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									                                         DEPARTMENT OF

                         DEPARTMENT CHAIRMAN - DR. HAIDER H. MADANI

                  PROFESSOR                  A SSISTANT PROFESSOR   INSTRUCTOR
                                             Abu-Musa, Ahmad        I.S. Khan
                                             M.N. Ahmed
                                             Al-Hazmi, Muhammad
                  ASSOCIATE P ROFESSOR       M.A. Al-Khaldi         L ECTURER
                  I.M. Al-Jabri              Abdel Halim, Amr       M.F. Ahmed
                  M. Talha                   Madani, Haider         Qahwash, Ehab
                                             Nehari-Talet, Amine    M.S. Islam
                                             Fallatah, Yasser       S.A. Raza
                                             A. Al-Harbi            Al Wahishi, Salih
                                             M.I. Eid               Al Hulimy, A.
                                             Al-Ahmadi, Muhammad


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              Our objective is to be a department of highly qualified instructors dedicated to preparing our students
              for entry-level opportunities and long-term career success in accounting and management information
              systems, providing a fulfilling experience for members of our faculty, and making meaningful
              contributions to the professional and academic communities at the national, regional and international

              Educational goals

              (a) To provide students with sufficient academic, technical and professional base from which to pursue
                  a career in accounting and management information systems or from which to advance to further
                  study and a potential academic career in accounting and management information systems.

              (b) To provide students with the skills necessary to apply their knowledge in the organizations and
                  businesses in which they are employed.

              (c) To provide students with a solid basis on which they can adapt to changing techniques and
                  practices in the professional world.

              (d) To attract and retain qualified students with the talents necessary to successfully complete their
                  chosen degree programs.

              Research Goals

              To conduct research that contributes directly to the Department’s role in providing education to our
              students, encourages the intellectual development of faculty, and meets the needs of the local and
              international business and academic communities.

              Community Service

              To participate in public service activities and to provide accounting and MIS consulting and professional
              services to businesses.


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                                   BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN
                             MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS)


                  The MIS Program emphasizes the study of Information Systems (IS) for providing the types of
                  relevant information in support of operational, tactical, and strategic processes in business
                  organizations. The MIS curriculum is designed to equip students with the conceptual framework,
                  broad business knowledge, technical and communication skills necessary to qualifying them for
                  positions in business analysis, business applications development, IS consultancy, and with the
                  management information services.

                  LEARNING OUTCOMES

                  1. Apply modern tools, techniques, and technology in a functional and productive manner in
                     their professional activities;

                  2. Analyze, design, construct, implement, and maintain usable, reliable, and cost-effective IS
                     that support operational, managerial, and strategic activities of organizations;

                  3. Analyze, design, manipulate, and implement relational databases on which most IS are built

                  4. Study and evaluate existing manual and automate business processes, and identify
                     opportunities for re-engineering and/or automation;

                  5. Plan, coordinate, monitor, and control IS development projects;

                  6. Coordinate confidently and competently with the use community in IS requirements
                     analysis/ design activities, and provide guidance and technical support to end user
                     computing activities;

                  7. Support IS Managers in their management activities;

                  8. Understand the strategic impact of IS and emerging technologies on organizations;

                  9. Manage IS resources;

                  10. Apply theory to practice through industry-based learning;

                  11. Pursue graduate studies in MIS or related areas.


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                  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

                  The MIS program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as an:

                      information systems analyst
                      information systems designer
                      information systems manager
                      information center specialist
                      business application programmers
                      internet application developers
                      database administrators
                      manager of information services,
                      business computer consultant.

                  a)    Preparatory Year Requirements (28 credit hours)                                  Credit-Hours
                        English Language                     ENGL 001, 002                                    16
                        Mathematics                          MATH 001, 002                                     8
                        Preparatory Shop                     ME 001, 002                                       2
                        Physical Education                   PE 001, 002                                       2

                  b)    General Education Requirements (40 credit hours)
                        Communication Skills                 ENGL 214, IAS 101, 201, 301, MGT 210, 448        15
                        English                              ENGL 101, 102                                     6
                        Islamic and Arabic Studies           IAS 111, 211, 322, 4XX                            8
                        Mathematics                          MATH 131, 132                                     6
                        Physical Education                   PE 101, 102                                       2
                        Technology                           SE 100                                            3

                  c)    Core Requirements (42 credit hours)
                        Accounting                           ACCT 201, 202                                     6
                        Economics                            ECON 101, 202                                     6
                        Finance                              FIN 301                                           3
                        Management Information Systems       MIS 105, 215                                      6
                        Management                           MGT 301, 311, 449                                 9
                        Marketing                            MKT 301                                           3
                        Operations Management                STAT 211, 212, OM 210                             9

                  d)   MIS Major Requirements (37 credit hours)

