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									                                   CHETCO RIVER
                                       WATCH         Web Page: http://a1300506.uscgaux.info/
   Port of Brookings Harbor          Newsletter for the Members of Flotilla 56, Division 5, District 13, Brookings, OR

    Volume V                                             Number 2                                          February, 2009

     Flotilla Officers
      Flotilla Commander
      Howard Tingley-FC
                                                                 From the Pen of the Flotilla Commander
    Vice Flotilla Commander
       Richard Heap-VFC                                                        February 2009
  Immediate Past Commander
    Hans-Peter Dumat - IPFC                                Right off the bat, I would like to express my sincere
                                                           appreciation to the new Flotilla Staff Officers who
       Detachment OinC                                     have so willingly accepted their mantle of
          Rocky Jones
                                                           responsibility. Each of you has unique talents that
     Secretary and Records      enable you to complete the assigned duties and tasks of your office. I know that
        Vacant-FSO SR           VFC Heap joins me in wishing you the very best and most of all to thank each
      Finance and Materials     and every one of you for your service.
    June Feather-FSO FN / MA

       Navigation Services
       Bill Rogers-FSO NS

   Hans-Peter Dumat- FSO-CM

     Mitch Danforth-FSO OP

     Information Services
    Barbara Rockfort-FSO IS

       Public Education
      Gary Gartee-FSO-PE

   Vessel Examiner/Program
    Richard Heap - FSO VE

       Member Training
                                                BMCM Clemens swearing in the Staff Officers for 2009
     Jack Feather - FSO MT
                                In the next few weeks I hope to have flotilla activities somewhat scheduled in
       Personnel Services       order that members can better organize their own plans. Nothing will be set in
      Jack Feather- FSO PS      stone so we will have the option of easily making adjustments.
                                                                                     FC report continued on page 2
         Public Affairs
    Larry Manning – FSO PA
                                                      INSIDE THIS EDITION:
    Communication Services
    Mitch Danforth- FSO-CS                  Detachment news                  Scenes from Change of Watch
                                            Information from Communication
           Publications                     Services
    Barbara Rockfort – FSO PB
                                            Members in the Spotlight
        To contact Editor:
        Email: B Rockfort at                Watch Tower Standers
        Phone 541-412-8080                  Upcoming PE Class                February/March Calendar
   Pg 2, Volume V, Issue 2                                  Flotilla 56                                          February, 2009

Our next flotilla meeting will include training on tracking and   We invite any one on the other side who would like to
reporting member’s hours. Our FSO-IS, Barbara Rockfort,           train on calm waters to come on over. You know there is
will give you some parameters on record keeping and show          room at the Jones's to park a trailer or camper and lots
how easily you can report your hours.                             of mountains to hike.

The 26th of February the Coast Guard will conduct a station       Don’t forget that the Oregon Caves are only 15 miles from
and boat tour for special education kids. The school will         our front door!
bring the children to the station around noon for
approximately a one-hour tour about. If anyone is interested      Till next time
in assisting with this activity, your assistance is welcomed.     Rocky Jones Detach OIC
Then in March the flotilla will hold its first potluck for this
year. Particulars for this activity will be forthcoming.                                         Communication
Finally, lets keep all our programs user friendly this year. By
that I mean, members should take pleasure in our activities                            The latest revisions of the “members”
and share the joy with others. Fellowship is one of the                                page of the flotilla website include
cornerstones of the auxiliary and I would like to make all our                         “standardizing” the flotilla officer email
activities happy and positive experiences for ourselves as        addresses. For example the email address of the flotilla
well as the public that we interact with. If you have any         commander is now fc@a1300506.uscgaux.info. This is
suggestions or opinions for the good of the order, please         made possible by use of a server function called a
bring them to my attention. Thanks.                               “forwarder”. The server knows the actual email of the
                                                                  member and “forwards” the email to that person. Two of
       Howard Tingley FC                                          the advantages of this method are (1) the email address
                                                                  will not change when the member holding the office
                                                                  changes and (2) for privacy reasons the members actual
                                        ADVICE FROM               email address will not be revealed.
                                         THE VICE                 The email address is made up of two parts:

                                   Vice Flotilla Commander,               1. Office acronym i.e. fc, vfc, ipfc, or fso-cm etc
                              Rich Heap was out of town for               2. Website URL @a1300506.uscgaux.info.
                              this issue. Look forward to
                              hearing from him in the next        For example the staff officer for communications would be
                              issue!                              fso-cm@a1300506.uscgaux.info
      Rich Heap VFC
                                                                  The intent of these changes is to make it easier for
                                                                  members to contact their flotilla officers. As usual all
                                                                  comments and suggestions are welcomed.

