have a light
                                       ¼” seam allowance), keeping the        box, a glass top table with a light
•	Plate,	saucer,	or	lid	about	6	       edge of the binding aligned with       source underneath will also work.
   inches in diameter                  the edge of the flannel. When you      Or tape the design to a window
•	Pencil	or	pen                        are about 6 inches from the start      during daylight hours. Position a
Preparing the Blanket                  of the binding, stop sewing with       corner of the blanket on top of
                                       needle down in the fabric. Trim        the design and tape the blanket
Lay flannel on cutting mat and         the binding so that it overlaps the    in place on the window using the
straighten edges with rotary cutter    starting tail about 2 inches. Fold
and ruler. Cut off selvages. Fold                                             painter’s tape. The tape doesn’t
                                       under the starting tail about ½        leave residue on the window or
flannel in half lengthwise, and fold   inch and pin. Tuck the ending tail
again in half crosswise. Place plate                                          the fabric. Trace the design with
                                       of binding inside the starting tail    the water or air soluble pen.
(or saucer or lid) on the corner       and pin in place. Continue sew-
with NO folds so that the edge of      ing until you reach the start of the   Embroidering the Design
the plate touches the edge of the      seam.                                  Place the blanket in the embroi-
flannel. Using any pen or pencil                                              dery hoop, centering the design.
trace around the plate to round off    Fold the binding to the RIGHT
                                       SIDE of the blanket and press in       Decide what colors and stitches
the corner. Cut on the line with                                              will be used for each part of the
scissors, cutting through all 4 lay-   place. Sew the binding in place
                                       using a zigzag or decorative stitch.   design. You can transfer your
ers.                                                                          design onto a practice fabric
If you have a serger, serge around     Transferring the Design                first and try out the colors and
the edge using an overlock stitch.     Make a photocopy of the fish           stitches. French knots with 4
The edge can also be finished with     drawing on page 24 and the cat         strands of floss works well for
bias binding, purchased or made        drawings on page 25.                   small eyes. Satin stitch works well
from bias fabric strips. If using      Because flannel shrinks when           for large eyes. Most outlining can
strips, fold the long edges to the                          washed, you       be done with 3 strands of floss.
                                                            will need to      I used back-stitch with 2 strands
                                                            pre-wash the      of floss for the cat’s whiskers. For
                                                            blanket in hot    the cat’s and fish stripes, I wanted
                                                            water and dry     them to appear thicker, so I used
                                                            in a hot dryer,   4 strands and a chain stitch.
                                                            BEFORE            For the edges of the fish’s fins,
                                                            embroidering.     I switched from outline stitch to
                                                            Press all the     an uneven blanket stitch. Notice
center and press, being careful not                         wrinkles out of   that I only traced every other line
to distort the fabric. Single fold     the blanket.                           for the fish’s stripes. I could have
bias binding comes folded in this      If you have a light box, place the     traced all the lines and filled in the
way.                                   design on it and one corner of         wider stripes with satin stitch or
Lay RIGHT SIDE of binding to           the blanket RIGHT SIDE UP on           cross stitch, or some other stitch.
WRONG SIDE of flannel, starting        top of the design. You should be       Be as creative with the stitches as
on one side. Open out the fold         able to see the design through         you like. Don’t worry if you are
on the right-hand side and align       the fabric. Center the design in       not covering up all of the marked
the edge of the binding with the       one corner of the blanket, leaving     lines. The look of the stitching
edge of the flannel. Start sewing      about 1 inch from the binding.         is what matters. When the em-
about 3 inches from the start of       Trace all lines you will embroider     broidery is complete, remove the

hagerman@hood .edu                                                                page 25
Kathy Vish • 1308 Bayshire Lane, Herndon, VA 20170-3606 •           continued from page 25
                                                                             small design. When embroidering
                                                                             on knits, like a t-shirt or onesie
                                                                             or sweatshirt, baste a piece of
                                                                             lightweight interfacing to the back
                                                                             of the design. You will probably
                                                                             not be able to use the embroidery
                                                                             hoop. Embroider through the
                                                                             clothing and the interfacing as if it
                                                                             were one piece of fabric. After the
                                                                             embroidery is complete, trim extra
                                                                             interfacing away from the outside
                                                                             of the design, being careful not to
                                                                             cut into the stitches or the cloth-
                                                                             ing. Interfacing will remain under
                                                                             the interior of the design. Apply a
                                                                             small dab of seam sealant or fab-
                                                                             ric glue to all knots on the back of
                                                                             the work and let it dry completely.
