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Non Disclosure Agreement by preetieboler


This is a Non Disclosure Agreement between the Customer/Discloser and a Supplier/Recipient of exclusive art work

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This Non-Disclosure Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into as of the __________day
of_____________ 20___.

By and between:-

   1. ___________________________, a corporation incorporated in __________________ and
       having its principal office and place of business at      _____________________________
       ___________________________________(herein referred to as the “Customer/Discloser”);

   2. __________________________, a company incorporated in _____________ and having its
       principal office and place of business at _________________________________ (herein
       referred to the “Supplier/Recipient”).


   (A) Customer/Discloser will be disclosing to Supplier/Recipient confidential information relating
       to___________ and

   (B) This Agreement is intended to govern the disclosure and receipt of such Confidential
       Information between the parties.

Now therefore, the parties agree as follows:

   1. In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, the following words and
       expressions have the following meanings:-

       “Confidential Information” means information described in Schedule 1 hereto which are
       disclosed in compliance with this paragraph. Confidential Information disclosed in
       documents or any other tangible form must be clearly marked as confidential at the time of
       disclosure. Confidential Information in oral or other intangible form must be identified as
       confidential at the time of disclosure and summarized in tangible form clearly marked as

    confidential and delivered to the recipient (as defined below) within ten (10) working days

    “Discloser”, in respect of any Confidential Information, means that party disclosing or
    providing access to the Recipient of such Confidential Information.

    “Recipient”, in respect of any confidential Information, means that party receiving from the
    Discloser such Confidential Information.

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