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					TERM PLANNER FOR MUSIC                                   Level 2 - 3.                                                                          Cross-Curricular Links                                                 Community Music Experiences
                                                                                                                                               Science – Mini Beasts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Visit the school „secret garden‟ and the wasteland next
Mini Beasts - an exploration of this topic through music and science.                                                                          English
Listening                                                               Singing                                                                                                                                       Observe the monarch butterflies cycle during summer
                                                                                                                                               Visual Arts
Share and explain personal responses to recorded music. (PK, CI,        Sing rhythmically (PK)                                                 Dance
                                                                        Use the voice to create chants and melodies.(PK, DI)                   Drama                                                                  Resources
Identify, describe and respond to contrasts within musical elements.
(PK)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Into Music 1 (IM1)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Into Music 2 (IM2)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Into Music 4 (IM4)
Playing                                                                 Creating and Representing                                              Essential Skills
                                                                                                                                               Communication                                                          Purerehua from Waiata ma te katoa. H Melbourne.
Improvise melodies and rhythms (PK, DI)                                 Create soundscapes using repetition and contrast.(PK,
                                                                        DI, UC)                                                                Social and co-operative                                                Pungawerewere from Kiwi Kidsongs 10
Read and play from a graphic score (PK, CI)                                                                                                    Problem solving                                                        Our Music
                                                                        Present compositions and discuss the sounds using
                                                                        appropriate vocabulary (PK, CI)

Skills Areas                      1                       2                     3                       4                      5                         6                    7                         8                      9                       10                     

Listen                    Starters from IM2                             Starters from IM1                             Starters IM2                                   Listen to Purerehua. Assist with translation.    Starters IM1
                                                                                                                                                                     Use listening ideas from the book
 Motivation /            P9 Same or different                          P50 Sounds in a circle                        P58 Voices alive                                                                                P50 sounds in a circle (with cards)
   warm-ups               P58 sound FX                                  Go outside to school gardens and listen to
 New Learning            Listen to Tk 13 “Summer voices” from          sounds of the small creatures.
   Review / refine /      Our Music. Discuss sounds heard.
                          Listen to “Kaimanawa horses” Tk 27
 Specific learning       IM2.

Play                      Play a variety of instruments and explore     In small groups share “work in progress”      .
                          the elements. Aim for contrasting the         with others. Feedback. Refine and perform                                                    Perform “works in progress” of the life
 Motivation /            elements eg fast to slow, loud to soft etc.   again.
   warm-ups                                                                                                                                                          cycle of the butterfly. Feedback. Refine
                          Play body percussion and use voice to
 New Learning
                          imitate the sounds on Tk 27.
   Review / refine /
   extend                 Ask: What sounds were constant?
 Specific learning       Random? What patterns did you hear?
   focus                  Contrasts in sound?

Sing                      Include using voice in the sound                                                            Learn to sing Pungawerewere.                   Learn to sing Purerehua. with CD                 Sing through both songs learned and refine.
 Motivation /                                                                                                        Discuss the devices the composer has used      Discuss the devices the composer has used
   warm-ups                                                                                                           to make this song lively and interesting.      to make this song capture ideas about the
 New Learning                                                                                                        Focus on a rhythmic interpretation.            creature.
   Review / refine /
 Specific learning

Create                    Explore with found sounds and through         In pairs or small groups, consider what to    Return to soundscapes and add in other         Using the song as a source of motivation         Class respond to each others pieces identifying where contrast and
                          playing conventional instruments in           use to re-create small creature sounds.       features. Focus on the devices of repetition   encourage small groups to create a               repetition has been used.
 Motivation /            umconventional ways. Explore                  Return to collection of found sounds and      and contrast. Ask how well are we changing     soundscape for one part of the life cycle of a
  warm-ups                contrasting elements. Use questions as on     instruments and create sounds that            the dynamics? The pitch? Tempo? Layers of      butterfly eg. Egg, caterpiller, chrysalis etc.
 New Learning            pp 55-56 IM2.                                 represent the „mini beasts‟                   sounds?                                        Encourage use of voice, found and body
  Review / refine /                                                                                                                                                  sounds.
                                                                        Ask “how will the sounds change at            Are there patterns in our piece?
                                                                        different times of the day or when
 Specific learning                                                     disturbed?”
 Read & Represent                                                         Starters IM 1          Starters IM1                          Groups experiment with ways they could notate their life cycle piece.
  Motivation /                                                           P 50 Sound cards       P50 sound cards                       Invite another group to play the music using the graphic score.
   warm-ups                                                                                      P50 sounds in a circle (with cards)   Feedback
  New Learning
   Review / refine /
  Specific learning

Assessment Information
Assess how well students have achieved from a selection of the learning outcomes listed above.
For example:
     Listening - Identify, describe and respond to contrasts within musical elements.
          Creating - Create soundscapes using repetition and contrast.
          Singing - Sing rhythmically

Possible criteria include:
A. Is challenged & successful at this level.
W. Is working towards achieving at this level
E. Needs extension

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