                                                                             Counted Cross Stitch
                                                                             Yes, you can stitch counted cross
                                                                             stitch on fabric that is not even
                                                                             weave. You need to purchase
                                                                             waste canvas. It resembles needle-
                                                                             point canvas in that it is stiffer
                                                                             than fabric and has large holes
marks according to the directions     Care Wear web site. Trace the          in it. It comes in several counts
for the pen. For the water soluble    bib pattern on the RIGHT SIDE          (threads per inch). Choosing a
pen, I found dipping the design in    of the fabric for the bib front, but
                                                                             higher thread count will make
cold water and swishing seemed        don’t cut it out yet. Transfer the
                                                                             your design smaller, which is good
to do a good job. Blot the extra      embroidery design, centering it
                                                                             for baby layette items. Choose
water out with a towel and AL-        on the bib front (resize the design
                                                                             a cross stitch pattern with only
LOW TO AIR DRY COMPLETE-              if necessary). Place fabric in the
                                                                             whole crosses – no half or quar-
LY. DO NOT IRON DRY – the             embroidery hoop and embroider
                                                                             ter stitches. Cut a piece of waste
marks will be permanently trans-      the design. Remove the markings.
                                                                             canvas big enough to cover your
ferred to the fabric! Apply a small   Cut out the bib front, bib back,
                                                                             design plus 5 or so threads extra
dab of seam sealant or fabric glue    and batting. Sew the bib together
to all knots on the back of the       with batting in between. To quilt      in each dimension. Center the
work and let it dry completely. To    the bib, quilt (by hand or machine)    waste canvas on top of the gar-
press out the wrinkles, lay design    close to the outside of the design     ment or whatever you wish to
RIGHT SIDE DOWN on a soft             with thread that matches the fab-      embellish, and pin in place. Cut a
towel and press with steam. This      ric, or with monofilament thread.      piece of lightweight interfacing the
presses the fabric and doesn’t                                               same size as the waste canvas and
                                      Embroidery on Clothing                 pin it to the back under the waste
crush the embroidery.
                                      Make sure to wash and dry the          canvas. Baste through all 3 layers
Embroider a Matching Bib              clothing to preshrink it, before       to hold them in place. Cross stitch
Bib patterns can be found on the      adding embroidery. Choose a            the design using the holes in the
page 26                                                           hagerman@hood .edu
Kathy Vish • 1308 Bayshire Lane, Herndon, VA 20170-3606 •            continued from page 26
                                                                              •	Rotary	cutter,	ruler	and	mat
                                                                              •	Fabric	scissors
                                                                              •	Plate,	saucer,	or	lid	about	6	
                                                                                 inches in diameter
                                                                              •	Pencil	or	pen
                                                                              Preparing the Blanket
                                                                              Lay fleece on cutting mat and
                                                                              straighten edges with rotary cutter
                                                                              and ruler. Cut off selvages. The
                                                                              blanket may be left this size for
                                                                              an older child. For a baby blanket,
                                                                              trim to 30-36” wide by 30-45”
                                                                              long. Use the leftover fleece to
                                                                              make a matching stuffed toy. Fold
waste canvas, treating all 3 lay-                                             fleece in half lengthwise, and fold
ers as one fabric. Be careful not                                             again in half crosswise. Place plate
to pierce any of the waste canvas                                             (or saucer or lid) on the corner
threads. You will need to use a                                               with NO folds so that the edge of
sharp pointed needle. Complete                                                the plate touches the edge of the
any back stitching or other em-                                               fleece. Using any pen or pencil
broidery stitches as well. Remove                                             trace around the plate to round off
the basting stitches. Trim the                                                the corner. Cut on the line with
extra interfacing from the outside                                            scissors, cutting through all 4 lay-
                                      30-36 x 30-45 inches for baby
of the finished design. Interfac-                                             ers.
                                      blanket, 36 x 54-59 inches for
ing will remain under the interior                                            Embroider the Edge
                                      child size
of the design. Apply a small dab
                                      Supplies:                               Thread the needle with about
of seam sealant or fabric glue to
                                                                              20-24 inches of thread at a time.
all thread tails on the back of the   •	1	yard	fleece                         If using floss, use all 6 strands.
work and let it dry completely. To
                                      •	6-strand	embroidery	floss	(at	        Tie a knot in one end. Gently
remove the waste canvas, wet it
                                        least 2 full skeins), perle cotton,   tug on the crosswise grain of the
by dipping it in water and squeez-
                                        or crochet cotton thread, any         fleece. The fleece will curl to the
ing out any excess. This should
                                        size, in a color to coordinate        WRONG SIDE. Embroider with
soften the canvas and it should
                                        with the fleece (multi-color and      the RIGHT SIDE facing you.
start to separate. Use tweezers to                                            Refer to the tutorial web sites if
pull out all of the canvas threads.     variegated threads look good)
                                                                              needed. Start in the middle of
                                      •	Hand	embroidery	needle	with	
Blanket Stitched                        large eye and sharp point
                                                                              one side, away from the corner.
Edge on a Fleece                      •	Seam	sealant	or	fabric	glue
                                                                              Decide how you want the stitches
                                                                              to look. The sampler shows even
Finish the edge to a fleece blanket
with hand blanket stitch.
