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									                    inform June 2010, Vol. 21 (6) 349

        imported in the ports of Venice and Trieste.                                                      produced from 100% renewable raw materi-
        The load was declared as Canadian in                                                              als and is free of any fossil oil components,
        origin, but the European Biodiesel Board                                                          in cars in Finland. Executive Vice President,
        (EBB) said there was strong evidence that                                                         Oil Retail, Sakari Tiovola said, “This is the
        it originated in the United States, where                                                         first time anywhere that a premium renew-
        its production was subsidized by the US                                                           able diesel will be tested across a range of
        government.                                                                                       different cars.”
              The European Commission approved                                                                  The trial includes private individuals
        antidumping and antisubsidy duties on                                                             and Neste Oil employees. Test drivers from
        imports of biodiesel from the United States                                                       outside the company began their work in
        in mid-March 2009 (inform 20:219). Since                                                          mid-May and will continue until the middle
        then, the EBB has repeatedly contended that                                                       of the third quarter. Test drivers recruited
        these duties are being circumvented, either                                                       from within the company began in late
        via triangular trade through various coun-       western India who had had to close his busi-     April and will continue until the end of third
        tries (including Canada), or via blends, such    ness over two years ago as saying, “We are       quarter. Drivers will fill up at selected Neste
        as B19 (19% biodiesel + 81% petrodiesel)         unable to recover our costs at the price fixed   Oil service stations in Greater Helsinki.
        or lower, which are imported into Europe.        by the government.”                                    Toivola added, “The majority of Neste
        These practices are of an illegal or fraudu-                                                      oil stations in Finland already offer Neste
        lent nature.                                                                                      Green diesel” that comprises 10% renewable
              Part of the evidence that this cargo       RENEWABLE                                        diesel plus 90% conventional diesel. “We

        involved trans-shipment, said the EBB, was                                                        plan to make Neste Green 100 diesel . . .
        that the product was offered with a $150–                                                         available to motorists as soon as possible,”
        $180 per ton discount compared with Euro-                                                         he concluded.
        pean Union biodiesel of comparable quality,
        and at a lower price than the most common        EPA recognizes                                         Neste Green 100 diesel contains
                                                                                                          NExBTL renewable diesel and an additive
        biodiesel raw materials (soybean oil and
        rapeseed oil).                                   LS9’s UltraClean                                 package designed for Finnish conditions
                                                                                                          to keep engines clean, protect them from
                                                         diesel                                           corrosion, prevent foaming, and promote

        India struggles                                  In April the US Environmental Protection
                                                                                                          lubrication. NExBTL renewable diesel is
                                                                                                          produced from vegetable oil and waste

        to implement                                     Agency (EPA) officially registered Ultra-
                                                         Clean Diesel™, which LS9 Inc. of South
                                                                                                          animal fat using proprietary hydrogeniza-
                                                                                                          tion technology.
        biodiesel                                        San Francisco, California produces in a
                                                         one-step fermentation process based on
        The issues of government pricing of biofuels     renewable raw materials. LS9 genetically         ETHANOL
        and the availability of feedstocks are com-      engineers microorganisms to produce fuels
        bining to restrict the commercialization of
        biodiesel in India.
                                                         with improved properties such as cetane
                                                         number, volatility, oxidative stability, and     DDGS exports to
             The government of India has identified
        40 million hectares of land for cultivation of
                                                              The chemical composition of LS9’s           Southeast Asia rise
        jatropha, an oilseed-bearing tree that grows     UltraClean diesel is compatible with the         The US Grains Council (USGC; Washing-
        on suboptimal soils and has a relatively low     existing infrastructure (a “drop-in” fuel) and   ton, DC) announced on April 22 that imports
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