Proposed Alteration of U.S. Patent System Discussed at Roundtable by ProQuest


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									                            The Small Business Advocate
                             Advocacy: the voice of small business in government
June 2010                                                                                                          Vol. 29, No. 4

Proposed Alteration of U.S. Patent System
Discussed at Roundtable
by Joe Johnson, Economist, and Kate Reichert, Assistant Chief Counsel

On May 20, the Office of Advo­               Advocacy invited small businesses
cacy hosted a roundtable on patent           and other interested parties who
                                                                                     In This Issue
reform and its impact on innova­             represent various patent system
tive, high­tech small businesses that        users and practitioners, including      Legislative News
use the patent system. The topic             small technology companies, pat­
was pending congressional legis­             ent attorneys who work with small       Roundtable on Changes to
lation (H.R. 1260/S. 515) which              firms, and venture capital firms that   U.S. Patent System . . . . . . . . .1
would radically alter the U.S. pat­          invest in small technology­driven
ent system. The bill would move              businesses. These diverse stake­        Regulatory News
the United States to a “first­inven­         holders were able to present their
tor­to­file” system from the current         issues with the proposed reform         EPA Defers Greenhouse Gas
“first­to­invent” system, harmoniz­          and offer alternatives that would       Requirements for Most Smalls 3
ing the U.S. system with the rest of         protect small businesses.
the world.                                      Ron Katznelson, representing         Air Quality Rules for Boilers .3
   While the U.S. Patent and Trade­          Bi­Level Technologies, a Califor­       Advocacy Comments on Pro­
mark Office (PTO) lacks substan­             nia­based technology business,
                                                                                     posed Constrictor Snake Ban. .2
tive rulemaking authority, Advo­             argued that the change to the first­
cacy invited the agency to partici­          inventor­to­file system would put       EBSA e­Signature Option . . . .5
pate in the roundtable in order to           small businesses at a competitive
address small business questions             disadvantage because the focus in       Research Notes
and concerns on the highly techni­           the patent syst
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