Skill Level: Beginner
Finished size: approximately
hagerman@hood .edu                                                               page 27
Kathy Vish • 1308 Bayshire Lane, Herndon, VA 20170-3606 •             continued from page 27
height and width on the left,            Supplies:                             WRONG SIDE of the fabric and
alternating long and short height        •	Fabric	in	1	yard	cut	or	less        trace around the toy with a ball-
stitches, and other combinations.                                              point pen. Trace as many toys as
Be as creative as you like with the      •	Sewing	thread	to	match	the	         will fit, ensuring at least 1 inch
stitch pattern.                             fabric                             between them. DO NOT CUT
A few tips for going around the          •	Lightweight	cardboard	(cereal	      THEM OUT YET.
edge of the blanket:                        box works well)                    Transferring the Face
•	Pull	stitches	so	they	lay	just	on	     •	2	copies	of	each	pattern(s)	for	    If you have a light box, place
   the fabric.                              toy(s) of your choice              the other paper design on it and
•	Always	pull	the	needle	perpen-         •	Ballpoint	pen                       one toy on top RIGHT SIDE UP,
                                         •	Paper	glue	and	scissors             aligning the cutting line on the
   dicular to the edge of the fleece,
                                                                               fabric around the head with the
   even around the corners.              •	Water	or	air	soluble	marking	       cutting line on the pattern. They
•	Heights	and	widths	of	the	blan-           pen                                won’t line up exactly, but close
   ket stitch should be between ¼        •	Light	box	–OR-	painter’s	mask-      enough to get the face centered
   and ½ inch, no longer.                   ing tape                           on the head. You should be able
•	At	the	end	of	the	thread,	make	        •	6-strand	embroidery	floss	or	       to see the face through the fabric.
   a knot through the last stitch on        perle cotton in colors to stand    Trace all lines for the face using
   the back. Then run the thread            out on the fabric                  the water or air soluble pen. If you
   under the last 3 stitches and cut                                           don’t have a light box, a glass top
   the thread.                           •	Hand	embroidery	needle	with	        table with a light source under-
                                            large eye and sharp point          neath will also work. Or tape the
•	To	start	a	new	thread,	come	up	                                              paper pattern to a window during
   from back to front at the base of     •	5	or	6-inch	diameter	embroidery	
                                            hoop                               daylight hours. Hold up the toy
   the last stitch, close to the edge,                                         RIGHT SIDE UP, on top of the
   and continue stitching.               •	Straight	pins
                                                                               pattern and tape in place. Trace
•	When	you	have	completed	blan-          •	Pinking	shears	and	fabric	scis-     the face design using the water
   ket stitching all the way around,        sors                               or air soluble pen. For dark or
   go down (from front to back) at       •	Iron                                thicker fabrics or fleece, you will
   the base of the first stitch and                                            not be able to see the design to
                                         •	Ribbon	(optional)
   knot thread on the back. Then                                               trace it. You can just draw a face
   run the thread under the last 3       Preparing the Fabric                  freehand in that case. For dark
   stitches and cut the thread.          Glue one copy of each toy pattern     fabrics, they make yellow or white
When stitching is complete, put          onto cardboard and cut on the         pencils or chalk markers that can
a dab of seam sealant or fabric          cutting line with paper scissors.     be easily removed. If the fabric or
glue on all knots and thread tails                                             fleece has a cute print on it, you
                                         Iron wrinkles out of fabric. If us-
to secure them. Lay the blanket                                                don’t even need a face!
                                         ing a bigger piece of fabric, fold
flat RIGHT SIDE DOWN to dry              with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER             Embroidering the Design
completely.                              along the lengthwise grain if         Given the concerns about lead
Tips for                                 possible. Folding on the cross-
                                         wise grain is the second choice.
                                                                               paint recently, embroidery is
                                                                               always a safe alternative. Place
Sewing Toys                              If you have small pieces, choose      a face in the embroidery hoop,
When I make toys, I usually make         2 pieces big enough to fit the        centering the design. Satin stitch
a lot of them. Here are some tips        toy, and place RIGHT SIDES            works well for large eyes. Most
to speed up the process.                 TOGETHER. Place pattern on            outlining can be done with 3

page 28                                                             hagerman@hood .edu
Kathy Vish • 1308 Bayshire Lane, Herndon, VA 20170-3606 •                continued from page 28
strands of floss. Outlines can be         way when you traced around              the marked cutting lines with the
done with back stitch, outline or         the cutting line. Place a few pins      pinking shears. This separates
stem stitch, or chain stitch. When        inside each of the toy shapes, to       the toys and clips the curves all in
the embroidery is complete,               hold the 2 layers together. DO          one step. You will have to clip the
remove the marks according to             NOT CUT OUT YET. Take the               inside points with straight fabric
the directions for the pen. To            fabric to the sewing machine.           scissors, clipping just to the stitch-
press out the wrinkles, lay design        Set a shorter than average stitch       ing. Turn toys RIGHT SIDE OUT.
