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									                              U.S. Department of Homeland Security

 Vol. LVI Ed. 3              VOLUNTEER GUARDIANS            March 2010
Special points of inter-
est:                            DIVISION COMMANDERS CORNER
Member Spotlight

Announcements              Guardians,
                           As we ramp up to another boating season the recrea-
                           tional fishermen are upon the Columbia and Willamette
Division      Training     in large numbers. With our 2010 Vessel Examination
Schedule                   stickers in hand we can begin the annual VE checks and
                           this is a great time to catch up on Program Visits to as-
                           sure our local dealers are well stocked with materials. As you conduct these criti-
James   Gleason
                           cal RBS missions I’d like to ask you to do a few things.
Ramp Makeover
                           First, look to the new and existing membership of your Flotilla and ask a non-
                           qualified or trainee member to join you for your next PV or VE mission. A cursory
Meet  our         New      examination of the recreational boating numbers within our area of operations
Members                    shows that we only reach a small portion of the boaters each year. We can ex-
                           tend this reach by helping every member become qualified in one or more of our
                           RBS mission areas and VE and PV are a great place to start.
                           Second, consider boaters, boats and dealers we do not traditionally serve. We
Inside this issue:         have large numbers of paddle craft in our area of operations and they can and
                           should receive Vessel Examinations. The paddle craft community also supports a
VCDR notes         2       large population of dealers and clubs/associations. Please look to these dealers
                           and organizations as RBS partners as part of your Program Visits.
                   3       Third, in recent weeks the Sector Command has been very concerned with the
                           interaction between recreational boaters and commercial vessels. In March, the
                           Coast Guard will focus significant attention on Rule 9 and the requirement for rec-
Announce-          4       reational boaters to give way. We can play a significant role in educating recrea-
ments                      tional boaters on the requirements and the dangers inherent in failure to follow
                           the navigation rules. Please discuss these requirements with boaters on the
                           ramps, docks, in classes and underway – particularly when you find boaters an-
FC Reports         5-6     chored in the channel.
                           Finally, as you conduct these RBS missions please consider safety as the high-
Staff Reports      8 -     est priority. There are a few easy steps you can take:
                              Wear your life jacket when doing VEs on or near the water, including while at
Member Spot- 13                 the boat ramp. Your life jacket serves the traditional purpose of keeping
                                you afloat if you fall in plus it serves as a visible reminder to the people
T r a i n i n g 15              who you are educating and those who simply see you. On busy boat
Schedule                        ramps the life jacket also makes you easier to see.
 Daymark 7                March, 2010 2
                    A Note from our Division Vice Commander

With the beautiful weather showing signs of spring, let’s hope Mother Nature isn’t playing
tricks on us and we can get lots of Vessel Examiners out doing VE’s. We were told they are
expecting the largest salmon run in quite awhile, this spring. Speaking of vessel exams, it
would be nice if we had members accompany the VE’s to do Public Affairs at the same
time, talking with the fishermen or boaters and giving them appropriate literature. This is
not a difficult task and is an excellent way to get our new members involved, as this requires no
qualifications. Division 7 has been down in PA events and this would give us a good opportunity
to boost those numbers.
Speaking of numbers, we have enrolled 6 new members, which is the same number we enrolled in
2009 during this same period. The flotillas all have more leads they are working on and we need to
beat last year’s record to build up our numbers again. Working at PA and making people aware
there is a Coast Guard Auxiliary is a good recruiting tool. Every one of us can do that job.
Carol Bobo,VCDR-7

(Continued   from page 1) Commander’s Corner

   Work with a buddy. Having two Auxiliarists, even if the second is not qualified, means we are
      watching out for each other. You have a second person judging risks and you have a ship-
      mate on hand should the situation go lopsided in a minor or major way.
   Practice risk management. While Operational Risk Management/TCT training is not required for
      VE or PV qualifications, I strongly recommend all members familiarize themselves with the
      Coast Guard’s risk management techniques. There are a number of basic things you can do,
      like taking off rings before climbing aboard and around boats, and issues unique to a particu-
      lar situation you will need to ―risk manage‖ on the spot.
We’ll continue to discuss Recreational Boating Safety as the boating season approaches. Thank
you for your service. Be safe out there and look out for the safety of your shipmates.