                                                                  Mitch Danforth FSO-CS

                                                                  Editor’s Note: Flotilla Officers listed on first page
        56 Detachment Report
        (AKA over the hill gang)                                  offers you the opportunity to click and send emails!

                                                                                         Dates of Interest:
The detachment has a busy summer planned with 2 VE
stations, one in Cave Junction and one in Grants Pass. This
spring we will be going to Medford to work with the Jackson       District 13 Training Conference
County Marine Deputies with their 2 weekends of boat safety       When: Feb 13 – 15 2009
checks. PE classes are being planned and possibly using           Where: Monarch Hotel, Clackamas, OR (map)
chapters from BS&S. This brings me to member training                          more details
with Dennis Standish striking for Coxswain as well as
Instructor, Mike Mrkvicka striking for Vessel Examiner and I
hope Cindy Mrkvicka striking for Crew. We are also going to
                                                                  Division 5 Training Conference
try patrols on some inland lakes in Jackson County that I         When: Mar 27 - 29 2009
have not patrolled in years.                                      Where: Driftwood Shores in Florence, Oregon.
                                                                  More information at a later date
    Pg 3, Volume V, Issue 2                                Flotilla 56                                      February, 2009

                                                                   From the Silver Side:

                                                                                                     Our featured Auxiliarist for
                                                                                                     this issue is none other
                                                                                                     that our newly elected
                                                                                                     Flotilla Commander,
                                                                                                     Howard Tingley. Howard
                                                                                                     is an asset to the flotilla
From the Gold Side:                                                                                  with his never ending
                                                                                                     drive to get the job done!
This issue we are featuring members from the Coast Guard                                             One of his many projects
active duty as well as the Auxiliary. Here we are starting                                           has to be the renovation
with the Active duty.                                                                                of the 44’ MLB. To this
                                             Pictured to the                                         day it continues to be his
                                             left is FN Ryan                                         pet project. He’s always
                                             Schulgen,                                               looking for help on one
                                             originally from                                         project or another!
                                             Tehachapi, CA               Howard E. Tingley
                                             (30 minutes
                                             south of              Howard became a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary,
                                             Bakersfield).         Brookings Flotilla 56 in 1999 and qualified as coxswain
                                             Following in the      November 2001. With a lot of mentoring help he earned his
                                             military footsteps    AuxOps designation in July 2003.
                                             of his dad (Navy)
                                             and grandfather       Howard was born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised on a farm
                                             (Air Force), FN       near Gothenburg. His father was an air traffic controller
                                             Schulgen joined       during WWII and they moved through North Platte, Denver,
                                             the Coast Guard       St Charles, MO and Estes Park, CO before finally settling in
                                             in November           Boulder, CO. He enlisted in the USNR in 1951 and served in
                                             2007. He has          Japan for 2+ years. Following his discharge he attended the
                                             just acquired         University of Colorado in Boulder. He is a registered
                                             Fireman status in     professional engineer. Professionally he was principally
                                             December 2008         involved in civil construction projects. He worked for an
                                             and was               international consulting engineering firm including a tour in
                                             nominated for         Pakistan. He’s worked in Saipan, American Samoa, and
Sailor of the Quarter. Unsure at first what career direction to    Canada as well as in
follow, Ryan found that his love for cooking led him to strike     most of the western US.
for food service. With that said you can find Ryan most days       Howard is married to his
in the galley working side by side with the FS1, Troy              second wife, Lisa, and
Somerlott or the                                                   has two children from
FS2, Matt                                                          his first wife (who died
Merten. At this                                                    from MS in 1971). His
time Ryan will                                                     interests include flying
be getting all of                                                  (licensed private pilot),
his training at                                                    diving     (open    water
Station Chetco                                                     certified), and travel. He
River.                                                             still enjoys riding his
Remember to                                                        motorcycle and sharing
say “HI’ when                                                      his gypsy love for travel
you make your                                                      with his wife, Lisa,
way to the                                                         pictured below.
Mess Deck for

                                                                                                              Stories and
    From the                                                                                                  photos by
    Silver                                                                                                    Barbara
    Pg 4, Volume V, Issue 2                                    Flotilla 56                                         February, 2009