RIGHT SIDE DOWN on a soft                 length on your machine. Sew ¼           Stuff, or send them to one of the
towel and press with steam. This          inch INSIDE the edge of each            groups at the senior residences to
                                          toy, leaving 2 to 3 inches open         stuff.
presses the fabric and doesn’t
crush the embroidery. Complete            for stuffing. Reinforce the inside      If you want to tie a ribbon around
embroidery for all the faces.             points with backstitching on each       the neck of a toy, make sure you
                                          side of the point. Remove the           hand sew the ribbon to the back
Sewing the Toys                           pins as you complete each toy.          of the neck so it won’t come off
Fold the fabric again, the same           When all toys are sewn, cut on          and be swallowed.

  Beginning this past January, we         morial Hospital in New Hampshire .        We selected Mary Hitchcock
embarked on a year-long charity             We had an unprecedented amount        because it is the largest hospital in
knitting campaign at Yarn For Your        of people come into the shop to knit    our region . We know the hats will be
Soul, a yarn shop in Manchester, VT .     for preemies, which touched our         put to good use and we hope it will
Each month, we have selected a dif-       hearts as much as it did for our cus-   make a difference in babies’ lives .
ferent charity to knit for by providing   tomers . Despite these harsh econom-
free patterns, yarn recommendation,       ic times, knitters donated their time
and each charity’s project informa-       to make hats for babies who are less                 Amy Wilson
tion. Care Wear is our first charity      fortunate . We have found that knit-            Yarns For Your Soul
and we are proud to send 108 prema-       ting for charity has been extremely               605 Depot Street
ture/newborn caps to new babies and       rewarding for knitters and recipients                  POB 1574
their parents at Mary Hitchcock Me-       alike .                                         Manchester, VT 05255
hagerman@hood .edu                                                                    page 29
                                                                                                 by Sara Greer

Greetings Everyone!                        ing of natural fibers. In my recent       ever . You can always use a different
  Can you believe that summer is           adventures I learned that you should      design for any blanket if you wish .
here?!? I hardly can . It seems to me      not “kill” nylon or polyamide as            As I write this, it is the first week-
that school just started and now my        they have a very low melting point .      end in April . Here in Colorado we
son is going into the first grade. We      When blocking rayon be very, very         had practically no Winter and it is
also recently found out that we are        careful not to get it too wet or it may   snowing so hard and so pretty that I
expecting again! My youngest two           fall apart and I fear that bamboo will    have to squint to see the house across
will be 21 months apart .                  do the same as they are made by the       the street . When this is printed and
  I hope that life has be treating ev-     same process .                            out it will be a distant memory .
eryone well so far this year and that        Patterns this time around are for         I welcome comments, questions
you are enjoying yourselves .              a girl from 16 to full term using the     and suggestions .
  In this edition I am going to tell       chart included and another 16 weeker       Phone: 720-429-7550 mountain time
you about a little known fact . You        made of fingering yarn. Remember              Snail Mail: 504 Toledo Street
CAN block acrylic yarn! It is actu-        not to use the chart for that pattern .               Aurora, Co 80011
ally called “killing” but it is the same   Through the Tulips is one that has no                      E-Mail:
idea. I will also briefly visit block-     blanket . The 16 weeker does how-         carewearshandmadewithlove@yahoo .com

Killing Acrylic                                                                             Next get your piece to be
                                                                                            killed, your t-pins and tape
Materials:                                                                                  measure. Pin the piece to
Table                                                                                       the finished measurements.
T-pins                                                                                      If it is a circle, start in the
                                                                                            middle and go out. If it is a
Foam blocks                                                                                 square or a rectangle begin
Tape measure                                                                                at two corners and work
Sheet                                                                                       you way making sure that
                                                                                            the edges are straight.
Garment Steamer
Most of my set-up for this was             I than cover the blocks with a
purchased at Wal-Mart. Nothing             clean sheet. If you have eyelets
fancy. The only thing that I didn’t        and other “holes” that you want
have to buy was a table. Just              to be seen, use one of a contrast-
make sure that the table you will          ing color.
be using is large enough to hold
the blocked size of your finished
I then cover the table in the large
foam blocks that many children
play on in the floor. They can be                                                    While doing my pinning I let my
found in the toy section. I have                                                     steamer warm up. Be sure to fol-
used as few as 3 for a scarf and as                                                  low all manufacturer’s instructions
many as 8 for a shawl.                                                               for safety and operation.