Daren Lewis, Div 7 Commander

                                                                      From Your District Materi-
                                                                             als Dept.
                                                             If you still need sew-on insignia for
                                                             your ODU, I have them in stock. I
                                                             also have a broad selection of other
                                                             insignia items. Anyone who is in-
                                                             terested in purchasing the Lt. Blue
                                                             “tropical” shirt, please contact me
                                                             click here I have received a ship-
                                                             ment of “factory seconds” with a
                                                             small blemish. These will be sold at
                                                             a large markdown.
                                                             Matt Epstein, DSO-MA

I would like to thank all who contributed   Daymark 7 is the official publication of Division 7,
to this month’s edition of The Daymark 7.   District 13, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Please
Without your contributions,                 send articles, photos, corrections and items of interest
this would be a monumental
                                            to the editor:
                                            Diane Epstein, SO-PB d_mepstein@verizon.net
Send   changes for newsletter
Daymark 7              March, 2010 4
                         FLOTILLA 71 LONGVIEW— We have had our FSO meet-
            ings and have                    set most of our goals for the year. I am
            anxious to see the results. Dick Mullinax has developed a working calendar for
FL 71. It should help our newer members as well as older members too. Bravo Zulu, Dick.
We have three members signed up for the Invasive Species class in Salem on Feb. 27th. Hope
to learn more about the dangers. I am working on getting all members caught up on qualifi-
Doug Doane FC-71

                                             PACIFIC— Several of our staff officers have
been out of town on vacation this month and are greatly missed. While February is a month
when many people like to escape the rainy Portland weather, it remained a busy month for
those of us who remained.
The Dalles Detachment has been extremely busy with training and preparing for their March
Open House recruiting event. James Gordon appeared on the local radio pitching the merits
of the Auxiliary and also prepared articles for the local newspapers.
Our members participated in the Portland Sportsmen's Show and Dick Andreasen coordi-
nated vessel examinations at local yacht clubs.
The 2010 Crew and Coxswain Academy is right around the corner and preparations are in
full force. Our flotilla is fortunate to have two extremely talented instructors in Ken Babick
and Don Verkest. They will be complemented by other members of our Flotilla and mentors
from across Division 7.
Ken Babick is just beginning a 13 week BS&S class. Special thanks to: Paul Downs, Gayland
Rogers, Lynn Easton, Carol Bobo and all the other members who helped advertise this class
using our two new Boater Education Class fliers.
Looking ahead to March and April, the Crew and Coxswain academy will be in full swing.
Preparations will be made for the upcoming Opening Day, Portland Rose Festival and other
on-the-water events.
Very Respectfully,
Brian Rollins, FC-73
 Daymark 7                  March, 2010 5
                          SWAN ISLAND — [No report received]
                          Ron Marconi, FC-76

FLOTILLA 78 VANCOUVER— This has been a busy month for us. The Sportsmen’s Show was held
and Flotilla 78 performed many duties and man hours in support of this event. It was a great show
and we were well received by the public. We promoted our boating safety classes and had many
Our meeting was held on the 21st of January. We are looking for a meeting place in Vancouver and
will hold our next meeting at the Fish and Wild Life building next month to see if it will be a better
On Saturday January 23 we are holding an ABS class at Wholesale Sports. This will be an ongoing
program to be given the fourth Saturday of each month through October. On Saturday January 30
we will hold a Program Visitor workshop to increase our Program Visitor support. We had six
members sign up for this. We also announced plans to hold a VE workshop after the PV one is done.
Our COMMs officer is putting together the necessary information to start a TCO (comms) workshop
with the plans to qualify members in this important Auxiliary program.
We are in the process of recruiting 5 new members, four of which are amateur radio license holders.
George Sipes’ mobile communication vehicle has been approved by DIRAUX and can now function
as an emergency unit.
We are looking forward to a great year.
George Sipes, FC-78