                       In addition to the core, MIS majors must complete the following courses:


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                        A) Required Courses (28 credit hours)
                                                             MIS 301, 311, 401, 410, 490                             15
                                                             ICS 102, 201                                            7
                                                             COE 353                                                 3
                                                             MGT 410                                                 3

                        B) Required Electives (9 credit hours)
                        From the following list of elective courses, each student majoring in MIS must complete three (3)
                        courses, one (1) of which must be a MIS course:
                                                             MIS 300, 302, 345, 402, 411, 415, 420, 425, 499
                                                             ACCT 300, 401, FIN 420
                                                             MKT 345, 375
                                                             MGT 401, 415, 420, 425
                                                             ECON 401
                                                             OM 310, 405, 407, 420
                                                             SE 429, 443
                                                             COE 307, 385, 441, 442, 445

                  e) MIS Cooperative Work Requirements (9 credit hours)

                       Each student majoring in MIS must participate in a structured 28-week cooperative work
                       program of MIS practical training in the MIS Section or a section related to it in a selected
                       economic organization. The student's progress during the co-op training will be monitored
                       by the Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems. Through the
                       supervision of an MIS faculty member or a faculty member in a related discipline, the
                       student must write an analytical report about his co-op work experience under the label:
                       MIS 351 (MIS Cooperative Work).

                  f)   Total Requirements (128 credit hours)

                       Total required credit hours for the Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems
                       is 128 credit hours.


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                                           MIS MAJOR REQUIREMENTS
                  In addition to the core courses, MIS majors must complete the following courses:

                   COURSE                           TITLE                               PRE-REQUISITES
                  MIS    301   Systems Analysis & Design I                    MIS 215, or Departmental Approval
                  MIS    311   Business Data Management                       ICS 201
                  MIS    401   Systems Analysis & Design II                   MIS 301
                  MIS    410   Management Support Systems                     MIS 301, and MIS 311
                  MIS    490   Information Resource Management                MIS 401, COE 353 & Senior Standing
                  ICS    102   Introduction to Computing                      Co-Req: MATH 132
                  ICS    201   Introduction to Computer Science               ICS 102
                  COE    353   Fundamentals of Computer Communications        Junior Standing
                  MGT    410   Organizational Behavior and Design             MGT 301


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                        Management Information Systems Major Curriculum
                   COURSE                    TITLE             LEC       LAB       CR         COURSE                  TITLE          LEC       LAB       CR
                  First Year (Preparatory)
                  ENGL 001     Preparatory English I             15            5        8    ENGL 002 Preparatory English II           15            5        8
                  MATH 001     Preparatory Math I                    3         1        4    MATH 002 Preparatory Math II                  3         1        4
                  ME 001       Preparatory Shop I                    0         2        1    ME 002    Preparatory Shop II                 0         2        1
                  PE 001       Prep. Physical Education I            0         2        1    PE 002    Prep. Physical Education II         0         2        1

                                                                 18        10          14                                              18        10       14
                                                          Total credit hours required in Preparatory Program: 28

                  Second Year (Freshman)

                  SE 100       Intro. to Technology                  2         2        3   ECON 101   Principles of Economics I           3         0        3
                  ENGL 101     English Composition I                 3         0        3   ENGL 102   English Composition II              3         0        3
                  IAS 111      Beliefs & its Consequences            2         0        2   IAS 101    Practical Grammar                   2         0        2
                  MIS 105      Intro. to Comp. Applications          2         2        3   ACCT 201   Principles of Acct . I              2         3        3
                  MATH 131     Math for Mgt. I                       3         0        3   ICS 102    Introduction to Computing           2         3        3
                  MATH 132     Math for Mgt. II                      3         0        3   STAT 211   Stat . Methods for Mgt . I          3         0        3
                  PE 101       Physical Education I                  0         2        1   PE 102     Physical Education II               0         2        1
                                                                 15            6       18                                              15            8    18
                  Third Year (Sophomore)