    Fast Track to Oregon Boater's Card
    Mon, Tue, and Wed - Feb 16, 17, 18
    1800 until 2100        Fee: $30                                  U.S. Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Thad Allen,
    USCG Chetco River Station - Brookings, Oregon
                                                                     as well as other senior Coast Guard leaders currently
 If you can teach one or more of any of these classes, please
                                                                     responsible for leading our Modernization efforts,
let me know. E-mail conradgrt@yahoo.com or 541-251-                  offer a brief 12-minute overview of the
9004                                                                 Modernization and explain how our efforts to enhance
                                                                     mission execution will positively impact our
Gary Gartee FSO-PE                                                   members, external stakeholders and the general
Public Education                                                     public.

                                                                     Click link to view:
                  Watch Tower Standers
This past Wednesday, BM1 Lavelle gave a short
presentation on what to expect in the watch tower program.
As many of you know, Station O-I-C Clemens has asked the
Flotilla to consider providing watch standers in the tower
during certain critical times. This will normally be daylight
hours when there is a high incident of recreational boaters                                      MARCH
transiting the area, during periods of inclement weather
when the bar is restricted, possibly during periods when the
                                                                                          FLOTILLA MEETING
Coast Guard is doing surf drills, and potentially when fog or
other deteriorating conditions marginalize boating safety.                                IT’S POTLUCK TIME!
These are not communication watches but essentially                                               March 12
boating public safety watches. Watch standers would be an                                      Harbor Fire Hall
extra set of eyes for the Coast Guard, advising of situations                                98069 Benham Lane
that could develop into events requiring a Coast Guard                                         Time: 1800-2100
response or that may develop into a life-threatening
situation.                                                                   Attire: Casual
                                                                             Theme: St Patrick’s Day
BM1 Lavelle is the new training petty officer for the station
and either he or the Operations petty officer, BM1 Crochet,                  Corned Beef and Cabbage, oh my! It’s the luck
will be our point of contact on this program. Members                        of the Irish you see, so please bring a dish to
interested can contact me to advise of their interest and I will             share with everyone, main dish or dessert, which
arrange a short watch tower orientation. From this you                       ever works for thee!
should be able to establish if you feel comfortable standing a
tower watch.                                                                 Of course there’s a raffle and it’s not free so line
                                                                             your pockets with a dollar or two or three!
Soonest a cadre of tower watch standers is identified; the
Flotilla will make up a “Watch Tower Stander” call tree for                   Everyone’s welcomed, come one come all down
the Station to use during those times when extra tower help                  to the Harbor Fire Hall
is required. Members will be able to identify time periods
when they could be available. Watches stood with two                         Can you spare a raffle prize too?
Flotilla members present will allow each member to take
breaks as nature calls. The station will draft personal
qualification standards to use as training tools and we will
initially stand watches with an active duty member so that we
understand fully our responsibilities. It should be a stress
less activity, one that is kind of fun and rewarding in so far as
we are helping the station with its mission.

    Howard E Tingley, FC-56
Pg 5, Volume V, Issue 2                        Flotilla 56                                     February 2009

                          Scenes from Flotilla 56’s Change of Watch

                                                                                              IPFC Hans-
                                  Newly sworn                                                 Peter Dumat
                                  in: Flotilla                                                and his lovely
                                  Commander                                                   wife Andrea
                                  Howard                                                      Dumat
                                  Tingley (left)
                                  Vice Flotilla
                                  Rich Heap

 Chetco River
 Color Guard

                                                             BMCM Clemens, IPFC Dumat, Rocky Jones-Detachment OIC

         Next Flotilla Meeting: Thursday, February 12 – 1900 @ Station Chetco River
 Coast Guard Auxiliary 1300506



   2nd    Rocky Jones’s Birthday
  12th    Flotilla Meeting 1900 @ station
13-15th   District 13 Training Conference
  14th    Valentines Day
  16th    President’s Day
16-18th   ABC Class @ Station
  27th    Jim Standard’s Birthday
  28th    Eugene Reitz’s Birthday

 4th      Jerry Norman’s Birthday
                                            For more information be sure to check out the
 7th      Jack Feather’s Birthday           Flotilla calendar on line!
 8th      DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS      http://a1300506.uscgaux.info/Calendar.htm
 14th     Andrea Dumat’s Birthday
 17th     ST PATRICK’S DAY
27-29th   DIVISION 5 Training Conference
          Florence, OR

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