FLOTILLA 7-12 HILLSBORO— [No report received]
Gary Davis, FC -7-12

Scappoose Detachment— We had our first meeting of the year on Wed, 27 January, 2010 at the Multnomah
Channel Yacht club. The meeting was well attended by 9 members and guests from various flotillas around
the area. Our member training was provided by Flotilla 76 VFC, Tim Young, who did a great breakdown on
the requirements and enjoyments of being a Vessel Examiner (VE) in the Auxiliary. We then talked about set-
ting a list of goals to accomplish this year as a group as well as attracting more people to attend the meetings.
Ideas included being at the upcoming open house here at the Yacht Club, having a Detachment Specific flyer
to pass out at the Sportsmen’s Show, taking out an ad in the Yacht Club’s directory they publish each year,
looking into the local Sea Partners program and getting a regular and an Auxiliarist to attend the local career
days at both the local High Schools in the area as well as several PA events we can attend in the area. All in
all it was a great meeting and we’re looking forward to some great growth and opportunities this year as a
group. Our next meeting, as always, is the fourth Wednesday of every month, February’s meeting being on
the 24th of the month.

A n d y          R u s t e n ,            F L — 7 6           D e t a c h m e n t                L e a d e r
Daymark 7              March, 2010 6

The James Gleason (42nd Ave) boat ramp closed Nov. 1 for the third phase of construction
to rebuild the aging facility. The work will enhance boater
safety, improve access to the Columbia River and reduce de-
bris buildup in the ramp area. You can see that most of the
old wood wave deflector has been removed and more of the
new concrete deflectors have been added. A new ramp will
be built and new docks will be installed from the looks of the
material they have on the site and the information I have
gathered online. It looks like the boat ramp as been extended
further into the river by almost 20 feet. This new ramp will
                                    help in launching your
                                    boat, because you don’t have to use the down river side
                                    anymore. You will now have the ability to launch from all
                                    lanes on the ramp. Lets just hope the docks aren’t as high as
                                    the docks on the other
                                    side of the ramp. But hey,
                                    anything is better than
                                    what was there before,
right? I hope the update helps those of you who are inter-
ested about the project, but just haven’t had the time to
check it out. The ramp is set to re-open March first.
[Submitted by Jonathan James]
Fellow Guardians,
I want to take a moment to address the issue of competitive-
ness within our organization. A healthy competition between units is a good thing. It motivates
people to do their best and inspires a sense of unity amongst members in each unit. It moti-
vates us to succeed in our goals and encourages honesty and ethical behavior. Take a look at
Examples of healthy competition include:
 Vessel examinations (Quality number completed)        Boat crew training (Proficiencies )
Competitiveness transcends the line between healthy and unhealthy when we lose our fo-
cus. We must always remember that we're all equally a part of "Team Coast Guard". Our fo-
cus should always be doing what is in the best interest of our two main areas of focus: The
boating public and the United States Coast Guard. As professionals, it is essential that we work
together with one another, whether as a boat crew, a flotilla, a division or district. When we all
work together we make a stronger Coast Guard.          Brian Rollins, Coast Guard Auxiliary
Daymark 7                   DIVISION 7
                         March, 2010 STAFF REPORTS

                                                       COMMUNICATION SERVICES— This
                                                  month we will transition the Volunteer Lifesavers
domain so it forwards to Division7.org.
To date, 28 posts have been made to the Division7.org blog. Please visit the blog and sign up
for email or RSS feeds to get all the latest news.
Daren Lewis, SO-CS

                                           [No report received]