                  MIS 215      Principles of MIS                     3         0        3    MIS 301   Systems Anal. & Design I            3         0        3
                  ACCT 202     Principles of Acct . II               2         3        3    ECON 202 Principles of Econ. II               3         0        3
                  ICS 201      Intro. to Computer Science            3         3        4    MGT 311   Legal Environment                   3         0        3
                  STAT 212     Stat. Methods for Mgt . II            3         0        3    OM 210    Production Management               3         0        3
                  ENGL 214     Technical Report Writing              3         0        3    MGT 210   Business Communication              3         0        3
                  IAS 211      Ethics in Islam                       2         0        2    IAS 201   Objective Writing                   2         0        2
                                                                 16            6       18                                              17            0    17
                  Fourth Year (Junior)

                  MIS 311      Business Data                         3         0        3    MIS 401   Systems Anal. & Design II           3         0        3
                  COE 353      Fundntl. Comp. Comm.                  3         0        3    MIS 410   Mgt. Support Systems                2         2        3
                  FIN 301      Financial Management I                3         0        3    MGT 410   Org. Behavior & Design              3         0        3
                  MGT 301      Principles of Management              3         0        3    MKT 301   Principles of Marketing             3         0        3
                  IAS 322      Islamic Shareah                       2         0        2    IAS 301   Styles of Literature                2         0        2
                  XXX xxx      Elective I                            3         0        3    XXX xxx   Elective II                         3         0        3
                                                                 17            0       17                                              16            2    17

                  Summer Session                                                             MIS 350   MIS Coop Work                       0         0        0

                  Fifth Year (Senior)

                  MIS 351      MIS Coop Work (continued)             0         0        9
                                                                                             MGT 448   Project Feasibility Studies         3         0        3
                                                                                             MGT 449   Business Policy                     3         0        3
                                                                                             MIS 490   Info. Resources Mgt.                3         0        3
                                                                                             IAS 4xx   IAS Elective                        2         0        2
                                                                                             XXX xxx   Elective III                        3         0        3



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                  MIS 105 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER APPLICATIONS                             (2-2-3)

                  Introduction to computer components. Hands-on exposure to PC-based applications including
                  word processing, spreadsheet, statistics, database, electronic mail, business graphics, and
                  introduction to internet.

                  Prerequisite:   None


                  Programming assignments to exercise the use of various tools taught in the course. This may
                  include solving business problems and/or implementing mini-projects.               These include,
                  spreadsheet, data base, and statistical tools. Mainly, students will use MS Office software.

                  MIS 215 PRINCIPLES OF M ANAGEMENT I NFORMATION SYSTEMS                    (3-0-3)

                  A survey of MIS concepts. Information systems for operational, tactical and strategic
                  management in the various functions of an organization. Overview of end-user computing.

                  Prerequisite:   MIS 105

                  MIS 300 FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTRONIC-COMMERCE                               (2-2-3)

                  E-Commerce fundamentals; E-Commerce business models, infrastructure, electronic payment
                  systems and E-Commerce security; Development, implementation, marketing and managing E-
                  Commerce applilcations. Benefits and limitations, legal, ethical and global issues.

                  Prerequisite:   MIS 215

                  MIS 301 SYSTEMS A NALYSIS & DESIGN I                                      (3-0-3)

                  Fundamentals of systems development life cycle. Basic systems analysis and design tools: data
                  dictionary, data flow diagrams, process specifications, entity-relationship diagrams, and CASE
                  tools. Emphasis on front-end phases of SDLC. Practice of analysis and design through case

                  Prerequisite:   MIS 215 or Departmental Approval

                  MIS 302 BUSINESS A PPLICATIONS D EVELOPMENT                               (3-0-3)

                  Introduction to COBOL language fundamentals, designing structured programs using basic
                  structured and modular programming techniques. Developing high level programs: control break
                  processing, data validation techniques, interactive processing, array processing & table
                  handling, and file maintenance. The course will also provide exposure to program test planning
                  and test data design.

                  Prerequisite:   ICS 102


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                  MIS 311 BUSINESS D ATA M ANAGEMENT                                          (3-0-3)

                  Database versus file processing environments. Data resource management. Database support
                  for various levels of management. Relational Database model. Conceptual data modeling.
                  Logical database design. Integrity and security. Database languages including SQL and QBE.
                  Data and Database administration.

