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									sanity fair
                                                                                                      Detour ahead: In 2005, Mountain
                                                                                                      Goat officials, including Jerry Smith
                                                                                                      (in beret) and Ed Griffin (to his left),
                                                                                  BY ed griffin-nolan mapped out a controversial change

Perfect 10
                                                                                                      to the race route.

The Mountain Goat Run kicks off a noteworthy year of
local athletic challenges

        ou don’t have to be a runner to love         competition that goes twice as long, will jump
        running.                                     off at Jamesville Reservoir, where swimmers
           Most especially this coming week-         will stroke for 1.2 miles, then get on their bikes
end, when Syracuse is host to the Mountain           for a 56-mile cycle on the hills of Jamesville,
Goat Run. If you come out to watch on Sunday         LaFayette and Apulia, before finishing off with
you just might find that it’s as much fun to         a half marathon (13.1 mile) run into Syracuse,
observe the run as it is to participate. Maybe       all ending at the Inner Harbor. Now doesn’t
even more so, due to the fact that, except for       that make the Mountain Goat seem downright

the exceptionally gifted among us, it is difficult   easy? (You can check out the entire Half Iron-
near to impossible to run 10 hilly miles and         man course, and still register for the race, at
drink beer or sip coffee at the same time. 
   The Mountain Goat has become the open-                The Mountain Goat started 32 years ago
ing bell for summertime road races in Syra-          with a group of runners from the downtown                                  If you think the folks
cuse, and if you’re not running in either the        YMCA. As it evolved, the course encompassed
10-mile or 3-kilometer races on the morning          the two big reservoir hills in Syracuse— Wood-                      beating the pavement for 10 miles
                                                     land Reservoir and Westcott—and has grown to
of Sunday, May 2, I highly recommend that
                                                                                                                          in the Mountain Goat are crazy,

you pick out a spot along the route, set up a        one of the premier road races in the Northeast.
lawn chair and get ready to cheer.
   This summer outdoor life in Central New
                                                     The course is grueling and challenging for run-
                                                     ners unaccustomed to hills; in fact, it’s grueling                   mark your calendar for Sept. 19.
York gets even better, as Syracuse and Onondaga      for those who are accustomed to hills.
County will be home to its first Ironman competi-        After a flat first mile leaving Clinton
                                                     Square, the pack of nearly 2,000 runners             they face the hills in Thornden Park before                              streets. Any event that brings 500 souls, most
tion in September. If you think the folks beating
                                                     heads up into Strathmore and makes a loop            returning to downtown amid the cheers of the                             of them from the suburbs, into downtown
the pavement for 10 miles in the Mountain Goat
                                                     through Onondaga Park before descending              crowd lining Salina Street.                                              has got to be a good thing for Syracuse. On
are crazy, mark your calendar for Sept. 19.
                                                     to Kirk Park and the South Side. Then they              For the past six weeks runners training for                           race day that number will multiply tenfold as
   That’s the day when hundreds of locals will
                                                     start a steady climb up Colvin Street toward         the Goat have been convening at the Museum                               runners along with their friends and families
join with people from across the country, and
                                                     Manley Field House (in my view, the tough-           of Science and Technology in Armory Square                               come for the race and stay for the after-party
around the world, to swim, bike and run a com-
                                                     est part of the race), and get a brief respite as    and running a portion of the course in prepa-                            (with, yes, free beer) which includes Letizia
bined 70.3 miles. That event, known as a half
                                                     they chug toward Syracuse University’s main          ration for the big day. Most Saturdays there                             and the Z Band, and on a clear day can stretch
Ironman, so as not to be confused with another
                                                     campus along Comstock Avenue. Pretty soon            have been at least 500 runners out there on the                          way into the afternoon.
                                                                                                                                                                                       The race itself has gotten so well known
                                                                                                                                                                                   that it draws runners from all over. A victim

                                                                                                                                                            MICHAEL DAVIS PHOTOS
                                                                                                                                                                                   of our own success, the field has gotten so
                                                                                                                                                                                   competitive that no local runner has won it
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