                                           Jonathan James, SO-CM

                 MEMBER TRAINING— Execution: This month we have had a few planned and
                 unplanned things happen. The Auxiliary Communication Unit (ACU) Call list has been
                 updated and is available through your FSO.
Please see that you have the 3rd revision, this is the most current list. Remember that each ACU is now
required to have a copy of this list. This will be required when your radio is re-inspected.
Paul Ploeger has finished the ACU Reference Book and a copy will be given to each FSO at this
month’s division meeting. It will be up to each flotilla on how to distribute this to the ACU’s in
their flotilla. If you have an ACU and need a copy, please contact your FSO for a copy of the
We have been tasked by Chief Reif from the Command Center (SCC) to inventory the Emergency
Command Post (ECP) gear. This also included the small trailer that most of the gear
came from. I would like to thank Josh Sharkey 76 for his help in the inventory process. We have
come across some issues that will be addressed in the near future.
Expected Execution: A meeting will be held to address the ECP and related Emergency
Communications. The members I will be asking to participate are Jim Price, Ken Babick, David
Schwartz, and Chief Reif.
Paul Ploeger, FSO-CM-76 will begin working on a list of ACU’s and their location. This will be
 Daymark 7                   March, 2010 8
put on a chart with the locations of the ACU relay sites. This will help in the Emergency Comms
planning. We hope to have this accomplished by April.
Opportunities and Planning: Again an ECP meeting will be held ASAP. In this meeting the
following will be addressed. Inventory and where it should be located, ECP security, what the
primary missions of the ECP is, work on a roll out plan, and any other issues that the team
members may have.
A Communications Rollout Plan will be in the process starting this month. The objectives for
this plan are, initial call out, standup of a radio net without the ECP and one with the ECP, is an
east net/west net a good idea, how to utilize the fixed and mobile ACU’s, what kind of
requirement must the member meet to participate in the rollout plan (Gold side might have some
requirements), how ICS will affect the operation of the radio net. I know there are more things
that will need to be looked at and the members will address each issue. Once we have a plan
developed, we will test it in an exercise to see if it works.
Program Development and Planning: The new ACU Reference book with the ACU call list is
now available through your FSO. The division will hold a training exercise to practice the new
Communications Rollout Plan in the near future. Once the Rollout plan has been completed, the
division will turn to the TCO-PQS academy. I will be looking for members to help teach classes
for the TCO academy. If you would like to participate in the planning and/or teaching of the
academy, please shoot me an email.
Needs or Gaps: At this time, there are no needs or holes that have not been addressed.

Jonathan Polimeni, SO-MT

                                                         NAVIGATION SYSTEMS—

Attention: Chart-Updating!!!

Please let me know who would be interested in a Chart-updating patrol. Call me at 503 692-4945
and I will put you on the list. I would like to form a chart-updating team for spring to train and
then do the patrol; it will be an all day event.

Joe Baney, SO-NS
 Daymark 7                  March, 2010 9

                                                                 Marine Safety— On 28JAN2010 AL-
                            COAST 045/10 announced changes to the Auxiliary support of the MS mis-
sion. Twelve new PQSs were announced but the text of these has not been released. There are now 24 MS


There is significant interest in having Auxiliarists participate in these programs. We are currently working with
Sector to determine where needs exist and will continue to exist after the transition to Sector Columbia River
and Marine Safety Unit Portland. More details to come.
Daren Lewis, SO-MS

Information Systems— Observations, Reminders and Suggestions
   A number of District and National CGAuxiliary web site URL’s are not responsive or are in need
      of revision. My suggestion is that you ―Bookmark‖ on your web browser the sites that work
      for you and that you use most, so that there is no loss of time (or frustration) on your part. I
      understand responsible parties are well-aware of this problem and are doing their best to ser-
      vice these web pages.
Daymark 7               March, 2010 10
   Many of us are extremely lax in reporting their hours of service using the Member Activity
     Form 7029 and forwarding the completed form to their Flotilla IS Officer. The trouble in
     your not adhering to this individual responsibility, and not reporting your service hours, is
     that future budget allocations will be under-funded and both the U.S. Coast Guard and the
     Coast Guard Auxiliary flotillas will be provided with operating fund-levels much lower
     than would otherwise occur.

