Ongoing Investigations by ubp29826


									           Ongoing DoD IG Global War on Terror Investigations
                                      (As of March 31, 2010)

Predominant Investigative           No.             Joint Agencies                        Subject Types
Category for Global War           Ongoing
 on Terror Investigations
Public Corruption                           DCIS      Air Force OSI                   U.S. and foreign
 - Bribery                                  Army CID  DOJ                             contractor personnel, U.S.
 - Gratuities                        106    USAID-OIG FBI                             military, government
 - Conflicts of interest                    ICE       IRS-CID                         personnel
                                            SIGIR     SIGAR
                                            PIS       NCIS
                                            Other Federal Agencies

Procurement Fraud                           DCIS               Air Force OSI          U.S. and foreign
  - False claims and                        Army CID           ATF                    contractor personnel, U.S.
     statements                             SIGAR              DOC-OIG                military, government
  - Undelivered products             73     FBI                ICE                    personnel
  - Defective products                      IRS-CID            NCIS
  - Cost / labor mischarging                SIGIR              USAID
                                            USDA-OIG           DOS-OIG
                                            Other Federal & Foreign Agencies

Theft & Technology Protection               DCIS      Army CID                        U.S. and foreign
 - Theft of funds, property,                ATF       NCIS                            contractor personnel, U.S.
     equipment, and supplies         36     DOC-OEE   DOS-OIG                         military, government
 - Export violations: U.S.                  FBI       ICE                             personnel
     technology and vehicles                IRS-CID   SIGIR
                                            GSA       Air Force OSI
                                            Other Federal, State & Foreign Agencies

Miscellaneous                               DCIS               Army CID               U.S. contractor personnel,
 - Includes Terrorism Related        8      FBI                ICE                    U.S. military, government
    Acts and Security                       IRS-CID            NCIS                   personnel
    Violations                              SIGIR              USAID-OIG

                                Total Ongoing Investigations: 223
  Countries Involved with
                                   No. Ongoing
   Global War on Terror
Afghanistan                            44
Afghanistan & Iraq                      9
Afghanistan, Iraq, & Jordan             1
Afghanistan, Iraq, & Kuwait             6
Iraq                                   113
Iraq & Jordan                           1
Iraq & Kuwait                           8
Iraq, Kuwait, & Qatar                   1
Kuwait                                 32
Kuwait & Saudi Arabia                   1
Iran                                    1
Afghanistan and United Arab
Iraq & Iran                             1
Afghanistan, Iran, & United Arab
Afghanistan, Iraq, & Iran               1
Afghanistan, Iraq, & Qatar              1
Afghanistan, Iraq, & Oman               1

       Total Ongoing Investigations: 223

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