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Assistive Technology by wol78781


									Where to Find More Information                                     DoDEA Special Education Series
The DoDEA Parent’s Guide to Special Education includes a                 The complete series of brochures and other resources for
list of Internet resources on this topic and many others. The      parents of students with disabilities are available on the DoDEA
guide can be downloaded at the Department of Defense               special education website at
Education Agency (DoDEA) Special Education Home Page.              riculum/special_ed/index.htm.
                                                                   Special Education Brochures
Sites Especially for Military Families
For more information about Exceptional Family                      1. Pre-referral Interventions: Steps Before a Special
Member               Program            (EFMP),           visit       Education Referral/Assessment and click on “EFMP,”
speak to a Special Needs Coordinator at your local military        2. Moving: Things to Remember When Relocating
treatment facility, or visit one of the service-specific Web
sites listed in the “For Information and Assistance” section.      3. Communicating Effectively: Building a Strong Partnership
Military OneSource - A Master’s-degree consultant is available
to provide help with concerns related to children with special     4. Individualized Education Program (IEP): Your Role in the
needs 24 hours a day. Translation services are available in           Process
most languages. Call 1-800-655-4545 (in US and overseas).                                   5. Related Services: Understanding the Purpose of these
Systematic Training for Military Parents (STOMP) pro-
vides information, training, and assistance to military families
                                                                   6. Early Intervention Services: Transitioning to Preschool
who have children with disabilities.
                                                                      Services for Children with Disabilities

Other Important Sites                                              7. Transition: Planning for Life After High School

Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers -                 8. Parent Rights and Responsibilities: Insights into Your
Locator to find state parent training and information centers
and links to scientifically-based research, national informa-
                                                                      Rights and Responsibilities
tion centers, and IDEA.                                            9. Resolving Disputes: Your Role in Reaching Resolutions                                                                                                             Assessment,
National Dissemination Center for Children and Youth               10. Assistive Technology: Assessment, Devices, and
with Disabilities - Clearinghouse of information about special
education and specific disabilities, summaries of key topics
                                                                       Available Services                                             Devices, and
and points of contact in each state.                                                                                                                     Available
Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) -                                                                                                                      Services
IDEA Partnerships
Portal to resources related to IDEA, the law, national technical
assistance providers, state/ local organizations and agencies,
and the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).                                a publication of the
U.S. Department of Education - information on special
education, parent involvement, education research, laws and

Non-DoD informational references are being provided as                Education Directorate/Student Services Branch
required by IDEA but their inclusion in this material does not                  4040 North Fairfax Drive
constitute any endorsement by DoDEA.                                            Arlington, VA 22203-1635
                                    Assistive Technology Assessment, Devices, and Available Services

Overview of Assistive Technology                           • Adaptive Equipment, such as pencil               Additional Information
     Assistive Technology is any kind of technology          grips, slant boards, walkers, wheelchairs,       The DoDEA Special Education Initiative
device or service that can enhance the functional            utensils, and other devices that help            provides specific information and contacts on
independence of a person with a disability. It can           students more easily function within their       assistive technology.
be anything from a simple, low-tech device, like a           environment.                           
magnifying glass, to a complex, high-tech device,          • Communication devices, such as                   pecial_ed/AT.htm.
such as a computerized communication system.                 computer-assisted speech devices with
Your child’s Case Study Committee (CSC) will list            switches for simple answers, communica-          The Family Center on Technology and
any requirements for assistive technology in your            tion boards, or specialized communication        Disability offers family-friendly information,
child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).              systems that can help a person                   including a Family Information Guide on Assistive
                                                             communicate with computerized speech.            Technology and links to laws and resources
Assessing Your Child’s Needs                                                                                  related to assistive technology.
                                                       Assistive Technology Services                
     After your child has been evaluated for spe-
cial education services and the CSC establishes             Assistive technology services are any services
                                                       that directly assist your child with selecting,        Abledata provides objective information about
appropriate educational goals, your child may be                                                              assistive technology products and rehabilitation
assessed to determine whether he or she needs          getting or using an assistive technology device.
                                                       These services also include the evaluation for         equipment from domestic and international
assistive technology. Your child’s school, an                                                                 sources.
independent agency, or an individual consultant        assistive technology and may include training for
                                                       you, your child, or service provider in the use of a
can conduct the assessment, which can be
completed in your child’s customary environment        device.
                                                                                                              Closing The Gap, Inc. focuses on assistive
(home, school or community). Based on the                                                                     technology for children and adults with special
evaluation results, the CSC will identify the          District Assistive Technology
                                                                                                              needs through its bi-monthly newspaper,
necessary assistive technology for your child in       Lending Libraries and Services                         Resource Directory, annual international confer-
his or her IEP. As a member of the CSC, you will                                                              ence, and extensive online services.
                                                            DoDEA offers resources to help you and your
also be involved in this decision-making process.                                                   
                                                       child’s CSC establish what assistive technology
                                                       might work for your child. Each of the three
Assistive Technology Devices                           DoDEA Area Offices has an assistive technology         CAST is a nonprofit organization that works to
     Examples of assistive technology devices          consultant who can provide additional information      expand learning opportunities for all individuals,
include, but are not limited to:                       about assessing your child for assistive               especially those with disabilities, through the
                                                       technology and what devices are available in your      research and development of innovative, technol-
    • Computers with or without adaptive               child’s school. Where available, District Assistive    ogy-based educational resources and strategies.
      devices, to help your child use a keyboard,      Technology Lending Libraries can loan assistive
      communicate, draw, learn, work, and play.        technology equipment for your child to try. Your
    • Software that can perform a range of             child’s special education teacher will have more       Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive
      tasks, such as read text, recognize speech,      information on these resources.                        Technology Society of North America
      translate text to Braille, enlarge text, adapt                                                          (RESNA) has links to technology centers in the
      instruction, and organize information.                                                                  States and territories.

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