   7029 service hours and expenses may contain any Auxiliary-related activity, as: study and
      reading, computer printer supplies, telephone calls, meeting preparation and transportation
      time, e-Mail time, and so on.

   Flotilla IS Officers should monitor timely receipt of member hours and input the information to
      AuxData. If you are delayed or you wish assistance with any of your flotilla’s AuxData in-
      put, please tell the Division IS Officer (Hoyer). I am always available to assist.

   Flotilla IS Officers, there are a number of preformatted AuxInfo and AuxData reports that are
      of value to your flotilla’s officer complement. My suggestion is that you run a sample of
      each report and keep the reports in a folder/binder so that you can remember the report’s
      description and its source. You’ll also be able to show your sample report binder to your
      officers for their perusal.

   AuxInfo has a report writing utility by the name of COGNOS-Power Play (by IBM Company)
     wherein you can select specific AuxInfo data and then format and print your information in
     a professional looking report. Report output can be any number of MS-Excel and database
     file types. If you would like any help with report writing and generation, I’m happy to
     help. Or, if you are time-pressed, I can develop and write the report for you.

   The important thing, however, is to get useful information to your flotilla officers when

    The Division IS Officer is currently coordinating with division flotilla leadership, so that there
         is a 30 minute talk and discussion provided at a flotilla meeting regarding member hours-of
         -service reporting and member AuxInfo information-gathering.
    It is important that every flotilla IS officer maintain a qualified back-up person to take over the
         flotilla’s IS responsibilities, when the current IS officer wins the lottery and decides to move
         to the South Pacific. If any division member is interested in computer technology, has a
         knack for organization and possesses a reasonable amount of patience, please talk to your IS
         officer and flotilla leadership. There is a three-day school at Alameda, CA that is required;
         and is important because you will learn to use AuxData and AuxInfo in a ―hands-on‖ stu-
         dent-Instructor environment. The class is taught by a personable and very good instructor.
         (You can also pull liberty at Jack London Square or San Francisco while you are in Califor-
Bill Hoyer, SO-IS

Operations— [No report received]
Don Verkest, SO-OP
 Daymark 7               March, 2010 11

            Public Education—Our mission---Saving lives through education.

             The Sportsmen’s Show was a success; more people were talked to than at the Boat
             Show. Eleven names were passed on to Flotillas for boating safety classes. Our classes
are going strong now; I would like our flotillas to start planning our fall classes now so we can get
them posted at boat ramps by opening day and through the summer.

A new Power Point presentation of chapter three (Navigating the Waterways) of ―About Boating
Safety – Second Edition‖ has been posted to the e-library resource center. The changes reflect up-
dates to the graphics for night signals. The changes are to slides 12 and 14-17. Download changes
from the National Education Department.
At the District meeting it was announced that a new boating safety course for kayaks is coming out
soon. The kit will cost $70 for ten books. It will be a great addition to Paddle Sports Resources. Or-
der this kit through flotilla materials officer.
National Safe Boating Week May 22-28, 2010.
Brad Schuldt , SO-PE

