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					Where to Find More Information                                         DoDEA Special Education Series
The DoDEA Parent’s Guide to Special Education includes a                     The complete series of brochures and other resources for
list of Internet resources on this topic and many others. The          parents of students with disabilities are available on the DoDEA
guide can be downloaded at the Department of Defense                   special education website at
Education Agency (DoDEA) Special Education Home Page.                  riculum/special_ed/index.htm.
                                                                       Special Education Brochures
Sites Especially for Military Families
For more information about Exceptional Family Member                   1. Pre-referral Interventions: Steps Before a Special
Program (EFMP), visit                   Education Referral/Assessment
and click on “EFMP,” speak to a Special Needs Coordinator
at your local military treatment facility, or visit one of the serv-   2. Moving: Things to Remember When Relocating
ice-specific Web sites listed in the “For Information and
Assistance” section.                                                   3. Communicating Effectively: Building a Strong Partnership
Military OneSource - A Master’s-degree consultant is available
to provide help with concerns related to children with special         4. Individualized Education Program (IEP): Your Role in the
needs 24 hours a day. Translation services are available in               Process
most languages. Call 1-800-655-4545 (in US and overseas).                                       5. Related Services: Understanding the Purpose of these
Systematic Training for Military Parents (STOMP) pro-
vides information, training, and assistance to military families
                                                                       6. Early Intervention Services: Transitioning to Preschool
who have children with disabilities.
                                                                          Services for Children with Disabilities

Other Important Sites                                                  7. Transition: Planning for Life After High School

Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers -                     8. Parent Rights and Responsibilities: Insights into Your
Locator to find state parent training and information centers
and links to scientifically-based research, national informa-
                                                                          Rights and Responsibilities
tion centers, and IDEA.                                                9. Resolving Disputes: Your Role in Reaching Resolutions                                                                                                                 Program (IEP)
National Dissemination Center for Children and Youth                   10. Assistive Technology: Assessment, Devices, and
with Disabilities - Clearinghouse of information about special
education and specific disabilities, summaries of key topics
                                                                           Available Services                                               Your Role in
and points of contact in each state.                                                                                                                       the Process
Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) -

IDEA Partnerships
Portal to resources related to IDEA, the law, national technical
assistance providers, state/ local organizations and agencies,
and the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).                                    a publication of the
U.S. Department of Education - information on special
education, parent involvement, education research, laws and

Non-DoD informational references are being provided as                    Education Directorate/Student Services Branch
required by IDEA but their inclusion in this material does not                      4040 North Fairfax Drive
constitute any endorsement by DoDEA.                                                Arlington, VA 22203-1635
                                         Individualized Education Program (IEP) Your Role in the Process

                                                        about your child’s progress in the general education        Annual Review
                                                        classroom, your child may be referred for a special              An IEP is valid for one year starting from the
                                                        education eligibility assessment to determine               date you give permission for services to begin.
                                                        whether he or she has a disability. If a disability is      Each year, before the anniversary of your child’s
                                                        identified, a Case Study Committee will meet to             IEP, the CSC will meet with you to review your
                                                        determine the level of special education needed             child’s progress. You will have the opportunity to
                                                        to provide your child with the best opportunity for         speak with your child’s service providers, share
                                                        success in school. Members of the Case Study                your feelings regarding your child’s progress and
                                                        Committee include you, a school administrator, a            discuss whether or not the objectives of the IEP
                                                        general education teacher, a special education              have been met. Together with the CSC, you will
                                                        teacher, and sometimes other persons knowl-                 then develop a new IEP based on your child’s
                                                        edgeable about your child (for instance school              current needs. Issues discussed at the annual
                                                        nurse or counselor), and if appropriate, your child.        review include:
                                                        If your child is eligible for special education services,
                                                        the CSC will develop a list of goals and services               1. Your child’s progress toward the annual
                                                        needed and this becomes the IEP.                                   goals of the IEP.
                                                                                                                        2. New information learned through your
                                                                                                                           child’s performance in the classroom.
                                                        Your Role in the IEP Process                                    3. Information or ideas that you share about
                                                             Parents play a pivotal role in the IEP process. In            your child.
                                                        DoDEA, you are a vital member of the committee                  4. Observations of teachers or service
                                                        to develop your child’s IEP, and your permission                   providers about your child’s class work or
                                                        must be obtained before the initial IEP can be                     behavior in school.
                                                        implemented. You will receive a written invitation              5. Your child’s anticipated needs.
Purpose of the IEP                                      to the meeting in advance, which will explain the
                                                        purpose, time, location, and who will be in                 IEP Modifications
     The Individualized Education Program (IEP)         attendance. It is expected that you will act as a
defines the specially designed instruction, including   member of the CSC with each person sharing                       You can request a meeting with the school
related services, required for a student with a         what they know about your child. Your participa-            to review or revise your child’s IEP any time
disability to succeed in school. An IEP must be         tion in this meeting is essential, because your             throughout the year, before the date of the annual
written for each student receiving special education    insights about your child’s strengths, abilities,           review. This may be appropriate if it becomes
and related services. The IEP puts the decisions        needs, and behaviors are crucial to creating an             evident that your child is not making progress
of the Case Study Committee (CSC) into writing          optimum learning environment.                               towards reaching his or her IEP goals, or if he or
and includes the services and supports your child            To prepare for the IEP meeting, think about            she has met most of these goals and new ones
will receive to achieve the annual goals and            what you feel your child needs, and your recom-             need to be set. Any modifications made to an
objectives determined by the CSC.                       mendations for how these needs can be met.                  IEP must be done at an IEP meeting with the
                                                        Decisions regarding who will provide services and           CSC.
Development of the IEP                                  the duration of the program will be discussed and
    If steps taken during the pre-referral interven-    determined at the IEP meeting.
tion do not sufficiently address noted concerns