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									                                                                                                 350 inform June 2010, Vol. 21 (6)

        Southeast Asia, as saying, “From livestock       (inform 20:295, 2009). An eight-month trial      jobs has led to the decline in farming. Thus,
        to aquaculture, producers in southeast Asia      of the BEI mechanical system for harvest-        fallow land is available for growing algae.
        have come to realize DDGS keeps feed             ing jatropha has since been conducted on              Tsukuba University has invited Toyota
        costs low without affecting feed quality and     the Agroipsa Farm in Coluteca, Honduras.         Motor Corp. and refiner Idemitsu Kosan
        animal performance.”                             The study area is a 550-hectare plantation       Co. to join the study, but neither company
             As a first-ever event, 858 MT of DDGS       of three-year-old jatropha. Max Lint, BEI        has yet reached a decision. General Motors
        were shipped to Cambodia in February 2010,       International president, told BiofuelsDigest.    Corp. is already working in a five-year part-
        for use in Thai- and Vietnamese-operated         com, “We are currently working on a jatro-       nership with the US Department of Energy
        feed mills located there, said the USGC.         pha harvester sale in Hawaii and another         to develop jatropha oil as a feedstock for
                                                         in Brazil.”                                      biodiesel in India
                                                              BEI market materials claim their sway
        JATROPHA                                         picking mechanism has the ability either
                                                         to harvest all fruit at one time or to harvest
                                                                                                               In March the Japanese Cabinet called
                                                                                                          for expanding renewable energy to supply
                                                                                                          10% of the country’s energy needs by

        Brookhaven, SG
                                                         selectively. If selective harvest is chosen,     2020.
                                                         only ripe fruit will be collected, leaving the

        Biofuels agree to                                balance for a future harvest. Up to 3 acres
                                                         (1.2 hectares) per hour can be harvested with    Hydrothermal
        partner                                          their equipment, equaling a fuel savings of
                                                         up to 66%.                                       processing for
        Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL;
        Upton, New York, USA) and SG Biofuels
                                                              The company calculates that harvest of
                                                         1 acre of jatropha in 1 hour would require       algae
        (Encinitas, California, USA) agreed in April     3,125 people, or one BEI sway harvester.         Researchers at the University of Michigan
        to establish a partnership to accelerate the     Expressed another way, 500 person-hours          (U of M; Ann Arbor, USA) are investigat-
        analysis and testing of oil produced on SG’s     are needed to pick 1 ton (0.9 metric ton) of     ing a hydrothermal process for converting
        Latin American jatropha plantations. BNL         jatropha seed.                                   microalgae to fuel. The conventional tech-
        is expanding its research and focus on jat-           A pruning mechanism also can be
                                                                                                          nique involves cultivating special oily types
        ropha as a sustainable, low-cost source of       mounted on the harvester, allowing the
                                                                                                          of algae, drying the algae, and then extract-
        biofuel feedstock.                               driver a choice of pruning while finishing
                                                                                                          ing their oil.
              Jatropha oil will be blended with resid-   the harvest or at any later time.
                                                                                                                The hydrothermal process being inves-
        ual oil combusted in a commercial boiler that                                                     tigated at the U of M allows researchers to
        has been used by BNL to test other biofuel                     
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