                                         The Public Affairs Event for Division 7, for February was
                                         the PNWSS [ Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show ] . This
                                         Show is held every year at the METRO’s EXPO Center just
west of Interstate 5 on Marine Drive. 23 Watchstanders from Division 7 and one from Division 6
stood watch For a total of 172 hours . The shifts were 4 hours long which simplified the scheduling
and helped Reduce the number of times Auxiliary members had to access the event.
1207 people were contacted with our Boating and Water Safety message
39 boaters asked for a Vessel Examination.
25 people inquired about Boater education classes
20 people inquired about membership in the Auxiliary
The Sportsmen’s Show has traditionally been twice as big an event as The boat show and this year
has been no exception to that formula.
John Hilbrands, SO-PA
Daymark 7              March, 2010 12
              Human Resources—During the Northwest Sportsmen’s Show, I processed leads
              to the Flotillas on a basis. So far, there are 20 prospective member leads with
              four more to contact for location. I also referred 25 requests for a boating class
              and 39 requests for VSC through the Division Staff Officers. There were 1207 per-
              sonal contacts logged by watch standers. Since last report, the Flotillas report the
following activity:
Flotilla 71 - No report; one lead from the Sportsmen’s Show
Flotilla 73 was given five leads from the show, but one was located in St. Helens and was re-
ferred to the Detachment. Flotilla 73 welcomes aboard Will Paulson and Marty Slapikas as
new members. Paperwork is going to DIRAUX for two other new members this week.
One new member in Flotilla 76, Bryce Donovan. Five leads from the show.
Flotilla 78 added three new members; Lance Harmon and Rodger Plymate.
Flotilla 7-12 received three referrals from the Sportsmen’s Show. They are finalizing applica-
tion on one other recruit.
I attended the District Conference training on Retention and Mentoring. There was discus-
sion of generating a web-based resource site for new members, following the Member In-
volvement Plan concept. This may or may not gain more support. Consensus is that each
unit should pursue these vital topics more vigorously.

As I visit each flotilla I will also emphasize contact with less-active members, primarily
through fellowship and making folks feel welcome. The Auxiliary has something for every-

Gay Sipes, SO-HR

                                           Program Visitor— [No report received]

                  Vessel Examinations— All VE’s it is time to start checking on all the Yacht
                  clubs in your area and make sure to follow up on all the Boat Show boaters
                  that asked for safety checks. FSO’s Make sure you get all your REYR re-
                  certified so they can get started doing vessel safety exams. If you need any
material let me know.

Dick Andreasen, SO-VE
 Daymark 7                             Member Spotlight
                          March, 2010 13
                                            My name is Todd Mains and I am an Oregonian by choice. I
                     have made my                        home in the Portland area since 1971 with a
                     little time out to attend college and                  graduate school at the
                     University of Oregon. Go Ducks. Upon graduation , I worked for the U of O as a
Teaching Fellow in the College of Education . With that strong background, I became a landscape
contractor and ran a landscape design and garden center for many
years. After that I owned a small chain of retail and wholesale
 flower shops. In 2003 I retired.
I joined the Auxiliary in 2005 and served as Division Personnel
Services Officer (SO-PS) and Flotilla Personnel Services Officer (FSO
-PS) my first year. I earned my Crew Qualification in May of 2005
and I also qualified as an Aids Verifier and Vessel Examiner. In
 I earned my Coxswain pin and was awarded a Commandant’s Letter
 of Commendation for my work in the first Crew Academy. I also qualified as a Communications
Controller in the Sector Command Center, my designation letter being signed by Captain Gerrity. I
have been standing radio watches every month through to the present. I also serve as your liaison
to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s advisory board. I am a member of FL76 and the Scappoose De-
tachment. I am a member of Sector’s River Safety Panel.
In 2009 I was designated as the Auxiliary Sector Coordinator [ASC] by Captain Myer and Commo-
dore Hoppman. Sector Portland is made up of Auxiliary Divisions 5, 6, 7, 11 and part of 8. Captain
Myer has designated me to be part of his Command Staff. As such, I am required by the CO to be
the primary conduit for Auxiliary matters. I am to advise and consult with the CO on technical ad-
ministration of the Sector Auxiliary program including all aspects of training and readiness. I also
serve as the Commander’s representative to official functions, inspections, and ceremonies. I am to
seek opportunities to establish the Auxiliary as a force multiplier to support the Coast Guard. I am
authorized to approve orders and to cancel orders. My able Deputy, Lynn Easton of Flotilla 73, as-
sists me. Lynn is a tireless Auxiliarist and helps me in all aspects of my work as ASC.
On August 16, 2010, Sector Portland will cease to exist and the facility here will become Marine
Safety Unit Portland. I have offered my services as Auxiliary Coordinator for Sector Columbia
River. There I would report directly to Captain Kaup in Astoria, if selected. I also expect that I will
be working with Captain LeBlanc at MSU Portland and I am delighted that Captain Myer will also
be at Astoria as the Deputy CO.
I would like to take this opportunity                to thank all my Division 7 shipmates for their
friendship and support over these                    last 5 years.
Daymark 7         March, 2010 14