page 30                                                                     hagerman@hood .edu
                                                                                    continued from page 30
When your steamer is ready use          they are washed, because they         Rnd 3: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same
it to steam your piece. Hold the        lose their shape. Also I don’t        st, dc in the next dc, (2 dc in the
steamer about half and inch above       know that locking them makes          next dc, dc in the next dc) around,
your fabric and move along the          them any softer.                      join. You will now be working in
entire piece. It is ok to touch the     Through the Tulips                    rnds.
piece, just be careful of touching                                            Row 1: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same
areas that you have just steamed        It’s Spring time in the Rockies! I
                                        love this time of year. When the      st, dc in the next 2 dc, (2 dc in
as they can be marred. The fibers                                             the next dc, dc in the next 2 dc) 7
will actually melt and when they        birds start singing and the flowers
                                        begin to bloom. I ordered the var-    times.
cool will stay in the new shape.
This is why it is called killing, you   iegated in this set months ago, but   Rows 2 and 3: Ch 2, turn, dc in
are changing the make up of the         have been struggling to come up       the same st and in each st across.
fiber. It will keep its shape after     with a design. This week it came      Row 4: Ch 2, turn, dc in the
normal washing a drying as well.        to me. Be creative with you color     same st and in each st across to
                                        combos; tulips come in many dif-      the last 2 dc, dc dec, changing to
Now let the piece cool for about        ferent colors. The edges have a
an hour. You can then remove                                                  green.
                                        lettuce edging that is quite popu-
the pins and see what you think.        lar right now and the sleeves are     Row 5: Ch 2, turn, 2 dc in the
If there is an area that you don’t      flared. You will need a variegated,   same st, sk the next st, dc in the
like, repin it what you want and        a green and two tulip colors, I       next st, sk the next st, (v-st in the
try again.                              used yellow and purple.               next st, sk the next st, dc in the
All done and feel how yummy and                                               next st, sk the next st) across to

Blocking Natural
Same as for killing acrylic except
substitute a spray bottle full of
water for the steamer.
Set up same as above. After
everything is pinned to your liking
use the spray bottle to wet the
piece. If it is animal it will smell
and take quite a while to dry. A
friend and I blocked a baby alpaca
shawl and it took a full 24 hours
to dry and it was a lace piece. So      Special Sts                           last dc, 2 dc in the last dc, chang-
if you are on a deadline, please        v-st-dc ch 1, dc in the st or sp      ing to purple.
keep dry time in mind. If you live      indicated
in a more humid climate than I, as                                            Row 6: Ch 2, turn, 2 dc in the
I think many do it will take longer     Bonnet                                same st, ch 2, changing to yellow,
and the opposite if you live in a       Ch 3, join to form a ring.            3 dc in the next v-st, ch 2 chang-
dryer climate.                                                                ing to purple, (3 dc in the next
                                        Rnd 1: Ch 2, 12 dc in ring, join.     v-st, ch 2 changing to yellow, 3 dc
Unfortunately blocking natural          Rnd 2: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same st      in the next v-st, ch 2 changing to
fibers must be done every time          and in each st around, join.          purple) across, 2 dc in the last dc

hagerman@hood .edu                                                               page 31
                                                                                     continued from page 31
changing to variegated.                 same st and in each st across to       Sleeves
Row 7: Ch 2, turn, dc in the            next ch-2 sp changing to green,        Rnd 1: Join variegated in armpit
same st and in each st across,          dc in the next ch-2 sp, ch 1, dc       with a sl st, ch 2, dc in the same
working 1 dc in each ch-2 sp.           in the next ch-2 sp changing to        sp, working in unworked sts of
                                        variegated, (dc in the next 3 dc       row 5, dc in each st around, join.
Row 8: Ch 2, turn, 2 dc in the          changing to green, dc in the next
same st and in each st across, fin-     ch-2 sp, ch 1, dc in the next ch-2     Rnds 2-5: Ch 2, dc in the same
ish off.                                sp changing to variegated) twice,      st and in each st around, join.
Edging                                  dc in each st across.                  Rnd 6: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same st
With right side facing, join green      Row 8: Ch 2, turn, dc in the           and in each st around, join.
with a sl st in the last dc of row 8.   same st and in each dc across. At      Rnd 7: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same
Ch 1, 3 sc in the same st and in        the end of row 8 ch 3, join with a     st, dc in the next st, (2 dc in the
each st across; sc evenly around        sl st to beg. dc. You will now be      next st, dc in the next st) around,
the rest of bonnet and join with a      working in rnds.                       join, changing to purple.
sl st in beg. sc, finish off.           Rnd 1: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same st       Rnd 8: Ch 1, 3 sc in the same st
Dress                                   and in each st around, join. 88 dc     and in each st around, join, finish
Row 1: Ch 39, dc in the 3rd ch          Rnds 2-12: Ch 2, dc in the             off.
from hook and in the next 3 chs,        same st and in each st around,         Button Rows
3 dc in the next ch, dc in the next     join.
