Traffic Nightmare by sameina18


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									A Traffic Nightmare
People living on the beach road are angry with the heavy traffic which has
made their lives miserable. Previously, there was a one way traffic, it has
now been made a two-way road. All the vehicles going to the downtown
pass from this road. It looks like a night mare.

 The changes were made only last day Sunday. There are a number of school
on this road . The student are facing great difficulties in crossing the road.
Parents are also facing problems in picking and dropping their children from
the school.

 Mostly people used another street to go to the city. Now this street is used to
go in the reverse. The traffic is now flowing toward the centre of the city.
The situation has also become the worst because of another street which is
between the first two has been restricted to one way traffic. I had a two-way
traffic before. All the south to north traffic is passing from Beach road these
days. The traffic keeps flowing unabated. The resident have to wait a long
time to cross the road.

 A spokesman for the authorities said that these changes have been
introduces to make betterment in the traffic flow. When the news of citizen
protests reached the authorities, the paid no attention to them. They assumed
that all these complaints would die down soon.

 Replying to the question about the resident demands, they said that they had
no money at all to install any traffic lights or a zebra crossing or an
overhead bridge. How ever, they said that they were monitoring the situation
and hoped that the situation would become normal again as the people of
that area got used the new reality.

 The committee of the resident association is going to hold on emergency
meeting in which they will discuss the ways to press for their demands or to
get these new traffic arrangement cancelled.

 We will have to wait and see where this situation where this new situation
lead to. At present, it looks as if the resident would go on fighting against the
authorities by holding protests, meeting press conferences and sending their
delegates to the traffic authorities. The situation is under control and no
untoward incident has taken place yet.

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