                             Meet Our Newest Members

            Lance Harmon – Flotilla 78           Warren Cook – FL 78

            Bryce Donovan – Flotilla 76          Barry Owens – FL 78

              Marty Slapikas – FL 73
                                                 Will Paulson – FL 73
 Daymark 7                    March, 2010 15

                                Division 07 Training Schedule – 2010

13 March             ICS-210 0800 @ the Naval Reserve Training Center

10 April             TCT Full day session (0800-1700) only one for the year in Division 7

08 May               VE, PV & IT Workshops, 0830

June                   No training (Rose Fest)

10 July                Make up session – TCT Refresher and Ops Workshop - 0800

14 August              New Member Orientation

11 September           Tri-Annual On-Water Currency Review & Initial QE day

9 October               Leadership Training

13 November             Blood Borne Pathogens Training

December                 No training (Flotilla Change of Watch’s)

Unless otherwise noted:
       All training to be held at Sector Portland Training Deck

       Training will begin at 0830 unless otherwise noted

       Uniform will be ODU

Revised 07 Jan 10
 U.S. Department of Homeland Security

 United States Coast Guard Official Business

 SO-PB D-13, Div. 7
 15690 NW Ridgetop Lane
 Beaverton, OR 97006-5387

                                                                    UPCOMING EVENTS
                                               01 Mar— Division Mtg, , Rose City Yacht Club, Marine Dr, 1900
                                               Host — FL 76
                                               10 Mar— FL 71 Meeting, Rizad Bldg, Kelso, WA, 1900
The disclosure of the personal informa-        10 Mar— FL 76 Meeting, National Guard Bldg., 1900
tion contained in this publication is sub-     10 Mar— FL 7-12 Meeting, WA Co. Svc Bldg, 1900
ject to the provisions contained in the Pri-   11 Mar— The Dalles Detachment Mtg, The Dalles Y.C., 1900
vacy Act of 1974. The subject Act with
                                               13 Mar — ICS-210, 0800 Navy Trng Ctr
certain exceptions prohibits the disclo-
                                               18 Mar— FL 73 Meeting, Tyee Yacht Club, 1900
sure, distribution, dissemination, or copy-
                                               18 Mar— FL 78 Meeting, Clark Co, Fire/Rescue, Ridgefield 1930
ing of any material containing the home
address, home telephone numbers,               22 Mar— Reports for Daymark due to Diane Epstein
                                               24 Mar— Scappoose Detachment Mtg, 1900, Multnomah Ch Y.C.
spouses’ names, and social security num-
                                               05 Apr — Division Mtg, Rose City Yacht Club, Marine Dr. 1900
bers, except for official business.
                                               Host FL 78
Violation may result in disciplinary ac-       08 Apr —The Dalles Detachment Mtg, The Dalles Y.C., 1900
                                               10 Apr— TCT 8-HR 0800-1700, Sector Portland
tion by the Coast Guard and/or civilian        14 Apr— FL 71 Meeting, Rizad Bldg, Kelso, WA, 1900
criminal sanction.                             14 Apr— FL 76 Meeting, Sector Portland., 1900
                                               14 Apr— FL 7-12 Meeting, WA Co. Svc Bldg, 1900
                                               15 Apr — FL 73 Meeting, Tyee Yacht Club, 1900
                                               15 Apr— FL 78 Meeting, Clark Co, Fire/Rescue, Ridgefield 1930
                                               22 Apr— Reports for Daymark due to Diane Epstein
                                               28 Apr — Scappoose Detachment Mtg, 1900, Multnomah Ch Y.C.

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