                                                                               Row 1: With right side facing,
7 chs, 3 dc in the next ch, dc in       Rnd 13: Ch 2, dc in the same st        join variegated with a sl st in top
the next 11 chs, 3 dc in the next       and in the next 4 dc, ch 2 chang-      right back of dress. Ch 1, work 2
ch, dc in the next 7 chs, 3 dc in       ing to purple, dc dec over the
                                                                               sc in the end of each row, sl st in
the next ch, dc in each rem ch.         next 3 dc, ch 2, changing to var-
                                                                               the free lps of next 2 chs on row
Rows 2-5: Ch 2, turn, dc in the         iegated, (dc in the next 3 dc, ch 2
                                        changing to purple, dc dec over        8. 16 sc
same st and in each st across to
middle dc of next 3-dc group, 3         the next 3 dc, ch 2, changing to       Row 2: Turn, sk the 2 sl sts, sc in
dc in the middle dc of 3-dc group,      variegated) around to last 2 dc, dc    each sc across.
(dc in each dc across to middle dc      in the last 2 dc, join.                Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in the
of next 3-dc group, 3 dc in the         Rnd 14: Ch 2, dc in the same st        same st and in each sc across, sl
middle dc of 3-dc group) 3 times,       and in the next 4 dc changing to       st in last ch on row 8 and in the
dc in each dc across.                   green, dc in the next ch-2 sp, ch      bottom of next st.
Row 6: Ch 2, turn, dc in the            1, dc in the next ch-2 sp changing     Row 4: 2 sc in the end of each
same st and in each dc across to        to variegated, (dc in the next 3 dc    row. 16 sc
                                        changing to green, dc in the next
the middle dc of the next 3-dc                                                 Row 5: Ch 1, turn, sc in the
                                        ch-2 sp, ch 1, dc in the next ch-2
group, *yo, insert hk into middle                                              same st and in the next sc, ch 1,
                                        sp changing to variegated) around
dc of 3-dc group, sk all dc be-                                                sk the next sc, sc in the next 6 sc,
                                        to last 2 dc, dc in the last 2 dc,
tween, insert hk into middle dc of                                             ch 1, sk the next sc, sc in the next
next 3-dc group, yo and pull up a                                              6 sc. 2 button holes.
lp, (yo and draw through 2 lps on       Rnd 15: Ch 2, dc in the same st
hk) twice*, (dc in the next 3 dc, ch    and in each st around, join.           Row 6: Ch 1, turn, sc in the
2 changing to yellow, dc dec the        Rnd 16: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same         same st and in each st and ch sp
next 3 dc tog., ch 2 changing to        st and in each st around, join         across, changing to green.
variegated) 3 times, dc in the next     changing to yellow.                    Neck Edging
3 dc, rep between *s once, dc in        Rnd 17: Ch 1, 3 sc in the same         Working in the ends of sc rows
each dc across.                         st and in each st around, join, fin-   just made, sc in the end of row, ch
Row 7: Ch 2, turn, dc in the            ish off.                               3, (sc in the end of the next row,
page 32                                                             hagerman@hood .edu
                                                                                     continued from page 32
ch 3) twice, working in the free        join in both lps. 38 dc                working in opposite side of chs,
lps of beg. ch (sc in the next lp, ch   Rnd 6: Rep rnd 3. You will now         dc in the next 4 chs, 3 dc in the
3) across to last lp of beg. ch, sc     be working in rows.                    same ch as beg. 4 dc, join.
in last lp, finish off.
                                        Row 1: Ch 2, dc in the same st         Rnd 2: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same
                                        and in the next 6 dc. 7 dc             st and in the next 3 dc, dc in the
                                        Row 2: Ch 2, turn, dc in the           next 4 dc, 2 dc in the next 7 dc,
                                        same st and in each dc across.         dc in the next 4 dc, 2 dc in the
                                                                               next 3 dc, join .
                                        Rows 3 and 4: Rep rows 1 and
                                        2, finish off.                         Rnd 3: Ch 2, using the same st
                                        Row 1: With right side facing, sk      and next dc, dc dec, dc dec 3
                                        the next 12 dc, join yarn with a sl    times more, sc in the next 10 dc,
Diaper Cover                            st in the next dc, ch 2, dc in the     sc dec, sc in the next 10 dc, dc
Row 1: With variegated, ch 4, sc        same st and in the next 6 dc. 7 dc     dec three times, join.
in the 2nd ch from hk and in each       Rows 2-4: Work rows 2-4 above,         Rnd 4: Sl st in the next 2 sts, ch
ch across. 3 sc                         do NOT finish off.                     2, using the same st and next st
Work the following rows in the          Turn inside out. Holding right         dc dec, sc in the next 8 sc, sc dec,
BLO until indicated otherwise.          sides tog., working through all        sc in the next sc, sc dec, sc in the
Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in the            4 lps, sl st the 2 pieces tog., do     next 8 sc, dc dec, double dc dec,
same st, ch 1, sk the next sc, sc in    NOT finish off.                        join.
the last sc.                            Edging                                 Rnd 5: Sl st in the next st, ch 1,
Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in the            Rnd 1: Ch 1, working in the            sc in each sc around, double dc
same st, sc in the next ch-1 sp, sc     ends of rows and in the sk sts on      dec, join, finish off.