                  Prerequisite: ICS 201

                  MIS 345 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN SOCIETY                                   (3-0-3)

                  Information Technology (IT) in today’s world. Evaluation of the impact on individuals,
                  organizations, society, and quality of life. Social and ethical considerations including privacy,
                  piracy, accuracy, accessibility, and dysfunctional behavior. Legislative responsibilities, computer
                  crimes, copyrights, patents, and other legal issues.

                  Prerequisite:    MIS 215 and Junior Standing

                  MIS 351 COOPERATIVE WORK                                                    (0-0-9)

                  A period of 28 weeks of business employment for MIS students to get practical training in the
                  area of management information systems with reputable business organizations and as
                  approved by the Department. Each student is evaluated on his performance on the job and is
                  required to submit progress reports and a formal report about his coop work experience. The
                  final report will be evaluated by a team of three faculty members, including the advisor.

                  Prerequisites:   Senior Standing, ENGL 214, MIS 301, and MIS 311

                  MIS 401 SYSTEMS A NALYSIS & DESIGN II                                       (3-0-3)

                  Development of computerized business systems using CASE tools, DBMS, 4GL and/or
                  application generators. Project management techniques. Emphasis on back-end phases of
                  SDLC. Team projects to develop real business systems.

                  Prerequisite:    MIS 301

                  MIS 402 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE PROJECT                                         (2-2-3)

                  Advanced E-Commerce infrastructure technologies; Development methodologies and tools; E-
                  Commerce application development in a team based environment.

                  Prerequisites:   MIS 300, and MIS 311

                  MIS 410 MANAGEMENT S UPPORT SYSTEMS                                         (2-2-3)

                  Introduction to Management Support systems (MSS): Decision Support Systems, Group Decision
                  Support Systems, and Executive Information Systems. Expert Systems and Neural Networks.
                  Tools and Techniques for developing and using these systems. Integration of MSS. Team
                  projects to develop MSS.


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              Work on different tools used in developing management support systems. Use of tools such as Access,
              Excel, Expert Choice, IFPS, VP Expert, Exsys, EIS Commander, and Flagship. By using one or more of
              these tools, students will develop prototypes systems in one or more of the following areas: decision
              support system, expert system, executive support system, and natural language processing system.

              Prerequisites:   MIS 301, and MIS 311

              MIS 411 DATABASE A PPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT                                 (3-0-3)

              Business programming in a database environment. Client/server concepts and applications. Multi-user
              system considerations including concurrency control and security. Program efficiency, program test
              planning and test data design, program maintenance, and online documentation.

              Prerequisites:   MIS 311

              MIS 415 GROUP DECISION SUPPORT S YSTEMS                                              (2-2-3)

              Concepts and supporting technologies for group decision making activities. Topics include conceptual
              foundations of group decision process and techniques, structure of GDSS, level of GDSS support,
              technologies of GDSS, organizational and individual impact of decision making in groups. Team work
              approach will be applied to projects and class assignments.

              Prerequisite:    MIS 410


              Work on different tools used in developing and using group decision support systems. Student will
              practice group decision processes in actual specialized lab. Students will also develop prototypes for an
              actual GDSS using a specialized lab software, such as Lotus Notes.

              MIS 420 COMPUTER CONTROL AND AUDIT                                         (3-0-3)

              Auditing of computer-based information systems. Audit environment and information systems controls.
              Theory of internal control and application of audit procedures in a computerized environment.
              Techniques for evaluating applications, data integrity, general operations, security, systems software
              and maintenance.

              Prerequisites:   ACCT 300 and Senior Standing

              MIS 425 E ND -U SER COMPUTING                                              (3-0-3)

              Fundamentals of managing End User Computing (EUC) activities and resources. Technological,
              organizational, and behavioral issues related to EUC. Potential benefits, growth, problems and risks. Use
              of information center to promote, support, control, and manage EUC.

              Prerequisites:   MIS 215 and MGT 301


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              MIS 490 INFORMATION RESOURCES MANAGEMENT                                (3-0-3)

              Theories and practices in the management of organizational information systems resources.
              Frameworks for introduction, evolution, and assimilation of information systems into an organization.
              Roles of IT and roles of people using, developing, and managing systems. Global concepts of IT.
              Societal and ethical issues related to IS design and use.