in the last st.                         rnd 6, work 30 sc evenly around,       Rnd 6: Join green with a sl st in
Rows 4-40: Rep rows 2 and 3,            join. 30 sc                            the first st to left of joining. Ch
18 times then rep row 2 once            Rnd 2: Ch 2, dc in the same st         2, v-st in the same st, sk the next
more.                                   and in each st around, join.           st, dc in the next st, sk the next st
Ch 1, turn, working in the BLO of       Rnd 3: Ch 1, sc in the same            (v-st in the next st, sk the next st,
row 38 and in the free lps of row       st, ch 3, (sc in the next st, ch 3)    dc in the next st, sk the next st)
1, sl st the 2 ends tog., ch 1, and     around, join, finish off.              around, join, finish off.
turn right side out, you will now
be working in rnds.                     Rep for 2nd leg.                       Rnd 7: Join yellow with a sl st in
                                                                               first v-st, ch 2, 3 dc in the same
Rnd 1: Working in the ends of
                                                                               sp, ch 1, changing to purple, 3 dc
rows work 38 sc evenly around,
join in both lps. 38 sc                                                        in the next v-st, ch 1, changing to
                                                                               yellow, 3 dc in the next v-st, ch
All rnds are worked in both lps.                                               1, changing to purple, 3 dc in the
Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in the same st,                                                next v-st, ch 1 changing to yellow,
2 sc in the next sc, (sc in the next                                           3 dc in the next v-st, ch 1, join
sc, 2 sc in the next sc) around,                                               with a sl st to beg. dc changing to
join. 57 sc                                                                    variegated.
Rnds 3 and 4: Ch 2, dc in the           Booties
                                                                               Rnd 8: Ch 1, sc in the same st, ch
same st and in each st around,          Rnd 1: With variegated, ch 8, 4
                                        dc in the 3rd ch from hook, dc in      3, (sc in the next st, ch 3) around,
join in both lps.
                                        the next 4 chs, 7 dc in the last ch,   join with a sl st to beg. sc, finish
Rnd 5: Ch 2, (dc dec, dc) around,                                              off.
hagerman@hood .edu                                                                page 33
                                                                                     continued from page 33

For-Get-Me-Knots                       With green, ch 3, 2 sc in the 2nd
                                       ch from hk, (hdc, 3 dc, hdc) all in
                                                                               group, *yo, insert hk into middle
                                                                               dc of 3-dc group, sk all dc be-
I originally made the 16 weeker        the last ch, sc in the same st as       tween, insert hk into middle dc of
For-Get-Me-Knot out of thread.         beg. sc, join, finish off.              next 3-dc group, yo and pull up
I have since figured out how to                                                a lp, (yo and draw through 2 lps
make 16 week gowns from yarn,                                                  on hk) twice, dc in each dc across
so I decided to up date the For-       Rnd 1: With white, ch 3, 12 dc
                                                                               * to the middle dc of next 3-dc
Get-Me-Knot. You will need white       in the 3rd ch from hk, join. 12 dc
                                                                               group, rep between *s across to
for the bonnet, gown and blanket,      Rnd 2: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same st        last dc, dc in the last dc, join. You
blue and yellow for the flowers        and in each dc around, join. You        will now be working in rnds. 26
and green for the leaves.              will now be working in rows. 24         dc
                                                                               Row 5: Ch 2, turn, dc in the
                                       Row 1: Ch 2, 2 dc in the same           same st and in each dc across,
                                       st, dc in the next dc, (2 dc in         join. You will now be working in
                                       the next dc, dc in the next dc) 7       rows.
                                       times, dc in the dc next dc. Leave
                                       rem sts unworked. 25 dc                 Rnd 1: Ch 1, sc in the same
                                                                               st, ch 2, sk the next sc, (sc in
                                       Rows 2-5: Ch 2, turn, dc in the         the next sc, ch 2, sk the next sc)
                                       same st and in each dc across.          around, join.
                                       Row 6: Ch 1, turn, sc in the
                                                                               Rnd 2: Ch 2, dc in the same st
                                       same st, ch 3, (sc in the next st,
                                                                               and in each st and ch around,
                                       ch 3) across, finish off.
                                                                               join. 39 dc
                                                                               Rnds 3-16: Ch 2, dc in the
Flower                                 Row 1: Ch 17, dc in the 3rd ch          same st and in each dc around,
Make 7 with blue                       from hk, 3 dc in the next ch, (dc       join.