              Prerequisites:   MIS 401, COE 353, and Senior Standing

              MIS 499 TOPICS IN MIS                                                   (3-0-3)

              Coverage of contemporary and advanced MIS topics, such as data management, information
              processing, decision making, and social implications of information technology.

              Prerequisites:   Senior Standing and Departmental approval


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                                          COURSE TITLE                       PRE-REQUISITE
               MIS 300      Fundamentals of E-Commerce             MIS 215
               MIS 302      Business Applications Development      ICS 102
               MIS 345      Information Technology in Society      MIS 215 & Junior Standing
               MIS 402      Electronic Commerce Project            MIS 300, MIS 311
               MIS 411      Database Applications Development      MIS 311
               MIS 415      Group Decision Support Systems         MIS 410
               MIS 420      Computer Control and Audit             ACCT 300 & Senior Standing
               MIS 425      End-User Computing                     MIS 215, MGT 301
              ACCT 300      Accounting Information Systems         MIS 105, ACCT 202
              ACCT 401      Cost Accounting                        ACCT 202
               FIN 420      Investments                            FIN 301
               ICS 481      Neural Networks                        Senior Standing
              MKT 345       Marketing Research                     MKT 301, OM 202
              MKT 375       Services Marketing                     MKT 301
              MGT 401       Human Resources Management             MGT 301
              MGT 415       Industrial Pscyhology                  MGT 301
              MGT 420       Materials Management                   MGT 301, OM 210
              MGT 425       Organizational Changes & Development   MGT 301
             ECON 401       Managerial Economics                   ECON 202, OM 202
               OM 310       Quantitative Methods                   OM 201, 0M 210
               OM 405       Production Planning and Control        OM 310
               OM 407       Quality Control and Reliability        OM 201
               OM 420       Operation Research                     OM 310
               SE 429       Maintenance Planning & Control         Junior Standing
               SE 443       Human Factors Engineering              Junior Standing
              COE 307       Computer Hardware                      Junior Standing
              COE 385       Personal Computers                     Junior Standing
              COE 441       Local Area Networks                    COE 342 or Consent of Instructor
              COE 442       Computer Networks                      COE 342 or Consent of Instructor
              COE 445       Internet Information Services          Senior Standing


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                                              MIS PRE-REQUISITE CHART
       YEAR           TERM                                                      COURSES

                     First         IAS 111      ENGL 101               MATH 131               PE 101         SE 100         MIS 105

                     Second        IAS 101      ENGL 102       MATH 132            PE 102           ECON 101       ACCT 201        ICS 102*

                     First        IAS 211+      ENGL 214                 STAT 211        ACCT 202                   MIS 215       ICS 201**

                     Second       IAS 201+       MGT 210        OM 210          STAT 212            ECON 202        MIS 301

                     First        IAS 322>      MGT 301>                 ELECT-I            FIN 301       COE 353>                  MIS 311

                     Second       IAS 301>                     MGT 311+            ELECT-II         MKT 301         MIS 401         MIS 410

                     Summer                                                                                                        MIS 350^

                                                                                                                                   MIS 351^


                     Second      IAS 4XXX>       MGT 410        MGT 448          ELECT-III          MGT 449#       MIS 490#

                     ^ Pre-requisites for Coopeative Work (MIS 350/351): Senior Standing, ENGL 214, MIS 301, and MIS 311


      Each students is required to take at least one (1) of the following MIS Elective courses:

       COURSE                          TITLE                             PRE-REQUISITES

           MIS 300 Fundamentals of E-Commerce                  Senior standing & Dept'l. Approval

           MIS 302 Business Applications Development           ICS 102                                   SYMBOL

           MIS 345 Information Technology in Society           MIS 215 and Junior standing               +     Sophomore standing is required

           MIS 411 Database Applications Development           MIS 311                                   >     Junior standing is required

           MIS 415 Group Decision Support Systems              MIS 410                                   #     Senior standing is required

           MIS 420 Computer Control and Audit                  ACCT 300 and Senior standing              *     Co-requisite: MATH 132

           MIS 425 End-User Computing                          MIS 215 and MGT 301                       ** 4 Credit hours

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