Rnd 1: Ch 3, join to form a ring.      in the next 3 chs, 3 dc in the next
                                       ch) across to last ch, dc in the last   Rnd 17: Ch 1, sc in the same
Ch 1, (sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc, ch 1)                                           st, ch 3, (sc in the next st, ch 3)
                                       ch. 23 dc
5 times, join, finish off. 5 petals                                            around, join, finish off.
made.                                  Row 2: Ch 2, turn, 2 dc in the
                                       same st and in the next dc, 3 dc        Sleeves
                                       in the next dc, [2 dc in the next       Join white with a sl st in armpit,
Make 7 with yellow                     dc, (dc in the next dc, 2 dc in the     ch 1, sc in the same st, ch 3, (sc
With yellow, leaving a long tail, ch   next dc) twice, 3 dc in the next dc]    in the next st, ch 3) around, join,
2, work 4 hdc in the 2nd ch from       across to last 2 dc, 2 dc in each of    finish off.
hk, remove hk from last st, insert     the last 2 dc. 44 dc
                                                                               Button Row
hk from front to back into first st,   Row 3: Ch 2, turn, dc in the
catch lp and pull through, ch 1,                                               Join white with a sl st in the top
                                       same st and in each st across to
finish off leaving a long tail.        middle dc of next 3-dc group, 3         of right back. Ch 1, work 2 sc
                                       dc in the middle dc of 3-dc group,      in the end of each row. Sl st in
Assembly                                                                       the joining of row 5. Work 2 sc
                                       (dc in each dc across to middle dc
Put both ends of the center into       of next 3-dc group, 3 dc in the         in the end of the next row, ch 1,
a needle and pull through the          middle dc of 3-dc group) 3 times,       1 sc in the next row, 2 sc in the
middle of flower. Pull each end        dc in each dc across.                   next row, 1 sc in the next row, ch
tight and weave in separately.                                                 1, 2 sc in the last row finish off.
                                       Row 4: Ch 2, turn, dc in the
Leaves                                 same st and in each dc across to        Blanket
Make 7 with green                      the middle dc of the next 3-dc          Row 1: Ch 74, dc in the 3rd ch

page 34                                                              hagerman@hood .edu
                                                                                  Requests for
                                                                                 Pre-Sewn Toys
                                                                                       GROUP #1:
                                           continued from page 34             The Wednesday afternoon Craft
                                                                            Group of Homewood Senior Resi-
from hk and in each ch across. 72    of beg. ch and in tops of sts, work    dence continues to request your as-
dc                                   sc, ch 3, evenly around, join, fin-    sistance with pre-sewn toys for them
Rows 2-36: Ch 2, turn, dc in         ish off.                               to stuff with fiberfill. Few group
the same st and in each dc across.   Finishing                              members sew, but they are willing
                                                                            and able fiberfill stuffers! Home-
Edging                               Weave in all ends.                     wood’s Julie provides fiberfill for
Working in sides of rows, free lps   Sew flower to back of bonnet.          their projects . If you are willing to
                                                                            cut, sew, clip, & turn fabric bunnies
                                                   Glue ribbon to front     and/or bears, please send them to:
                                                   insides of bonnet.        JULIE NORRIS, Activities Director
                                                   Sew flowers to                     7401 Willow Road
                                                   gown.                             Frederick, MD 21702
                                                   Weave ribbon                        GROUP #2:
                                                   through rnds 1 and          Mary Kay Huber-Leslie, for-
                                                   13 of gown and tie       merly a resident of Homewood, has
                                                   in a bow in the front.   moved to Macon, GA in order to be
                                                                            closer to her family . As expected,
                                                   Sew buttons to back      Mary Kay has established a Care
                                                   of gown and close.       Wear group at her new retirement
                                                   Sew flowers to the       residence community and she also
                                                   blanket.                 welcomes help providing pre-sewn
                                                                            bunnie and/or bears (as well as other
                                                                            animal shapes!) for her new group .
                                                                            The Activities Director will provide
         Size in   weeks, Fiber Weight, and Hook size                       the fiberfill.
            16     Size 10 thread and hook size 7 (1.5mm)                      MARY KAY HUBER-LESLIE
            24     Baby Fingering Yarn and hook size “D”                                    Apt # 303
                                                                                        300 Charter Blvd
            28     Baby Sport Yarn and hook size “E”                                    Macon, GA 31210
            32     Baby Sport Yarn and hook size “G”                           Area hospitals welcome fabric/
                                                                            fiberfill toys and Julie and Mary Kay
            36     Sport Yarn and hook size “G”                             send thanks for your assistance for
            40     Sport Yarn and hook size “I”                             their efforts .

                                                                                      Cap & Booties
hagerman@hood .edu                                                              page 35
                                                                                  Non-profit org.
                   From:                                                           U .S . Postage
              Care Wear                                                                PAID
          Volunteers, Inc.                                                        Frederick, MD
        Bonnie Hagerman                                                           Permit No . 775
         c/o Hood College
    401 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701-8575

                  Wishing everyone a healthy and happy
                        Thanks for all that you do.
                The next newsletter will be the September
                                2009 issue.
                   Please be sure to send me address
                                                             Care Wear Volunteers is now listed
                   so that you receive the newsletter.       on GoodSearch .com, which is a new
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